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April 13, 2009 17:15:56 RT 206er.   Yes, there are other ramshackle houses on 206. It seems to be the norm from what I've seen. We all need to start doing our part to beautify the community.
April 13, 2009 16:52:14 LOL   What in the world is happening to this country (as if I did not know)? Easter egg roll on the White House lawn paid special homage to same sex parents with children. What the "H" ever "samesex parents are" I would love to witness how they go about making a baby!! Messiah Obama bowing before the king, sultan, high mucky muck, omnipotent potentate or what ever he is, of Saudi Arabi.
April 13, 2009 16:12:30 RangerDanger   That man always seems kind of Grumpy to me! Even us east siders are scared of him. =)
April 13, 2009 15:56:13 LOL   Yeh RangerDanger there is one guy on the Eastside that we on the Westside are particullary scared of. Your Mayor. The one with the beard and leather hat that lives on Steam Mill road and hangs out at the Crecent Wrench cadging coffee !!!
April 13, 2009 15:36:53 LOL   So, that is what happened to my mother-in-law??!!
April 13, 2009 15:34:55 RangerDanger   Yeah, us East siders get pretty dangerous in the winter. Since none of us have jobs to pay for food we occasionally canabalize local travelers.
April 13, 2009 15:27:29 LOL (Loyal Westsider)   PSHAWWW ! We Westsiders would know nothing of smells coming from Finnerty Road or the condition of the quaint little convience store on the East Side of Masonville. What a relief it was when the Bridge on Butts Road was finished as we on the West Side would NEVER under any conditions go beyond the Town Hall unless we were armed; thus going to Sidney was a chore having to go all the way to I-88 and then to Sidney. Of course there are going to be problems on the East Side of Masonville. What do you expect? Considering the much lower status of the residents "over there" as compared to us on the West Side. On the rare occasions that I absolutely have to pass through the East Side with my BMW or Mercedes I have it washed immediately!! I also make sure the car doors are securely locked as one never knows. Some REAL shady characters "over there". I generally have one of the servants travel in that direction if it becomes necessary. I was absolutly shocked to learn that last summer someone on the East Side ACTUALLY let their lawn get to 3 inches high!! MY MY what a shame!!
April 13, 2009 14:56:14 .   This is what I learned today about RT206er. He is not my neighbor! He lives where there are sidewalks. He walks his dog past the rot east of the light. He complains about alot of different things. The smell at the end of Finerty road, the way the quickway in town looks, the smell coming from his neighbors outside furnace, the list goes on.... He also complains that he hasn't enough $$ to haul away his own garbage. He doesn't post his name because you know how it is small town and all. He has lived here all his life.
April 13, 2009 09:29:33 Dianne   Why thank you LOL. My feelings exactly.
April 13, 2009 09:19:17 LOL   Dianne- I do not know you but one thing is certain. You do not owe anyone an explanation of your house, or anything else. Especially to anyone who complains anonomously on a public web site. If the person complaining is so concerned he/she should confront you personally in a friendly manner and ask if there is anything they can do to help you.
April 13, 2009 09:03:31 LOL   Bringing down the image of the neighborhood? In case you were not aware no part of Masonville falls in the top ten zip codes of the USA. I do not know who owns the building but perhaps that is all they can afford? As to junk cars; "one man's junk is another man's treasure." Proof of that is any auction oe lawn sale.
April 13, 2009 08:58:53 Dianne   Rt206, are you by any chance referring to my house? It is a work in progress, we are waiting for warmer weather to finish "fixing it up." I would greatly appreciate it if you wouldn't single me out, since if you have ever actually drove up and down Route 206 you will see worse than my home in terms of being "ramshackle." This sounds more like a grudge to me. Oh, and my name is Dianne, what's yours?
April 12, 2009 19:03:36 RT 206er.   Anyone know who owns that yellow ramshackle looking house on 206 east of the light? It's missing siding all over and is bringing down the image of the neighborhood. They have a few junk cars laying around as well.
April 09, 2009 03:22:48 bertimouse   Thanks Tony. Your prayers certainly helped. My brothers were supposed to fly out Monday on a long 3-stop flight back to Colorado but their plane was cancelled due to bad weather...they got to help me out for another whole day & the next morning & flew out the next afternoon FIRST CLASS for no extra $ & got home by 8pm their time. :) Yup prayers do help. Hope to be home soon for a break at least.
April 09, 2009 02:50:13 Jessica Hodges; Davenport, New York Looking for Anime fans in the Delaware County area to help me form a community anime club! Message me if you want to help you! Possible meeting place somewhere in central Delaware County!
April 09, 2009 02:45:50 Tony - CR-20   Hey that photo on the front page! Hope all is well with you and your family!
