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October 26, 2011 18:36:59 bertimouse   Hi what. Our health insurance goes up every year no matter who sits in office. We think that no matter WHO is in office it will always go up every year. We Think that the Pres. is just trying to LOWER the RAISES in costs every year. Also, as we currently understand the situation; the whole proposed system has not fully kicked in yet for allot of complicated & different reasons, yes? What we DO KNOW FOR A FACT, is that Govt. is Govt. & Good Proposals that are voted on Always gets stalled & delayed & revised by so many Politicians from so many different Towns, Counties & States in Govt. that it's a Freaking Wonder Anything gets Done in Washington D.C.! We Know that Ya'll Know This What. We also know how Frustrating it can be at our Local Level of Govt.(are you listening Craig?)to be able to Also Make A Difference In A Good Way That Helps Most People! It Takes So Many, Many HOURS of time ARGH! -Who was it that said: "You can Please Some of the People Some of the Time but never All of the People All of The Time?" Wise words there. Brain Freeze on that quote, LOL.
October 26, 2011 18:12:35 bertimouse   Not sure the entire health insurance program has kicked in yet? Observer: We're talking about the one that actually "Makes" everyone who doesn't have insurance have to buy it, not the Medicare & medicaid changes which will always change no matter Who is the Pres., ARGH! -Think lots of understandable lawsuits have stalled the "insurance for all" plans, yes? We do not know the actual facts. Anyway, tonight's news polls say 80% of the Reps hate the Pres., 50% of the Dems love him., yet overall 56% say he should be re-elected so go figure. We don't think that bouncing from Pres. to Pres. every 4 years helps much, either whomever is in office. I personally will give the guy another 4 years but me thinks my other half won't. So there you have it...the best of today's politics within our own house-America. Yah gotta Love Her, eh? -Get Ready For SNOW! :)
October 26, 2011 11:14:45 Observer   Bertimouse - Let me see. I am over 75 years of age on S.S. Most of my siblings (still living) are over the age of 65. My mother-in-law (bless her heart) at over 90 lives on S.S. and help from her children. My spouse has been involved in medicine for over 40 years as both a RN and Director of nursing in hospitals and at this time in a large Senior Care Facility.So yes, one might say I have someone who has been affected by "nobama care".
October 26, 2011 08:41:16 Mormon Hollow Farm   Masonville Residents-- I am running for a position on the town board. I am a life time resident and third generation farmer of Mormon Hollow Rd.. The best interest of Masonville\'s present and future are my concerns. Vote Nov. 8 for your choice. Jeri Brayman
October 26, 2011 01:42:14 what?   President Barack Obama has promised Americans on multiple occasions that his health care plan would not cut benefits for Medicare enrollees. He LIED. The head of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, Douglas Elmendorf, told senators that seniors in Medicare’s managed care plans would see reduced benefits under Obamacare.The bill would cut payments to the Medicare Advantage plans by more than $100 billion over 10 years.
October 26, 2011 01:36:15 what?   Drank legally for FIVE years, sorry about the double post.
October 26, 2011 01:34:33 what?   My health insurance has went up a couple hundred dollars a month to help cover what Obama calls \'children\' at 26yrs old. At 26 they could have been in war for eight yrs, drank leagaly for four, smoked legally for eight yrs and legally had a job for ten yrs.Yet Obama says they are still children! I know a senior citizen that is not happy with what? Obamcare has already done to his medicare coverage. He waits in line at Wal-Mart to buy his diabetes supplies out of pocket because it is cheaper than what? Obamacare covers!
October 26, 2011 01:31:40 what?   My health insurance has went up a couple hundred dollars a month to help cover what Obama calls 'children' at 26yrs old. At 26 they could have been in war for eight yrs, drank leagaly for four, smoked legally for eight yrs and legally had a job for ten yrs.Yet Obama says they are still children! I know a senior citizen that is not happy with what? Obamcare has already done to his medicare coverage. He waits in line at Wal-Mart to buy his diabetes supplies out of pocket because it is cheaper than what? Obamacare covers!
October 26, 2011 01:14:54 what?   Observer; for those that HAVE seen the changes brought to us by 'Obamacare', we have seen it will cost us more money, less coverage! And that is just another fact that I would like to see Bertimouse try to disprove with some facts not opinion! Bertimouse already failed the last time I asked this.
