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May 17, 2013 13:53:58 PhantomGoogler   for reaching the clerk - give a call to the number listed here on the site, leave a message if you don\'t get an answer. She\'ll call you back. I\'ve never had a problem getting in touch with her.
May 17, 2013 09:28:48 Old Fa rt   They all Bankers hours.
May 17, 2013 07:55:40 really?   Who, you may be right, no one has done the dog count in years so how does anyone know how many dogs there really are?
May 17, 2013 07:53:24 resident   Who! thats not true, but every time I go to the town hall the clerk is not there to buy my licence. Does anyone know what the clerks hours are at the town hall.
May 17, 2013 05:12:05 Who!   resident you do not have to licence your dog in masonville. nobody cares.
May 16, 2013 13:29:17 resident   how much for a current dog license?
May 16, 2013 01:18:57 PhantomGoogler   The fellow asking about lawnmowing - next town over you can get someone. Oakley's lawn Care 607-643-3481 he does lawns any size and also does some landscaping. Ask for Rob. Does free quotes. I'm on beech hill also and may be having him out to do mine as well.
May 15, 2013 14:08:57 Old Fa rt   Next thing,they will say it is a terrorist training camp under cover.people are sick,not much to do around here.
May 15, 2013 07:55:45 what?   The only one I heard was in Sidney was Chris Gibson. Now, maybe Chuck Schumer was there also I could see someone protesting Schumer.
May 15, 2013 02:12:27 crzyflea   Kinda makes you wonder - would it have had as much impact locally if he had just taken it down? See the buzz being made about one man flipping his flag and the commotion it caused. I wonder where else it has caused a conversation, raised some heads, startled people awake from their safe and secure ignorance. I say well done. I don't have to agree with your politics to salute the fact that a man takes a stand and takes action for what he believes in.
May 14, 2013 19:15:01 Observer   Why would anyone think he was a Nazi or KKK? Maybe he is a patriot?
May 14, 2013 17:08:16 Just Wondering   Does that guy who flies that big flag top of the mountain coming from sidney to MV on 8. is that a nazi or KKK club or something..?? any one knows ?
May 14, 2013 11:41:18 Observer   What? - One could pick any number of things to protest in our government today; both state and federal. But I was told it was in protest of some state rep. who was visiting Sidney. I have been told the fellow is very conservative in his political stand. I, myself, am very concerned about the direction our country is taking. Never has the moral climate of this nation been as low as it is now. The government, both state and federal is getting more and more involved in our lives. Coumo sending out his Storm Troopers to enforce his edicts. People being arrested for taking anti-anxiety meds or having more rounds in a gun magazine than His Majesty has declared. We can keep going and going and not cover all the intrusions into our private lives. I even know a fellow who was told not to have a Gaston Flag in his place of business. Nearby a guy bought 500 rounds of ammunition from a business in Binghamton and was visited by Coumo's Storm Troopers next day. When are we going to stop acting like sheep? One of our founding father's stated, "When people fear the government that is tyranny, but when the government fear the people that is liberty." One of our federal officials assured the people, "We are not coming after your guns". Yeah, right! Another stated, "If I could take every gun out of the hands of people I would." When guns are only in the hands of police and the Storm Troopers that is a Police State. Hitler's regime removed gun rights from people to make it easier to round up the Jews and dissidents.
May 14, 2013 11:22:57 what?   So, what? was his 'beef'? Was he protesting against American jobs, and against our Constitution? Or was he protesting for higher taxes and more Government involvement in our lives? Or was it something else altogether?
May 14, 2013 10:26:23 Observer   While the US Flag code states that the flag should only be flown upside down as a signal of extreme distress; flying it that way is not really showing disrespect for the flag or country. It is often flown upside down as a sign of protest and people have been doing so for years and it has become more prevalent since the last presidential election. I cannot affirm the story of the large flag but I did hear it from about 6 independent sources.
May 14, 2013 08:46:41 reader   The flag that Steve Anderson, SCS board member, has flown up side down was an insult to our flag and our country and what does it teach our school children?.
May 13, 2013 23:55:36 what?   Observer, look into who was in Sidney. I would like to know. The only one I have heard visited Sidney was a Congressman who visited Amphenol, ((that I think is a waste but a different story). If the beautiful flag that flows on top of Sidney was hung upside down by someone that disagrees with a retired Veteran Colonel from West Point and has so many medals you could write a book on him, and hasn't broke our Constitution like our temporary Governor and President,and is and has been for our Constitutional rights as far as Cuomo's anti gun Legislation goes, a upside down flag would be a disgrace to the country,our town and the county. But he has that right, it is only the the Republicans that have no rights,Benghazi,IRS etc.,.
