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Febuary 24, 2013 19:08:25 bertimouse   Some Puppy Chrunchies cause bad effects at 2.5-3.5 months old Pups because of the amount of Protein & Snap with a C in them. Just when their growth rate spurts Big Time. We've known 2 Pups so far in the last 3 yrs where this has happened. A different diet always cures it. Hope this Helps hey. :)
Febuary 24, 2013 17:59:46 listener   does not pay to feed any baby animals cheap food, you get what you pay for. Although I have heard nothing but good about petco.
Febuary 23, 2013 23:20:30 what?   Ohh, I remember now, it was Diamond brand Large Breed Puppy, Lamb and Rice, much cheaper than Eukanuba, but still, No Wheat, No Corn, No Soy. Puppy's po op all that out in cheap dog food.
Febuary 23, 2013 23:11:00 what?   I personally don't shop at petco, I do stop once and awhile to look at the birds,fish,varmints with my kids. I buy dog food from Tractor Supply (retriever brand)or Wal-Mart, I think both are just as good as Pedigree at a fraction of the price. If you are dealing with a puppy, spend the money. Eukanuba, or a alternative. The guy at Brandow's 'feed and seed'in Walton had many that were as good as Eukanuba, but cheaper (I started my first pup on Eukanuba even though it cost more than I was spending to feed myself) I can't remember the name of it, but if you use a good quality feed for a pup, they only c rap once a day, much easier to house train! It is worth the price because once they get a little bigger you can switch them to something cheaper, they don't eat much when they are small, do yourself a favor and feed them the best when they are pups. like I said they po op once a day.
Febuary 23, 2013 19:16:38 pet owner   Is petco good for puppy food?
Febuary 23, 2013 12:00:08 Observer   I buy all my wild bird supplies at Agway in Binghamton. All my dog food at Sam' Club or Tractor Supply. I do not buy any wild bird food locally as it is not a good mixture. 99% millet and attracts only sparrows and starlings; and locally it is much more expensive and poor selection.
Febuary 23, 2013 10:26:59 what?   If you want to help local business, McDowell Walker in Sidney,Brandow's feed and seed, or Jake's Place in Walton are all good places to go, they have everything you need and excellent friendly service. I haven't been there but there is 'The Houndstooth Bakery and Boutique' between Bainbridge and Afton.
Febuary 23, 2013 07:55:18 pet lover   does anyone shop at petco? have heard it is a good place to shop for our 4 legged friends.
Febuary 22, 2013 12:04:48 Grumpy Ernst Keidel Neita\'s got ANOTHER birthday? Good Grief! I certainly wish her a happy one and look forward to seeing her at the next town council meeting.
Febuary 22, 2013 11:52:24 Grumpy Ernst Keidel   Test message
Febuary 22, 2013 07:25:53 Lee Ann Munholand   Wishing the "Mayor of Masonville", Ms. Neita VanValkenburg a very Happy Birthday. From your friends in sunny Florida.
Febuary 21, 2013 18:43:47 Observer   Enjoy the cold weather a lot more if I were hearing of it from Bermuda or Hawaii.
Febuary 21, 2013 18:20:09 snow lover   Is everyone enjoying this wonderful cold weather?
Febuary 20, 2013 18:52:31 Me   Answer it sounds like the property owners are footing the bill for the towers if I am correct there are 8 of them. What does the 911 tax that is collected by the county pay for. That tax is on every phone bill wether it is a land line or cellphone.
Febuary 20, 2013 18:23:17 Answer   The system has to be upgraded to comply with the federal government. The frequencies all have to be changed to comply with the feds or they will discontinue the frquencies and take it off line. Bottom line, if they (county) dont comply they will lose all radio communications. Another lovely unfunded mandate by clowns like King Obama and Prince Cuomo. What BS!!!
Febuary 20, 2013 16:36:13 Who   Does anyone know why they are updating a system that works in a time when unemployment is high. Is this going to increase the response time. If by how much. Let take A look at the overall picture. They raise our taxes, Obama care, gun control. Are you sure that this is not germany 1935?