April 07, 2009 00:37:13 Tony - CR-20   Wow Berti...I just checked in here this evening and was surprised to hear about your Mom. I'm very sorry and my sincere condolences go out to you and your family. I was in Manhattan again today and was at St. Patricks again and was just thinking about you and your Mom only a few hours ago! All the church goers are concerned about the Cardinals health and the place was packed but I got to light my usual candles in front of the saints. Anyway...the ceremony at sea sounded beautiful! I'm sure she's at peace now.
April 06, 2009 03:33:21 bertimouse   Clarification here: Tony lit a candle for my Mom at a prominant church in NYC...I told my Mom about it while she was in the hospital & it made her smile allot folks. If Tony ever needed any help in Masonville well, you know I'd be there in a heartbeat.
April 06, 2009 03:20:19 bertimouse   Hey Tony, are you out there? I forgot what living on Long Island was all about...THE WATER, STUPID! LOL! We had a 78 foot boat all to ourselves today cruising for 2 hours & MAN I was glad my older brother was the photographer! What a blast from the past it was. I will remember this day for the rest of my life. Thanks again for your lit candle.
April 06, 2009 02:58:49 bertimouse   Today folks;was a Priceless,Beautiful Sunny Day. -Spread Mom's ashes on Great South Bay with Yellow & Pink Tulips & Palms for each of her children & Grandchildren. The boat I rented turned out to be the boat that we & Mom used to watch from the docks on winter field trips,sipping hot chocolate-so surreal! -Such a Lovely Private thing to do & the Captain blasted his horn so long to say Goodbye for her too! I will cry No More for Mom now. Mom's Happy Now & so am I for Her. Amen. Be back soon. I miss being home in Masonville.
April 03, 2009 03:29:36 bertimouse   4pm at Messiah Lutheran Church (631)751-1775. Mom's house isn't spotless because I got sick, then my other brother got sick;run of the mill stomach bug running Rampant down here 'cause there's too many darn idiot folk running around these parts not taking care of themselves spreading germs all over the place! I SO MISS Masonville! I wish I could be there now at this moment...I can't sleep at night anymore; just cry about Mom & what I have to do now:take care of my MD brother. Please pray for my brother James, yall;he's an angel in disquise. Thanks LOL, Gloria & Robin Little for your kind thoughts to our family. :)
April 02, 2009 09:24:38 LOL   The four seasons of the Catskills - "Almost Winter", "Winter", "Still Winter", and "Road Construction". I see that the cones are out on 88 signaling beginning of the season of "Road Construction".
March 31, 2009 11:15:59 Robin Little   Bertimouse, sorry for your loss. May the days get easier for you. When the sun shines on you, you will know that your mom is smiling at you.
March 30, 2009 10:46:38 Gloria   Bertimouse, So sorry to hear about your Mom's passing. But I am glad for her that you were by her side. I'm sure it made her feel the love you have for her and in the long run it will be a blessing for you too. I know that if I had been in Masonville when my Mom passed instead of in her home I would have felt sad to not have had the chance to say goodbye. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.
March 30, 2009 10:19:38 LOL   Sorry for your lose Bertimouse. Always hard to lose a loved one. My prayers are with you and your family.
March 29, 2009 21:23:46 bertimouse   Well folks, Mom passed away yesterday afternoon @ 2:05p.m. right in front of me.The DR. called last Thursday saying she had given up. MAN, didn't take her long after that;once she made up her mind.She was in no pain & we're all glad she didn't suffer for too many days-she was too sweet & too loved of a lady for that. Grieving BLOWS though. I'm SO SAD & LONELY without her but also so happy her spirit is finally free.It's too quiet here I wish I was back in Masonville in my own home it maybe wouldn't feel so bad but maybe not 'cause in her home you can still feel all the Love...soon the rest of the family & friends will be here so I guess it won't be so bad-been keeping busy cleaning & now taking care of a sick brother maybe will need emergency care tomorrow! My sister in Austalia said yes cleaning always helps...Mom's house will be SPOTLESS soon, ha ha.-Will post funeral stuff soon somehow if anyone's interested.
March 27, 2009 15:03:24 Kathy Ryan   Disappointed with the way our wonderful country is headed? Check out
March 24, 2009 20:21:52 bertimouse   Oh yah! I forgot about those boxes! Thanks Grumpy.-Well it's certainly nice to know these bees around our place have a nice home to go to :) They're very gentle & I personally love everything about 'em. They're surely welcome any time here,always. :)
March 20, 2009 09:32:00 LOL   Yes, Mr Keidel, that is where my bees are coming from is his apairy. As there is very little for the bees to work this early in the spring they found that my bird feeders have a lot of pollen mixed in with the seed; plus the fact there is a lot of corn pollen as well so they have found the feeders a handy feeding place. More power to them. Good news and bad news. The bees keep the squirrels away but they also keep most of the birds away.
