STATE OF NEW YORK July 10, 2013


The regular meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Masonville was called to order at 7:30 p.m.


Supervisor: Mike Spaccaforno

Council members: Craig DuMond, Jeri Brayman, Steve Roff, Betty Scott

Town Clerk: Pamela Walker

Hwy. Supt.: Chuck Smith

Also, Steve Tiska, Doug Earl, Nick Genovese, and Tom Cardi


Motion by Craig DuMond to accept minutes as corrected, seconded by Steve Roff, all in favor carried.


  1. Nick Genovese asked if the sign at the bottom of County Rt. 20 is in the works for replacement and it should say Beech Hill. Chuck said yes and that he would call the company to find out when it should be delivered.

  2. Nick Genovese asked about two pipes on Hager Hill. Is the Town going to install them? Chuck said yes, they are for drainage and he will try to get it done this year.

  3. Nick Genovese said there was some writing on McMullen Rd. and asked what it was. Chuck did not know but said he would check it out.

  4. Steve Tiska spoke about the sidewalks and how in 1992 the Town changed the ownership to the landowner. Mike said that the sidewalk revision is in the lawyer’s hands and that he is looking into a grant to get them repaired. Mike said it would take the Town off ownership and keep landowner on.

  5. Steve Tiska asked if anything had been done with the Cemeteries. Mike said at this time, no. He has dropped it for the time being and has been taking care of many other important things.

  6. Tom Cardi said the guardrail on County Rd. 35 looks great.


  1. Mike had information on the new insurance, which he gave to the Board. He said they have been sending numerous bits of very helpful information to the Town.

  2. Mike said the probation Department has been State mandated to work with the drug abuse problem. This unfunded mandate will put additional stress on their Department. Mike said this State unfunded mandate will cost many thousands of dollars and hurts the entire County.


  1. Finished 1st round of roadside mowing

  2. Finished sweeping roads

  3. We are now patching & filling potholes

  4. We helped the Town of Deposit oil & stone

  5. Summer help mowed cemeteries

  6. Added more gravel to seasonal part of Mormon Hollow

  7. We helped Sidney gravel a road project

  8. Received 29 loads of quarry scrap as a donation for the base on Steam Mill, they replaced the road base then covered it with crusher run to prep for oil & stone this Summer

Chuck gave Steve Roff a hand written Highway inventory list. Chuck said he would get the type written one as soon as possible. Steve asked about inventory on the tools and small equipment. The inventory list was discussed in length and Chuck will add more items to the list.


Mike said the union negotiations for the contract are complete, but it has not been returned to the Town with the revisions. Mike said no money should be given to the union until contract is in his hands. He will not sign the contract until it is thoroughly reviewed. He noted that this has been going on since last February


Craig read the CEO report for June.


  1. Mike said the bridge on Clark Road was red flagged by the NY State DOT. This was because there are no guardrails. Mike said that the way the bridge is constructed guardrails could not be installed. All bridges in Delaware County were inspected. Mike is looking into a grant from FEMA to replace the bridge.

  2. Mike said the next round of grants for the Constitution Pipeline is September 30th. We hope that our Fire Dept. can get more grant money, as it is badly needed

  3. Mike said that the Delaware County Dairy Princess addressed the Board of Supervisors. She noted that there are only 125 working Dairy farms in the County. Mike said this is very sad and is largely due to over regulations in this State of the farming industry.

  4. Mike said that Social Services is looking for additional funds for child abuse cases, in which the children of the abusers must be put into foster care. This is a State Mandate

that is also not funded.


  1. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor, the Town Board approves the re-appointment of the Town of Masonville Assessor, Linnea Wilson, for the period of six-year term. So moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Steve Tiska, all in favor carried.

  2. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor, the Town Board approves the renewal of the Heart of the Catskills yearly contract. So moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried.


Resolution # 13- Endorsing the redistricting of Delaware County in regards to Public Works Prevailing Wages Department of Public Works. So moved by Craig DuMond, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried. Copy Attached.

Motion by Betty Scott to pay all audited bills, seconded by Craig DuMond, all in favor carried.


95. NYSEG 170.69

96. Laing Trucking 38.75

97. Office of State Comptroller 3765.00

98. Walton Reporter 8.95

99. Frontier 103.50

100. By the Books 1512.66

101. Tri-Town News 4.62

102. NYS Town Clerks Assoc. 75.00

103. NYS Magistrate Assoc. 80.00

104. Laurie Burpoe 600.00

105. Edson Jones 80.00

106. Mike Spaccaforno 95.95

107. NYS Office of General Services 400.00

108. Joe Reynolds 152.51




113. Cobleskill Stone Products 22,366.44

114. Chenango Sales 7.24

115. G&L Auto 342.76

116. Tri_County Communications 181.60

117. Thering Sales & Service 52.82

118. Cook Brothers Truck Parts 18.24

119. John F. Winn 200.72

120. Cobleskill Stone Products 5393.73

121. Dags Auto Parts 142.76

122. Babcock Municipal Supply 376.00

123. Fleetpride 29.75

124. Zee Medical 45.00

125. Ben Funk 20.21

126. Mirabito Energy Products 6763.33

127. Masonville Stone 8928.00

128. E&R Popes 3080.00

129. Tepco 30.00



The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


Pamela Walker, Town Clerk