STATE OF NEW YORK June 5, 2013



The regular meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Masonville was called to order at 7:30 p.m.


Supervisor: Mike Spaccaforno

Councilmen: Jeri Brayman, Steve Roff, Betty Scott

Town Clerk: Pamela Walker

Hwy. Supt.: Chuck Smith


Elaine Bradish, Shelly Ellis, Ernst Keidel, Steve Tiska, Doug Earl, Neita VanValkenburgh, Bob Basile, Nick Genovese, Tom Klehr, Mellissa Thomas


Motion by Jeri Brayman to accept minutes as corrected, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried.

Steve Tiska would like the minutes from last month’s floor time to read as follows: Steve read from a DEC fresh water fishing guide that fishermen have the right to follow a body of water that flows thru your property. Failure to advise of any potential dangerous conditions make the land owner liable for any damages.


  1. Steve Tiska asked Mike how he made out on the cemetery questions. Mike said he has not had a chance to get to it. He has many personal things coming up in June, and he will try to get back to it.

  2. Steve Tiska said that May’s minutes, under old business, with reference to the bridge posting as such, and inspection once a year. Is it legal? Mike said the lawyer and Wayne Reynolds said it is. Only something like a major storm or an inspection that would show a failure could close the bridge.

  3. Nick Genovese asked if repaving of County Road 20 would be done. Chuck said he was hoping by the end of the Month, with weather permitting.


  1. Mike received a notice from NYS DOT that said, from the Route 206 intersection going toward Sidney to Butts road will be resurfaced and travel will be restricted to one lane. This will occur during the 2013 construction season and will last 2 to 6 weeks.

  2. Mike said that Delaware opportunities senior dining program is asking for a 500 dollar donation to help out with the cost of living increase. Mike asked the Board to consider this for the 2014 budget. Masonville has four households that receive assistance from them. Like many other agencies, the State has cut their funding.

  3. Mike said the Delaware Fair Association is looking for a 100 dollar donation to help with the cost of tee shirts for a 5 k run, which will be held in August. Betty said if it was for the Fair then we should consider it, but feels the tee shirts should be paid for by the runners. The Board agreed.


  1. Installed new driveway pipes on Cummings Road

  2. Repaired soft spot on McMullen Road, put in rock base to drain multiple springs

  3. Added more gravel to seasonal part on Steam Mill Rd.

  4. Crew attended a class put on for large dewatering pumps that were purchased with a grant applied for by Delaware County Soil and Water.

  5. Chuck met with Wayne Reynolds and Highway Supt’s from other towns to plan a “Road use agreement” for the future pipeline if it’s approved. The County is working on this and will have a proposal in the very near future.

  6. Shouldered and ditched Hellerud Road

  7. Started to install new rock base and crusher run cover on the hill of Steam Mill with plans to oil and stone the hill this summer

Steve Roff asked Chuck about the Towns Inventory list. Chuck said it is all hand written,

and will get it typed. He said the report is due September 13th and needs to be done every

2 years.


Mike read the CEO report for May.


  1. Mike said there is some quite a bit of friction going on in Delhi with 2 groups of people arguing on how the County should be run. Bob McCarthy is making many false accusations that the County Board Chairman has lied and cheated. One of the issues is about the County Treasures duties which were split, due to a lack of Dept. reports and late payments to venders. It was changed a few years back when there were many problems happening. All of those problems have been resolved with the creation of the Office of Fiscal Affairs. His group now wants to switch it back to just the Treasurer’s Office. The heads of all the Departments are afraid the problems will start all over again. I am against switching it back.

  2. Mike spoke on our “hand out” for Operation Clean Sweep, by the County. It is for the disposal of materials that may be a hazard. Mike said to please call the County Solid Waste on how to have these items picked up if you have materials you want to get dispose of.

  3. Mike gave a reminder on the free rabies clinic in Masonville at the fire house on June 19th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Mike said if this is missed to please contact our Town Clerk for availability with other dates in nearby Towns.

The Memorial Day parade was discussed. The Board said it was very nice, but small. It was determined that traffic needed to be controlled better. Betty said the Town should have a committee to organize it better. Jeri said she would get a startup committee. Mike said we should also have Police presence to control the traffic at the four corners.

Steve Roff asked Chuck about the money spent on the 2001, F350 pick-up. Chuck said it is an upgrade from the 1991 pick-up which we were starting to have many problems with. It cost Masonville $650 to purchase it from Government Surplus. Masonville has put $2000 +/_ worth of parts into it. The fuel cost was about $400 to pick it up and bring it back. This was a lot less expensive than buying one used and it has very low mileage on it. Steve had concerns of wear and tear on the other vehicle that picked it up.

Steve said that the Blue truck does not have a Masonville logo on it. Chuck said 3 of the smaller trucks don’t have them, but he will get them for all.

Steve Tiska asked about sweeping the roads, Chuck said he needs a rainy day to keep dust down.

Mike spoke on the Union Contract and said it is finalized and will start June 1st 2013. He is waiting for the revised copies to be sent by the Union. The insurance cost was as wrong and not what was originally discussed, so Mike would not sign it. It should be all corrected with no changes to the men. We will now have a 4 year contract for wages and insurance. The raises for the men will be retroactive from 01/January, which was when the old contract expired. This is good for Masonville because all insurance rates are being increased by huge uncertain amounts due to the Obama Care law. We now have fixed rates for at least the next four years.

A Motion was made by Betty Scott to pay all audited bills, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor, carried.


80. Edson Jones 100.00

81. Shelly Ellis 182.50

82. Laura Denys 150.00

83. Barbara Arnott 150.00

84. Frontier 92.33

85. Time Warner Cable 681.25

86. Paraco 112.88

87. Paraco 87.04

88. WalMart 140.72

89. Mike Spaccaforno 179.10

90. Fastenal Co. 92.16

91. Jess F, Howes 28.14

92. Laurie Burpoe 590.00

93. Masonville Postmaster 44.00

94. Joe Reynolds 199.59




94. Fleet Pride 691.74

95. Cook Brothers 234.59

96. Dags Auto Parts 1037.52

97. G&L Auto Supply 189.02

98. Advanced Auto 205.30

99. Champlain Oil Co 408.41

100. Babcock Municipal 250.00

101. JC Smith Inc 522.06

102. Tepco 30.00

103. Joshua De Stefeno 450.00

104. Frenches Garage 250.00

105. Steel Sales Inc. 219.04

106. Kimball Midwest 225.18

107. Jess F. Howes 28.54

108. Huan 8.05

109. Zee Medical 58.90

110. Chenango Sales 53.77

111. E&R Popes Excavating 1575.00

112. Mirabito 2568.09



The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 P.M.


Pamela Walker, Town Clerk