March 19, 2009 22:32:55 Grumpy Ernst Keidel Going north from Masonville, there is a very nice gazebo on Route 8, shortly after you have passed the Firehouse/Library area. Look closely, that gazebo person has several beehive boxes quite visible from the road.
March 18, 2009 22:31:16 bertimouse   There are LOADS of honey bees that swarm around the wet areas around our house: they don't seem to belong to anyone around here - closest "beekeeper" we know of lives on route 28 going down towards Oneonta...funny you should mention this LOL;was just thinking yesterday that someone would LOVE these honeybees as we thought they were all dying out?-Not here in Masonville for sure! :) :) -Maybe we should be contacting someone official about this supposed abnormality?
March 17, 2009 15:06:54 LOL   Need someone in the Masonville area who is good at bee-lining. I have numerous honey bees around me feeding at the bird feeders. Too many to be random. I don't seem to locate the hive. The only bee keeper I am familiar is across the valley from me and they may be his but then again there be a swarm nearby me.
March 13, 2009 22:46:13 bertimouse   Hi LOL, that's pretty cool that you have all those bird types at your neck of the some advice for you about attracting purple martins but it sounds kind of crazy...Apparently there is a "casette sound track tape" that you can buy & in early March you broadcast it outside in the very early morning to attract the migrating martins...they hear the calls & land instead of flying by...I've read that they like large open fields near large ponds & like to nest together up high(at least 12' high poles for their "hotels")-We've always wanted to build one of them. -Do you get "Birds & Blooms" magazine? It's a favorite here. Good luck with the purple marlin house & we haven't seen any red-breasted nuthatches,that's Way Cool. Starlings we don't care for-ERR;gotta restrain the worser half from shooting them.-Have you heard their story? Someone imported something like 100 of 'em from England about 100 years ago? Those nasty foreign,imported birds are aggressive & have wiped out the native birds all over the place.-Kinda like what we did to the Native Americans. -Maybe we should develop a recipe for "Starling Pie" soon eh? heh heh. OK I'll stop. Happy bird watching this weekend.
March 12, 2009 19:24:22 LOL   Bertimouse I have several Bluebird houses that are occupied every year. I am in the process of building a purple martin house in the hopes it will attract some over the next couple of years. So far I have seen, this spring, cardinals, hairy woodpeckers, titmice, jays, grossbeaks, sparrows, chickadees, siskins, catbirds, doves, robins, red breasted nuthatch,starling, red winged blackbird,junco,redpol and common crossbill.
March 12, 2009 19:02:06 bertimouse   Hi LOL, My you certainly know your scriptures; I've read the bible cover to cover four times but can't quote anything anymore like we used to have to as kids...LOVE your trippy video idea! How many native bluebirds have you counted in your neck of the woods? We've got several here, along with cardinals, nuthatches, juncos, goldfinches, chickadees, swallows, woodpeckers, owls, sparrows, robins, mockingbirds, hummingbirds, pheasant & turkeys of course. Has anyone seen purple martins around these parts? -Haven't seen any of them yet. They're great birds; like swallows can eat 1200 bad bugs an hour! :)
March 12, 2009 15:34:30 LOL   I have rigged a very good video camera to a special bird feeder in my yard. I have it rigged so it trips and records for 60 seconds shen it senses movement at the feeder. It then records to a computer set up for the purpose. It is amazing and wonderful how many types of birds we have in the Masonville area; along with visits from squirrels, gray, red and flying. I am now rigging a light so, hopefully, I might get a video of a bear trying to rob the feeder at night.
March 12, 2009 12:20:30 LOL   Bertimouse you state in you posting, "The Bible NEVER mentions Embryos just says LET THERE BE LIFE." True the Bible never uses the word "Embryos or Embryo" as they are medical terms; but, you might want to look closer at what the Bible DOES say about the unborn. The term Womb is used at least 71 times in the Bible and the womb contains the Embryo. I have taken the liberty of posting just a few of those references. Gen 25:23 KJV - "And the LORD said unto her, Two nations [are] in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and [the one] people shall be stronger than [the other] people; and the elder shall serve the younger." Gen 25:24 KJV - "And when her days to be delivered were fulfilled, behold, [there were] twins in her womb." Job 31:15 KJV - "Did not he that made me in the womb make him? and did not one fashion us in the womb?" Psa 127:3 KJV - "Lo, children [are] an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward." Psa 139:13 KJV - "For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb." Ecc 11:5 KJV - "As thou knowest not what [is] the way of the spirit, [nor] how the bones [do grow] in the womb of her that is with child: even so thou knowest not the works of God who maketh all." Isa 44:2 KJV - "Thus saith the LORD that made thee, and formed thee from the womb, [which] will help thee; Fear not, O Jacob, my servant; and thou, Jesurun, whom I have chosen." Jer 1:5 KJV - "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, [and] I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations." Hsa 12:3 KJV - "He took his brother by the heel in the womb, and by his strength he had power with God:" Luk 1:31 KJV - "And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS." Luk 1:41 KJV - "And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost:" Luk 1:44 KJV - "For, lo, as soon as the voice of thy salutation sounded in mine ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy."