Febuary 20, 2013 16:24:02 Snow lover   We made it through another small snow storm and all is well in Masonville!!
Febuary 19, 2013 19:03:56 Me   Answer is this being Paid for with the91 1 tax on our phone bills or is the county socking us for more tax on our land tax. It sounds like the taxpayer is getting it again
Febuary 19, 2013 18:25:08 Answer   The tower you speak of being put up on pine hill is for an update to the emergency communications system (I believe) and has nothing to do with cell phones. Only the radios the police and fire departments use...
Febuary 19, 2013 18:03:27 crzyflea   top of steam mill just before full into the woods after the seasonal stretch starts, spotty off and on along cr 20, up on teed and randal hills you can sometimes get it too. A lot of if you get it will depend on provider and how 'smart' of a phone you have. if you have a 'smart' one it may pick up and boost signal off someone's wifi, especially if you are getting signal where you didn't before. Heck, overcast conditions can alter how much signal you get. I get better signal out in state land than I do in town though.
Febuary 19, 2013 11:24:31 Old Fa rt   You can get service on Shears,by the 4 corner,also at the druggie spot.dont know how cause there is no tower around.
Febuary 19, 2013 09:38:22 Observer   If memory serves me correctly at the time the fuss arose about the tower in Walton there was a company looking at installing a tower in Masonville but due to the fuss in Walton the company withdrew their plans for a tower here. I also know something changed in the last couple of years. We were not able to send or receive where I live but in the last couple of years we have very good service. I have not changed phones or companies in that time so I do not really know what the change was. All I know it was for the better.
Febuary 19, 2013 08:01:42 what?   Did TOM ever refuse to put one in? I know in Walton some people protested theirs as being a eyesore. You can't even see that one unless your behind the Dollar General by the river, not visible from their houses.
Febuary 19, 2013 07:58:01 what?   Voter, you asked where I got my info from, what? info. I just mentioned it would be nice if TOM had a tower. I already know we don't have one. You say they are putting one on Pine Hill, well that might give us a little more service.It would be nice if one of the cell companies looked at TOM for a tower, "can you hear me now".
Febuary 19, 2013 00:04:03 Voter   What? More do you need they are putting towers in half the towns in the county except masonville. Makes you wonder why nobody in masonville knows about it don't you think
Febuary 18, 2013 23:31:21 what?   Resident; Douglas xtra trac II 195/70r14 $55 a piece at WalMart, a few years ago they where only $35 a piece, but everything goes up with a Democrat in office. All season, buy them at the start of winter brand new, I don't rotate them,just buy new for the front every winter, and new to the back when necessary, usually every two years, sometimes three, and I drive that vehicle about 35 miles a day five days a week. For my van 215/70R15 there is about a dozen options at Sears, Kmart, Sidney tire, at less than $112 a piece. I buy mine at Kmart when I see the 'buy three get one free'! That's 'Good Year' 70,000 mile warranted tires at $84 a piece or less than $350 for the vehicle, been driving on them two years now and hope to get a third. My truck, paid $200 dollars for a set of four HUGE nice knobby tires of Craigs list, did I pay NY tax on them, who cares it was already paid once how many times do you think we should pay the Govt? I'm not going to be dumb and spend more on tires that they are worth, and I'm not going to be dumb and drive through the same pothole everyday and complain.
Febuary 18, 2013 23:28:21 what?   Voter; HUH, a little more info would be nice.
Febuary 18, 2013 23:25:52 Voter   What? Where do you get your information from the Delaware county sheriffs dept is requestiing bids to instal a 80\' tower on pine hill road just over the masonville town line in Sidney .it appears that the town of masonville got it done to them again .ce on people lets pay attention.
Febuary 18, 2013 23:23:54 Voter   What? Where do you get your information from the Delaware county sheriffs dept is requestiing bids to instal a 80' tower on pine hill road just over the masonville town line in Sidney .it appears that the town of masonville got it done to them again .ce on people lets pay attention.
