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November 08, 2011 19:52:28 what?   @ Makes you think!; Your a little off in your info. You have posted current working pay for govt. , not retired. Though I agree, govt. makes too much money off the taxpayer.,,,, "When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." -- Benjamin Franklin
November 08, 2011 19:40:05 Grumpy Ernst Keidel The new Masonville Town Hall is looking good! Went there tonight to vote. If you didn't, shame on you!
November 08, 2011 10:54:13 Makes you think!   Wages Salary of retired US Presidents ..............$450,000 FOR LIFE Salary of House/Senate members ............$174,000 FOR LIFE Salary of Speaker of the House .............$223,500 FOR LIFE Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders .....$193,400 FOR LIFE Average salary of a soldier DEPLOYED IN AFGHANISTAN - $38 ,000 Average income for seniors on SOCIAL SECURITY - $12,000 I think we found where the cuts should be made!
November 08, 2011 10:53:41 Masonville General Store Hey ya'll, voting till 9pm at the (new) Masonville town hall
November 08, 2011 09:45:40 TX   Any way,thats their problem ,I was just putting my 2 cents on it.
November 07, 2011 18:54:50 voter   Masonville is a small rural town and most towns this size have many dirt roads, so we are not the only ones. As posted earlier. the important thing is the fire dept., EMS (highly trained residents) and others who will help their friends out because we are a small rural town. So love it or leave it.
November 07, 2011 18:12:34 what   When their house is on fire TOM will be there. When there is a accident or need for a ambulance TOM will be there. If you slip and fall at the store in Masonville, the TOM EMS will be there. I'm sure there is many other services TOM is responsible for. I'm sure you don't fly from Shears road to wherever. Do you not drive on some paved roads in Masonville? They are not all dirt. THINK before you say the taxes you pay are giving you no services in the TOM! Shears road isn't the only dirt road in Masonville!
November 07, 2011 18:02:49 Observer   While I am sure the taxpayers on the mentioned roads may be frustrated one must remember that they were aware of the situation when acquiring the property. No one held a gun to their head and made them settle there. And no it is not taxation without representation. They are represented by whomever they elected to the town board. Plus taxes paid into the tax base are not pointed to any one general area. They are used for the good of the public in general. If the persons owning on these undeveloped roads never traveled any maintained roads in Masonville; if they never availed themselves of any services provided by the general tax in the town then they might have a cause. As I stated in an earlier post on this forum, "if these people want all the services they got where they came from then the best idea is to move back there." Undoubtedly they selected the area they selected because of the low cost of the land and the low taxes. If they get all they are crying for both the land and the taxes will no longer be low. These are the same people who, if they lived on a maintained state highway would cry that they state is plowing their driveways shut and knocking down their mailbox. As they told the man who loved Edith but was married to Kate, "You can't have your Kate and Edith too."
November 07, 2011 17:41:38 TX   Thats what our forefathers called,taxation without representation. They pay taxes,but get nothing in return,then why pay taxes,if the town is not doing anything for them?because they happen to live on a dirt road.
November 07, 2011 15:42:25 FYI TriTownNews Legal Notice 102711   NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Town of Sidney, New York NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing will be held before the Town Board for the Town of Sidney at the Sidney Civic Center on the 10th day of November, 2011, at 7 p.m., regarding the adoption of a Local Law to Override the Tax Levy Limit established in General Municipal Law §3-c. This law is being proposed to comply with subdivision 5 of the General Municipal Law §3-c which expressly authorizes the Town Board to override the tax levy limit by the adoption of a local law approved by vote of at least sixty percent (60%) of the Town Board. At such time and place all persons interested in the subject matter thereof will be heard concerning the same... The proposed Local Law to Override the Tax Levy Limit Established in General Municipal Law §3-c establishes the Sidney Town Board’s intent to override the limit on the amount of real property taxes that may be levied by the Town of Sidney. Dated: October 24, 2011 By Order of The Town Board Town of Sidney
November 07, 2011 14:52:09 what?   The town does NOT plow Cole road in Masonville, the residents were told they would have to bring it up to code themselves. The road is in a lot better shape than Shear road, and has nice high tax houses and land on it. The residents on Cole road chose NOT to improve the road, and have kept the road private. They plow their road THEMSELVES, (their choice). And they PAY taxes too!
November 07, 2011 11:46:59 TX-1   Forgot to mention,nice job someone did to the tree that had fallen by Ponderosa on Shears,it was dangerous.
November 07, 2011 08:34:56 Ex-downstater   If the folks on Shears Rd want it plowed, they should pay to bring it up to code. My road was a dirt road too and we all paid to bring it up to code. After that, the town plowed it. It is not right to make exceptions!
November 07, 2011 08:02:44 resident   These seem like very good questions, why not attend the board meeting this Wednesday at 7:30 and you can get some answers from Craig (supervisor) and then you can go from there.