March 11, 2009 23:08:09 bertimouse   i.e. - Not US,nor the U.S. despite ALL of the wheelings & dealings that we ALL are so very proud of ourselves for doing. In the end;GOD RULES - WHOM NO ONE OF US has the right nor privilege to speak for. GOD GIVES US ALL the will & right to choose everything in our lives."In God We Trust",remember? Look closely at the dwindling change everyday in your wallet for that prayer. Amen.
March 11, 2009 22:43:57 bertimouse   President Obama has lifted 8 YRS of DELAY to use Embryos currently thrown out in the GARBAGE. WHO does that serve? Want to see Embryos see new life that they otherwise wouldn't? -Just watch NOW. The Bible NEVER mentions Embryos just says LET THERE BE LIFE. Interpret it how you will. Me & my folks decided that this benefits MORE of ALL of GOD'S CHILDREN. LOL & all others against this are just paranoid & really don't have enough faith in GOD to direct Man's ability to be directed by God. Get it? Peace Yall. All really will be well as who do you think is in control anyway, eh?
March 11, 2009 20:54:35 Masonville Town Clerk   The free rabies clinic on April 10th will be 5:00 to 7:00 pm
March 11, 2009 01:16:06 :)   How bizarre !
March 10, 2009 20:46:24 LOL   With one swipe of the pen, the White House has taken the United States one step beyond the Nazi death camp medical experimentation. Wonder of he would be willing to sacrifice his two daughters to medical science?
March 09, 2009 18:09:01 Masonville Town Clerk   I have set up a Free rabies clinic for the Town of Masonville for April 10th at the Masonville Fire Dept. I will post the hours as soon as I get them
March 08, 2009 21:28:24 bertimouse   Mom's nice DR called again to basically say that we're at the eighth inning with two outs as far as Mom's heart is concerned: Pumping only 15% now,3 leaky valves,lungs not getting enough oxygen,the worst today is "VTAK" which is a deadly arithmia of the heart-normally a pacemaker does the job but Mom don't want surgery;can't survive it,is just holding on to "revise her will"tells all just keep me alive for that! Lord this rollercoaster is my Karma for the children's Hell,eh? DR. now says Mom has hours,days,weeks,maybe a few months if we're lucky.I go home next plan her funeral while I'm still sane.Hopefully she will Rally. Thanks again yall for your prayers it means ALLOT to me.Looks like Mom will soon be at peace-hard as it is for me to write this,all will be well&as it should be,eh?
March 06, 2009 12:41:31 Maybe it will help!   Grumpy, I was wondering if you could get the state reps. phone numbers/ email posted on the home page? I thought that it would make it easier for the "people" to get in touch with them if the don't (or do) like what's going on with the goverment. People need to start speaking out if they don't like how the we're being represented.
March 06, 2009 05:52:09 On trails   Does anyone know when there will be the free rabies clinic?
March 05, 2009 17:37:35 bertimouse   Thanks Robin Little & Gloria, I should stop calling Mom a "bad patient"'s tough for all of us to deal with but it IS her right to be ornery & also refuse surgery-yesterday a great doctor called me up & finally took the time to explain things kindly, patiently & in layman's terms.He said turns out in most other countries they don't operate for a hole in the lower stomach;just this country is 3/4 of the time quick with the knife;He doesn't want surgery either at this time 'cause the longer Mom's on antibiotics,etc.the stronger she'd be physically able(except for the heart)to take surgery if things go South;but for now,so far so good,she showed a little improvement yesterday TG! I slept good for the first time in days...I don't dare take any time off work these days;people getting laid off right&left;can't ever give 'em a reason as they say.(Lesson #1:No matter how hard it is for the family,everyone[including the doctors&nurses]must respect the patient's decisions. Lesson#2:the resident nurses are not the ones to speak to for info. Lesson#3: Surgeons,MDs&Cardiologists on a "team" don't always agree with each other on the course to take for a patients care. Lesson#4:Yes there are some wonderful doctors out there-keep hunting for 'em.)Thank you all again for your prayers Mom's not out of the woods yet but lately things are looking up & I know that prayer makes a difference. Always. :)
March 05, 2009 01:15:37 Gloria   Bertimouse, If you have to work because of lack of vacation time you could look into taking FMLA."Family Medical Leave Act" (If you are working because you need to have the money FMLA won't help because I don't think you would get paid. Maybe it depends on your employer.)Living far from an ill family member is such a helpless feeling. I hope all goes well.