May 13, 2013 22:20:40 ???   SWAT Team telling him to take it down? Who the heck gives anyone the authority to tell anyone to turn their flag around being flown on private property???
May 13, 2013 20:18:31 Observer   I am told the fellow who flies the very large flag outside of Sidney hung it upside down in honor of one of our Albany crooks who was in town. I understand he was visited by a swat team and told to take it down. It would have been a lot more effective had he hung several politicians from Albany up side down from the flag pole.
May 12, 2013 10:49:40 Mormon Hollow Farm   Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms and Grandmas in town. Have had wonderful gifts from my 3 sons. A nice dinner with one family, flowers from one and one did my heifer chores this morning. So nice to know they care.
May 10, 2013 10:23:34 just a reader   Glad to see interest in our town. We all have to remember that decisions are made by the board to better the town, some may be hard to understand but if more could attend the meetings and ask questions we could all learn more facts. I feel that the board is good to work with and will give the answers to our questions, sometimes research needs to be done so it may not be an immediate answer. The people we have running our town have been here for a long time and know the history of our town, therefore hopefully they know what does and does not work. Just food for thought.
May 09, 2013 23:18:55 what?   Great posts, PhantomGoogler. Good suggestions in my opinion. All the 'stuff' you say Gary's takes for free, the county dump does also along with household garbage for free. But if all these lazy complainers on this board would like to just dump it off at the town hall and let the taxpayers deal with it, a few volunteers or fundraisers would definitely help the situation.
May 09, 2013 22:31:30 PhantomGoogler   What if as a community we raised the funds to do the clean up days. Say with a chicken bbq or two or a penny social, anything really, just a nice little community activity that would be to put together a fund for things like clean up days. It really is a shame with the grange closed and all that we don't have nearly as many community activities as there once were back 15-20 years ago. Serves a dual purpose. Funds some community projects, offers some fun activities and it fosters a sense of community and togetherness. Sure it means some folks give up some time but get the kids involved foster some pride and some roots. What can it hurt?
May 09, 2013 22:22:32 PhantomGoogler   Just something that maybe most folks don't know about and maybe it would enable us to have at least a partial clean up day. I can't make it to meetings but if someone who does go thinks this might be a good idea they could bring it up for me. ---- Straight from their website: Gary's U-Pull It, Inc. works with many local towns to setup what is referred to as "Town Cleanup Day". During these days Gary's provides the township with multiple containers at a single location designated for the local community to dispose of unwanted scrap metal including, refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washers, driers, lawn mowers, gas grills and the list goes on and on. This service is provided to the township at no cost and keeps the streets and yards of the community looking great. Along with "Town Cleanup Days" many towns also choose to keep a single container year round for residents to have a place to dispose of unwanted metals on an as needed basis.
May 09, 2013 18:45:52 bertimouse   Thank U Confused:Like I say One Phone Call Is All for the TOM HWY Dept:607-265-4010 X-3=All U Need.They Always respond pretty quick. :) I Love MV&all of U.This here Message Board?-not so much.We all have warts&annoying things that totally BUG others-including what the TOM does.Keep smiling&trying for ur Best is all I can do here.& Yes,attend a TOM mtg.if u can.Complaints should Not disturb this Board here which is meant for Messages,Yes?My message is Peace.Now.
May 09, 2013 17:55:49 cunfused   Forgot to mention that he IS for clean up days! I guess stuff is starting to show up on roadsides.
May 09, 2013 17:26:33 cunfused   I called the highway dept. and left a message about clean up days,and got a big surprise!!!! You people must be calling the wrong number,try 265-3301 EXT.3. Mr. Smith called me back and said not this year, but at the meetings their was talk of certain items only to save money on cleanup days. His budget has money for the labor but the big expense is out of the general fund to pay for the tipping fee on the junk. The general fund needs the cash for this so lets go to meetings to show our concerns on these budget cuts. I think nobody calls to ask questions at the hwy dept,just guess and gossip on this board, facts not needed!!!!