November 07, 2011 07:49:01 Long timer   IF they pay taxes like everyone else,why not have their road plowed,if you think they are paying to have everyones rd plowed,but their own.dont think it is right.
November 06, 2011 22:03:14 crzyflea   Not so very long ago a long term, full time, current resident was informed that his road couldn't be paved, and isn't past the signs saying not maintained between oct and april. Why should a potential resident get more consideration than a current one? Shear Rd would need a drastic amount of work before it would be as ready for paving as that man's road.
November 06, 2011 18:02:52 what?   The road must be brought up to code by the property owners. Then I believe it would be plowed if the owners so wish. My in laws have a half mile long driveway with three homes on it. If they bring it to town code the town will plow that also. I believe they would be thought of as VERY selfish if they wanted the whole town to pay for their driveway to be paved. NY state is broke and the town of Masonville is probably not far behind. Our town Supervisor Craig DuMond wrote; " The rates are up THIRTY THOUSAND dollars, three times over the two percent cap. This does not include to regular expenses going up; electricity, fuel, diesel, materials, etc. The Board is working hard,,the STATE is killing us very slowly,, we have the smallest budget in Delaware County it does not take much (percent change) to throw our budget out of whack.,,..
November 06, 2011 15:48:55 C!   I am another Property Owner on Shears Rd. and I Live in NJ. But Planning to move up at my cottage when I retired. We ( Property Owners of Shears Rd.) shall make the town plow the road atleast to the state land border. We will be paying a bit more taxes but, whats a lil more money for comfort . I think we all shall go to the city hall and fight for a paved and plowed shear\'s road. I am for it. and I know my neighbors on shears rd are for it. ! LETS DO IT.
November 06, 2011 09:58:43 We need a solution!   There are ways to drill for natural gas without the use of chemicals. There is a company out of Canada called GasFrac that uses liquid propane instead of chemicals which eliminates the use of water, storage or ponds. The propane is recaptured after use and never goes into the environment.
November 06, 2011 08:26:58 what?   Thank you Jeri! I've always been for drill here drill now. But natural gas 'fracking' (pumping tremendous amounts of water under high pressure laden with carcinogous CHEMICALS) doesn't sound like a good idea. It is nice to know that a land owner cares about their land, and the future owner, and their innocent neighbors who would be affected by a gas lease.
November 06, 2011 07:30:24 Mormon Hollow Farm   Mormon Hollow Farm has turned down the opportunity for a gas lease in respect for our water and land. Can't believe anyone else would not feel the same,to protect what they own and where they live. Jeri Brayman VOTE your choice Nov.8.
November 05, 2011 19:10:49 just saying   Bertimouse: Are you as ignorant as you sound or are you just a clown. Get another life. This one is not working for you.
November 04, 2011 12:26:01 TX-1   It had one of those collards on it
November 04, 2011 12:24:22 TX-1   Hey!just saw a BIG! bear by the crossroad on Shears that thing was big,it just stop looked at me and kept was i scared.
November 03, 2011 22:14:34 bertimouse   When We Vote next Tuesday, We Wanna Know & will be searching online about how Morman Hollow Farm & others who wanna be Elected Once Here & Again:(i.e. How they have voted in the past & their Current comments about such things as?)Allowing Gas Fracking in Our Town. Nuff said. Our Water and Land Are Precious, Ya'll. Another Question here: Why has Denise Burpoe only posted Once here if he wants to run so much? Having other commitments Is No Excuse. We've all been there & done that. If Ya'll wanna run & Serve the TOM ya'll better be up for it. All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance. Oops sorry All We Are Saying Is No Freaking Fracking In The TOM! We Are Friends Of Pure Drinking Water Forever! :)
November 03, 2011 20:52:20 Gloria   Can anyone tell me what these two new laws are? #1- Public Nuisance #2- Appointed Officer Residency Law Are they still pending?
November 03, 2011 19:05:57 Masonville Resident   future full timer---please find the time to attend one of our board meetings and ask some questions, maybe it will help you to understand the cost, time and manpower it takes to do what gets done and why some things do not get done. Next meeting-- Nov. 9 at 7:30 p.m. hope to see a new face there.
November 03, 2011 18:03:48 what?   Do you fly from Shears road to the other side of Masonville? You never travel any paved roads in Masonville?
November 03, 2011 17:21:38 not future full timer   Why should we,we already paid to have them plow everyone elses rd and we dont get anything in return,not even a simple plowing,i think i will sell,this town still in the 30s,they dont want progress,oh well!!
November 03, 2011 16:03:55 Jolene Scott   Hello the residents in the town of Masonville, My name is Jolene Scott and I am running as a write in vote for the position of Town Clerk in the upcoming election on November 8, 2011. Hope everyone got my flyers in the mail and have had a chance to read them. With that said if you feel it is time for a change please go out and vote for me on November 8, 2011.