March 04, 2009 09:16:10 Robin Little   Dear Bertimouse, it is never easy to see our parents ill, my heart goes out to you. A long time ago, when I was very ill and I was told that I couldn't have chilren a friend's grandmother told me "What will be will be. And if you understand that you can't change it and just pray for help to deal with it it will be easier to accept." I have lived by those words for 20+ years and it does help. We may not always understand why what is happening right now but someday we might. All those years ago I didn't understand why this was happening to me, but now I know and life is good. My prayers and best wishes go out to you.
March 04, 2009 01:36:11 bertimouse   Mom's in the hospital again now with a hole in her "duadenal"somewhere;intestines or stomach;basically a side effect caused by all those meds she's been on for CHF. Mom's refusing surgery;scared as heck;I'm not there;no good people helping her;can't get down there till this wknd I gotta work!-Surgeon says they need to operate-risk yes but more so if not.Still Mom is her own worst enemy here.Dr.says by this wknd maybe too late.Things were looking up a little till tonight,o well. God never gives you more than what he knows you can handle, eh? Yup. Marjorie is a stubborn,bad patient&I apologized to all her nurses tonight;don't mean a thing to those angels.Thank God for Nurses. Please pray for Marge to come to her darn senses & have this stupid 1 hour operation!She's 82.Thanks.
March 04, 2009 01:02:26 RD's MOM   Why you "assume" RD knows the idiot we hear going buy 100 MPH. I think faster. He is neither a friend or acquaintance.
March 03, 2009 20:49:44 LOL   Ranger Danger - Oh it your friend who travels 206 on his crotch rocket at over 100 MPH? Sounds like an organ donor to me. I collided with a deer at 55 MPH and sustained $4000.00 damage to my vehicle. I wonder what the damages would be at his speeds hitting a deer? I doubt $4000.00 would cover it.
March 03, 2009 19:42:25 Ranger Danger.   Some places get over 2000 riders for these charities.. you should consider yourself lucky you only have to deal with 50-100 of them. =)
March 03, 2009 19:39:17 Ranger Danger.   LOL, those 200 or more bikers you see ride past your house every summer, are actually raising money for a charity based on how many miles they ride. I enjoy that rumble and thunder quite a lot. And one of the louder bikes in this town is a good relative of mine. No offense, but complaining about motorcycles in a rural area is like complaining about the sound of horns beeping in a city. Oh, and CHARLES, it was in front of your house that the indecent occurred. I believe they came off your yard.
Febuary 27, 2009 14:18:04 CHARLES   Ranger Danger- The reckless snomobile incident you saw is just one example of the disregard some riders show for other people's property. I live just before Steam Mill Rd. and have stopped a group of six snomobilers roaring up the middle of my PAVED driveway. We had just finished plowing it so I'm quite sure it couldn't have been mistaken for a trail. I stopped them and informed the group that my driveway and backyard were not a trail for snomobiling (as if that wasn't obvious to anyone with half a brain). We now have deep gouged-out drag marks in our driveway. Since speaking with the riders, we have returned home from outings only to find more snomobile tracks in our driveway. Despite strategically parking our vehicles to block the snomobilers path, a few idiots actually rode across my front yard, around my house and up into the woods (which we also own). We spoke to local law enforcement who suggested cutting down some trees to block their route. Some help, huh?
Febuary 27, 2009 11:21:42 LOL   Ranger Danger the story of loud after market exhausts fall in the same catagory as the excuse for not wearing a helmet while biking. "Helmets cause more injuries than they prevent". Bikers install loud after market exhausts because they want them and like the noise. Has nothing to do with "safety". During the summer we may have as many as 200 "Hogs" go by our residence at one time. I have no problem "seeing" them when I am driving.
Febuary 26, 2009 22:50:48 :)   LOL, Someone used my sign in symbol :) What I tried to say
Febuary 26, 2009 22:43:45 :)   I Agree with the name thing LOL. I know what you mean, and I know who you are,and what happened here. You said : Dear :), I thank you for you learned comments on my observation of the leadership of our country. ?????? I did not write any comment that is what I tried to tell you but you did not get that. What happend here ? No clue. I do NOT want to argue about anything.
Febuary 26, 2009 22:14:12 Ranger Danger.   LOL, as to your comment about bikers and loud exhaust. Loud pipes save lives. It's very hard to see a person on a motorcycle, but if you can make it easy to hear them many lives are saved. Also, I've seen snow mobiles blasting through town and creating havoc this winter. One even blasted off a persons lawn right before the turn onto Steam Mill and came within feet of being hit by a school bus. They went onto the persons lawn across the road and hit a grassy patch, tearing the ground up. Quite depressing the lack of respect people have for others.
