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August 19, 2013 15:19:48 EX Observer   Voter - I sure pray that was sarcasm!
August 19, 2013 08:23:54 Voter   Let's all get out with our flags and signs this week as our great president travels through the are with our Governor. Lets thank them for making New York and America a great place to work and live.
August 18, 2013 08:36:03 Be open minded   For someone who claims to care so much for the environment it seems berti mouse is ready to throw the rest of the country under the bus. I'm sure they have never even seen FRACKNATION and listened to the other side of the story.
August 18, 2013 08:31:32 Is it fracing or fracking?   But before it made national headlines, sparked rallies or was used in television shows, it went by a different name. Or, more accurately, a different spelling: “Fracing.” One C. No K. A few folks, seeking to clarify the pronunciation, used “fraccing.” Two Cs. No K. Barnett Shale-based blogger and activist Sharon Wilson recently set out to track down the founder of “fracking.” Wilson eventually fingered Lisa Sumi as the originator of the K-based spelling. In 2004, Sumi joined Earthworks’ Oil and Gas Accountability Project. She took on a research report about the then-relatively unrenowned method for extracting oil and natural gas. The documents she read about hydraulic fracturing shortened the term to “fracing.” “In my own head, I immediately started spelling it with a K,” she said. “It rhymed with cracking. For me it was purely grammatical.” Sumi said it took her two years to convince the folks at Earthworks to add a K to their spelling of the term. She had no idea the K would become a political powder keg. As public awareness of hydrofracturing has gained popularity, so has that alternate spelling and the political rancor around the K. Stalwarts cling to tradition, saying “fracking” sounds too much like a curse word and has been made into the rallying cry of environmentalist opponents. But many in the oil and gas industry have accepted linguistic authority and switched spellings.
August 18, 2013 01:14:22 bertimouse   2 ALL MY TOM NEIGHBORS: It Would Be A Monumental& Wonderful Thing IF ONLY NEW YORK STATE would just STAND UP&SAY NO!To Gas Fracking IN ALL OF OUR STATE!-JUST SAY NO!NY!We R STRONG&PROUD&DONT need any more Pollution 2 R WATERS!KEEP GAS DRILLING IN PA&TEXAS&ELSEWHERE.Weve got to Protect Our Water&Wildlife.
August 18, 2013 00:30:33 bertimouse   Dear FrackNation:Whats Really SCARRY is that U say-WE BROKE THE NEWS.LOL without quoting who the F.U R.U say We Pointed Out-What?WHO R U without quotes?WHO,WHO R U!As the WHO song says,eh?FRACKING Should NEVER-BE- Allowed in NEW YORK STATE.We are All Strong Here&Have the BEST WATER in the COUNTRY to Feed our Millions,Get IT?WHY WOULD WE ALLOW ANYONE TO FOOK WITH OUR UNDERGROUND WATER,EVER,Eh? Friends of Gas Drilling Are Friends of Poisoned Water Forever.Put That in Your Pipe to Smoke on for awhile&think about,eh?
August 17, 2013 23:47:16 bertimouse   Bill&Amie:Whey,eh?Been there done that.SO GREAT TO KNOW THAT YUR DOG IS BACK!Safe&Sound.God Bless&Nice2know that Prayer Always Helps. :)
August 17, 2013 15:38:26 W Hardy Thanks to all we have been reunited with our dog Lucy. Again Thank you for your help Bill & Aimee
August 17, 2013 13:02:49 FrackNation   - It's LeaseGate! We broke the news that the premise of Gasland was false. Josh Fox claimed in Gasland that a gas company sent him a lease out of the blue. He rejected it and started investigating fracking.   In FrackNation we pointed out that the lease he shows in Gasland was a draft document created by a farmers group--Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance (NWPOA). It wasn't a real lease. Lie #1.   Under pressure in a recent interview with Aspen Public Radio Fox now claims he was part of the NWPOA group involved in drawing up the lease but dropped out just before signing.   If this is true it's a major change in the story. He negotiated with a gas company! But the NWPOA say he was NEVER a member of their alliance. Lie #2.  