November 03, 2011 09:57:10 Masonville resident   Future full timer - you need to do what was done on Houck Rd. Bring it up to code and pay to have it paved.
November 02, 2011 16:46:31 what?   repost part of my post; It is my understanding that if residents bring their road or long driveway with multiple people living on it to town code the town will take over plowing them (but not pave them).The cost of the improvements bringing the road to town specs( width, ditches,etc., not sure of all the regulations bringing them to code) must be done and paid for by those who live on the road. Some towns will not issue a variance to build with no road frontage. Some towns will not let you build a house with no road frontage they will not take over the road. Fortunately Masonville will let us build where we want to.
November 02, 2011 16:12:46 long time resident   Correction to my post, instead of 20 years ago, make that 35-40 years ago. Time passes very fast and after some thought I realize it has been longer ago.
November 02, 2011 16:04:08 future full timer   I got that property in 1998,for retirement am planning to build and move there,in about 3 years.
November 02, 2011 16:01:46 future fall timer   I dont live upthere,am in Long Island,but have property on Shears,which is not developed,am planning to move there in the future,but was asking about the maintenance on Shears,since my property is in the no plowing/maintanence part of it. I understandt all the points,but why stop at the bottom of the hill,why not paved up to the State Land.
November 02, 2011 15:51:27 long time resident   In order to have your questions answered about what roads are maintained in the winter and what ones are not and why this happens, please come to a board meeting and this can all be explained. Not that many years ago there were no town roads that were paved, this is a relatively new thing in many towns, including Masonville. If you lived on a town road, you lived on a dirt road and believe me the dirt roads now are like super highways compared to what they were 20 years ago. So yes we have made many improvements to our roads over the years, you just had to be here to appreciate all that has been done. And when you did move here, what was the road like when you thought it was beautiful?
November 02, 2011 15:38:51 resident,,taxpayer   bla bla!
November 02, 2011 15:02:12 what?   I found a new website where TAXPAYERS are posting about the govt. today and the OWS protesters. We are the 53%, or
November 02, 2011 14:49:07 resident,,taxpayer   If you take money out of politics you would have alot more sensible goverment, no *CENSORED*, just just hard work and and real honest effort. Nice thoght anyway!
November 02, 2011 14:35:27 what?   Our paved interstate highways are paved because of the amount of cars and heavy trucks traveling on them. Anytime I've been on shears road whether hunting or going to Oquaga, I can barely remember seeing another motor vehicle, and never tractor trailers.
November 02, 2011 14:29:20 what?   What? do you call progress, all roads paved, town water and sewer next? If you want to pay for it, move to a town that has these services. Maybe we can get the TOWN to vote on this progress, I bet it gets voted down.
November 02, 2011 13:08:16 not future full timer   PROGRESS!!!!
November 02, 2011 10:34:29 Grumpy \" your houses,you have a bill to pay,why not just candles,no bill to pay. why phone,running water,tv,cable tv,internet\" All those things are individual choices, paid for individually - by choice. Taxes are not paid by choice and are not something you may opt out of! I pay for my own electricity, satellite TV, internet, and I have my own well for which maintenance is paid by me. I don\'t expect anyone to pay this for me through their taxes.
November 02, 2011 08:16:34 future full timer,i hope   After reading all the messages,just have a question. why make rt 17 (86),to get from 1 place to the other,why not left it as it was 100 years ago,a dirt rd. my friends thats what is call,progress. why not make things better than before. OH! my taxes will go up,crybabies. if our fore father,were like you guys,we would still be leaving in caves.PROGRESS,GOING FOWARD,GETTING BETTER. how come all you have your houses,you have a bill to pay,why not just candles,no bill to pay. why phone,running water,tv,cable tv,internet.thats progress,same thing with Shears rd getting paved,PROGRESS.
November 01, 2011 22:33:29 bertimouse   Halloween Story Here For Ya'll: My Neighbor called tonight & was Very Mad about The Crazy Lady On The Corner That Reported Us All to the Town, he said. -Don't giver a reason & how do you know it was Her? We said. He couldn't answer that question; just got this here letter from his Landlord about his property having more than 2 unregistered vehicles. He asked us if we also got a letter from the Town. We said Nope 'cause we don't giver any Reason for any complaints, neighbor. Our Point Here Is: it may NOT be your Neighbor turning you in for violations: it may be just the Local Town Inspector doing his/her job. Give them a break will ya? They have A Lot To Inspect!
