STATE OF NEW YORK December 4, 2013



The regular meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Masonville was called to order at 7:00 P.M.


Supervisor: Mike Spaccaforno

Councilmen: Craig DuMond, Betty Scott, Steve Roff

Town Clerk: Pamela Walker

Hwy. Supt.: Chuck Smith


Everett Burrows, Steve Tiska, Nick Genovese, Neita VanValkenburgh, Colin Frost, Kathy Finger, Maggie Finger


Motion by Craig DuMond to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried.


  1. Steve Tiska spoke on the cemetaries and how they are coded wrong which means the Town owns them even though they were-are listed as private. Mike is still looking into this and said he will ask Linnea to maybe come to next months meeting to answer questions and concerns.

  2. Steve Tiska spoke on seasonal roads and said that the Town should write more to there closing of them like distance or points like other Towns. The Board agreed the ad is fine the way it is.


  1. Mike spoke on a letter from the coalition of watershed Towns and they are asking for a $1000.00 dues this year. Discussion was held on this and Mike will contact them and see why so high but it was agreed that they do a lot defending against NYC.

  2. Mike spoke on a the Assocation of Towns Bill for 500>00 and said that the is a new organization called Upstate NY Town Assocation that is more for the small Towns and there dues are 400.00. It was agreed to give the Upstate NY Towns assocation a shot this year and if it don’t work out then go back to the Assocation of Towns.

Motion by Craig DuMond to accept to join the Upstate NY Towns Assocation for 400.00 this year, seconded by Steve Roff, all in favor carried.


  1. Plowed and sanded roads as needed

  2. Chipped down trees from wind storm

  3. Installed winter tires om plow trucks

  4. Made emergency repairs to sander on truck #5 hope it last till spring to get a new box

  5. Replaced rear brakes on the 1988 Mack that we are using as a spare truck

  6. Removed roadside stumps on the cross road

  7. Added grave to rough spots on seasonal part of Lake Cecil

  8. Clark Rd washed ditch was lined with stone, added gravel to rough areas on the road

  9. Replaced two driveway pipes on Cole Spur Rd, installed one new driveway pipe on Roof Road

  10. Sold by internet auction an excavator bucket hitch for $860.00

  11. Last CHIPS payment is expected on 12/1/13 in the amount of $53,616.66

  12. 2014 major project is to pug Mill Pave 2.3 miles of Parker Hollow Rd.


Craig Read the CEO report for November


  1. Mike spoke on Richard Bells leaving the position of Emergency services and that Steve Hood is filling the position until filled. Mike also said it is all up and running.

  2. Mike spoke on the County Budget and said it passed with a 3.82% increase fron original of 6.3% increase. Mike said he did vote no for the budget and said that ¾ of the County budget is for Social Services and there is no control over unfunded mandates. Craig thanked Mike for all the work he does in the County for them and our Town and that he supports him 100%.

  3. Mike reminded everyone that December 7th is Pearl Harbor Day and that the Town will br flying the Flag at ½ staff on that day. Steve Roff asked why the flag were not up on Verterains Day. Chuck said the truck they use was broke down and could not use other ones or the Flags would get dirty. Its was agrred that next time call someone and it will get done.


  1. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor; the Town Board re-appoint Barbara Arnott for the postion of Board of assessment review for the term 10/1/13 to 9/30/18. So moved by Betty Scott, seconded by Craig DuMond, all in favor carried.

2. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor; the Town Board approve to pull the Assocation of Towns bill for $1000.00. So moved by Betty Scott, seconded by Craig DuMond, all in favor carried.

Mike wished everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.


180. Edson Jones 80.00

182. Quill Corp. 77.39

183. Tri Town News 9.52

184. Time Warner Cable 681.23

185. BAS 290.00

186. Walton Reporter 14.11

187. Envelopes (Town Clerk) 1065.50

188. By the Books 800.00

189. Frontier 99.51

190. NYSEG 208.73

191. Pamela Walker 150.00

192. Laurie Burpoe 600.00

193. Joe Reynolds 263.37

194. NYSAOTSOH 150.00

195. Mike Spaccaforno 118.25

196. Fastenal 92.16

197. Sidney printing 59.00




215. Marcy Hydraulics 79.80

216. Chenango Welding Supply 1618.92

217. Clark Companies 1716.00

218. LN Truck & Tractor repair 4224.53

219. Waynes Welding 3500.00

220. Fastenal Co. 93.21

221. Dags Auto Parts 230.81

222. G&L Auto Supply 245.71

223. Unadilla Bolt & Nut 89.10

224. Five Star Equipment 478.90

225. NYS Office of General Services 8500.00

226. Fleetpride 717.03

227. Babcock Municipal Suppy 143.00

228. Central Petroleum 22.79

229. Zee Medical 72.00

230. Cook Brothers Truck Parts 472.36

231. Ben Funk 55.01

232. Cobleskill Stone Products 9610.43

233. Champlain Oil Co. 214.90

234. Chenango Welding Supply 1294.38

235. Tallmadge Tire 2762.16



Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 P.M.


Pamela Walker, Town Clerk