October 25, 2011 21:33:29 bertimouse   Observer: Sorry I forgot to insert the correct spelling of Ya'll. Thanks.
October 25, 2011 20:53:06 bertimouse   Dear Observer: Do actually have any Folks affected by the plan? Just Wondering while your so vocally observing...
October 25, 2011 20:50:59 bertimouse   And BTW Reader? We both work very demanding 40-60 hr. a week jobs in our household. We support all those "on the dole" as it were right now. We will work as long & hard as we can until we think we can Retire. We know that in a heart-beat, in any disaster, our neighbors will be there for us. This Is Why we personally don't mind paying taxes. -We will Always Remember Being Dirt Poor. Do You Really Know what "Dirt Poor" really means? PLEASE, Please let's NOT ALL US GO THERE with stories about "I WAS SO POOR" Ha Ha. -You gotta either CRY OR LAUGH,Reader: We/My Daddy taught us/to choose LAUGHTER a LONG TIME AGO. AMEN, eh? Welcome to Heaven on Earth, eh? :)
October 25, 2011 20:31:32 bertimouse   Hey What: "try posting some facts instead of opinion and maybe we can take you seriously...Try to disprove the facts I have posted." =Our Response is: 1. Are You Freaking For Real Serious About This Post of Yours? 2. We Thinks, Hey What, that yall are just one Folk who likes to Fish. 3. When yall have something seriously interesting to talk about, we will seriously bite. Peace Neighbor. Hope Yall will be Warm & Well This Winter. :)
October 25, 2011 20:20:53 Observer   Yep that nobama health plan certainly works!! Cut services to those who can least afford it. Nursing homes, elderly care and social programs for the elderly. Yep it is working!!!
October 25, 2011 20:05:41 bertimouse   Thanks Craig for your info. Folks would know more if they attended & asked questions at the TOM Board Mtgs. eh? -Nice to hear your Chirp up once in awhile. Again Thanks from us who actually Pay Attention to what you & the TOMB Members are doing. Great Job. We know how hard everyone works; we wish everyone here did. :)
October 25, 2011 19:59:55 bertimouse   Dear Reader: Huh? We don\'t get your Comment. Why don\'t we see how the National Health Plan Works First Before It Starts Up, eh? It promises to HELP; NOT HURT so why don\'t we all at least give it a chance? If it Actually Hurts We\'ll All Learn About It in a Heart-beat, eh? :) -The Health Insurance Industry is Currently Raping This of the Wall street Occupiers Topics If Anyone Cares About That Here. Nuff Said.
October 25, 2011 18:14:31 Reader   Seems like health insurance will be the death of us yet, but who can live without it unless we are supported by Delaware County and need not work !
October 25, 2011 08:43:53 voter   Craig, thank you very much for your comment on what is going on at a local level with our budget.
October 24, 2011 21:58:43 Craig DuMond   One other thing that may be helpful, being that we have the smallest budget in Delaware County it does not take much (percent change) to throw our budget out of whack. For example, as I said earlier, two percent only allows us about eleven thousand dollars to play with. Larger Towns (Most) have double or even triple that amount. To put it into prospective, even if we did raise the budget 18 percent (Which we are NOT doing) this would equate to about an eighty-one cent raise per thousand of assessed value or about an eighty-one dollar increase for a typical 100k property. Seeing that we will come in (even with the difficulty we are facing) no where near 18 percent, our budget should be acceptable for most of us.
October 24, 2011 21:49:31 Craig DuMond   The meeting for November has been changed to allow time for a local law to exceed the two percent tax cap. As I have stated in the past, two percent for the smallest budget in Delaware county is impossible with the significant raises in health insurance and retirement, which are mandatory. The Board has no control over these costs. The Board is making every possible cut to this years budget in an attempt to make up for these expenses, however, two percent only gives us about eleven thousand dollars to work with. The rates are up THIRTY THOUSAND dollars, three times over the two percent cap. This does not include to regular expenses going up; electricity, fuel, diesel, materials, etc. The Board is working hard and, I can assure you, the increase will not even be in the twenty percent ball-park. Let's all hope the economy starts to improve, as well as our revenues, for the future. I have been speaking about all of this for years (since I have been Supervisor) as the STATE is killing us very slowly>
October 24, 2011 21:17:13 voter   This is a one time change in the date of meetings.