November 01, 2011 22:18:01 taxpayer   masonville has approx 50 miles of road both paved and unpaved
November 01, 2011 22:14:09 bertimouse   All Ya'll Gotta do is figure out: How To Make A Private Road Become A Public One, yes? WELL DUH. Our First Stop would be the County Offices in Delhi to seek info from them. Seek Out who owns the private lands with the road to begin with. 9 times out of 10 it's probably Foreclosed! In which case ya'll are still on your own. Ya'll should have done yur research before you bought. Observer is Right. Quit yur complaining.
November 01, 2011 21:54:43 Don't always get plowed   If you want your road that doesn't get plowed - plowed, buy a cheap 4WD pickup with a plow and plow it yourself. It would probably be cheaper than the cost of your taxes going up.
November 01, 2011 18:32:48 Observer   What? The road super could probably tell you exactly how many miles of unpaved road there is in the Town. It is part of the charm of the area as far as I am concerned. People move here for the "rural" charm and the beauty and the first thing they do is denude the mountain they bought to build a house on so they have a "view". Put in a mile long driveway and whine because the taxpayers will not pave and plow it. They want all the services they wanted to escape. They want cell phone usage but don't put up a tower in my view area. I want the rural road but please make it a 4 lane highway. I want to see the wild animals but Mr. Animal Control keep them out of my yard and garden. I like the small town atmosphere but where is the mall with Wal-Mart and the super market?
November 01, 2011 17:48:52 what?   There is more than one road in Masonville that is not paved that has more than six people living on them. Some driveways with multiple people living on them. Masonville hasn't paved any of these either. They don't even plow them, they turn around where the roads haven't been improved to town specs. It is my understanding that if residents bring there roads to town code the town will take over plowing them. But the cost of the improvements must be done by those who live on the road. As far as the taxpayer paying for all these roads in Masonville to be paved? How high do you want our taxes to go? There is probably hundreds of miles of unpaved roads in Masonville, how much would that cost us? You write ".they pay taxes like everyone else,but get no service on their road,thats discrimatory.",,,Do you not take advantage of driving on the paved roads in Masonville?
November 01, 2011 17:31:20 Observer   As to the seasonal residences on Shear Rd. Shear Rd is not maintained during the winter months, never has been and probably will not be in the near future. The residents who own the seasonal properties knew that when they established themselves in that area. Now they want the taxpayers to pay for maintaining the road for a few people. This my friend is why life time residents of upstate do not have anything good to say for down staters who come upstate and want all the services they had where they came from but; still want low taxes and fees. One cannot have their cake and eat it too. If it were my intent to have a year around residence Shear Rd would not be my first choice even if it were maintained the year around. I am sure if Masonville raises the tax rate to the same rate as Long Island and NYC and most of New Jersey they could put a 4 lane highway in for you on Shear Rd. As to those residents being taxpayers; that they are and they have some of the lowest tax rates in the state. I owned 300 acres of unimproved land in Broome County. On a road with no maintenance during the winter and no electricity. Taxes on the property were reasonable until several people moved in and petitioned to have electricity run along the road. Cost me $1593.00 in fees even though I did not hook up to the power. Then they wanted the road maintained. My taxes quadrupled. Needless to say I sold the whole d a m n thing to get out of the expense of what other wanted.
November 01, 2011 13:07:59 future full timer.i hope   Sorry for second post,my mistake
November 01, 2011 13:06:39 future full timer.i hope   What about paving and maintenance on Shears rd all the way to the top? there are property owners in that section,that in winter can not get to their propertys,if one of those property owners wants to leave there year round they cant,how are they going to get in and of their place.they pay taxes like everyone else,but get no service on their road,thats is a total of about 6 propertys getting this treatment from MV. now that you are running for a town possition ,see if some thing can be done about it.yes i have a piece of land upthere,but i wont improved it,cause i want to be a full time resident,but i cant get there full time.
November 01, 2011 13:06:08 future full timer.i hope   What about paving and maintenance on Shears rd all the way to the top? there are property owners in that section,that in winter can not get to their propertys,if one of those property owners wants to leave there year round they cant,how are they going to get in and of their place.they pay taxes like everyone else,but get no service on their road,thats is a total of about 6 propertys getting this treatment from MV. now that you are running for a town possition ,see if some thing can be done about it.yes i have a piece of land upthere,but i wont improved it,cause i want to be a full time resident,but i cant get there full time.
November 01, 2011 12:38:21 Denis Burpoe Masonville Voters My name is Denis Burpoe and I will be running for a town board position in Masonville, NY. Ive been a resident in the town of Masonville for 23 great years and not only enjoy the great views but also the wonderful people. I've had four Sons go thru the Masonvilee Elementary School and stood up with our community when they took our school away.I am employed by New York State and have overlooked work worth 300 million dollars of taxpayer money. Staying positive and always looking for a solutionhas helped in being succseeful. I will be a highly motivated board member who will bring integrity,passion and insight to our local government. I find that listening and being open minded to our communties concerns,values and needs are extremely important. I have a vested interest in the town of Masonville as it is my home and your vote, you can give me the chance to dedicate my time to our community.