Febuary 18, 2013 22:39:05 what?   mark, that would be nice, a cell tower in TOM. It's pretty much a dead zone.
Febuary 18, 2013 21:17:15 mark   can someone tell me why we don't have a cell tower servicing Masonville?
Febuary 18, 2013 19:37:17 Resident   What I think you are full of it what are ou running 13" tires. Are you are not buying them in new York and are cheating your state out of the taxes
Febuary 18, 2013 19:08:02 what?   I own three that I paid half that for apiece and they all pass inspection. I pay about $35-$80 a tire through WalMart or online. I bet everybody in Masonville travels on it's roads, the majority of them State and County roads. If you travel these roads often you should know where the rough spots, potholes are and avoid them or slow down. I'm not going to let a few potholes ruin my vehicle or my day.
Febuary 18, 2013 17:03:59 What!   What? There are not many 2500$ cars in masonville that would Pass inspection. What? How many people are employed in Masonville and do not travel? There is no such thing anymore you also will need a 1000$ worth Of tires due to new York tax
Febuary 18, 2013 16:04:30 what?   Apparently 'Anoter broke residentI' isn't that broke. You might be driving over $25,000 vehicles, but 'we' are driving under $2,500 vehicles. What!; thank Obama for what? 14 million unemployed, 8.5 million jobs have disappeared since Obama was elected in '08,welfare expenditures have doubled to a $trillion a year. Higher health insurance costs due to Obamacare. Thanks Obama!
Febuary 18, 2013 15:58:33 What!   I don't know why but I spelled Cuomo and it censored the name
Febuary 18, 2013 15:09:54 What!   So I say let's thank Obama and *CENSORED* what the hell they get Payed and they are doing a good no!
Febuary 18, 2013 13:27:52 voter   If the words thank you and nice job hurt that much I really hope no one ever thanks you for anything in life. Yes it is their job but a little praise goes a long ways.
Febuary 18, 2013 09:22:59 Anoter broke residentI   Masonville resident I am from masonville I agree we do not need to praise the workers they are paid well. Rember we are driving vechiles worth over 25,000$ on roads that are destroying the vechiles.we payed sales tax license tax gas tax and land tax. If they don't start giving us what we pay for witch is in the thousands of dollars we as voters should start looking for people who care more about the people who pay their salaries are start looking for other work. We are Paying 2013 bills and you want the workers to have a 1972 attitude. Resident come On and catchup to what Is going on with how much we are taxed and what we get!
Febuary 16, 2013 22:46:11 what?   Anyone else notice that any time a tragedy happens that involves a firearm the news attacks the right. "I wouldn't be surprised if a Tea Party member or a right wing extremist was involved." It turns out every indecent lately was done by left wing Democrat Liberal nuts, the ones who want to ban guns! I say ban all democrats and liberals.The left wing media rushes to blame Rush, Beck, Sarah Palin etc. for some of these killings recently. When it was learned they were Liberals, inspired by Liberalism, not a peep is reported on that. Mayor Michael Bloomberg falsely blamed the 2010 Times Square jihad bomb plot on tea party activists protesting Obamacare. Bloomberg never gave them a apology after smearing them for something they had no part of. Theodore Kaczynski, Unabomber, pro-tree hugger, anti-oil and energy companies. In CA, Christopher Dorner went on a rampage killing innocents after posting lefty screed on Facebook, praising lefty “journalists”.At Ft.Hood, Muslim Army captain, Hasan, reg’d Democrat.Columbine, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, unregistered, but parents were reg’d Democrats.VA Tech shooter, Ross Ashley, reg’d Democrat (sent hate mail to Pres. Bush).In AZ, Jared Lee Loughner who shot Congresswoman Gifford voted Dem. (registered Independent).Aurora, CO, theatre shooter, James Holmes, reg’d Democrat (former OWS radical).In DC, Floyd Corkins opens fire at the Family Research Council (on the right) after reading a “hate map” posted by the Southern Poverty Law Center (on the left).Oklahoma City, bomber, Timothy McVeigh (militia member but family were union Democrats).Hollywood, Charles Manson, not pol affiliated, but his followers were Democrats.