October 24, 2011 20:04:31 Observer   Sorry I had not heard that the meetings had been changed from the first Wed of the month to the second Wed. --- With the 2% Cap on taxes how can they hope to pass an 18% increase. This will be interesting!
October 24, 2011 18:57:35 voter   The next town meeting is the second Wednesday of the month, which does make it Nov. 9 at 7:30. There is a proposed tax rate increase of 18% , please attend this very important meeting.
October 24, 2011 17:54:31 Observer   Quoted from the October 2011 Town Board Meeting --- "Craig reminded the Board of the Budget workshop to be held on October 19th at 7:00 p.m. at the Church. Craig said the Board will have its work cut out dealing with the 2% cap. We have reserves to make up the difference this year but what about next year." NOTE 2% Cap on tax raises. ---- My understanding is that under the Cap Law it would be impossible to raise land taxes another 20% in any one year.
October 24, 2011 17:47:51 Observer   PS Next Town Board meeting should be the 2nd (a Wed) not the 9th unless it has been changed.
October 24, 2011 17:43:01 Observer   TX Eye wanna no whut is wrung with are spelin? We all tooked hoked on fonics!!!
October 24, 2011 17:40:39 Observer   Taxpayer - My I inquire as to where you got this information? Was it official or some talk going around town? 20% is a very large increase for anyplace especially a small town that has not seen increases in the double figures.
October 24, 2011 17:05:15 TAXPAYER   the town board has proposed a 20% (approx)tax rate proposal for 2012 land taxes. this does not include any county increases .next town board meeting is nov 9(day after election ) pay attention who you vote for.all taxpayers should make a effort to be at this important meeting either to approve or disapprove .this is just the beginning of a very expensive future for the town of masonville ,be smart be there.
October 24, 2011 08:04:18 TX   OGM!! Where are the spelling teachers? is this New York or Missisippi?
October 24, 2011 01:19:03 what?   This from Defeat The Debt; "Soak the rich to pay down our debt? There aren’t enough of them. One-point-four million Americans make up the top 1 percent of taxpayers in this country; close to 139 million make up the remaining 99 percent. One percent of the country can’t realistically pay for the needs of remaining 99 percent—especially when they’re already paying nearly 40 percent of all income taxes. If we’re going to pay for our debt through higher taxes, tax rates at all levels will have to increase and those who currently pay no income tax (over 51 million people in 2008, according to the Tax Foundation) may have to pay a modest rate as well. "
October 24, 2011 00:55:45 what?   Hey,bertimouse; try posting some facts instead of opinion and maybe we can take you seriously. Try to disprove the facts I have posted.
October 23, 2011 22:44:50 bertimouse   Hey What, yall should get more Educated about the Topics Yall Like to Rant About. U R clueless & OMG, T.G. our kids are Not being Educated by the likes Of U. Thanks for ur err, other thoughts tho.
October 23, 2011 12:10:01 town resisdent   beautiful day outside and it sure seems nice to be able to winterize without freezing to death. Enjoy the sun and have a great day.
October 23, 2011 11:37:12 what?   F annie mae should be censored! LOL
October 23, 2011 11:33:25 what?   "Congressman Barney Frank says he wants some of those responsible for our current financial meltdown to be prosecuted. And we couldn't agree more. First up in the court dock: Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass. It was *CENSORED* Mae and Freddie Mac, the two so-called Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs), that lay behind the crisis. After regulatory changes made to the Community Reinvestment Act by President Clinton in 1995, *CENSORED* and Freddie, channeling literally trillions of dollars into the housing markets, using leverage and implicit taxpayers' guarantees.Barney Frank: Starting in the early 1990s, he (and other Democrats) stood athwart efforts by regulators, Congress and the White House to get the runaway housing market under control. He opposed reform as early as 1992. And, in response to another attempt bring *CENSORED*-Freddie to heel in 2000, Frank responded it wasn't needed because there was "no federal liability there whatsoever." Federal regulators discovered in 2003 that *CENSORED* and Freddie executives had overstated earnings by as much as $10.6 billion in order to boost bonuses. President Bush pushed for what the New York Times then called "the most significant regulatory overhaul in the housing finance industry since the savings and loan crisis a decade ago." If it had passed, the housing crisis likely would have never boiled over, at least not the extent it did, taking the economy with it. Instead, led by Frank, Democrats stood as a bloc against any changes. "*CENSORED* Mae and Freddie Mac are not facing any kind of financial crisis," Frank, then the ranking Democrat on the Financial Services Committee, said. "The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing."" Now look at the mess America is in.