November 01, 2011 04:00:07 what?   Maybe Sidney plans on using some of that \'free\' money. Obama\'s “American Jobs Program” (new TAX bill)consists primarily of spending $450 billion,and eventually probably more than $1 trillion total, on TEMPORARY jobs for UNION (a little tit for tat kickback for the big business Union special interest lobbyists)workers, no money for private business just public TAXpayer funded jobs. President Obama called on taxpayers to send their hard-earned money to the federal government so that Washington can pour that money into public school construction to “modernize 35,000 public schools.” Our public schools in THIS area, and in much of the US have closed after spending millions of tax dollars on construction after declining enrollment! These buildings (all across the U.S not just in this area) are either empty or sold at a loss, after spending millions of tax dollars in improvements. And O plans on doing more of the same.
November 01, 2011 03:48:23 what?   If this is true maybe we should be going to meetings in Sidney to voice our concerns. Lets not wait until afterward, like the millions of dollar renovations and swinging pool fiasco. They do not have anymore schools to close!
October 31, 2011 21:37:57 taxpayer   what is your feeling on the proposed 4,000,000 dollar renovation on the sidney high school and the installation of a synthetic turf field . this is just the beginning. every one should pay attention and ask questions regarding how your taxes are growing.
October 31, 2011 18:42:33 bertimouse   The Day Halloween Was Cancelled! Yah lot's of Powerlines down in Hudson Valley where we currently work. -Poor little Gremlins can't trick or treat in some areas until this Friday! -Now that is certainly a Halloween Trick on them ya'll, eh? ERRRR.
October 31, 2011 18:40:02 bertimouse   TX: Not much, only about 5 inches with no power out, TG! :) Parts of the Hudson Valley; NY & parts of CT and NJ got Clobbered! We feel most sorry about those Folks that got stranded on the JET BLUE PLANES at Hartford CT! -Turns out that the new law regarding the Passengers Bill Of Rights only addresses International Flights sitting on the tarmac over 3 HOURS & EXCLUDES AIRPORTS from any litigation! Can you imagine!
October 31, 2011 18:32:16 bertimouse   Dear what? So err, whats yur point?
October 31, 2011 12:41:16 TX   Much snow up there?
October 30, 2011 16:12:22 crzyflea   ever get the feeling that on the fed level some of the politicians (not naming any names but I bet you can guess one of them I'm thinking of) think of the UN as synonymous with US, and that the rest of the countries in the UN are just pseudo-states? Sorta feels that way with all the 'busy bodying' in other countries business.
October 30, 2011 01:37:27 what?   Saddam Hussein was committing the same atrocities in Iraq that these African countries are guilty of.
October 30, 2011 01:32:43 what?   Your right crzyflea; and Obama upped the anti by sending American troops Oct, 14 2011 in Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Without congressional support AGAIN. We have also been involved with all the other countries we are at war with now in the past, so why does bertimouse write it is Bush's fault? for the wars we are in? And I agree with what? you posted "Its high time the trend of 'war is good for the polls and popularity' to be changed. " I think it is important to note that these people needed help twenty years ago. Where was the U.N.?
October 29, 2011 07:13:05 crzyflea   That was the only other war I could think of on the continent that we'd had any involvement in, but the way your post sounded was like it was something new. So, new troops to and all, but the actual insurgency is from 87 if I'm not mistaken. Its high time the trend of 'war is good for the polls and popularity' to be changed.
October 29, 2011 04:36:03 what?   Lord's Resistance Army, 'LRA' rebels are accused of terrorizing, murdering, raping and kidnapping thousands of people in the four nations, and tens of thousands of people died in their 20-year war with security forces in northern Uganda.President Barack Obama's plan to send 100 military troops to Uganda risks miring the United States in another protracted war, whether we are needed there or not. It is time for the UN to step up to the plate, America is BROKE. I'm not against helping nations in need, even though we have plenty of people here in America who need help. I just can't stand the hypocrites who are still three years after Pres. Bush blaming everything going on today on him and not the one supposedly running the country. I hear so many say "Well Obama can't do anything with a republican house". Yet they conveniently forget Bush had a democrat house AND senate.
October 29, 2011 04:18:05 what?   The mostly special ops units are to deploy in Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of the Congo. "I'm very disappointed ... that the administration has not consulted with members of Congress before taking such action," John McCain told CNN."I worry (that) with the best of intentions we'll somehow get engaged in a commitment that we can't get out of. That's happened before in our history," he told CNN television.
October 29, 2011 03:07:13 crzyflea   Africa is a continent, not a country so which country besides Libya? I'm behind on reading the news with getting costumes made. Still waiting to hear when trick or treating is for the kids. would rather take them out locally than take them on rounds in Oneonta even if they are nattering about the zombie walk.