Febuary 16, 2013 22:29:05 what?   I have five thirty round clips and two 75 round drum mags for AK-47, pre ban,1994,if anyone is interested? With Cuomo's gun ban looming they must be worth about $2,000 to $3,000. Cuomo himself said to sell them, so if someone wants to pay, their yours, otherwise I will have to bury them. Now Cuomo is saying about guns, "Confiscation could be a option".!! Impeach Cuomo and Obama!
Febuary 16, 2013 19:37:04 Interested in Trade   Looking for someone who wants to make a LEGAL trade. I am looking for an semi auto 9 MM. Am willing to trade S&W model 15 2 inch barrel or Ruger Model 36 357 Mag. If anyone wants to deal contact me via this board.
Febuary 16, 2013 17:18:44 TX-1   HEY! much Ice/Snow on Shears?
Febuary 16, 2013 17:16:37 Old Fa rt   Good weather got everybody outside.
Febuary 15, 2013 07:51:34 citizen of TOM   very quiet message board, must be all is peaceful in the town of Masonville.
Febuary 13, 2013 20:57:17 berimouse   Amen crzyflea,Amen.We are all of Gods children,all have warts,and etc.,but not so much compassion anymore for anyone in pain or hurt anymore,thats too sad to think about anymore except to never give up yah know?NEVER give up,tough to Soar like an Eagle when yur flying with Turkeys all the time.
Febuary 13, 2013 06:55:21 masonville resident   Nice to hear from someone who grew up in Masonville, your comments on saying thank you or nice job are what we used to hear around here all of the time, but since our towns people have moved in from elsewhere, we have lost a lot of the nice ways. You are right these kind words go a long way and always will. These words do not pay the bills ,but do make us feel good and encourage us to do better work.
Febuary 13, 2013 06:02:00 crzyflea   @Whart be that as it may, everyone appreciates praise from time to time. Yes, they have a contractual obligation to do the work, just as you or I or Jo Blow from Idaho, have contractual obligations to do our work as well if we are so lucky as to have a job. While getting our paycheck is enough, hearing someone say 'good job', 'well done', or heaven forbid, 'thank you' is nice. Not required, not necessary, but NICE. A smile or a kind word do not break your check book. It might not make the balance any more in your favor either but it will make you feel better. I promise, it won't hurt, costs nothing and is sometimes worth more than you might imagine. Funny thing about NICE, Not a lot of that going around these days on this forum. When I see all the petty bickering on here I get sad thinking about the town I grew up in and what a small and sometimes petty place it has become. You know what gives me hope that there is still some of that beautiful place that is a slice of heaven in my childhood memories, Seeing the way folks come together in the face of tragedy......... My condolences to the Jumps. Thank goodness no human lives were lost but so sorry to hear about all the animals and the barn. It makes my heart glad to see the outpouring of support from the community.
Febuary 12, 2013 18:36:26 Whart   What? all I am trying to say is that they are rewarded with the pay that they agreed to per thier contract. We do not need to praise people for doing what they agreed to do. It is expected of them/ and as a taxpayer I agreed to pay wages retirement and benifits. They are bettor off then most. the service is owed.
Febuary 12, 2013 07:38:30 what?   Did you know Obama is, in coordination with the Mexican president, Felipe Calderon, running television ads. The United States government is running television ads in Mexico targeted at Mexicans who planned on coming to the United States. And do you know what the commercials were about? How to get food stamps!Did you know when Obama came into office $563 million in 2008 on welfare.By 2009, $692 million.After four years of Barakaclause,welfare is over $1 trillion dollars. Obama is offering states that sign up the most recipients cash bonuses.Wisconsin got a $5 million performance bonus for adding the most recipients.If you have a taxpayer paid for Obamaphone, you get extra minutes for signing up more people. In 2011 about 16.8 million households qualified as living below the federal poverty level, which means that if the government’s welfare spending were equally divided between them, they would each get $59,523. I wonder what? helped get Barakaclause elected?