October 23, 2011 11:32:52 what?   One problem with the fall of our economy that would bring some closure to these protesters is nobody was prosecuted for the crimes committed leading to this recession. There should been arrests following the collapse, then the protesters would know who is to blame.
October 23, 2011 11:29:47 what?   There is a big difference between the 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters and the tea party. 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters are defecating in the streets creating unsanitary and filthy conditions.Disrupting traffic,and pedestrian travel and scaring civilians with their unruly mob. New York City police say about 700 protesters have been arrested after they swarmed the Brooklyn Bridge and shut down a lane of traffic for several hours. Tea party protesters sing God bless America and wave the American flag. The Tea party knows the problem is in Washington not in the private district.
October 23, 2011 11:28:21 what?   Will our next President lay blame on Bush after they inherit Obama's mess. Obama spent a trillion dollars on his 'stimulus' AND the unemployment rate has grown after three years of Obama's policy's, and things aren't looking any better, and now he wants to do it again! Bertimouse will blame Obama's failures on republican house, even though there is a democrat controlled senate and president. Bertimouse fails to recognize there was a democrat controlled house AND senate during Bush's presidency.
October 22, 2011 21:09:10 wall street   Do you understand that the top 10% of wage earners are responsible for 70% of the taxes? The top 10% is represented by folks who earn 115k per year or more. Tell a small business man or farmer that 115k is a lot of money and they should pay more! We are now at a point where 50% of wage earners pay NO income taxes! And meanwhile, we hand out "Earned Income Credit" to all of the these people every year at tax season when they dont even pay any taxes! Just another form of welfare. No one answered my a poor person who ever created a job or gave a job to anyone? I am not saying wall street should go unchecked and I am just as mad as anyone else regarding the BS bailouts, etc. BUT, lets keep in mind that pour liberal friends running *CENSORED* and freddie were an major part of this as well.
October 22, 2011 13:25:25 crzyflea   *screech of a cb* kettle this is pot, do you read me? *click* *click* loud and clear pot, kettle is reading you loud and clear, over *click*
October 22, 2011 07:33:58 Reader   By the looks of the last few comments on the message board there are two people that really need to get a life, maybe with all of the spare time you have you could help someone with a little work instead of writing on this message board to yourself. Have a nice day.
October 22, 2011 04:07:07 crzyflea   Take an actual census of the people protesting in the park and you'll find doctors, lawyers, union representatives, teachers, students, retirees, veterans, writers, actors, politicians, city planners, social workers, nurses, filmmakers, web and graphic designers, and many more just like you and I. NOT just unemployed people but people who are concerned about the state of things. Not everyone is the most educated snowflake but they know they're making a difference and they're making history. They're organized about keeping everyone healthy, fed and keeping their occupied area clean. Look for Joe the Peacock's blog post about going to see for himself what was going on. Also be on the lookout for Jesse LaGreca. He's articulate, intelligent and making the rounds. Fine smackdown to fox news recently by him as well.
October 22, 2011 01:07:18 bertimouse   deer wall street: Yur comment reflects all the Arrogance that NOBODY wants to deal with. Hope Yall intended to only upset your Kinfolks with your comments, otherwise u r outta Line Here Sir. -Fill in as Many Blanks As Yall Want, Eh? NOT.
October 22, 2011 00:39:33 bertimouse   Oh Yah That's Right The Republicans Wrecked Our Economy To Begin With: Starting in 2003. -REMEMBER Yah? LOL How NO ONE REMEMBERS NOW! The Dem President had a SURPLUS then & The Rep President spent all of it & how when 9/11/01 Happened HE WAS CLUE-LESS! The Dems Inherited Everything After That. The Reps in the U.S. Senate SPENT ALL the SURPLUS U.S. Funds before 1-1/2 years. WHY DO YOU THINK Folks Now Occupy A Park in NYC Now? We are Not Gonna Say. We'd Just LOVE To Hear From Yall's opinions.
October 21, 2011 23:12:25 wall street   If the wall street protested worked as hard at taking baths and finding jobs they could actually assist the rest of us who shoulder most of the taxes. Most of this nuts dont even know why they are there. When is the last time a poor person offered employment to anyone or created a job? Oh thats right, Obama with his socialist utopia will save us all....
