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July 20, 2012 09:40:32 ????????????   When is the town of MV going to do with shears rd paving project ? I cant have my high dollars cars getting dirty ! Can they pave Shears rd ?
July 19, 2012 23:13:35 masonville resident   what is this pick on town crew week? Be more concerned about the pipeline and let's see if something can be done about this real problem!
July 19, 2012 07:38:39 Mike Spaccaforno,Supervisor   TO ALL CONCERNED, PLEASE NOTE...... There will be an open house held on Wednesday, July 25th between 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Franklin Central School in Franklin to answer questions regarding the pipeline that is being proposed to run through the Towns of Davenport, Franklin, Harpersfield, Kortright, Masonville, Meredith and Sidney by Constitution Pipeline. There were many questions raised at the last Town Hall meeting that were asked about payments and property taxes etc.,that we could not answer. This would be a great time to get it straight from the horses mouth.Please try to attend.
July 18, 2012 13:34:22 what?   And they should pave Mormon Hollow and Steam Mill all the way to the Reservoir, that way I wont have to wash my tires when I come home from fishing. But what about my windshield, how to solve the bug problem, humm,???
July 18, 2012 13:33:47 what?   It sounds like some of our residents should find a job themselves, then maybe they wouldn't worry about if someone else is working, or what? they are working on.Even though I haven't seen them, I have confidence that our past and present TOM super. is going to utilize the TOM workers effectively.
July 18, 2012 09:31:27 DR. Gomez   Once Again They Shall Pave Shears Rd. From where payment ends by Crazy Ole' Lee to atleast to the Cross ways at the state Lands. My BMW SUV is getting wrecked and dirty everytime I go up to my Property.
July 17, 2012 21:34:59 Reasonable   Bertimouse - As stated in my earlier post, it was reported that Pine Swamp, Teed and portions of Butts Roads are being paved this year. Also, regarding pot holes; usually if someone complains at a board meeting the highway super takes care of it right away. I bet you would get the same response if you just gave him a call and told him about your potholes.
July 17, 2012 20:42:17 bertimouse   It would be nice if the tom hwy dept would say in their town reports WHICH potholes they have fixed because we havent seen any yet. We also assume that since no one has mentioned it yet, but the only paving being done this year is around the new town hall?
July 17, 2012 17:44:57 Reasonable   They cut brush, mow ALL the roadsides, complete maintenance on all the equipment, prep everything for winter, ie stockpile sand, gravel etc. Also, there is a lot of prep work that goes into each paving project to ensure the project goes right and lasts. They have 4 men, including the superintendent, by FAR the smallest crew in the County! They stay busy enough and dom not sit around twiddling their thumbs.
July 17, 2012 11:24:25 Observer   Cut back the crew? Cut where? As I understand it there are only 4 now including the Superintendent. I am not sure how many miles of road the road crew maintains but I am sure it is several hundred miles total. Come winter who would keep those roads open and travelable? Town roads must be kept open for school buses, mail, emergency vehicles. While major projects are reported at the town board meetings there is much more to keep the crew busy. I do not think they sit around looking for something to keep themselves busy. Actually the road crew is probably busier in the winter than in the summer. And, as far as I see, they are pretty well booked up in the summer.
July 17, 2012 06:31:20 Whatever?   Thats it that's all the work that is being done this year. They should cut back on manpower this fall. The savings would be a graet releif for the town.
July 15, 2012 21:51:59 Reasonable   I believe the paving project this year are Pine Swamp, Teed and a portion of Butts least this is what was reported at the last Town Board meeting.
July 14, 2012 08:29:22 What!   X I have seen where there is some mowing being done no road work. Haven't seen them.
July 11, 2012 12:43:04 X   resident so you haven't seen them anywhere.
July 10, 2012 11:02:28 resident   where ever they are told to be, changes each day unless there is a large project they are working on. Come to meeting Wed and ask the man in charge.
July 10, 2012 06:04:43 X   resident that was not the question, where was the question.
July 09, 2012 22:36:44 resident   Next town meeting is Wed 7/11 at 7 pm. Like always the men are doing what ever they are told to do and getting it done in a timely matter.
July 09, 2012 07:28:38 X   When is the next town board meeting. Has anyone seen the road crew anywhere.