Febuary 12, 2013 07:21:38 what?   Tired, why would you think I don't work? Of course I do, seven days a week some times. Do you think people don't deserve raises? I make twice the money now than I did ten years ago and am no further ahead, everything costs more, zero net gain. Even people on welfare get raises.
Febuary 12, 2013 07:07:37 what?   Whart, if the TOM workers are so rich then why have they had second part time jobs? Who works on thier day off when they are rolling in dough? You sound pretty grumpy, I bet your one of those who doesn't smile and say thank you when a cashier hands back change,they are just doing the job they are paid for right?
Febuary 12, 2013 05:14:23 Tired   what? you I am assuming are not currently in the work force
Febuary 12, 2013 04:53:17 Whart   What they were very lucky to get a increase in the wages at a time when there is a steady incresae in unemploymet. Again we do not praise people who are making above average wages have union representation above average health care retirement,dental, eye glasses, vacations, sick days use of company vechiles during the day. we do not praise them for what we pay for it is expected of them they choose the posistion .
Febuary 12, 2013 00:50:45 Amy Jump Jump Barn Fire. Hi everyone. I just found out about this page and was reading the comments. Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and prayers. There is going to be a chicken n biscuit lunch, Chinese auction and bake sale at the American Legion in Sidney on March 16th at 2pm. It will take time for Brad's burns to heal. He has to go back to syr burn center for further treatment this week. This fundraiser is to raise money to pay for medical bills and burial expenses for animals. My parents r talking of re-building a smaller barn on their property with fewer animals. The barn was a total loss and sadly we lost 62 animals. Thank you everyone for your thoughtfulness.
Febuary 11, 2013 23:56:25 bertimouse   Yall Mark your Calendars for SAT.MARCH 16=JUMP FAMILY FUNDRAISER@the Sidney American Legion Hall to Raise Funds for their New Barn and Animals.And Happy Saint Valentines Day Everyone.Without Love Life has no meaning.
Febuary 11, 2013 18:23:33 what?   I can't think of anywhere I would want to work if there wasn't cost of living raises, cost of living increase equals zero net gain. WooHoo they got such a big raise they all went out and bought identical Hummers!
Febuary 11, 2013 14:34:11 What   voter all i am trying to say is that we do not need to praise people who have a contract and agreed to do a job. We thank them with good pay and a real good healh care and retirement plan. And a cost of living increase in their pay.
Febuary 11, 2013 14:24:43 voter   Sorry, meant to say they do get paid.
Febuary 11, 2013 14:23:40 voter   that was not the point, someone was complaining the work did not get done in a timely manner. Yes, they do get and yes ,this is America, thank goodness.
Febuary 11, 2013 13:28:17 What!   Voter did they get paid to do that work. Oh imagine that they did what they agreed to do by contract and they got paid. Only in America people.
Febuary 11, 2013 13:10:14 voter   hope all are satisfied with how the town roads have been cleared of ice and snow in the past few days. Nice job TOM highway dept.
Febuary 10, 2013 01:31:08 non resident   Bertimouse, enough has been said, sorry for the loss but what you are saying no one wants to hear. So please stop posting your comments.
Febuary 10, 2013 01:11:39 bertimouse   I still miss Zapata.He was Such a GREAT Golden Retriever PUPPY Run Over&Killed by a Complete JERK on Poplar Hill Rd.-Who Runs Over A PUPPY?&then leaves them to die if NOT for our witness?How could Anyone NOT SLOW DOWN on a Snowy Road?We both are still SO Wondering,SO Mad&SO Sorry,but Still,SO MAD.This *CENSORED* head is going to pay for what he did because it will prevent him from kill ing a child standing out at the bus stop next time..too fast down the road is his Montra.