October 21, 2011 21:18:51 bertimouse   Observer: Well Ex-cuussee Us for spelling Y'all like YALL! LOL! Have a nice weekend Neighbor & can you all Please Stop Sweating about the Small Stuff? How about Commenting About the Big stuff Like: 1) Kaddafi being Killed in his Home Town by his Own People. 2) 48,500 Troops Out Forever For This Christmas, Eh? -One Promise that President Obama is keeping even though certain Republicans want to keep 25K troop still there-NO!!! 3)Comments on the Wall Street Occupation? Don't You All Care about How Wall Street has *CENSORED* America? -Bernie has received 150 years in JAIL NOW but the reason Protesters are there is because Hello? This Country's Politicians seem to think that IT IS STILL THE STATUS QUO. -Wake UP! It Is NOT! We Are All Still Reeling because the Senate & Congress of the U.S.A. ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS that We The People elected them for. LOL you can't make this stuff up Yall. You gotta either Laugh or Cry. We choose to Laugh & keep on posting about what really matters in the Long Run. Forgive Us Folks; our Neighbors if we've offended you tonight...just trying to say something that really matters for once. Thanks again.
October 21, 2011 17:57:42 Observer   CJR there are plenty of turkeys in D.C.
October 21, 2011 17:25:46 wshbown   does any one have any property they want to sell
October 21, 2011 16:58:42 CJR   Y'all Whats going on with the bow hunting and turkey ?? Anybody ?? to Brag ???
October 21, 2011 13:23:14 resident   traveled up Mormon Hollow Rd yesterday, some change, no more pot holes on rt. 206 end, nice job highway dept.!
October 20, 2011 16:02:42 Observer   I see the term "Yall" used on here. Just what is being referred too? The computer store in NYC named "Yall" or the musical group named "Yall"? I believe there is also a sports paper named "Yall". Plus there is an Arabic word pronounced "Yall". But if you are referring to the Southern slang term for "You All" it is "Ya'll".
October 20, 2011 07:21:54 Whats up with that?   Question for town officials,how come the upper section of Shears rd is not paved or improved,there are about 6 properties up there,which pay taxes like everyone else,but dont get the full benefits of a tax payer.I know thats State Forest and all that,but their taxes are not any cheaper.
October 19, 2011 21:47:47 Pamela Walker Thank you everyone for your support I have been Town Clerk for 21 years and it has not been for the money it has been for the public. I am an Elected Offical and do the best job I can open before I go to work also till 10:00 at night if need be. Thank you again for all your support and look forward for your vote.
October 19, 2011 19:59:18 bertimouse   OK Listen Yall: the TOM Clerk has an answering machine, which BTW we know from past experience is answered very promptly. The TOM Clerk is a Part Time Job with set hours that pays SQUAT when you consider the amount of work that needs to be done there for that position. The financial info regarding payment for this position is available at the TOM board mtgs. anytime if anyone ever cares to go. Yall do need to give this person a Major Break. We've called there & have been there several times to do such things as: register our dogs for licenses, pay our taxes, etc. Small Town Equals Small Taxes Equals Small Services which suit us Just Fine. GET OVER IT we say! We know that Yall don't wanna pay higher taxes for someone with excellent Spelling & a 40-hour per week paycheck which frankly, this Town Does Not Need nor can Afford! We will vote the Same. Thanks TOM Clerk for your continued dedication & Please don't stress this small stuff eh? Thanks for all you do for us, Neighbor.
October 19, 2011 16:10:04 TOM Webmaster   RE: Town Law One and Two. See Official Site For Oct 5, 2011 Agenda and Minutes.
October 19, 2011 11:59:39 what?   @;another resident; I think the point is it is a part time 'JOB', not her 'TIME OFF', that we should be grateful that she spends a little off her time doing the job she is paid for and elected to do. There is other part time jobs out there if she needs one to make ends meet. I think it important to note also that the dumb comment by 'resident' "This is very considerate of her to share her time off with the residents of Masonville.",more than likely wasn't made by our town clerk and might not reflect how she feels about the job. While sometimes she isn't available, and doesn't have set hours, anytime I've been to her house she was more than helpful and pleasant.