June 28, 2012 16:53:45 Grumpy Ernst Keidel All of you who remember my Niece Nammy staying with us during her high school years, please go this Facebook page: Help Bring Nam Kyung Kim back! You'll have to type it in since links won't on't work with this venue. Thanks
June 28, 2012 07:39:45 TX-1   Have anybody seen the Evil Masonville Bear lately?
June 26, 2012 22:03:33 info   funsucker - if you live on SR206 then actually the State DOT is in charge of the ditching as well as sluice pipe.
June 26, 2012 18:56:17 wshbown thanks mike and kathy
June 26, 2012 13:36:17 Mike Spaccaforno   wshbown .... If you would like me to e-mail you a copy of the preliminary direction that the Constitution Pipeline will take, please send me your e-mail address and I will send it to you.The owners of the named properties will be sent requests for permission to survey said land. This should occur in the very near future, if not already. Thank you for your interest in this matter,
June 26, 2012 09:57:46 Kathy K   The message I just posted, ignore all the backslashes. Those seem to have been automatically added everywhere I put in a quotation mark.
June 26, 2012 09:53:39 Kathy K Which pipeline? There are two. Kinder Morgan/El Paso Corp./Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Exchange or Williams Partners LP/Cabot Oil & Gas Constitution Pipeline. For the Tennessee Gas Pipeline, type this in your browser bar (substitute a period for *dot* and the backslash character for *backslash* where indicated): \"watershedpost *dot* com\" (leave out the quotation marks & no spaces between characters) then type \"El Paso Part 3\" in the search box. You\'ll get a map. For the Constitution Pipeline, go to: \"elibrary *dot* ferc *dot* gov *backslash* idmws *backslash* docket_search *dot* asp\" then type \"PF12-9\" in the docket number field. Click \"submit\". When the list pops up, you want to scroll down to the 5/21/2012 docket described as follows: \"Constitution Pipeline Company, LLC submits Draft Resource Reports 1 & 10 and Stakeholder Mailing Lists for its proposed interstate natural gas pipeline under PF12-9.\" Click on \"File List\" then look for the link that starts with the number 3. It\'s got \"USGS 1 to 13\" in the description. This will bring up topo maps (make sure your computer can handle it because it\'s 7.57 MB) of the pipeline route. Page 13 of the pdf document that comes up has the Masonville section. You can e-mail me if you have any problems and I can send you links if that helps.
June 26, 2012 03:53:27 what?   The pipeline is going right through the middle of Reasonable's front lawn.
June 25, 2012 19:59:51 wshbown   how can we find out about the pipeline thru masonville thanks
June 24, 2012 10:10:01 funsucker   Also, what about a sluice pipe, who is responsible for replacing one of those, if it is caved in and no water can run through?
June 24, 2012 10:06:02 funsucker   Thank you. We live on 206 in Masonville with a Sidney Center address, so I guess that would be the Town of Masonville?
June 24, 2012 06:58:13 info   funsucker - it would depend on what road you live on in sidney center. If it is a county road, then the county is responsible. If it is a town road, then it would determin what town you live in...sidney or masonville.
June 23, 2012 21:19:31 funsucker   Who is responsible for cleaning ditches in Sidney Center?
June 21, 2012 23:29:50 bertimouse   Happy First Day of Summer Everyone! We both wish you All Many Happy Days of No More School, Sleeping Late, No More Homework for awhile, Great Times at Summer Camp, Many Happy Days on the Beach, at the Camp, Fishing, Swimming, Boating, Hiking, Skipping rocks, Swinging in the Hammock, Hanging out with your Dogs & Cats & Favorite Family Folks, and just Enjoying YOUR LIFE: Eh?
June 21, 2012 23:18:02 bertimouse   Dear TX: Nah, not too hot yet: yesterday we took an egg out on the sidewalk with the kids; just to see you know; but it didn't fry! We'll keep you posted. :)
June 21, 2012 23:10:11 bertimouse   Thank you Betty for the info about Where to get Free Rabies shots. We'd also like to remind folks here to renew their dog licenses again this year. -Yes the license fee went up last year but the Fine for having an unlicensed dog is even worse. TOM really needs to know about their animals because if you ever lose them anywhere they Will Find Them. Nuff Said.
