STATE OF NEW YORK August 7, 2013


The Regular meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Masonville was called to order at 7:30 p.m.

PRESENT: ABSENT: Pamela Walker

Supervisor: Mike Spaccaforno

Council members: Jeri Brayman, Betty Scott, Craig DuMond, Steve Roff

Hwy Superintendent: Chuck Smith


Kendal Craig, Neita VanValkenburgh, Steve Tiska, Ronald VanValkenburgh, Bob Basile


Chuck Smith addressed an error on last month’s minutes in Floor Time, Item #1; he said “County” not “the Town” was installing the signs.

In Floor Time, Item #4 should read “in the 1993 minutes

Steve Tiska pointed out in Motion #1 should read, “Seconded by Steve Roth”

Motion by Craig DuMond to accept minutes as corrected, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.


  1. Kendal Craig asked who is responsible for the sidewalks. Mike said the landowner is, but the Town is looking for a grant to repair any sidewalks that may or may not be damaged. It will be the landowner’s responsibility to maintain them. Mike said the Town does not have the work force to take care of sidewalks, nor the money. Kendal has concerns about liability if someone was to get hurt. Mike said that it is covered under everyone’s homeowners or business liability insurance. Kendal said she shovels in the morning then a plow comes through and piles up the snow again. Would she get in trouble if she did not shovel again? Craig said the Town has never done that and said he does not think that will ever happen. Kendal is sad to see that the sidewalks are being turned over to the landowner.

  2. Steve Tiska said that back in 1993 the Town approved the replacement of sidewalks and at that time thought that was a good thing to do, but at the time did not think about the maintenance of them. Craig said if the Town was to do a sidewalk district, it be put on peoples taxes, He said that would not be good and is sure the people would not like this. Mike said the Town is looking for a grant to repair any broken sidewalks, if there are any.

  3. Neita VanValkenburgh spoke on Steam Mill Road. She said it looked very nice, but asked if it was going to be stoned & oiled. Chuck said yes and hoped to have done within a month. Neita also asked about the deep ditches. Chuck said that parts will be filled in with stone where needed.


  1. Mike said he received a refund check from our insurance company for $613.00 from the new Town insurance Company. Mike said that is an even bigger savings for changing companies.

  2. Mike said he received a certified letter from Time Warner Cable notifying its customers that they are changing all boxes to a digital format. If you have TWC and do not change your box for digital reception, then you will not be able to watch TV. Mike said if you call them before November 25th you can get the box changed free of charge.


  1. Mike said he is still waiting to hear from the lawyer on sidewalks

  2. Mike said he is waiting for the finalization on the Union Contract.


  1. Mowing Brush on Parker Hollow.

  2. Covered rocks in roadway with milling on Mormon Hollow cross road.

  3. Custom built and installed rear window protector on 2001 Ford Pickup.

  4. Received a donation of 6 barrels of waste oil.

  5. Picked up 10 loads of free quarry stone for Steam Mill project.

  6. Received a check for 1500.00 on sale of surplus pickup.

  7. Pug Mill paved Hellerud & McMullen roads finally after all rain delays.

  8. While paving there were several breakdowns, 2 Town pickups, one dump truck and the backhoe.

  9. Talked with Rob Conklin from Del. Co. DPW on Beech Hill sign the County no longer will use names just numbers on their roads. This eliminates conflicts with same names of roads in other Towns as requested when 911 became effective.

  10. Chuck went to a meeting with NYS DOT with reference to the pavement marking and paving project on Rte. 8 North of Town. Mike also sent a letter of request to change passing zone at the north end of the Rte. 8 loop road. The paving project is just a seal coat about ½ inch thick to preserve what is there.

Steve Roff asked about the inventory. Chuck said it is in progress.

Craig spoke on door decals etc. The cost and other places to buy from might be cheaper.

Chuck will look into this. Mike told Chuck he has a phone number he could give him.


  1. Mike said the State has declared more un-funded mandates for our County jail. They want the Sheriff’s Dept. to hire more guards and transporters. The additional cost to the County would be an additional $750,000.00. This is completely unacceptable! Mike has scheduled meetings with State Senator Bonacic and Assemblyman Crouch, to try to rectify this problem. I will have more information on this at our next meeting.

  2. Mike met with Congressman Chris Gibson on Veterans rights. Mike said he received important information that could help the veterans in our Town.


  1. Upon Recommendation of the Town Supervisor, the Town Board approves the change of address for all NBT Bank correspondence. The New mailing destination will be addressed to Karen Kropp, at the new Town Accountant’s place of business. Presently all correspondence is being sent to the Town’s previous Accountant. The new accountant will not have signatory privileges to any Town checking accounts. So moved by Betty Scott, seconded by Craig DuMond, all in favor carried.

  2. Upon Recommendation of the Town Supervisor, the Town Board approves the removal of the previous Accountant’s name as a signatory to the Towns checking accounts. So moved by Steve Roff, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried.

Motion by Craig DuMond to pay all audited bills, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried.


109. Edson Jones 80.00

110. The Tri Town News 9.63

111. Village of Sidney 2750.00

112. Time Warner Cable 341.16

113. Office of State Comptroller 1187.00

114. Gettysburg Flags 285.00

115. Laing Trucking 38.75

116. Mang Ins. Agency 312.50

117. NYS Teamsters 4015.11

118. NYS Teamsters 1835.01

119. Time Warner Cable 681.25

120. NYSEG 208.73

121. Frontier 99.46

122. By the Books 733.33

123. Michael Ellis 306.88

124. Joe Reynolds 208.06

125. Edson Jones 80.00

126. Laurie Burpoe 660.00

127. Mike Spaccaforno 78.10




130. Tractor Supply 99.93

131. Jess F. Howes 62.93

132. John F. Winn 50.72

133. Scoville Meno 7.00

134. Scoville Meno 88.13

135. Chenango Sales 259.32

136. NYE 1084.82

137. Hillside Sign & Designs 265.00

138. Unadilla Bolt & Nut 49.16

139. McAdams 16.95

140. Kimball Midwest 128.82

141. FleetPride 44.79

142. Fastenal 39.93

143. Cook Brothers 110.16

144. Auto Plus 62.78

145. Vestal Asphalt 60,238.69

146. E & R Popes excavating 2080.00

147. John F. Winn 4427.85

148. Dags Auto Parts 161.06



The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.