October 19, 2011 09:24:44 Not A Member Of The Board --- FYI   IN REPLY TO OCT 7, 2011 Posting: [Dear Craig or Any Of the TOM Board Members: We have 2 questions here & a few comments that we respectfully ask for your response here if you will: 1)Questions: A-Local Law #1 which was voted on last month-the Public Nuisance Law? - can you give us a Summary about it? Thanks. B-Local Law #2 also voted on last month-Appointed Officer Residency;brief summary? Thanks again.] INF. EXTRACTED: TRI-TOWN NEWS SEPT.27,2011 Masonville will hold two public hearings on Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 7:30 p.m. The fi rst is on a proposed Local Law #1, Public Nuisance Law. The intent of the law is to protect the public’s safety from public nuisances, fi re hazards, as well as the fi tness and integrity of buildings, structures and real property within commercial, residential, agriculture and any such zoning classifi cations in existence. The second hearing is on Proposed Law #2, Appointed Offi - cers Residency Law. The purpose of this law is to establish residency requirements for the appointed offi ces of assessor, code enforcement offi cer, dog control offi cer, and health offi - cer for the town of Masonville.
October 19, 2011 08:06:19 another resident   Our town clerk has done an excellent job with all she has to do and yes it is a part time job, how many others out there work 2 jobs to make ends meet? I do know that some do no work and expect the rest of us to support them, maybe they are the ones complaining, are they jealous because she has the ambition to do 2 jobs? Good Job to Pam Walker !
October 19, 2011 04:55:39 crzyflea   to what? - elected officials are typically considered part time until you get to the "big leagues" ie state and federal level. If I'm not mistaken the only exception to this in Masonville is Highway Superintendent.
October 19, 2011 00:15:47 what?   "This is very considerate of her to share her time off with the residents of Masonville." resident , on our town clerk.
October 19, 2011 00:13:17 what?   "This is very considerate of her to share her time off with the residents of Masonville." WHAT? are WE paying her for (our taxes!)than if it is just some time off?
October 19, 2011 00:09:51 what?   The last post sounds like we spent alot of money and now, \"there will be an office for the town clerk to use in the new building.\" \"she works a full time job\" \"available at all other times,\" \"This is very considerate of her to share her time off with the residents of Masonville.\" WHAT? I thought this is what WE paid her for!
October 18, 2011 21:07:18 resident   Yes, there will be an office for the town clerk to use in the new building. Keep in mind we may get better service the way things are now because she works a full time job and is available at all other times, just give her a call. This is very considerate of her to share her time off with the residents of Masonville.
October 18, 2011 16:55:00 Observer   I am aware that the offices candidates are hoping to win are small budget offices and most of the candidates are working full time jobs. This leaves very little time for campaigning. I also realize that these candidates have very little money to spend on getting elected. --- But it would be nice to know what these people stand for and why they feel they can do a better job than those already in office. ---- I recall only one ever stopping by asking for a vote and that was our Town Supervisor some years ago and maybe one other Council member may have stopped by. We do not get any mail from candidates, probably due to the fact we do not have a Masonville mailing address. This sorta makes for blind stab in the dark voting.
October 18, 2011 14:03:22 another reader   I got the flyer and it was the correct spelling. Maybe she caught herself after the first mailing. I went to the Delaware Board Of Elections website and it brought me back to this site! I did not see the list of people running. With the new town office, will there be an office for the town clerk in the building?
October 18, 2011 13:59:48 Reader   Drove down 206 a few minutes ago and it looks like Mormon Hollow Rd. is finally getting fixed up. Many trucks and other equipment are out there working. Nice to see the highway dept. doing road work again.
October 18, 2011 10:04:50 Reader   I received the same flyer for the write in. She may have made a typo, but our current Town Clerk has also if you look at the minutes. We all make mistakes or our spelling isn't great, but that doesn't mean we can't do the job, you just have to work a little harder at it.
October 18, 2011 08:27:10 Masonville Resident   It just goes to show how important it is to proof read everything we write, it really shows the kind of person we are. Some of the things written on this message board makes you wonder how they can come up with the words they use.
October 17, 2011 21:56:26 "Grumpy" Ernst Keidel Most of us Masonvillains probably got a flyer in the mail today, touting a write-in candidate for Town Clerk. I quote: "As Town Clerk I would be available to provide all the sevices of the office....." No, that is not MY typo; I didn't leave the r out of services. So, do we want a town clerk who doesn't proof-read her own ad copy?