June 20, 2012 12:40:20 TX-1   ARE YOU HOT YET??????
June 19, 2012 07:07:53 whatever?   resident, only three wow!
June 18, 2012 17:55:35 Betty Scott   The Masonville Rabies clinic is Thursday, June 21 6-8 pm. If you would like more information or the dates of other Rabies Clinics you can visit the Delaware County website. Click on the link for the public health department and then click on schedule of events and the rabies clinics appear on the calendar.
June 18, 2012 16:56:41 resident   highway supt. are not required to work any set hours.he is responsible to to work in accordance with the state highway law dictates . look up ny state laws and you will be suprised. he works with the crew by choice, is not reqd to. thus if he gets caught up with paper work he cannot fill pot holes etc. we only have a 3 man crew
June 17, 2012 11:04:47 Gloria   Does anyone know if Masonville going to have a rabies clinic this year?
June 16, 2012 11:22:58 Grumpy Ernst Keidel ON THE FOURTH OF JULY - one thing that won\'t happen is our town council meeting! That meeting has been pushed back to July 11. See you all then!
June 16, 2012 06:36:10 funsucker   What are my options on how to dispose roof shingles besides ordering a dumpster? Will a dump take them?
June 15, 2012 19:08:43 FYI Auction Closed   #1 Highest Bidder: cur (--) Winning Bid: 471.00 Number of Bids Placed: 41 Opening Bid: 10.00 Start Date: May 23, 2012 4:34:59 PM EST End Date: June 6, 2012 6:20:01 PM EST Wheel Lift & Sockets Truck wheel lift in good, working condition; plus (18) wheel spindle sockets in like new condition: (10) 6-point, and (8) 8-point. #2 Highest Bidder: spunky (--) Winning Bid: 250.00 Number of Bids Placed: 55 Opening Bid: 10.00 Start Date: May 23, 2012 4:35:22 PM EST End Date: June 6, 2012 6:22:00 PM EST Tool Box with Tools Good used tool box filled with tools: thread repair set (new), (11) 12-point 1/2-in deep sockets (used), 3/8-in socket set (used), metric tap & die set (like new), standard tap & die set (used), torque wrench (used), dial indicator (used), propane torch set (used), drop light (like new), assorted wrenches & screwdrivers (like new), tubing benders (used), engraver (used), electric drill (used), Black & Decker grinder (used), grease accesspry kit (new), and more! Item sold subject to seller approval after bids close. For payments made with cash, money order, wire-transfer or guaranteed funds, a buyer’s premium of 10% will be added to the high bid price. A 14% non-discounted buyer's premium will be added to the high bid price for payments made with credit cards, debit cards, personal or business checks. Applicable sales tax(es) will be charged on all items. All sales are final. No refunds will be issued. Item sold as-is, where-is, with no warranty written or implied. Buyer responsible for inspecting the items before placing bids, and prompt removal of all items in each lot within ten business days after receipt of invoice. Items left on seller's premises after this removal deadline will be subject to repossession, with no refunds issued.
June 13, 2012 13:25:15 who!   Auction I thought they were selling evrything on ebay
June 12, 2012 21:09:10 Long time local home owner   Can anyone tell me what auction was done at the town sheds? Also, why no clean-up days. Thanks
June 06, 2012 17:13:15 Observer   Whatever- Not a matter of BSing anyone. It is a matter of record. If you want to know how many hours a public worker works go look. As a matter of fact our highway Super is the first one I have ever heard of working a steady 40 hour week. There are probably others who do but I am not familiar with them.
June 06, 2012 09:04:15 masonville resident   Our highway superintendent was hired to work 40 hours a week along with the other men and does a good job.
June 05, 2012 13:48:08 whatever   observer someone has you Bull S%&^&*d
May 31, 2012 20:23:39 bertimouse   Observer: regarding your recent comment: Haggling is for a market someplace in the desert of the middle east: Dude: what planet are you from? The LOL is on us,Thanks.