May 08, 2013 18:55:59 Observer   Forever Resident - I presume I have as much right to live in this town as a "Forever Resident" (whatever "forever" means). I am just speaking from experience in trying to find someone in this town who is willing to do odd jobs. I had to pay someone $250 to come from Endicott to haul some stuff to the landfill. I would gather from your posting that you are one of our "more desirable" residents as opposed to someone like me. Old age and poor health can and does prevent some from doing such tasks themselves. "Forever Resident" I am not complaining I am stating facts. Believe me when I say I would much rather do it myself than depend on someone else doing it.
May 08, 2013 17:48:19 forever resident   Observer, maybe you should leave our town and live somewhere else, all you seem to do is find fault. Maybe you could mow the man's lawn and stop putting others down for being lazy! Not everyone reads this board,( a good thing, I'd say,) so maybe he could put a notice up at one of the stores.
May 08, 2013 16:34:54 Observer   Mike C - Good luck finding anyone in Masonville to do odd jobs. Welfare pays too well. Check the Pennysaver for out of the area suppliers and lawn services.
May 08, 2013 16:26:41 Observer   The Jodie Arias trial. The modern Roman Circus. The economy is bad, unemployment is high, people are dissatisfied and stressed and we have an emperor on the throne in D.C. So give the populace something to distract them. A juicy hyped trial will do it. Murder, sex, intrigue and some freaks like Nancy Grace and Wolf Blitzer to build the excitement and the crowd will become orgasmic and delirious and forget their woes. All we need is a few Christians and a few lions. But that is for a later time.
May 08, 2013 10:50:49 TX-1   Why so many back ground checks and waiting periods to get a legal gun,BUT if you have a license to drive,just take a school bus loaded with kids and noone checks any thing,whats wrong with this picture. Why are we so relax with our kids? cant trust anyone any more,dont trust no school bus driver,check out who that person is.
May 08, 2013 10:36:32 Mike C I am looking for someone to mow my lawn. I am on Beech Hill Rd. Please email me and we can discuss price ect. Thanks
May 08, 2013 04:42:43 resident   what? you missed the point of what long time resident was trying to get to with a litte work the town could get this done, We all know that the Highway Supervisor wants no part of it and once that road block is cleared in November maybe the board could have some productive conversations and come up with a solution as was posted by resident.This was the most positve thing I have seen or heard in a while.
May 07, 2013 23:42:13 what?   real long time resident, Maybe we need a few volunteers to help get rid of some of this 'junk'! I go to the dump in Walton a couple of times a month, if someone has some junk that is accepted free, lawn mowers, refrigerators,cook stoves, barbeque grills, car rims (no tire) etc., let me know on this site. I will throw it in my van when I take my garbage and save the taxpayer some money. I can't take a lot at a time, but I could help! Any other volunteers?
May 07, 2013 23:31:23 what?   C'mon Beri, the black man always gets recognition from the media. Look at our current temporary President, he is portrayed as a hero celebrity by our 'media' even though he has doubled the deficit,debt, doubled unemployment,(currently still almost 16%, real u6 unemployment), doubled the deaths of our young servicemen and women in Afghanistan in his first three years compared to Bushes eight, doubled the money spent on these wars, added a few more, Egypt, Libya, and a bunch in Africa. Gave all kinds of military aid and high tech weapons to terrorists, and he still gets a free pass, celebrity status by our 'media'. The only way the black guy won't get recognition is if he was a tea party member or a conservative republican like Kenneth Gladney and many others who were called 'uncle toms' or 'not black enough'!
May 07, 2013 12:36:11 real long time resident   Very disappointed to see that all surrounding towns except Walton are having cleanup days. It was a expectation of the taxpayer to have this in Masonville and has had real positive inpact on the Masonville community as some cannot get to the landfill and are counting on cleaning their properties and also help those who would not have cleaned their properties to get out and help make Masonville the quiet beautiful community that it once was. Disapointed to see that money was the reason. I feel this could have been worked out instead of having on Friday and Saturday and have to pay overtime to the Highway dept. because they work only 4 days a week during the spring and Summer months have it on a Tuesday and Wednesday to cut down the cost, Also have it from 6am to 4:30 pm when the Highway dept is staffed. I know they have road work to do then have it when they hire the temp summer help to offset the need to have the main crew overseeing the process. Now that we cannot also afford to maintain our cemeteries maybe we can use them to oversee cleanup days. All I am saying with a litte extra coordinating of the process we could get this accomplished and make Masonville a bettor place to live work and play. I do not recall anyone during election time state that this was going to be canceled so please ask you candidates this comming election where they stand on this and what solution if any do they have to meet the request of the taxpayers you will proberbly be suprised by what you here. Not complaining just trying to help solve a concern of many people of Masonville.