October 28, 2011 23:36:52 bertimouse   OH YAH! The St. Louis Cardinals KICKED TEXAS *CENSORED*! Long may this Small Funded Team Rule.
October 28, 2011 23:04:43 what?   voter;"who is running"? It would be nice if this info was posted, if not on this forum then at least on the 'Official Masonville' website. Some of the info is towards the back of the Walton reporter and Tri-Town-News, on various town elections. From what I have seen, Supervisor, Town clerk/collector, and Superintendent of highways are all running unopposed. Member of council there is a vote for TWO with FIVE running (with only one incumbent, who wants out?) And keep in mind there are also usually some write in votes. Last election there was quite a few write in votes against unopposed incumbents, hopefully keeping them on their toes!
October 28, 2011 21:55:22 what?   Obama embarrassed us as a Country on his apology tour where he explained to the rest of the world that he was sorry because Americans are a bunch of A-HOLE's.. In less than 100 days, he has apologized on three continents for what he views as the sins of America and his predecessors. The president apologized to the French for our arrogance and dismissiveness as the rest of us wondered whether he had lost all sense of irony. Then he hit Latin American where he sat through Nicaraguan President Danielle Ortega's(Who HATES America) 50-minute diatribe against the United States and issued even more meek apologies.And that was right before he enjoyed some quality time with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez (Who HATES America)and even took home some good ANTI-American reading. bertimouse, try reading some history instead of watching Saturday Night Live for your 'facts'!
October 28, 2011 21:52:36 what?   G.W. Bush made a mistake of getting into wars we couldn't afford. Obama blasted him for this when he campaigned. what? has Obama done about this? Obama expanded the wars,spent billions more and started THREE more wars! These FIVE wars of Obama's are still unfunded. Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya now Africa. Three going on four years Obama has upped the ante and added TRILLIONS of dollars to the deficit. Obama smart, he honors our servicemen by mispronouncing Navy Corpsman on not one but THREE occasions "corpse-man."
October 28, 2011 21:47:05 what?   bertimouse you wrote; "having a President continue reading books to 5-year olds while people are dying!" ,Obama would have been uh, hum, just waiting for his teleprompter to tell him what? to do! bertimouse you also wrote;"G.(Moron)BUSH & got us all into a 10 year War!" berti did you know we are now at war in Africa? Barack Obama wishes to be remembered as the President who launched the biggest number of wars in American history, , Obama has spent multi trillions of borrowed Chinese dollars on his wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt(where rebel soldiers we helped put into power are now killing Christians and the Muslim Brotherhood wants to ‘Prepare Egyptians for war with Israel'). Now Obama has sent troops to four different countries in Africa.
October 28, 2011 20:57:47 bertimouse   Cardinals are gonna beat the PAINTS OFF the Rangers tonight!
October 28, 2011 20:21:59 bertimouse   Dear Grumpy: Isn't it So Nice To See Snow when Viewed From the Eyes Of Youngsters? Take care this winter neighbor. If you ever need any help let us know here. We will always be there for all during any Emergency. PL&H Ya'll from bertimouse. :)
October 28, 2011 20:10:39 bertimouse   Seven Votes Democrat that we count so far. Republicans still don't know exactly who they're voting for; all they know is that "It 'Aint the obvious Democrat"! -Like One comment prior: better to vote for an IDIOT Republican! -Yah right. We've all been there and DONE THAT WITH G.(Moron)BUSH & got us all into a 10 year War! -Please Ya'll let's NOT go there again by having a President continue reading books to 5-year olds while people are dying! When Ya'll actually have a worthier person than the current President to vote for, Please let us know 'cause ya'll just can't get together on anything! WHOM do Ya'll suggest we vote for now? Any CLUES? We should vote for any Republican dealing with such a fractured & dis-functional party right now? NO WAY WE SAY & Nuff Said For a Now until Ya'll get your act together, Get It? Thanks. We'd Love to have a choice but Ya'll HAVE NONE. Why the Debate right now when clearly there's no reason for one yet?
October 28, 2011 19:43:56 voter   who is running for town council and town clerk this year? Will elections be held at the new town hall?
October 28, 2011 09:49:47 Grumpy Ernst Keidel Well, it\'s a snowy white wonderland out there this morning. The little birch grove behind my home looks like a pine tree grove. The still leaved branches are drooping under the weight of the snow! My son-in-law commented on a different venue that he really likes the way it looks now. I told hom: \"Great, now drive on down to Masonville and shovel my walkways!\"
October 28, 2011 08:09:30 crzyflea   When is trick or treating for our kids this year does anyone know? Is there an official day and hours in Masonville, or are we better off planning on taking the little ones to other towns?