May 30, 2012 22:01:05 Reasonable   You are right observer....our current highway superintendent, even though he doesnt have to, works at least 40 hrs per week right along with the highway guys. Most days I have seen him early or late after everyone is gone. In most towns the super just visits in the morning, gives orders and then checks in later in the day. In our town he works just like everyone else, which allos the town to get away without having to hire an additional highway worker. I think this is a big bargain for the taxpayers.
May 30, 2012 10:30:01 Observer   Highway Supervisor (Superintendent) Which would you prefer a Superintendent that comes in to work one or two days a week; stays a short time and then leaves or one like we have? Puts in his 40 hours + and has had years of experience?
May 30, 2012 10:27:16 Observer   Bertimouse - I do not go to a yard/garage/barn/porch/etc sale to make new friends. The chances are they do not want to know me and I do not want to know them -- LOL -- But as I said it is easy enough to say what one wants for an item and then it can be accepted or rejected. Haggling is for a market someplace in the desert of the middle east. Nevertheless I hope they had a successful lawn sale.
May 30, 2012 10:01:51 whatever!   reasonable sorry i meant highway supervisor.
May 30, 2012 08:23:16 Reasonable   Change in supervisor? Didnt we just have a change? I believe the person who took over from Craig was back by Craig 100%. That is good enough for me!!!
May 29, 2012 22:28:15 bertimouse   Hi Observer: What,you dont like/know how to haggle?!? Some of our best friends were met this way-OY! This is the best part of any garage sale. ;) Hope yall had a Great M.Wknd. Truly.
May 27, 2012 05:22:06 whatever!   resident no higher then there elected supervisor, time for change.
May 27, 2012 01:03:08 Judy   To observer::: sorry everything wasn't appropriately priced or marked for you. 99% of the people we met delightfully asked about an items price, then they either negotiated down in their favor or moved on to something else. Nobody got insulted. That's part of the fun at garage sales. Can you imagine, we even gave away many items free of charge!!!!! You were the only one that walked away unhappy.
May 25, 2012 18:31:08 Observer   Kathy - Nice yard sale. But a bit of advice? At least for me when I stop at a yard sale and ask the price of an item I sort of expect the person has a price in mind. I do not make "offers". It either ends up that the seller or the buyer is insulted. I would have purchased several items except for that fact. It is easy enough for the seller to name a price and the buyer can accept and buy or reject and go elsewhere. But best of luck with your sale.
May 24, 2012 20:56:14 Kathy   MULTI FAMILY YARD SALE FRI 5/25 & SAT 5/26 9A - 3P STEAM MILL RD - 1 MILE UP SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!!!
May 24, 2012 12:06:51 resident of Masonville   The town highway crew does what they are told to do so maybe we should look higher up the line before we critisize anyone. They did help build the new town hall and as we know you cannot be in two places at once. Good job guys!!
May 23, 2012 20:53:13 Reasonable   200k extra in the budget? If I have my numbers right that is nearly a 35-40% increase! Yikes, I wonder how many people would support such a tax increase?
May 23, 2012 00:35:51 bertimouse   Regarding Gas Fracking: 1. In Towanda,PA in the summer of 2011 there were 60 TRUCKS AN HOUR,24 HOURS A DAY,7 DAYS A WEEK,as reported by is an org based in Andes NY trying to protect Delaware County.)-Do we REALLY want to hear & have that kind of road traffic here? 2. Ninety percent of the new High Paid Labor Force will be engineers,inspectors,riggers, operators,truck drivers,etc.will NOT be from NY. The most increased local labor force will be for $7.25/hr. restaurant,KMart & gas station associates. 3. If the TOM Board wanted to hire an independent monitor as has been recently suggested,then they should prepare for a budget referendum vote which would include AT LEAST another $200K to the Town 1-yr.Budget. Its a Great Idea to do this kind of monitoring to protect&report only to the TOM but for what & do ya really think a vote like that would pass? 4. i.e.what does whatever MEAN?& how could the TOM decide on things like what?: supervise the construction? take independent testing for which area wells & for what chemicals? inspect the roadways & which ones? supervise the site work construction & how far away? Develop & coordinate an Emergency Management Plan with the TOM & Delaware County regarding gas fracking? 4. Being Cautious & Wise First before Action always saves health,happiness & lives. Past History is a great tool. OK Nuff said.