August 17, 2013 08:22:23 Pet Lover   Hardy's. Also check Delhi Humane Soc. 746-3080. You never know where your dog may have been taken. Check with Mike Ellis, our Masonville dog controller. Norwich SPCA # is: 334-9724. Not sure if Trout creek still has a dog control you may want to find out. It use to be Pat Backus. Good Luck. I hope your dog is home safe as I am posting this!
August 16, 2013 21:02:01 bertimouse   Masonville land owner: The Primary Election is Tuesday, September 10,2013.You must be NYS resident enrolled in a party having a Primary&a Resident Voter.General Election is Tuesday,November 5,2013, polls open 6am-9pm at the TOM Town Hall which is District001&whatever Ward#ur in.If U dont know whos running just shows-oh forget about it-dont get me started.FIND IT OUT URSELF if ur so interested.
August 16, 2013 20:22:55 bertimouse   Dear B&W Hardy: Will be on the Lookout for you,not to worry your dog will be found.Also check the Sidney Shelter.
August 16, 2013 19:54:13 Masonville land owner   Who is running for office?
August 16, 2013 19:21:35 W Hardy Lost White with brown spots English Springer Dog on Cummings Rd 8/16 in the afternoon Kids heartbroken please call if seen 265 3528 Thank you Bill & Aimee Hardy
August 16, 2013 11:20:39 Voter   I hear that there is a few people running for office this November. Should be a great election and a good time to exercise your right to vote. Lets vote to make Masonville a bettor place.
August 14, 2013 22:22:07 bertimouse   Hi what? Nope.Was working hard just before the big family campout:yeha!Saw 2 nice shooting stars last wknd though.Starry nights&a GREAT TIME was had by all.THIS is what I Live for&Love.Its a real Shame that more Folks dont realize the Impact they do on this Earth &thats what weve been fighting for since the First EARTH DAY in 1970.Planet Earth is the Only home we have,you know?
August 14, 2013 21:57:47 bertimouse   Ex Observer:You Bet!2Protect our Childrens Future from Folks now that R Greedy&Clueless&dont give a Rats BUT re:Damage Done all around R planet to Natural Environments&Heritage.Have u seen any MONARCH BUTTERFLIES?All Mostly GONE NOW=their forest-grounds (via National Geographic 2009 article)were cut down. Need MORE Evidence WE ARE KILLING OUR PLANET?WAKE UP PLS!
August 13, 2013 11:34:32 EX Observer   OH MY WORD!!! More regulations you want? You mean you want the town to pass a law banning the use of my 800 million candlepower carbon arc searchlight I keep lit and point upward each night? How else am I going to protect myself from UFO's? How about a regulation banning the use of headlights and taillights at night in the town of Masonville. I am getting old and they bother me when I am driving at night. I am also all for banning porch lights as they tend to light up my lawn and the spiders are complaining. And how about those lightening bugs? I tried to see the meteor shower the other night and the lightening bugs made it almost impossible. Some of the nonsense ones reads in this forum. LOL
August 13, 2013 00:56:42 what?   Berti, did you see the Perseid Meteor Shower the last couple of nights? 'Falling stars' all night. Hard to see if you live where it is all 'lit up'.
August 13, 2013 00:04:37 bertimouse   About STAR VIEWING:The TOM board should Pass Regs soon regarding NIGHT LIGHTING:None facing UP towards the Sky!We Love to stare UP at OUR Big,Beautiful Milky Way from our driveway.The More Lights that Point Up in the Sky,the Less we can see.Look at Sidney&Oneonta Right Now=Blah.PBS has a GREAT SHOW re:Night-Light Pollution;Very Cool.So Turn YUR Lights OFF to not only see the Stars but to ALSO help out all the birds&bugs& turtles&frogs who need the Dark to survive,Eh?Thanks.