May 06, 2013 23:18:44 bertimouse   BTW? A Black man,who was a Resident:rescued the white girls.He was interviewed on CNN tonight.It would be interesting to see if he gets any Credit For It.HE SHOULD.U All Watch.The News Media are like Vulchers out there now.Ill bet u 100 bucks says that black guy gets Nothing&thats just NOT right.But IM JUST SAYING!
May 06, 2013 23:08:52 bertimouse   NEWS FLASH!It is NOT just your girls that U Have to B worried about:its YOUR MOMS&SISTERS&Neighbors!IT IS A CRYING SHAME what happened in Ohio within 4 miles of where those girls lived.Lets hope this NEVER happens in the TOM,but you never know,eh? THATS WHY WE HAVE TO WATCH&TAKE CARE OF EACHOTHER,GET IT?-IM JUST SAYING! Ever Vigilant.So nothing like OH will ever happen here.
May 06, 2013 18:07:41 JP   Old *CENSORED* ! Leave the nice ole lady from the ice cream shop alone.. she just had to put a new well thanks to the golf club not giving her rights. old *CENSORED* u shall go get ur ole lady and get laid.
May 06, 2013 14:30:16 Old Fa rt   Had to have some Tumbs.
May 06, 2013 14:28:22 Old Fa rt   OK!! finally the Ice Cream lady opened the doors this past weekend,had some and didnt agreed with me at all,I spend the whole night with acid up and down,couldnt sleep,am not blaming the Ice Cream,but i was fine before it.
May 06, 2013 08:51:42 Resdient   Finaly the Ice Cream Queen open her doors, ! That Ice Cream was good. Thanks GOD she openned!.
May 06, 2013 07:39:31 masonville resident   another beautiful day, the rain will be back soon, so enjoy the day.
May 05, 2013 15:36:38 me   nice to see no complaints here,must all that was needed was some sunshine!!
May 04, 2013 22:43:12 bertimouse   Yah Much Good News here resident:worked my butooskie off raking&fixing up the yard&for first time EVER lawnmower started on the first Pull=YAAY!Went to a Great Lawn Sale &for 37bucks got aLOAD of Great Stuff&Enjoyed the rest of the day with my neighbors-much laughing&helping each other out All Day Today&tomorrow more of the same plus a 4-family BBQ Too!God Blesses Us All.Yah.Happy Spring Res.
May 04, 2013 10:08:21 resident   nice weather this week, not much activity on the message board. Any good news around town? (do not care to hear complaints or gossip)
May 03, 2013 17:49:20 bertimouse   Hear Here Observer!Sadly most folks dont know thier rights anymore.The people only have power if they exercise their rights to use them.Still the optomist here though because someday things will get so bad the majority will say Enough is Enough,get off their Duffs&Do something about it,till then?Not,unfortunately.
May 03, 2013 11:30:56 Observer   I am 76 years old and I do not remember, in my lifetime, the dissatisfaction being expressed by the general population and as obvious as it is today. Not even the civil rights movement and the Viet Nam protests we are volatile as what we are seeing now. The undercurrent today is at the point of explosion. If the population of this country were not so sheep like and compliant to the government I really think we would have seen a revolution against our so called government by now. We are experiencing a complete disregard by our governments from the federal level right down to the local level for any rights of the population. We have allowed ourselves to be herded by the police and government officials to the point we allow any abuse to take place in the name of "public good" and "public safety". Much the same as pre-second world war Europe. i.e A man in Saratoga County was set up by the State Police and the ATF, (and he was set up), and arrested for attempting to transfer a rifle without a background check of the transferee. Over the past few years we have seen law enforcement become more arrogant than they were. They know any abuse of the population will be condoned by the government as long as they do it in the name of "public good" or "public safety". The person who did the Oklahoma City bombing stated that the children killed in the bombing were "warfare collateral damage". Our government looks at any abuse of the public as "collateral damage" in their "fight for public good and safety." The actual "terrorists" we should be worried about are not from some foreign country but right in our elected offices of government.