May 22, 2012 23:20:26 bertimouse   Regarding the TOM HWY DEPT: 1.Kudos to the TOM Hwy.Dept.during winter. 2.Yes,some of our back roads buck with a Big S & before u know it some folks may start suing the TOM for damage to their cars because of potholes but 3.The TOM Hwy.dept.has to live within their means just like the rest of us. Nuff said.
May 22, 2012 13:54:24 Observer   Maybe I am missing something but my opinion would be that our highway crew, considering the types and amount of road they have to maintain, is doing yoeman's work. The making surplus trucks seems to be working out pretty fair. They get them for next to nothing put a few bucks in them and sell them at a profit for the town coffers. Sounds good to me!!! In fact they just sold one they fixed up that I would have bid on but it went for more than my pocketook felt it could affort at this time.
May 22, 2012 13:31:08 concerned also   it appears our highway dept spends much time making surplus trucks look nice. we only have a three man crew what. what do you expect miracles?
May 21, 2012 07:39:15 whatever?   Our roads are really in bad shape do we still have a highway crew.No clean up no road maintanence.
May 20, 2012 19:52:03 funsucker   Sad to hear that. A lot of people took advantage of the clean up days. I hope it will be available next year.
May 19, 2012 11:15:32 Observer   No clean up days in Masonville this year.
May 19, 2012 06:33:59 funsucker   What are the dates for Masonville clean up days this year
May 18, 2012 21:27:32 wshbown   anything going on around town for memorial day weekend
May 17, 2012 14:38:27 Whatever.   reasonable that is the most correct information to date. It was nice to see that the sky was not falling as all the chicken little anti frackers are claiming. All I would ask is that the town require permits at a very high cost somethi9ng like 250,000 per well to maintain our roads as you can see our town roads are in deplorable shape. Also the town should hire a monitior with no aggenda to monitor the operation and report back to the town board. Let's start drilling.
May 16, 2012 22:40:45 bertimouse   Observer: a derby car is what you run in the Demolition Derbies. its on my bucket list to run in Walton as Bertiemouse number 17 & kick some btt someday! ;) ;) ;)
May 16, 2012 22:34:01 bertimouse   Reasonable: whos information are you using regarding your quotes as follows: 1.NYS has already thought of boundary issues. 2.NYS has thought of just about everything! We were smart, we sat back and watched while others made huge mistakes, then crafted our regulations based on what was learned.[Do tell us more about these regulations since you seem to be the only 1 in the state that knows yet] 3.The \"chemicals\" you speak of are 99.9% WATER and .01% chemical, which is the same chemical typically found in fabric softener. (OK so why cant you just say which chemicals they are?)-our pers. comments in [] &().
May 16, 2012 21:29:33 Reasonable   NYS has already thought of boundary issues, also known as setbacks, regarding drilling. NYS has thought of just about everything! We were smart, we sat back and watched while others made huge mistakes, then crafted our regulations based on what was learned. The \"chemicals\" you speak of are 99.9% WATER and .01% chemical, which is the same chemical typically found in fabric softener. And we release fabric softener in septic systems directly into the ground ABOVE the aquifer.
May 16, 2012 17:47:13 Observer   Not to sound stupid, but what in heavens is a \"Derby\" car? Some exotic racing machine?
May 16, 2012 15:25:29 what?   One regulation that is needed is a minimum distance to adjacent properties. If town regulations say I can\'t park a derby car on my front lawn, and state regulations regulate how far from my neighbors home, etc. my wood boiler can be,( the state outlawed my wood boiler and all like it from further sale in NY, even though it smokes LESS than my neighbors indoor wood stoves), then where they can drill should be regulated.
May 16, 2012 15:18:22 what?   Hey, at least Reasonable is being Reasonable. Who? is being dumb. I posted recently; It is a shame that there is so much negative that comes with fracking.In PA and W. Virginia, Marcellus shale has brought a boom in production, jobs, and profits – and a drop in natural gas prices for consumers.$3.5 billion in gross revenues for drillers in 2011, along with about $1.2 billion in West Virginia...I'm actually a pro-driller, we have more natural resources in OUR country than the Middle East. Get Liberals like Obama out of office and we could become energy independent. BUT as long as I hear chemicals are going to be fracked into our ground, I am against fracking. And as of yet I have heard no move towards using propane for fracking in NY.