Febuary 10, 2013 00:19:11 bertimouse   Jump Family Fundraiser: Marie says MARCH. BE THERE TOM ALL OF YOU. Yall HEAR This Announcement? MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW. Every Saturday from March 2nd, March 16th, March 30th. The Family needs to REEL Alone for Awhile;just like we all have,yes with death.
Febuary 09, 2013 10:17:59 tired   reader thanks for the input appreciated.
Febuary 08, 2013 20:27:49 reader   tired of it, town crew is working tonight, does that keep you satisfied. Maybe you should appreciate what others do and stop complaining. They will probably be at it again early tomorrow morning so you can get out to get your paper.
Febuary 08, 2013 06:05:30 The Evening Sun 020713 Norwich   EMO DEVELOPING APP FOR SEVERE WEATHER, EMERGENCIES... NORWICH – In a few months, the City of Norwich Emergency Management Office will be the first in New York State to unveil a new EMO smart phone app for the community, showing that city officials can stay ahead of the game in the digital age to provide up-to-date information when weather conditions get tough. ... The app, which city officials hope to release free to the public by mid to late spring, is currently in development. City Emergency Management Officer A. Jones explained that while conventional modes of getting information out to the masses are useful, the new app is going to allow officials to reach a larger demographic at lightning speed. The Emergency Management Office already utilizes social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter to reach the community, Jones said. More than 230 locals follow it on Twitter, and more than 3,400 have liked it on Facebook. Moreover, email notifications and radio updates are put out regularly, along with a texts, phone calls, webcam and weather station feed, NY-Alert notifications (including road and school closures) and preparedness information. “We do a lot,” added Jones, “and the app is going to bring all of that together into one place ... It will be like one-stop shopping for people to get information.”......
Febuary 08, 2013 05:39:07 tired of it   Big weekend for the highway Supertendent lets see how he handles the storm keep our roads open in case of a emergency. His budget is over 550,000 dollars a year see if he is caplble of providing the service that he was elected to do. This will go a long way for me when election day comes. I will vote for who ever runs agaist him. If he fails.
Febuary 08, 2013 04:56:58 WABC news 010713   (know instantly when and what roads have been plowed) TRACK SNOW PLOWS ON WEBSITE... (WABC News) -- The city's website will now allow residents to track plow trucks during the next snowstorm (2/8/13). Every truck now has GPS and its exact location can be followed in real time on Mayor Bloomberg says being able to track the plow trucks won't get the streets cleared any faster, but at least residents will know where the plows are located.
Febuary 07, 2013 21:07:52 Marie For anyone who wants to know there is tentative fundraiser scheduled for sometime in March for Jump Family. It is being spear headed by friends of Brad\'s that are local to the area, actually live right down the route 206.
Febuary 07, 2013 19:40:43 masonville resident   Same faces as always and a very quiet meeting. It would be nice to have some questions from the public if there are any concerns.
Febuary 07, 2013 08:39:47 voter voter were there any new faces at the town meeting last nite ?
Febuary 06, 2013 21:56:21 bertimouse   One more thought:I work but life is more important.Dont care how poor Ill be by staying home&staying safe during any kind of storm.If Im gonna die somewheres Id rather it be at my home in Masonville than somewheres off the road in a snowy ditch or hit by some Fool driving too fast or too stupidly at Any time of the year.Nuff said.
Febuary 06, 2013 21:34:11 bertimouse   Friday am commute at 6am may be snowy but fine.The drive home may be a little dicey,TGIF.Been my experience that late night snowstorms during mid work week the Hwy dept plows all night-passes thru every hour or so if its really heavy.I can always count on em for at least one pass by 0500 sos I can get out to work.On weekends Id say all bets are off or anytime a Snow Emergency is called.Your supposed to Stay home then,Duh.So Slow down.Unplug.Feed the Starving birds. Help your neighbor shovel snow.Build a Snowman.Build a Snow Sculpture!Go chop some more wood.Take many nice and funny snow photos.Take your family&dogs for a hike.Go skiing.Go check your maple trees for taping this spring.Plan your next Garden.Read a Book.All are no cost,No electrical power required.Have Fun,no worries here. :)
Febuary 06, 2013 20:37:47 WCDO radio news 020613   ...Governor Cuomo today announced the completion of all highway-paving projects funded through the NY Works program. The program included replacing pavement at 172 sites across New York State, including approximately 2,157 miles of state roadways, as part of $229.9 million in contracts. Local Projects completed under the paving program include Route 17 from Hancock to Fish’s Eddy in Delaware County.