May 03, 2013 10:37:56 Observer   Yep residents can take most things to the landfill themselves unless of course you are one of the many who do not own a truck. I could not find anyone in this area who was willing to hire out to take some stuff to the landfill so I had to get someone to drive from Endicott and do it. Only cost me $250 and he did not complete the job. I have found that getting anyone in this area to do something of that nature or handyman jobs is almost an impossible task. I guess welfare pays better. Seems to me most residents would be willing to pay a small fee for the town to continue the clean-up days. Yes, I know that the clean-up days are abused by some but use the fees collected to have someone at the town garage to make sure people did not abuse it.
May 03, 2013 10:08:07 Jeri Brayman, town council   no clean up days, it was decided that it was not cost effective for the town and it is free for residents to take most things to the county landfill themselves.
May 03, 2013 07:17:00 funsucker   Was a decision made about clean up days?
May 02, 2013 20:17:46 resident of masonville   snowman, the clinic at Masonville for rabies is closer to home. Thanks to town council member for info.
May 02, 2013 07:40:02 Jeri Brayman, Town Council   free rabies clinic, Masonville fire hall, June 19, 6-8 p.m.
May 01, 2013 19:08:39 bertimouse   Free Rabies Vaccination Clinic For dogs,cats&ferrets on Thursday May 2nd, 2013 Roxbury Town Garage 52508 St.Hwy 30,Roxbury,NY 12474 6:00PM-8:00PM
April 30, 2013 12:32:08 me   snowman, ever been to a board meeting? New name on here thought you may be new to town and meeting is tomorrow night at 7 at town hall.
April 30, 2013 08:00:18 facts   all need to attend tomorrows meeting at 7 pm and get the facts, just ask and listen!!!!!
April 30, 2013 01:09:09 crzyflea   If I recall, in past years and with previous supervisors surplus vehicles would get purchased, repaired, and resold at a PROFIT and then that profit would go back into the town to help support the cost of road care both summer and WINTER. Think about what it takes to keep those roads nice and safe or reasonably safe in the winter. That doesn't come free folks. Don't knee jerk when you see a purchase of a surplus vehicle, yes, outgoing funds, but when they can't work roads cuz the weather conditions are such that working the roads would cause damage worse that there is, there's someone working on something (or I'd at least hope that if tradition holds true that is the case) and that surplus vehicle is replacing something rather than something new being bought, or it is being flipped to add more money to the budget for the town without it having to come out of the tax payer pocket.
April 29, 2013 22:40:22 bertimouse   Reasonable:I suggest Folks just make 1 phone call.There should be NO REASON to have to Attend a TOWN Get a Freaking Pot Hole Fixed,to get your TOM Hwy.Super listening to you.All ANYONE has to do is Just Pick Up The Phone. Stop witching like old Geezers B here! ENUF!
April 29, 2013 21:57:03 Reasonable   Checking out the facts rather than rant untruths, misconceptions and inaccuracies seems to be lacking from most of the uninformed people posting on here. Surplus equipment is not spent out of road repair money, there were 4 towns roads paved last year and more slated for paving this year. All one has to do is attend a meeting or, if unavailable, READ the minutes or Town Budget...all the correct answers can be found there! Geeze...its time people put up or shut up and stop all the misinformation on this site! I attend the meetings and they are very informative and the officials always answer any questions asked!
April 29, 2013 20:08:43 cunfused   If one happens to go to court and looks on the large table with the notices take a look at roads to be paved this year. Looks like half a mil will be spent this summer!!! Smooth roads are on the way!!! Question....the hwy. supt. lives at the town sheds????? Went over Foster rd today and the potholes were FIXED!!!! Last....stated several times that surplus trucks are not purchased from road work money,check it out at the meeting this week.
April 29, 2013 18:03:47 bertimouse Y8LEU So how did the Jump Family do on Sundays Benefit?The Music&Food were Great&silent auction was Awesome!Hope we made a difference for yall.
April 29, 2013 17:58:56 bertimouse   You can always CALL&ASK the TOM Hwy 607-265-4010 EXT-3 to fix any particularly annoying MONSTER pot holes like the one near me.-Was going to go up there&fix it myself Sat.but there was no item 4 left laying around to rake it back in. Methinks they dont always know WHERE THEY ARE until we call&tell em.Hope this Helps. :)
April 29, 2013 13:51:52 resident   probably the town board knows about rabies clinic, meeting wed.7:30
April 29, 2013 12:42:07 snowman   hello out there anyone know when there going to be giving the rabies shot in Masonville or Trout creek?