Febuary 26, 2009 21:12:31 LOL (Chester)   Cmdr Kiedel - I always did use my real name when posting to this site until one day someone started using filthy language and signing my name to it. I have used the LOL signiture since.
Febuary 26, 2009 18:12:22 Grumpy Ernst Keidel " has not come to my attention that censorship of said discussions would be practiced by the web site owner..." And that would, of course, be I! My webmaster uses a commercial censor thingie, which, in my opinion, seems a bit overzealous. I don't like censorship, but it appearsO necessary to keep profanity out and leave this venue readable by all age groups. Too many posters seem to hide behind their monikers and then feel free to post whatever offensive drivel they may; safe from being taken to task for their, perhaps, offensive comments. I commend those who have come out of hiding and routinely use their real names. Robin Little, you are one of them! I have no problem with discussions and opinions on WHATEVER; this is why I make this venue available. All Masonvillains have this forum. Just remember, when you post something stupid, it reflects poorly on YOU!
Febuary 26, 2009 17:17:23 LOL   :) - Argue with me about? Argue with me to what end? Remember it takes two to have an argument. As to you making a comment on my political opinion, please re-read your post. The entire post was a comment on my statement. Ms Little, of course anywhere USA has fought for freedom, our own or others, we will find those who paid the highest price.
Febuary 26, 2009 14:57:36 :)   LOL, I am :) I made no comment as to your political opinions.I could argue with you but why bother some things (people) never change. As for ;.) I have no comment except to say don't tell me what to do.
Febuary 26, 2009 14:08:35 Robin Church Little   Dear LOL, please look in all cemeteries; in this country and abroad. I am sure that a lot of families have loved ones who are not buried in American soil, I have a Great-uncle that is in the field of white crosses as he died in the English Channel on D-Day.
Febuary 26, 2009 13:49:22 LOL   Dear :), I thank you for you learned comments on my observation of the leadership of our country. While there may have been discussion about making political observations on this site it has not come to my attention that censorship of said discussions would be practiced by the web site owner. I think that the freedom of opinion is one of the things that make this country the great country it is. S.G. Tallentyre in her Biography of Voltaire made the comment about his writings: " I may not agree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it." I believe that the quote was later paraquoted by one of our founding fathers. Discussion of controversial subjects is a healthy and profitable practice. Remember this; the "Free"dom we charish so highly in this country is not "Free" at all. Someone paid for it. Witness the number of markers in any National Cemetery.
Febuary 26, 2009 10:58:27 reader   Definately keep you opinion to yourself; unless, of course, it agrees with MY opinion!
Febuary 26, 2009 01:25:48 I am :)   I am :) for a reason If you don't have something nice to say.......... Just my opinion
Febuary 25, 2009 20:37:29 ;-)   Like Bush and Cheney were any better! Give me a break and keep your political opinions to your self. It was mentioned before that this type of banter should be discussed elsewhere.
Febuary 25, 2009 17:30:33 LOL   I wonder how many people believed anything that was said by the "messiah" in his speech before the joint house last evening? CNN lauded the speech to the point of nausea today of course. As I looked at the picture of "messiah", Binden and Polosi it dawned on me that they represented, possibly, the most dangerous people on the face of the earth. Hitler and his henchmen could not have a glimmer of the power those three have nor the intent those three have. God help the USA!
Febuary 25, 2009 00:53:49 bertimouse   hi again Grumpy - we once got rid of 4 kittens by posting 3 funny "berma shave-type signs" along a stretch of 800 feet of road frontage along a supposed "dead end" road. Man those cats were lucky! But what to post for trespassers? I'd recommend signs #1:"We Aim" sign#2:"To Please" sign#3:"For All _____".(fill in the blank for what ever has been bothering you) sign#4:"For Target Practice". Yah, nuff said.
Febuary 24, 2009 12:32:02 Grumpy Ernst Keidel My eldest son, the ex-infantry sergeant turned firefighter, brought back a sign from his Army days. It reads: WARNING! Live fire impact area! That, if discovered by trespassers, should give them cause to stop. I do target shoot frequently.