May 16, 2012 11:45:06 Reasonable   I meant "no" risks....
May 16, 2012 11:44:27 Reasonable   I am not saying there are risks, there are risks with anything. You have a 1 in 50 chance in being killed in a car accident....maybe we should go back to horses? or better yet our feet and PETA would never allow us to use horses for transportation again.
May 16, 2012 07:58:25 Who?   What? your right lets just put everyone on social services. Why would we want to create jobs.
May 15, 2012 22:14:30 what?   100% pure huh? Is that why scientists are finding mutated fish, that they linked to the use of birth control, coming from urine, from sewage treatment plants. It is also believed to be causing problems with male fertility. I bet those guys never spill those chemicals, I bet they never have a well crack, and I bet they always report it if they do have a problem.
May 15, 2012 20:38:03 Reasonable   NYS Regulations do not permit evaporation ponds or frack water to be reused. In NY State all water must be treated by a NYS Approved municipal waste water treatment facility, which treats the water and returns it to the rivers/streams 100% pure, the same way they treat raw sewage! This will be a significant boom to the bleak finances of our cash strapped villages as there will be millions of gallons of water to treat. Get informed people and do not believe the hype or scare tactics using information from other states that do not have 1/3 of the stringent regulations we have here in NY State.
May 15, 2012 14:13:17 reader   Bertimouse, do you always talk to yourself?
May 15, 2012 04:17:48 who!   bertimouse whos information are you using.
May 15, 2012 04:06:48 what?   FYI, Reasonable; I will not vote for anybody that wants to give our missile defense secrets to Russia, and then probably North Korea and China.Obama issued a signing statement indicating that he felt restrictions aimed at protecting top-secret data on the U.S. Standard Missile-3 could impede his foreign policy authority. Then Obama was caught on tape; President Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space. President Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you… President Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility. President Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.
May 14, 2012 23:16:53 bertimouse   p.s.sorry last post so long, LOL yall but it was important to us to post that...if u can get a chance to read it ALL; it'd be worth it. OK Nuff said! ;)
May 14, 2012 23:14:14 bertimouse   Friends of Natural Gas=Friends of Poisoned Water! OK,so What To Do With Toxic Wastewater? Read this: Drillers take the water—still too salty to go into rivers—and use it again to fracture shale at another well. What isnt recycled goes to waste wells in Ohio or into holding ponds or steel tanks in Pennsylvania. The solid material left over is shipped to landfills, as regulated by state law.[Does NYS regulate this yet?] Ertel says now that they cant dump water in streams, more drillers are showing up on his doorstep. \"Basically what were seeing is, were seeing a gradual, controlled but necessary crank-down of regulation.\" Ertel says his company can also put frack water through a more rigorous process so it can go back into rivers. But that costs more. For now, about 90 percent of frack water is recycled in Pennsylvania & then re-used in fracking.[No regulations yet about recycled Frack water anywhere in NYS yet.] Thats an improvement. But that recycled water still requires more trucks to haul it around. Marty Muggleton says its time to fix the truck problem. Muggleton is vice president of TerrAqua Resource Mgmt, another recycling company in Williamsport. Eureka is in an old brick factory next to the Susquehanna River. The first thing you see are water trucks pumping polluted frack water into tanks. I put on a hard hat & went in to talk with plant owner Dan Ertel about this new business. \"We saw an absolute lack of any water treatment businesses or companies here,\" Ertel said. So in 2008 Eureka modified off-the-shelf technology & set up a factory to clean up the peculiar mix of gunk in frack water. The gunk is solid material like dirt, but also minerals like calcium, barium, sulfur compounds & others pollutants. They also remove any radioactive material that might have come from the shale.[No mention of what the \"other{}pollutants\" were or if existing area residences were tested before & after for Radon, water,etc.] Muggleton\'s company is designing centralized water treatment facilities closer to fracking sites,& pipelines that would replace water trucks.[Oh Great,just what we need:pipelines for liquid poison pumped to a treatment plant on your property; [Oh Well-{no pun intended}youve got 70 acres with a Frack Well on it already,what do you care if the water treatment site is also on your land eh?] A study by the Ground Water Protection Council of fracking water in Texas and Ohio found that water used in drilling has in fact come back up through old, unplugged wells. Yoxtheimer, the Penn State hydrologist,says fracking has been a \"lightning rod\" for the nations environmental movement. And he says Pennsylvania, like it or not, has been a case study for other states, like New York, that are weighing whether to allow hydraulic fracturing. \"I think its been very interesting to watch the industry change its practices because of public pressure,\" he says. [YAH THINK?!?] Pennsylvania\'s government appears to be listening. Theres a new law that charges a fee for each well drilled. The fee is not as high as some wanted, but it should generate millions of dollars for Pennsylvania and the counties where drilling takes place. And the state has also raised the bond amount that companies must post to cover the costs of cleanup once theyve left. ***The preceding comments were based on a news report by Christopher Joyce: PBS.News.Org entitled; With Gas Boom, Pennsylvania Fears New Toxic Legacy. Check it out for yourselves. Our pers. remarks were in[]&{}.