April 29, 2013 12:26:12 old timer   Long time resident that is not true Eldred, Loyde and Dwayne would keep our roads groomed if dirt and maintained if oil and stone the roads were never as bad as today.
April 29, 2013 11:44:01 long time resident   Those who do not like our roads, must be you are not that old or you would remember not too many years ago our town roads were, RMDS, (ruts.mud.dust,snow) at least 3-4 inches of something was on the roads and we learned how to deal with it. Slow down and before you know it the roads will be better. Remember, money is short and we do not want our taxes higher.
April 29, 2013 11:09:14 Who?   Enough on the roads they won't get fixed anyway. When should I plant my garden. Peas, cabbage what is good to plant now.
April 29, 2013 07:16:47 old timer   Mormon Hollow Road,LZF4Phere all my life and cannot get my roads right.
April 29, 2013 05:48:36 What!   Observer I cannot agree more with your statement whatever is left they will use to fix the roads. That is the firt true statement that I have read about the roads. There cannot be much left because I have been driving over the same pot hole and deterioated roads for about three years now,Maybe we can get lucky next year, I bet that if we dont buy anymore surplus vechiles we might get our roads fixed.
April 29, 2013 04:34:33 old timer   Observer it looks like not to much is left to repair roads. I havent seen one fixed in this town since they did parker hollow road, must still be paying for that one!
April 28, 2013 20:37:02 Observer   cabin fever - I think the half mil or whatever it is is not just for road repair but for wages, ins, benefits, repairs, supplies etc. Whatever is left is for repairs of the roads etc.
April 28, 2013 15:46:47 Old Fa rt   When is Shears rd been paved?
April 27, 2013 16:57:20 cabin fever   Hwy. supt. gets a truck to take home???? This guy doesn't take it home,its always at the shop at night. I think he must live at the shop!!!! Half million dollars for fixing roads,like to see that in print some where. Lots of misinformed info......again
April 27, 2013 08:07:21 ,mr   find out about clean up days at board meeting Wed. P.M.
April 26, 2013 23:01:44 fyi SUN 2pm   Wells Bridge Sunday 4/28/13 Bert Jump Family benefit, Sunday: 2 p.m., Babcock’s, 2220 State Highway 7. Ziti dinner, Chinese auction, bake sale. Jason Wicks to be featured.
April 26, 2013 15:29:37 funsucker   Is Masonville having clean up days this year?
April 26, 2013 14:58:44 old timer   Observer our roads are the worst around the tri county area you must not get out much around the area. So just to help everyone understand what was the 560,000 dollar highway budget supposed to be used for. If not to fix our roads what then over the last 3 years we have given this dept over 1.5 millon dollars in funding have you seen 1.5 million dollars worth of work done don't sit there and say we are complaining we are getting screwd we need to see something and we see nothing happening. It is not complaining it is fact that we are not getting what we pay for and if the Highway Supertendent is saying he doesent have the money where are we spending 560,000 dollars it is not on the roads These roads are not bad because of a bad winter these roads are bad because there has been nothing done to them in years boy I miss the old Highway Supertendents.
April 26, 2013 14:37:17 Observer   As much as one reads on this board about the roads in the Town of Masonville one would think we have nothing but plowed fields to drive on. The roads in town are no worse than any road in a rural area. I suspect most of the complaints are from those who bought or built on back roads for the "privacy" and "prestige" or "view". Now they want a daily maintained 4 lane private highway. I live on 206. The state maintained highways are not the best. Rough and potholes, poorly patched areas and crumbling shoulders. Damaged guiderails etc. There is only so much money available to the town for road repairs. When it is gone it is gone. Why not complain to the State about all the unfunded mandates they hand down to the local towns? Maybe then we would have money to do all you want with the roads.
April 26, 2013 14:21:50 Thinking out loud   If anyone needs a job they should run for Highway Supertendent good pay benifits, Vacations,Sick time ,Healthcare,Dentalcare, eyeglasses and they even pay your copays. Just go down to the board of elections and pickup your petition get it signed and run for a gauranteed 2 year job at about 50,000 a year. Company truck included.
April 26, 2013 12:38:36 trashed roads.   Thinking so you do not think they are working today.Why not. I am not complaining it's just that I saw a increase in my taxes and was hoping that I might get something for it guess I was mistaking,Who did you say was in charge of maintaining our roads?