Febuary 23, 2009 23:05:18 bertimouse   Yup, looks like LOL is a bit ticked off again but for good reason we guess. -On my way back home this Sunday in the snow along Rte 17 I counted 19 pickup trucks hauling those fancy trailers that carry snowmobiles back to mostly NJ. While driving to LI the previous Friday afternoon we passed many more "coming up". -I totally agree with NOT LOL & :) regarding Local Snow-Mobilers & Bikers. My advice would be to make some nice signs every 75 feet where you find they are driving on your property - just like the old "burma shave" road signs-be creative,it works! P.S.-Turns out My Mom's physical therapist comes from near Walton,NY & she lives on LawnGuyland now; can't stand to visit her property anymore 'cause last year they found 16 dead deer with their heads cut off with rotting carcases that's just not right. My Mom loves her now;said only "down-staters" would do something like that! What a waste & My Mom is right about that. The ONLY thing that I like about being "down-state" now is helping my Mom, being able to see the green grass early & MAYBE I might get to see the ocean once again with Mom. Lord she loves the sea, the sun, & the crashing, lulling,rolling waves. Thank you all for your prayers; please continue to help me help her. And btw? Lay off LOL. Lol has a right to say whatever, you know? Peace, Yall no matter what your brothers/sisters say, eh?
Febuary 23, 2009 22:19:44 bertimouse   Hi Grumpy;My Mom tried acupuncture instead of getting "stints" 'cause at the time she thought she would have to "go under the knife" for that. I must say she has LOUSY DOCTORS, Errr. So instead the acupuncture may have given her another 3 years before the major heart surgery where she just didn't have a choice or die. Lord if I could could "change back time" like Cher sings I would.
Febuary 19, 2009 19:27:37 :)   LOL, Why so much anger ? Hillbilly ? Pieces of garbage ? And what do you have against bikers ? Why not get one of those cameras and put it outside and catch the people that are distroying your property ? Take away the frustration. No one likes having their property distroyed.
Febuary 18, 2009 21:50:41 Not LOL   LOL, how do you know it was a "local"? Most snowmobiles are operated by downstaters who have no reguard for others property. This is 40 years of observation.
Febuary 18, 2009 19:49:28 LOL   For your information ":)" I do not dislike nor hate anyone. Hate is a strong term and it takes More away from the person hating than it does the person the hatred is directed toward. Law enforcement, for the most part, does a great job although I do think they are asked to do things that make little or no sense to anyone except the beaurcrats who come up with the ideas. As to seeking law enforcement help with snowmobilers; to what end? I do not know who it was and the chances of finding the culprit is negligible and what would come of it if they were located? Nothing. We are always going to have amongnst us those who have no respect for others or others property.
Febuary 18, 2009 17:14:35 ;-)   LOL probably hates law enforcement personnel too! Better watch what you ask for!!!
Febuary 18, 2009 16:32:21 ted tiska hey "LoL" you should call your local law enforcdement ie "the "sheriff's office" at least we will try! give me a call 746-2336 ext 238 Sgt ted tiska
Febuary 18, 2009 11:18:26 :)   More Negativity !
Febuary 16, 2009 15:33:10 LOL   Well, the local hillbilly snowmobilers managed to destroy two of my driveway marker lights along with 3 or 4 shrubs. Should be illegal to run those pieces of garbage anywhere except on their own property. Oh well, it soon will be change of seasons and then we can be entertained by the bikers with their aftermarket exhaust systems rattling the windows.
Febuary 16, 2009 11:01:11 Grumpy Ernst Keidel After many years of sleeplessness and dozens of prescription medicine bottles on the kitchen counter, my darling little wife seems to have found something which works - acupuncture! She’s still taking the pills for hypertension, high blood pressure and heaven knows what else, but she is finally sleeping through the night. She’s been at it for about a month and the restful sleep appears to be making quite a difference in her general well-being. I am still a bit skeptical, thinking it is just the placebo effect, but it is the result which counts. I am very happy that dear wife is getting the sleep she needs. She goes to FAMILY ACUPUNCTURE & CHIROPRACTIC at the Gelder Medical Group Building across the street from Sidney’s Hospital. Their number is 607-563-2273. I may try them myself to see if they can do something about my arthritis.
Febuary 15, 2009 21:39:07 Tony - CR-20   That's great Berti...glad she liked it. I go there at least once a week when I check my crews doing potholes in Manhattan. Beautiful place. Always visit the main alter; Saint Michael and the St. Anthony for me. I pick up Saint cards with medals for people at the gift shop in the church. If you need anything, let me know. My prayers are still with you and your family! Tony
Febuary 15, 2009 21:16:41 bertimouse   Tony, my Mom smiled & got a kick out of you lighting a candle for her where you did. Thanks. We're all hanging in there for now - Lot's of Love & Comfort being poured on Mom now; don't know yet how long she has yet-could go either way...
Febuary 15, 2009 19:17:49 Tony - CR-20   Great shot...thanks Mr. Denys!
Febuary 15, 2009 10:13:17 Grumpy Ernst Keidel Absolutely, George! I got the photos and they are great! One of them really shows the layout and construction of my new front deck and stairs! THANK YOU so much!
Febuary 14, 2009 21:45:04 George Denys Grumpy, did you get the photo's I e-mailed?