October 28, 2011 07:58:32 MV Redneck   To, Tx-1 = DO you think these red necks in MV will re vote that fried chicken eater and fruit punch drinker monkey as a president ? or another Colored A hole again, Nope they would rather vote a tooth less red neck like our selfs here in MV.
October 27, 2011 20:24:27 bertimouse   Observer: So regarding retirement: If we can stay healthy from age 62 collecting SSI until we're 65 WITHOUT any health insurance, then once we're 65 we are as they say "Golden"? So for the 3 years from age 62-65 we basically are Rolling The Dice until we can sign up for (UGH) Medicare & Medicaid? Question: what if we signed up for AFLACK (Duck Insurance)those 3 years? Do you know anything about that Insurance? - BTW Your thoughts are very cool on this subject, Thanks!
October 27, 2011 20:15:31 bertimouse   Hi Observer: Comment on How to Save TOM Money: 1. Turn OFF 50% of the street lights in the Village. 2. Freeze all wages for TOM employees for the next 3 years just like the Governor did. 3.Find a cheaper health-care provider for TOM employees & increase employee contributions - do they contribute at all? 4.We Assume that TOM does not have a pension plan for TOM employees. If there is a 401K plan then increase what employee contributions. -Like it or Not; Everyone Else has to do this & You Are Lucky if you even have a pension plan these days: THAT will be History in the future for everyone. -Dental Insurance? What's That? Delete Dental Insurance. Everyone has no teeth anyway because no one can afford to take the time off work to see a dentist anyway! 5. Any Surplus that the TOM Hwy. Dept. has Sell! 6. Raise Salaries for TOM workers because of the proposed insurance benefit cuts because in the Long Run That's Fair. 7. Raise the Fees for building permits. 8. Increase the FINE RATES for Folks that are doing stuff like: oh, say, dumping illegally, yadayadayada according to TOM's local laws; and then go out & enforce them promptly. OK Nuff said.
October 27, 2011 16:24:04 Observer   There is going to be a budget/council meeting at 7:30 P.M. Nov. 9, 2011 here in Masonville. I urge you to attend it. Not to complain and gripe (although that is your right)but rather, to see the difficulty this town, along with a lot of others, is in. Most of the expense that will be discussed will be, I am sure, mandated costs that the council has no control over. They will undoubtedly discuss ways of saving money from other departments. Where do you suggest they start? Laying off Road workers? Stop plowing and maintaining the roads around town? Those are the basic services supplied by the town of Masonville. The other services are but a drop in the bucket. Maybe we can stop servicing the town trucks and vehicles? Stop heating the town garage or offices? You see Masonville cannot have deficit spending like the state and federal government. We have to pay up front for what we do and get. Will we see a raise in the taxes next year? I am sure we will but remember blame the ones who are at fault and not the few members of the board who are at as much of a loss as you are. Their taxes will go up as well you know?
October 27, 2011 16:05:58 Observer   This government was founded on the principle that there would be a separation of power and that the representative body could overrule the executive branch. But now we are seeing Nobama by-passing the representative body and using so-called executive privilege. Our founders never never never intended the executive branch of our government to have such power. Recently we are seeing the executive branch spending money, using the Supreme Court to pass laws, declare unlawful incursions into foreign countries. We see the executive branch shoving our form of government down the throats of nations that in NO WAY are ready or able to handle it. Our form of government was conceived by Americans for Americans and it has rarely worked in other nations. We have stopped being a nation of people rule and become a nation of mandates. The federal government mandates to the states. (Seems we fought a war over that matter) The states mandates to the counties and municipalities. New York State mandates to the local municipalities and then removes the way for the local municipalities to fulfill those mandates. We here on the bottom (the taxpayer) has no redress and our town boards and town councils have no recourse but to follow the mandates. WHEN IN THE H E L L IS ALL THIS MADNESS GOING TO STOP? At another revolution?
October 27, 2011 15:54:12 Observer   Of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence 4 were, or had been, preachers. 8 were from families where the father was a preacher. 32 were Episcopalian/Anglican; 13 were Congregationalist; 12 were Presbyterian; 2 were Quakers; 2 were Deist (Universalist/Unitarian; 1 Roman Catholic. Of the 55 men taking part in the Constitutional Convention (of which 39 actually signed the document of the Constitution of the US). 30 were Episcopalian/Anglican; while 16 were Presbyterian; 1 Deist; 8 Congregationalists; 3 Quakers; 2 Roman Catholic; 2 Methodists; 2 Lutherans; 2 Dutch Reformed.None of the signers of the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution claimed to unbelievers or atheistic. Today educators keep shoving down the throats of our youth that the founding fathers were not religious men. They are told they were all Deists or Humanists. History does not bear that out in any fashion. Interestingly enough the one Deist who signed the Constitution (Benjamin Franklin) spoke of God more often during the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia than any other representative.
