STATE OF NEW YORK November 6,2013



The public hearing of the Town Board of the Town of Masonville was call ed to order at 7:30 p.m.

Purpose of said hearing the adoption of the 2014 Town Budget


Supervisor: Mike Spaccaforno

Councilman: Betty Scott, Jeri Brayman, Craig DuMond, Steve Tiska

Town Clerk: Pamela Walker

Hwy Supt: Chuck Smith

Account Clerk: Karen Kropp


Melissa Thomas, Vince Warner, Bob Basile, Ernst Keidel, Elaine Bradish, Steve Tiska, Ron Longwell, Neita VanValkenburgh, Everett Burrows, Nick Genovese, Neil Brayman, Maggie Finger, Kendal Craig, Julia VanSteenburg


Mike spoke on the budget and said the Town came into the budget at a 12 to 13% but got the budget down to 5.04% increase, which means about $30.00 on a house assessed at 100,000.

The public hearing was closed and went into regular meeting at 7:50

Motion by Craig DuMond to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.


  1. Steve Tiska spoke on the seasonal roads and asked when the ad goes in the paper this month. Steve asked if pickering road could go in as a seasonal road. Chuck said no there is a full time resident that lives there.

  2. Steve asked if the Highway agreement was part of the budget. The board said yes.

  3. Neita VanValkenburg spoke on the church holloween part and thanked everyone for its success. The Board Thanked Neita for doing it every year.


  1. Mike said he received a letter from NYS Dept. of Transportation reguarding a request made from Mike on where Rt 8 where old comes into new about it being a passing zone. Mike said an engineer would assess the passing zone and she if it should go to double solid line.

  2. Mike received a letter from the Historical Assoc. asked for a 500.00 donation to help support them. The Board dicussed this and that it is not in the budget.

  3. Mike received a letter from NYC Enviromental portection want to buy 2 more pieces of property. They allready have 3 big sections over there. They are asking if the Town has any problem with this. The Board said no.

  4. Mike said that the Town Hall got an inspection from the code Enforcement officer and that it passed and is good to go another year.

  5. Mike said the Town got and inspection from Niemer the Towns insurance company and said they found 7 minor problems, which Chuck will take care of.


  1. Crew attended a powerline safyt class put on by NYSEG.

  2. Finished mowing brush on Parker Hollow and Gould Dean.

  3. More shouldering and ditching on Parker Hollow.

  4. Replacing and reseting pipes under the road on Parker Hollow

  5. Finished graveling the cross Rd and Mormon Hollow seasonal road.

  6. Used our Vac truck to clean up loose stone on new oil and stone roads

  7. Grader patched Bundy Hollow, upper Steam Mill, Cummings, Pine Hill and Foster roads.

  8. Picked up six more free loads of quarry scrap.


Mike introduced Julia VanSteenburg the Towns new Dog Control Officer.


Craig read the CEO report for the Month of October.


  1. Mike spoke on the County Budget and the problems with S.S, having investigators that are acting as police officer but are not in cases like child abuse and such. They want to turn this over to the District Attorney but they will not be able to get certified. Mike said it is illegal but they are still trying to proceed with it but don’t want it in the budget or approved.

  2. Mike spoke on the County Highway Garage and said it needs to be demolished and they want near by Towns to plow more County roads. Mike said that the Town of Masonville would have to hire another man to do the extra plowing. Mike said if the Towns don’t pick this up than all plowing for the County would be stopped. This could hurt Towns either way it comes out. Mike said it would cost to much to fix it.


  1. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor; the Town Board adopt Local Law #1 of 2014, Local Law is to override the tax levy limit established in General Municipal Law-3-c. So moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried.

  2. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor; the Town Board appoint Julia Steen Van Steenburg to be the Town of Masonville’s Dog Control Officer.(DCO). This DCO will use all of her own equipment, and has agreed to the contractual and personal service amounts as indicated in the 2014 Masonville Town Budget. She will also complete the enumeration process. This DCO is located out of the Town of Masonville, but as per the Town of Masonville, Local Law #1 of 2011, section IV, need not be a resident of the Town of Masonville, But must be a resident of Delaware County. Ms Van Steenburg meets these requirements. So moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.

  3. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor; the Town Board agrees that the Town Supervisor contacts the two web masters to disseminate the contract information for the new DCO. So moved by Betty Scott, seconded by Craig DuMond, all in favor carried.

  4. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor; the Town Board approve the posting of seasonal roads the same as last year. So moved by Betty Scott, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.


Resolution # 16-Local #1 of 2014-Tax Levy limit override.

So moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.

Motion #5-

Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor; the Town Board adpt the Town of Masonville’s 2014 Town Budget. So moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Betty Scott, ney by Steve Roff, all in favor carried.

Motion by Craig DuMond to pay all audited bills, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.


153. BAS 415.00

154. Russell L. Card 358.00

155. Robert Sterchack 245.00

156. Grace Fisher 245.00

157. Anne Scott 245.00

158. Rea Ann Lakin 245.00

159. Linnea Wilson 126.71

160. Thomson Reuters West 404.00

161. Stamp Fulfillment 529.60

162. Dorthy Esposito 35.00

163. Shirley DuMond 35.00

164. Tammy Byrnes 35.00

165. By the Books 779.33

166. Frontier 101.08

167. NYSEG 429.64

168. NYSEG 208.73

169. Frontier 104.84

170. Walton Reporter 8.95

171. Tri-Town News 4.62

172. Office of the State Comtroller 1045.00

173. Time Warner Cable 340.64

174. Laing Trucking 35.00

175. Edson Jones 80.00

176. Laurie Burpoe 750.00

177. Mike Spaccaforno 189.23

178. Marily Trachsel 39.00

179. Joe Reynolds 175.74




179. Dags Auto Parts 34.13

180. McAdams 701.46

181. LN Truck & Tractor repair Inc 3934.91

182. Rhomar Industries 463.22

183. Interstate Batteries 404.85

184. Babcock Muncipal Supply 1305.00

185. Tepco 20.00

186. Monroe Tractor 1311.43

187. Steel Sales 1706.50

188. Unadilla Bolt & Nut 230.15

189. Jess F. Howes 55.08

190. Kuhns 514.50

191. John f. Winn 389.79

192. E&R Popes Excavating 540.00

193. Champlin Oil Co. 99.92

194. NYS Office of general services 225.00

195. Trux Outfitter 1292.72

196. JC Smith Inc 172.70

197. Marcy Hydraulies 204.57

198. Tallmadge Tire 662.32

199. Suit-Kote Corp 7222.42

200. Mirabito 8124.05

201. Mirabito 1928.51

202. Ben Funk 157.94

203. Central Petroleum 294.20

204. Haun 37.81

205. Texas refinery 465.00

206. Frank George/Trux Outfitter 250.00

207. Zee Medical 20.20

208. Fastenal 193.71

209. Fleetpride 587.66

210. Commercial Tire & parts 762.34

211. Comstock Logging Supplies 734.00

212. Sanders Concrete 630.00

213. Clark Companies 390.00

214. Clark Companies 6498.00

Meeting was closed at 8:25 pm


Pamela Walker, Town Clerk