October 17, 2011 20:32:10 bertimouse   All Yall gotta do is just visit Just One Town Board Meeting with all your Questions! The Next One is over 2 Weeks Away so Yall can Learn Up before yall get there by reading the past online. Yall can always Ask for & get a List there at the next meeting. PL&H Yall.
October 17, 2011 18:05:08 Need to vote   If you go to the Delaware Board Of Elections website it list who is running. For Council are 5 people, vote for two: Mike Spaccaforno, Steve Davis, Marie Sroka, Denis Burpoe, Jerri Brayman. There are other seats to vote for also.
October 17, 2011 17:36:59 Observer   RE: State Troopers being around the town of Masonville so much. "Sie tun, was das Beste für uns". (Germany 1936 in reference to the Geheime Staatspolizei, [Nazi State Police]). The State Police of the State of NY are not here because they feel they need to protect us from anything, although some extra safety may be a side effect of them being around so much. The SP are around because the State and local municipalities make money from tickets. Traffic infractions bring in a lot of money. It is just another tax. When we become to nonchalant about police presence we are opening ourselves to abuse by the same. Note that when you are traveling one of the interstates that the traffic continues to move at 80 and 90 miles an hour because the SP do not patrol those areas as much as they do secondary State Roads where it is easier to stop and ticket offenders.
October 17, 2011 15:10:35 just saying   As a retired NYS Court Clerk (25yrs) I know first hand the demand of working & maintaining court records is on the staff of any court. Whatever amount Mrs Burpoe is being paid for the tedious & tiring job that she is doing is probably small compensation at best. When the new Town Court is completed I suggest that you go and sit in on the court session & observe.
October 17, 2011 12:55:01 Masonville Resident   Denis Burpoe is running for council, signs are up around town.
October 16, 2011 20:45:31 MV Voter   What seats are we voting on this year? And who is running?
October 16, 2011 13:41:15 Kathy Ryan INDOOR YARD SALE - Mark your calendars for Sat. 10/22, 9am-1pm - Masonville Federated Church. Something for every one!! Light refreshments will available for sale. Tables still available for $10 each.
October 16, 2011 00:44:55 what?   what? Wasn't Masonville part of "Operation Crack Down,",an investigation that included participation by the Oneonta Police Department, state police, Delaware County Drug Task Force, Otsego County Sheriff's Department, United States Marshals Service, United States Immigration and Naturalization Service and the state National Guard Counter Drug Task Force.about 120 police officers arrested 35 suspected drug dealers, 4 lived in Masonville. Then not to long afterwords one of the biggest marijuana busts in NY history occurred in Masonville, anybody remember how many TONS of it was found on Butts road? Then, a elder couple, a couple of years ago was tied up and robbed right in the middle of Masonville. What? could be troop c's fascination with TOM? What? would they want to stake out TOM for? Are they only ticketing innocent people? happy resident wrote; If we are doing nothing wrong there is nothing to worry about. And I agree.
October 15, 2011 12:57:19 happy resident   Maybe we should be happy the State Police are around our small town, this should make it a lot safer place to travel and hopefully to live. If we are doing nothing wrong there is nothing to worry about.
October 15, 2011 11:58:36 Observer   "Put your mouth where your vote is" That does not make a whole lot of sense. Maybe putting your "vote" where your "mouth" is makes a tad more sense. Actually 40% of 450 voters is a pretty good average.
October 15, 2011 11:54:26 Observer   P.S. Their=there
October 15, 2011 11:53:29 Observer   Maybe the Masonville Town Court is busy because the State Police camp out on the roads in Masonville. I rarely go up Sidney mountain without seeing at least one State vehicle parked along the highway facing one direction or the other. Near Butts road on both State Route 8 and 206 seems to be favorite places. Their is a fairly good source of income for the town through traffic summonses for everything from speeding to broken license plate lights. In fact as I write this I am hearing the scanner a traffic stop near Butts road on Route 8.
October 15, 2011 09:13:09 STP   Why so active? for a little town ,thats a lot of cases.
October 15, 2011 08:22:19 Court Watcher   According to Delaware County our little court in the Town of Masonville on of the most active courts in the couty! It is like #5 out of 24 courts!!!!
October 15, 2011 04:38:52 bertimouse   TX: YUP. Out of maybe 450 supposed Permanent ResidentTOM registered Voters only about 40% of them vote because they don't give a Rat's A.