October 27, 2011 13:34:13 what?   Did you know we are now at war in Africa? Barack Obama wishes to be remembered as the President who launched the biggest number of wars in American history, he has all the right to proceed with widening military presence in Uganda and elsewhere.
October 27, 2011 13:17:51 what?   After three years of Obama things have went from bad to worse. Unemployment continues, after a trillion dollar Obama 'stimulus'. Obama has spent multi trillions of borrowed Chinese dollars on his wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt(where rebel soldiers we helped put into power are now killing Christians and the Muslim Brotherhood wants to ‘Prepare Egyptians for war with Israel'). Now Obama has sent troops to four different countries in Africa. Obama will not have my vote. NOBAMA!
October 27, 2011 10:40:47 watching MV   Jeri Brayman is a good choice????? From past posts I remember that she wasn't very nice to someone during the Bicentennial. Making threats is a good thing? There are other people running but it isn't listed anywhere else. Why the big secret?
October 27, 2011 10:37:49 Observer   I would not vote for him if someone held a gun to my head.
October 27, 2011 10:35:05 Masonville Resident   YES...absolutely!
October 27, 2011 07:32:41 TX-1   Little poll: If elections were held today,would you vote for obama? first vote:NO
October 27, 2011 07:23:09 Craig DuMond   The is no legal conflict with Jeri serving as a Town Councilwoman. If elected, she will not serve on the highway committee as a matter of fairness for all concerned. Personally, I feel this would be a positive addition to the Board. She is a life-long resident and farmer. I have known Jeri my entire life and I have met few individuals with a stronger work ethic and sense of community. She took our Historical Society (unpaid position) and turned it around 100%.
October 26, 2011 23:23:40 what?   bertimouse; WOW a post with some facts!October 26, 2011 18:36:59 . Except for \"We Think that the Pres. is just trying to LOWER the RAISES in costs every year.\" I personally do not believe this to be true. Too many facts support the opposite. Most of the rest of your post though is defiantly not how Occupy Wallstreet Protesters think! But more the tea party! The problem with our good America isn\'t private industry. Its our Govt. and Washington! And this is part of why our local Govt. and school systems suffer too! State mandates and federal mandates.
October 26, 2011 23:11:00 what?   Mormon Hollow Farm; The employment of your son, and I believe (could be wrong) your husband is part time, should be a asset not detrimental to your chances for election. As far as a conflict of interest, what? how.
October 26, 2011 21:17:43 Mormon Hollow Farm   Concerned--There are a lot more committees that need attention than just the highway committee. Jeri
October 26, 2011 21:12:24 Observer   Bertimouse - While I am certainly NO expert on retirement or finances, I am told that while persons born in the depression era such as myself can predict to a degree our mortality based on family history; this does not hold so true for those born later. This is because people of a later generation tend to take better care of themselves physically. Also the trends and advancements in medical and long term care have made tremendous strides in the past 25-40 years. If one sits down and charts out their SS income based on a 15 year span they will find there is no difference in retiring at 62 or 65. It all averages out. The only difference being a larger cash flow monthly at 65. The negative side of retirement at 62 is the non-eligibility for medicare until the age of 65. I retired at 67 due to health issues. I could have stayed at what I was doing until death had I so chose. My view of it would be if one can swing the extra expense of medical costs and have their finances in order at 62 with a paid off or near paid off mortgage; go for the retirement. With the economy of this country being what it is at the moment one is going to be restricted in what they can do in retirement at any age. If you are the stay at home and enjoy what you have worked for type then retirement, in this economy, at 62 makes sense. If you are the globe trotting type then probably the extra cash flow at 65 would make sense. I am speaking, of course, of those who have managed to put away a little each year. Even 10% well invested will make a big difference in the gross income each year. Probably the major reason most middle class people work beyond the 62 cut off is insurance and medical costs. So I would say at 62 one should be sure they have enough reserve to pay for insurance and medical until they are eligible for medicare etc.
October 26, 2011 20:56:57 bertimouse   Yah we're thinking that may cause a ruckus.
October 26, 2011 20:00:22 concerned   Jeri lots of luck .question ,will employment of both your son and husband in the masonville highway dept cause a conflict of intrest . did you check it out yet
October 26, 2011 19:01:29 bertimouse   Observer: Err, if you'd like to change the subject here a little bit good neighbor, since you are at the age where you would know about this stuff? [My elder's are all gone now which is why I ask; just wondering] Could you give us some advice on how to decide about When To Retire? The reason I personally ask you is because me & my other half both want to retire at 62 asap so we can LOL get on with our Lives & Split the scene whenever & wherever we like. We both do not expect to live past 78 based on our Family Histories & we live cheap anyway. We hear all kinds of scary stories about Folks that save all their lives for retirement & then DIE either before or right after they retire. That Will NOT be us! Sorry this is so long Observer but what are your thoughts on this? Thanks.
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