Febuary 06, 2013 14:12:43 resident   I believe they start work at 6 a.m. and stay as long as needed. If necessary they do go in earlier.
Febuary 06, 2013 12:44:48 What!   resident do you know if they sanded some of the bad roads today. And are the highway guys prepared for the snow storm on Fri. Do you think they will have the roads clean for the working people there proberly wont be any school but they still need to service the roads for the working people. Looking forward to your input!
Febuary 06, 2013 07:50:30 resident   Now is the time to make your concerns be heard, go to the meeting tonight, do not hide behind the message board and complain!!!!
Febuary 04, 2013 20:46:52 voter   Hope all remember the town board meeting is this Wed. at 7:30, some new faces and ideas would probably be very welcome.
Febuary 04, 2013 01:17:12 what?   The devastation that a fire causes is paramount to the cause, it is hard to overcome the fear that a fire brings. I hope and pray that all know tomorrow brings a better day.
Febuary 03, 2013 21:35:54 Old Fa rt   I know a fire is a fire,but does anybody knows how it started?
Febuary 03, 2013 19:08:10 Marie bertimouse, I look forward to hearing from email is I want to be able to help this family because they are such a great family. They help others out, now are needing it back.
Febuary 02, 2013 23:22:55 bertimouse   Marie,what a tragedy for them and you.So very sorry to hear about all of the animals lost including one of yours.Ill contact you soon privately about organizing an action plan to help.No One expects bad things to happen to their family and lives.It bucks with an S that God makes us go thru these things.Yah right its supposed to make us more compassionate,stronger and wiser.Well OK God but Pain Hurts Bad and its not a good way for you to teach your children lessons cause it takes Years sometimes to just get past just The Hurt.Nuff Said.
Febuary 02, 2013 13:28:48 Trying to be open minded   AXS-TV is showing "FrackNation". available through Dish and Direct TV. Today at 2:30 on Dish channel 340. Everyone should watch this to have a better understanding of natural gas.
Febuary 02, 2013 12:43:39 Marie The fire at the Jump Family Farm was devastating to the family. Around 58 animals were lost (5 horses, 2 dogs, 3 cats, many cows, many goats, and rabbits) along with the barn. They are at lost what to do because this was their life. The family is going to be left with the cost of burying of the animals and clean up. Brad is left with medical bills from his hospital visits. I am a family friend and had horse in the barn that was lost. I am more concerned with helping a family that does so much for others. Also, the family lost the mother's father 2-3 weeks back. This family does not deserve this heartache. I live in Syracuse, but I am willing to help anyone wants to.
Febuary 02, 2013 11:21:24 Observer   Must be something in the air causing all these problems. Last night (well, actually very early this A.M. about 1:00 A.M) a lady who attends our church and lives in Rockwell Mills on St Rte 8 had the misfortune of a vehicle practically demolishing her home. The vehicle went practically all the way through the home from side to side. The First Responders spent sometime getting the driver out of the vehicle. When I left there about 2 A.M the vehicle was still in the house. The driver was taken to the hospital but do not know of her condition. Fortunately the home owner was not injured but sounding scared.
Febuary 01, 2013 22:44:16 bertimouse   resident and Jeri B at Mormon Hollow-TG Brads alright. Ive got some 20 foot long dry 2by10s been sitting around awhile and come to think of it Allot of materials and know how to Rebuild a Barn.How bad was the damage to it?Did they lose any Animals?Seems to me this Family needs help from their neighbors by doing a Barn Raising Event.Please let us know what the Jump Family SOS is so we can all start helping asap with whatever we can. Ask and it shall be Given...