Febuary 14, 2009 21:42:06 George Denys Tony, CR 20. If you send me your e-mail I will e-mail you back an aerial photo of your house. Did it on a whim.
Febuary 14, 2009 21:39:53 George Denys Bertimouse, My prayers are with you and your Mom.
Febuary 11, 2009 23:46:49 bertimouse   P.s.- Higher weight at a younger age = higher heart disease risk(& etc. for all diseases btw)no matter what good heredity we all think we have.OK Nuff now said eh? Yes. Has it sunk in to nuff folks? Never enough. Never enough. Folks always think that it doesn't apply to them. Well whatever. These are preventable tears.
Febuary 11, 2009 22:07:33 bertimouse   Hi folks. Thanks for your prayers,can you continue for a little while longer?Mom definitely has CHF as they say & let me tell you it's bloody heck trying to be a "Health Proxy"/long distance caretaker.A Great website: has helped immensely in understanding this chronic,degenerative heart disease. Think Mom has stage 3 so we're hoping to turn a few months into maybe a year or two(?)-problem is,SHE is the one that has to cooperate & yall know how stubborn independent "rents" (parents)can be. Mom listens with her one good ear & thinks her own way out of the deaf one.-Won't listen to no one but her durn stubborn self which(we're desperately trying to tell her)will shorten her life for herself,children & grandchildren. YALL should check out this website...if we can't save her, maybe we can warn others in the family that have heart trouble history, you know? Ironically; February is "Heart Awareness Month". We expect that the Sidney Central School District will be mailing valuable information to all parents of overweight children within the district about the very grave heart risks their children may encounter.-Nuff Said & Thank You, Thank You.
Febuary 10, 2009 23:28:06 Tony - CR-20 thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. I lit a candle for you and your family at St. Patrick's in NYC this evening.
Febuary 10, 2009 14:01:56 tcr   bertimouse- I know how you feel and my prayers are with you.
Febuary 10, 2009 01:01:13 bertimouse   You know, sadly life is too short & everything nowadays has an acronym & everyone seems to be in too much of a hurry & we forget the things that really matter to us. They say they "think" that my dear,sweet&loving 82 yr. old Mom who has cared for 8 kids all her life now has "CHF" just 3 yrs after open heart surgery which was supposed to give her another 5-8 yrs? It's called Congestive Heart Failure folks,& if your a stubborn independent person who doesn't listen to your doctors about how to take care of your heart? You TOO will break your children's hearts as mine is breaking now. I apologize for this depressing news but I just thought to remind yall about how Really Important Love & Hope Is for This World & that it will ALWAYS Be Here for Anyone that needs it. This I know from my Mom. Please Pray for her, Thanks.
Febuary 08, 2009 00:20:38 character   Lol, 95% of the whites that voted for the present President voted for him because they feel he was the best man for the job. It's sad how ones views get handed down from generation to generation till someone see the light. Keep on the sunny side lol.
Febuary 06, 2009 02:18:34 :)   Negative, ALWAYS So Negative. Not many people look at the world like you do LOL. I like the president and he has a beautiful family. People did not vote because of his skin. 95% ??????? Whatever !
Febuary 05, 2009 19:15:39 tcr   lol- I didn't say that I disliked you,only that you are so negative.You are right,everyone does has a right to their own opinion, but try to see something good,it might make you feel better!
Febuary 05, 2009 17:57:02 LOL   The over zealous censoring of this site "Censored" out the word "H*O* in the term "H*o*-Hum. <grin>
Febuary 05, 2009 17:54:23 LOL   tcr- I am probably the most disliked person in the area all because of my view of politics and politicians. (Although I cannot dislike anyone because they view things differently than I do.) At first it bothered me that I was looked upon as a nut but not anymore. My view of people is that everyone is different and has different views on subjects and that is what makes the world interesting. Differences of opinion is not a valid reason for disliking anyone. Yes, I am aware I fail to fit into the neat little slot that others think I should fit into but hopefully my views will get others to thinking rather than the indifference and "*CENSORED*-Hum" attitude I see around me.
Febuary 05, 2009 17:41:10 tcr   lol- If you are only negative when it comes to politics, why not talk about something else? Try to look for something positive.
Febuary 05, 2009 12:27:37 LOL   95% of the Blacks who voted for our present President voted for him because he is black. 95% of the whites who voted for our present President voted for him because they do not want to be viewed as racist. USA is only as influential in the world as our money is influential. USA is almost universally hated in the world. Our President the most powerful man in the world? That may have been true at one time. Not any more. Black History Month? That is great as the black people in this country have a very rich heritage and we and our children should be made aware of it. But, what sort of outcry do you think there would be if someone suddenly suggested a "White History Month"?
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