May 14, 2012 22:07:40 bertimouse   Drillers need billions of gallons of water. It's their dynamite: They use it to split rock. And they need trucks to move that water. Everywhere you drive in Pennsylvania's gas country, you're stuck behind a truck. You get mud all over your car. One-stoplight towns have traffic jams at noon. Dan Lopata, who's in charge of water for Chesapeake Energy, says trucks are a pain for everybody."The transportation of all the fluids is probably our biggest expense,and that's our highest exposure to the local community." "That's what they see driving up and down the road are the trucks." -I asked Lopata if those trucks annoy local people. "I would say yes to that question," he replied. I visited a Chesapeake Energy well site in the northeast part of PA; it was half the size of a football field.Machinery and workers were everywhere, all surrounded by forest. Deer in the woods, and John Deere on the pad. To get the natural gas out of the Marcellus layer of shale, engineers drill about a Mile Deep, then out horizontally through the shale layer. Explosive charges create cracks in the shale. Engineers then mix water with sand and Chemicals. Big pumps drive this slurry down into the shale. The fluid is so highly pressurized that it opens the cracks wider and liberates gas. What comes gushing up is called "flowback," a bubbly mix that looks like muddy champagne. Chesapeake senior director Brian Grove points to the 12-foot-high steel well head thats attached to several big hoses. Thats the plug at the opening of the well where gas will emerge. "It will come up through the well head," he explains over the din. "We will then put it through a large-scale separator, which will send water in one direction into steel tanks to be recycled, and then the gas will go in the other direction...What To Do With Toxic Wastewater? -Stay tuned yall this post is too long.
May 14, 2012 21:27:59 bertimouse   hmm: WRE in Sidney has a weight scale...u could ask em...theyve weighed ours for us for the DMV, etc. -hope this helps.
May 14, 2012 20:28:20 Reasonable   But you still havnt answered my question: Your savior, Obama, as well as his environmental left-wing scientists, say gas fracking is safe...does this mean you will be voting republican in November??? You cant have it both ways!!!
May 14, 2012 11:52:51 whatever?   Hmm we to0ok ours to WRE in Sidney!
May 14, 2012 11:06:40 Denis Burpoe   Good morning Masonville, It is that time of the year again to vote to have more money taken out of our households to help pay for our childrens education. Please get out and vote it does not matter wether the budget passes or fails we will still have a tax increase.Doesen't make sense doe it where you vote down something and it will still put a finacial burden on our households and community.I do not agree that all you have to be 18 years old and live in the district for 30 days and you can vote on what the landowner has to pay. We have people voting who have never payed a tax but will vote to keep a pool going on the home owners dime. I could go on but please make sure you exercise your rights by voting.
May 13, 2012 07:06:05 hmm...   Does anyone know of a place nearby where I can take a home built trailer to have it weighed? Apparently it's a requirement to register it. It's a little one, so it shouldn't weight much. It's just 5x8.
May 12, 2012 23:38:15 what?   I can\'t have a derby car in my front yard, but my neighbor can have a gas drilling rig.