Febuary 01, 2013 20:59:09 resident   yes Brad did get burns on his arms and face and is home now and doing fine.
Febuary 01, 2013 10:23:16 concerned   I heard that Bradly got burned in the fire and was transported to syracuse. Does anyone know if this is true and how is he. Let's all keep the Jump family in our prayers.
Febuary 01, 2013 08:03:03 Mormon Hollow Farm Jeri Brayman   For those of you who know Bert Jump you may like to know that he lost his barn to fire early this morning. Anyone having a few minutes to think of this lifelong farmer of Masonville, a phone call or visit may make this pain a little easier for him.
Febuary 01, 2013 05:28:43 Who!   Resident do you know if the highway crew is going to clean the roads this morning they are pretty slick.
January 31, 2013 21:45:18 bertimouse   And so the Hate and Rumors spread Right Here. It will ALL STOP when We Stop. We are a more(wed like to think)Rich,Educated,Thoughtful,Loving and Yes the Biggest most Powerful than Anyone on this here Planet. That does NOT make us Right all the time everywhere. Might does NOT make Right Anymore, nor does it serve our Economics well. We All should understand that now and that there comes a time when other countries have to Start Defending Themselves and stop feeding on the U.S.A. like Leeches. Yah I know its a complicated issue everywhere but the USA should pull back and defend-not attack unless attacked but be ever vigilant.
January 30, 2013 12:48:05 what?   Now Obama gives sixteen F-16s and 200 Abrams tanks to the military in Egypt that Obama helped put in power. The Egyptian Pres., head of the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood said “Dear brothers, we must not forget to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those Zionists and Jews, and all those who support them," he said. "They must be nursed on hatred. The hatred must continue.” He also said Jews were;“Descendants Of Apes And Pigs” and “Bloodsuckers”.Obama borrows money from the Chinese that us taxpayers have to pay back,to fund a terror group at the tune of Billions of dollars.
January 30, 2013 12:46:52 what?   That should have been world, Obama went around the world apologizing for America,hung out with America hating Dictators, and accepted a anti-America book from one of them.
January 30, 2013 12:44:36 what?   Just so y'all know, I didn't post the 'Read This' comment. There was a lot of controversy going around when Obama's flag pin was no longer wore by him, and then reappeared when he toured the Chrysler plant (that was sold to Fiat). And his wife who said "for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country"(must be she didn't like the US before '08). And then there was Obama going around the country apologizing for America, Obama "America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive' towards its allies."
January 30, 2013 11:10:39 Observer   While the supposed interview with Obama on "Face The Nation" when he was a senator makes for good reading and sounds like something he might utter; I do believe you will find it is in the same category as the second shooter on the hill. My understanding the entire thing was a spoof on the internet. Snopes was unable to find anywhere any proof such an interview ever took place. While Obama has sort of confirmed the supposed interview with his actions and words since the original is probably faked. Long live conspiracy theories!!!! LOL
January 29, 2013 23:15:33 bertimouse   boned again: Nothing Over 2%. Yah We Hear You Neighbor! Nothing Over 2%. :)
January 29, 2013 23:10:24 bertimouse   January is the National Radon Gas Awareness Month - Yah like no one is promoting that either where we live or where we work or where our kids go to school - Except me & LOL I Lobed a Big Bombshell Recently on that front. I have NO Regrets because what I Did was for the Health and Safety for Everyone. SCSD needs to reveal their Radon test results in all of their schools if (LOL) they have even tested at all.
January 29, 2013 22:51:54 bertimouse   Dear Read This: Now Hear This Sir: 1.You mis quoted and mis stated so many thangs how can I begin, LOL! 2.Your Post is WAY too long and btw 200 words is supposed to be the limit here Sir so Ill be just short and sweet here: GET OVER 2008 will ya?!? There is a FREIGHT TRAIN of us youngsters coming into Power now; get it? Really?
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