STATE OF NEW YORK September 4, 2013



The regular meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Masonville was called to order at 7:30 p.m.


Supervisor; Mike Spaccaforno

Councilmen: Craig DuMond, Betty Scott, Jeri Brayman, Steve Roff

Town Clerk: Pamela Walker

Hwy. Supt.: Chuck Smith


Ernst Keidel. Steve Tiska, Elaine Bradish, Tom Klehr, Doug Earl, Ron Merwin, Maggie Finger, Kathy Finger, Randolf Finger, Neil Brayman, Kendal Craig.


Motion by Craig DuMond to accept minutes as corrected, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.


  1. Kathy Finger introduce herself to the board and as the board did to her.

  2. Steve Tiska spoke on the Cemetary and feels there should be a budget line for the care of these. Mike said that the summer helper mows them and is paid by the County. Discussion was held on the Cemetaries and Mike said he will talk with Linnea Wilson on this.

  3. Steve Tiska asked about of the Code of Ethics. The Town has this policy but dos not at this time have a Code of Ethic board.

  4. Ron Merwin spoke on Steam Mill road and asked when something would be done about it. Chuck said the Town is scheduled to have the vendor here to do Stone and oil. Chuck said the Town is doing what they can with weather being its biggest factor.

  5. Doug Earl spoke on Finnerty road and said it was done in 1990 and then got torn up by people. Mike said that if roads get damaged Chuck will and has gotton them repair by those who damaged them. Mike said that if pipeline goes through he wants to go with what the County is going to do with road damage.


  1. Mike said a company (Nextera) wants to come trough and place electric lines right along side NYSEG so that if there are problems with NYSEG theres will kick in. Mike will check into see if there are any other benefits then just on the tax rolls.

  2. Mike received the resignation of the Dog Control Officer ( Mike Ellis).


  1. Finished stone base and cover on Steam Mill to be oil & stoned

  2. Added gravel shoulders to Hellerud and McMullen roads

  3. Resurfaced Gifford Rd and plowed dirt part on Steam Mill with crusher run

  4. Shouldered and of Beals Pond that is to be oil & Stoned

  5. Roadside mowing

  6. Picked up 500 gallons of waste oil

  7. Replaced rotten pipe under Stillson Rd

  8. Summer help mowed Cemetaries

  9. Sent paperwork in to get first round of CHIPS funding, about 88,000

  10. Asking board to proceed with Backhoe repair, estimated at 12,000 plus or minus and to date we are ¾ the way in the year with ½ of the repair budget still to go.

Chuck said that he might be able to get the existing rebuilt and that it would be the cost effective. Chuck said they would have to first get it taken out and decide if it is fixable or not. The board can go used or new if not fixable. Craig said to look into seeing if can be rebuilt if not come back to the board for next step.


  1. Craig read the CEO reoprt for the Month of August.


  1. Mike would like to set a budget workshop for 9-18-2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Hall.

Motion by Crai DuMond to have the Town Clerk Advertise for the Budget Workshop on 9-18-2013, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.

  1. Mike said he had Assemblyman and Senator here and thay spoke on critical mandates like probation, public works and sheriffs dept. Mike said they are going to get back to him.

  2. Mike spoke on the star program and said there are pamphlets on the back table. Mike said that everyone need to have there in by December 31st 2013 home owners will get stuff mailed to them.

  3. Mike spoke on the 2% tax cap and said it is impossible to stay within this with everything going up.

Steve Tiska asked about the Union Contract. Mike said it is complete and signed and a savings of about 9,000.


Resolution #14-Adoption of the Delaware County Multi-Jurisdictional All Hazards Mitigation Plan Update. So mowed by Craig DuMond,seconded by Steve Roff, all in favor carried.

Motion by Betty Scott to pay all audited bills, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.


128. Pamela Walker 41.40

129. Office of State Comptroller 1450.00

130. By the Books 733.33

131. Frontier 100.72

132. NYSEG 476.67

133. NYSEG 208.73

134. Edson Jones 80.00

135. Micheal Ellis 41.47

136. Quill Corp 299.99

137. Laurie Burpoe 550.00

138. Service Education 950.00

139. WalMart 49.38

140. Chuck Smith 18.60

141. Mike Spaccaforno 99.34

142. Joe Reynolds 336.23




149. Mirabito 3012.67

150. Suit-Kote Corp. 1468.27

151. Cook Brothers 35.59

152. Marcy Hydraulics 55.20

153. Jess F. Howes 76.46

154. River Valley New Howlland 18.86

155. Fastenal 256.02

156. Babcock Municipal Supply 180.00

157. Pioneer Glass Co. 260.00

158. G&L Auto Supply 5.64

159. Tractor Supply 63.95

160. Tepco 40.00

161. E&R Pope Excavating 1066.25

162. Auto Plus 15.95

163. Dags Auto Parts 196.71



The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.


Pamela Walker, Town Clerk