May 12, 2012 23:28:07 what?   At a town board meeting explained the best? By who, the one that has a 'friends of natural gas' sign on their front lawn? Stop misleading readers, "fabric softener"? Come on, you know the chemicals they use are not fabric softener, of which I wouldn't want in my water either. Steel and concrete bored holes never have holes or cracks in them,not true. Do you really think they suck up all the chemical laden frack fluid? The whole ("but what about your neighbors sewer?, the farm down the road?, they put chemicals in the ground too.") why ADD to it? The worst pathetic comment from 'friends of natural gas' pro-drillers is "Drill a well, bring a soldier home". It sounds like the dirty Liberals who blamed the wars in the Middle East on oil and Bush being a oilman. More of our troops lives have been lost in Afghanistan under Obama in three years than eight years of Bush according to , is Obama putting our soldiers in harms way for oil also. Quit being pathetic you pro chemical frackers. And by the way, there has been no move towards propane fracking in NY that I know of,if there is let us know.
May 12, 2012 07:46:03 Reasonable   I think it was at a Town Board meeting that I heard it explained the best; The anti-drillers complain that we are going t pump chemicals (mainly made up of water, sand, and fabric softener...or better yet the newest way, propane) into the round 3000-5000 feet BELOW the water table, with the entire 'drill hole' being encased in STEEL and CONCRETE. They have a major problem with this but have absolutely no problem with SEPTIC systems being built which leach SEPTIC WASTE directly into the ground 25-50 feet ABOVE the water table. Thank God all these anti-drillers were not around when septic systems were developed, we would probbaly still be crapping in a hole. However, they probably would not allow that either!!! Oh, and by the way, the fracking fluid that everyone is so worried about is completely pumped back up to the service, captured in sealed steel containers and trucked away to be treated at a sewage treatment facility. NY State does not allow evaporation pits that have caused many of the fracking fluid spills in other states.
May 09, 2012 21:16:16 what?   Lead pipes,paint,solder,mercury,asbestos,were considered safe. Formaldehyde is still used in many products we buy,and causes cancer, do you consider that safe? I don't trust anyone that has the money to buy what ever influence they want.The gas companies have this money, Obama has more money than the last ten Republicans campaigns combined to try to buy his re-election, a BILLION dollars. I'm actually a pro-driller, but if it is going to be next door to me, and they want to put chemicals in the ground, I will stand with the NO-FRACK crowd. There is just to much scientific evidence that shows fracking will be harmful to our community.It is a shame that there is so much negative that comes with fracking.In PA and W. Virginia, Marcellus shale has brought a boom in production, jobs, and profits – and a drop in natural gas prices for consumers.$3.5 billion in gross revenues for drillers in 2011, along with about $1.2 billion in West Virginia.
May 09, 2012 12:55:40 Reasonable   You still have not explained why your savior, Obama, and all his governmental scientists have declared fracking safe! I assume you will NOT be voting for him in the November election due to this issue?
May 09, 2012 10:39:51 Observer   Certified Code Enforcement ? Another name for government busybody?
May 08, 2012 22:13:13 bertimouse   Reasonable: your style of rational, sane & silent type of Majority will Always remain in the Minority so long as it Promotes Attitudes Without Wisdom. Whats your Future Program besides attacking the Rest of This Planet?
May 08, 2012 21:49:33 bertimouse   About Radon: As a NYS CEO(Certified Code Enforcement Official)we just attended a class up in Poughkeepsie,NY regarding RADON & WHAT NYS wants to do about updating the code rules. -Well this class scared the pants off everyone. Get ready folks to learn about why your family keeps getting Lung Cancer. In the TOM & the TOD close by it doesnt prevail BUT IT IS HERE. Our homes need to be tested every other year & anytime you or your neighbor moves DIRT around. SHALE & GRANITE are the worst offenders. LOL has anyone tested out near the MV Stone Works lately? If you have GRANITE COUNTERTOPS in your Kitchen right now, You Need to be tested for RADON! Anything over 4 pci/L in NYS will be required(in the near future for Lung Safety)to be abated with a system which will cost about $600 tops to install by yourself, err for now. For whatever its worth,hope this helps.Gas Fracking only just stirs it all up again & we are sure that there are NO clauses for Radon testing anywhere yet,err.
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