October 15, 2011 04:12:09 bertimouse   Why don't yall PUT YOU'R MOUTH where YOUR VOTE IS. Folks here need Folks that not ONLY speak up here but that also have the STAMINA.
October 14, 2011 10:07:31 Observer   Mrs. Burpoe is the clerk for the town court. She is required to be present when the judge is in court. The money is for her wages and, I suppose, her expenses in performing her duties. I would not think the money she gets is excessive considering the amount of work involved in her job. We are speaking of a court of law, an official body. She is not allowed very many errors in what she does. It can be a very demanding job. P.S. And the town court appears to be a very busy court.
October 13, 2011 23:35:27 Don   Sure, 550 to 1000 whatever. The number is always up there if you look on the minutes. But what's that 550 going to every month is the real question?
October 13, 2011 18:56:53 TX   WE ARE JUST LAZY,FOR TOWN MEETINGS.
October 13, 2011 16:34:32 what?   Your right Reader, Laurie Burpoe averages $550 a month for the last year. My comment that I found in the official minutes ( I figured there probably was a reason) was to maybe answer Phil\'s curiosity, not to upset anybody. I actually don\'t know what? she does. That\'s why I wrote WE should go to some town meetings so WE do not just \'wonder\' what is going on.
October 13, 2011 16:19:31 Library Patron   Over two weeks now and our Local Library Branch is not open for business. The main library says the \"Masonville Library is closed until future notice for repairs\" They would not comment on the kind of repairs! Does anyone have any more information on this matter? Thanks
October 13, 2011 09:07:41 Reader   I think people should check out the minutes on the official website and see that Mrs. Burpoe does not make $1000 per month.
October 12, 2011 23:50:30 what?   Nobody answered Phils question about; "Just out of curiosity, for what is Laurie Burpoe paid nearly 1000 dollars for every month?" STATE OF NEW NEW January 5, 2011 COUNTY OF DELAWARE TOWN OF MASONVILLE RECOMMENDED MOTIONS: 10. Upon recommendation of the Town Supervisor; it is recommended to appoint Laurie Burpoe as Town Court Clerk for the 2011 calendar year. So moved by George Denys, seconded by Kathy Ryan, all in favor carried.,,, Other than this I really don't know either,maybe WE should go to some town meetings so WE do not just 'wonder' what is going on.
October 12, 2011 09:45:29 TX-1   Hey Les you are right,I always hope noone had ordered mint or peanut butter before me,some times you get coffe or chocolate or anything else at the bottom.
October 11, 2011 22:58:26 Les   If you count the little extra that you get to taste at the bottom of your cone , I may have tasted all 52 flavors in the last thirty plus years of eating ice cream there, but I can't confirm it. That is just too many flavors to be sure of!
October 11, 2011 17:46:45 Observer   I wonder if anyone has ever tried all the flavors and mixtures one can get down there at the ice cream shop? If you tried it in one summer you would blow up like a balloon.
October 11, 2011 13:51:48 TX-1   Just let the poor old lady alone,she worked all summer for you guys,making your ice creams with rainbow sprinkles and all.
October 11, 2011 11:30:59 JR   Ice Cream Shop : They shall have it open for atleast bow season, and the first week of rifle season. So we can still enjoy thier great ice cream.
October 10, 2011 18:20:00 Part-Timer   Crzyflea,I agree with you 100%,but the weather still warm and opening wknd still not that bad,anyway we enjoyed it a lot this year
October 10, 2011 13:28:55 crzyflea   Re: ice cream shop - it would be lovely to see it stay open later into the season(s) but I would hazard a guess that they'd have to do some work on the building to be able to do that. I've a strong suspicion its not fully insulated and that they probably are getting ready to drain the pipes. Consider too heating considerations would have to bite into potential profits from staying open later and dropping attendance despite a potential shift in focus for the season. To be blunt, to run the full hunting/fall/winter season would probably not be economically advisable even if the heating and such isn't a factor. Opening day might be a consideration or even the entire opening weekend but then there is the traditional church fundraiser meal to take into consideration also. Furthermore they have other jobs for the off season to consider I'm sure, and after all the hard work they put in making a great summer destination available locally for us to savor and enjoy they too deserve some downtime as much as we'd love to see it open longer they too deserve some just desserts and a vacation.
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