April 26, 2013 12:06:15 thinking   don't know where you live, but there is more than 1 road in Masonville and the crew can not do them all at once. Go to the board meeting next week and ask some questions and you will get answers. If you don't go and ask, quit complaining on this message board, no one here has any correct answers about the highway dept.
April 26, 2013 09:50:49 Trashed roads.   Does anyone know if the Highway Dept is working today. Are they ever going to fill potholes. Who actually is in charge of this dept?
April 25, 2013 22:21:11 Ice Cream Lover !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Maybe the Lil' old lady of the Ice Cream shop got sick of this BS from the town and the cold and the snow this year she moved down to Miami, Florida ????
April 25, 2013 19:11:56 ice cream lover   you know spring is here when we want ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!
April 25, 2013 10:44:54 :)   Need to know - she isn't open yet. Haven't heard when she is planning on openning. Haven't seen her there getting ready to open yet either.
April 24, 2013 21:53:02 bertimouse   Also,ALL the members of the TOM Volunteer FD AND ALL of their Family Members-IM JUST SAYING!
April 24, 2013 21:50:33 bertimouse   God Help the TOM board members if they dont show up to the Jump Family Benefit...IM JUST SAYING!
April 24, 2013 21:47:15 bertimouse   Jump Family Benefit=this Sunday,4-28-13 at 2pm at Babcocks.8 Bucks to get in.Everyone from TOM should be there Darnation&bring ur coin.THIS is what neighbors can do for eachother.If not us then Who?One hand helps the other&if this was YOU wouldnt you want Help too?Come On,TOM be there for ur neighbors this wknd at Babcocks.Put the WORD OUT FAR&WIDE,TOO,will yall?Thanks.
April 24, 2013 19:49:21 marie w Benefit is this weekend April 28th starting at 2pm at Babcocks in Wells Bridge, NY
April 24, 2013 19:17:43 marie w To everyone the benefit is this weekend to benefit the Jump Family who lost their farm. Benefit Information below: Burt, Steve, Leona, and Brad suffered the loss of their farm on February 1. They lost their barn and all the animals in the fire. Brad suffered from 2nd degree burns trying to save the animals. This benefit will help cover Brad\'s medical expenses and help the family rebuild their barn. We are planning a baked ziti dinner, Chinese auction, and bake sale. Tickets $8.00 - available at the door and in advance Children 5 & under free Featuring Jason Wick Location: Babcocks in Wells Bridge, NY If you want to donate (chinese auction items bring day of), please contact Kellie Engel at 607-316-2999 Please Pass the word around................
April 23, 2013 19:48:02 bertimouse   There are a few roads around town that are in pretty tough shape.The TOM Hwy dept has been just patching em for years&they should already know&tell here which ones they are.Just saying.There is NO reason why they cant report that in the TOM that its on record,on line.
April 23, 2013 12:51:53 totaly confused   Me as long as my road gets the same service I do not care to talk to mr smith
April 23, 2013 12:41:41 me   maybe there are certain areas of state land roads TOM are responsible for, have you asked Mr Smith about this?
April 23, 2013 05:00:02 totally confused.   I thought that the highway dept. did not work on roads until May.Went through State land they are doing a nice job I hope the actual taxpayers get the same service as the state does.
April 22, 2013 10:21:14 Observer   Their = there :(
April 22, 2013 10:18:49 Observer   What has "fracking" have to do with the First Amendment? I have not seen anyone stopping anyone in Masonville from speaking freely about "fracking". Nor have I noted that "fracking" has anything to do with religion with the exception of those who worship money. I do not think the Town Boards failure to act on a resolution concerning "fracking" has anything to do with the right of redress of grievance against the government. Nothing has taken place as to "fracking" in this state so their is nothing to redress.
April 22, 2013 07:49:58 me   what, wish you had time to attend meetings they are very informative, just wish more questions could be asked.
April 22, 2013 00:40:36 what?   cunfused, I have posted it twice or more, some of the posters, 'posers' would rather complain and never show up to a meeting or click on 'current news'. I am not a member of the board, and I don't have time to go to the meetings, but it isn't hard to click on 'current news', or 'officially', for the minutes. It is easier to complain and cry (whine), and that seems to be the route some of the posters 'posers' on this site are taking.
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