STATE OF NEW YORK January 2, 2013



The Organizational meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Masonville was called to order at 7:30 p.m.

PRESENT: Absent: Chuck Smith

Supervisor: Mike Spaccaforno

Councilman: Betty Scott, Steve Roff, Jeri Brayman, Craig DuMond

Town Clerk: Pamela Walker


Steve Tiska, Neil & Jodi Brayman, Nick Genovese, Bob Basile, Tom Klehr


Motion by Craig DuMond to accept minutes as corrected, seconded by Jeri Brayman, all in favor carried. Change made was taking out bill # 235 for $858.60 changing Total balance to $4,366.77 in general bills.


  1. Tom Klehr asked Mike if sign is going to go up on the bridge stating it is the Finger Lake walking trail. Mike said yes he would put something up but will do in the spring.

  2. Steve Tiska spoke on the Church Street Bridge and how there is no paperwork on this. Mike said he talked with Wayne Reynolds and Wayne said the Town put up the bridge and the County inspected and did so year after year until it failed inspection due to defects and could and could not pass it, so the Town then abandoned it. The Town still owns it and is insuring it. Mike said it was closed for vehicles not walking. Steve said there needs to be paperwork on this and said he has some paperwork stating the need. Mike asked Steve to give him copies of what he has and he will look over and see what he can do.

  3. Tom Klehr said that a while back Shepstone came in and did a presentation on drilling and was wondering if the plan to have two different people come in with different side was still in the works. Mike said yes and hoping for Feb. or March.


  1. Plowing & sanding roads as needed.

  2. Cutting brush on Steam Mill cross road and started on Cole Rd.

  3. The 2006 dump truck is back from the body shop (from previous accident) installed plow frame and put winter tires on.

  4. Cleaned up from wind storm.

  5. Picked up the “New” plow truck from Utica and starting to prep for use.

  6. Chuck said he thinks that they did a pretty good job with the current snow storm being the entire crew had the flu

Steve Roff asked why part time help is chipping brush. Mike said that the Supt. can have them do whatever he wants and that is probably a question for Chuck.

Craig read the CEO report for the month of December and also read the CEO’s yearend report.


  1. Mike said that Richard Spinney retired as County Attorney. Porter Kirkwood was appointed to replace him.

  2. Mike said that the County Medical Examiner (ME) is retiring in March. The County has been advertising for a replacement for several months. We have had two responses, but both have withdrawn their names. If the County cannot hire at least one ME, then the County Board and the Sheriff’s office is looking into the possibility of two County Coroners, one for each end of the county. The biggest problem the ME had was trying to cover this large County by himself, 24/7.

  3. Mike said that Counties are banding together to protest the pay raise that all County District Attorneys received by a “State Unfunded Mandate” last year. All of the upstate Counties are completely opposed to it, and will fight the increase.

  4. Mike said there is a major plan to cut down on energy usage and cost for the entire County owned property’s (buildings, vehicles, etc.). There will be a survey done by a “not for profit” organization which will perform this at no cost to County. Mike said that the results will have to be weighed by The County, to determine if the changes will make any expense worthwhile.

  5. Mike said that he notified Carol Bowker that the Constitution Pipeline was going to issue Grants to the Towns that the pipeline was going through. Mike asked Carol if there was anything that our Fire Dept. or EMS needed, that we could request money for. She told him the “turn-out gear” was out of date and needed to be replaced (a NY State unfunded mandate !). Carol wrote a Grant request and submitted it to the Pipeline. We were notified last week that our Fire Department was awarded a $ 22,900.00 grant for the new equipment. This will put our Fire Department in compliance with the NY State requirement.

  6. Mike said that the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors appointed him as Delaware County’s liaison to the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC). He was appointed to be the lead man because of his strong feelings against “State Unfunded Mandates”. Mike is scheduled to go to the February conference in Albany. There he will meet like-minded Legislators and attempt to form a coalition of Counties to lobby and fight against unfunded mandates that the State is imposing on all of us. He will be working through NYSAC to make these contacts, in the hope of saving all of us tax dollars.

MOTIONS: Motion 1 thru 16 attached.

RESOLUTIONS: Resolutions 001 thru 010 attached.


241. Time Warner Cable 341.68

242. Excel 19.99

243. Edson Jones 80.00

244. Laurie Burpoe 530.00

245. Laing Trucking 77.50

246. Paraco Gas 543.52

247. Drogen Electric Supply 23.56

248. Fisher Electric Co. 1385.93

249. Mike Spaccaforno 150.11

250. NYSEG 208.73

251. NYSEG 526.16

252. By the Books 733.33

253. Joe Reynolds 136.35

1. BAS 275.00

2. Assoc, of Towns 500.00




  1. Fleetpride 43.28

  2. Tri-County Sales & Service 578.46

  3. Olivers Sales & Service 7.80

  4. G&L Auto Supply 5.68

  5. Kimball Midwest 136.12

  6. John F. Winn 26.00

  7. Comstock Logging Supplies 227.80

  8. Chenango Supply 393.02

  9. Dags Auto Parts 114.97

  10. Waynes Welding Inc. 74.80

  11. The Village Closet 268.00

  12. Zee Medical Inc. 249.33



Motion was made by Craig DuMond to pay all audited bills, seconded by Betty Scott, all in favor carried.

The meeting was closed at 8:05 p.m.


Pamela Walker, Town Clerk