August 12, 2013 23:32:27 bertimouse   Dear bsandieb: The post by Resonable on 7-30 in response to your concerns are The Most Accurate. Talk to the TOM=Town Of Masonville;Highway Dept.Superintendent Yourself to get the Real Deal about where U R thinking of living-NOT what Anyone Here or Any real estate agent tells you before you buy.Best Of Luck To You,Future Neighbor,Yes?Masonville is one of the Top 10 star-viewing sites in NYS,did U know that? :)
August 12, 2013 18:39:39 EX Observer   In 1924 the then Governor of PA actually sentenced a dog named \"Pep\" to life in prison at Eastern State Penitentiary for killing the governor\'s wife\'s favorite cat and the dog spent the rest of his days in the prison.
August 11, 2013 08:00:43 Children Given Gag Order.. Fracking Suite.. by Beth Greenfield Aug 2013   FOOD for THOUGHT: Two Pennsylvania children have been banned from talking about shale gas drilling, or fracking, for what appears to be the rest of their lives by the terms of a legal settlement reached between their parents, and three oil and gas companies who lead drilling operations at the state’s Marcellus Shale. The family had been living on a 10-acre farm in Mount Pleasant when they brought a lawsuit against Range Resources, Williams Gas/Laurel Mountain Midstream and Mark-West Energy. They claimed that the adjacent Marcellus Shale operations damaged the health of their family, including their children, then 7 and 10, by causing burning eyes, sore throats, headaches and earaches. They also claimed operations contaminated their drinking water and rendered their property worthless. They had purchased it in 2005, unknowingly inheriting a lease with Range Resources. Soon after the family built their house in 2007, gas wells, access roads, a gas-processing facility and compressor stations were constructed on bordering properties, bringing with them noise, lights and emissions, according to reports. The hearing transcript about the children’s gag order, ordered public by a judge along with the other court records last week...
August 11, 2013 01:02:53 what?   voter,I think it was a sarcastic remark if it came from the real 'Observer', otherwise it was targeted to nobody because there is only a few people that are living on that road, (someone is being a do*chebag.). A couple of us have had our post 'alias's' hacked by people that have no creativity. Is Masonville a place to live?, well I live here and probably always will. But I can't recommend it, because NY is run by Liberals who do not care about the United States Constitution. And the taxes are higher than anywhere in our use to be free country because of the Liberal Democrat party. NY is a place to move out of. And don't think about having a fire arm to hunt or protect yourself with in NY unless you are willing to comply with Liberal Democrat Cuomo and Obama's new gun 'laws', clip, and ammo bans!! And don't think this wont happen, NY Gov. Cuomo said "confiscation could be a option", and Obama's administration said " Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in", ".
August 10, 2013 16:08:40 voter   Observer, what makes Mormon Hollow Rd the place to live?
August 10, 2013 15:06:00 cabin fever   Fer sure,went up Beech Hill to the park and all the town roads are freshly paved.Those people haven't seen smooth roads for years,now they will see speeders!!!!
August 10, 2013 10:43:51 resident of masonville   All who are complaining, where do you live, all roads seem to be improving over the past few years and getting better as time goes on.
August 08, 2013 20:46:33 resident of masonville   Observer and Me, Yes Parker Hollow and Mormon Hollow are both the places to live.
August 08, 2013 13:53:26 me   Parker Hollow is also a very nice place to live.
August 08, 2013 12:27:12 EX Observer   HOW NOT TO RUN A GARAGE SALE: 1. Put out a "Garage Sale Sign". 2. Put Merchandise on display. 3. Have a bunch of people standing in and outside of your garage sale. 4. Tell people who stop and ask about article for sale, " Come back tomorrow". Is this the way all garage sales are run in Masonville? LOL
August 08, 2013 11:03:02 opinion   All places in Masonville are great places to live.
August 06, 2013 16:31:17 Observer   Come on cabin fever everyone know its Mormon Hollow is where you want to live
August 05, 2013 16:49:58 cabin fever   Buy on Steam Mill,must be politics! It will be a speedway when complete,for now already huge improvements.
August 05, 2013 14:01:24 What%   I should have said run over not kill. My apologies. Bad carma.
August 05, 2013 13:56:56 What%   another tax payer what are you talking about killing children and animals.
August 05, 2013 07:56:11 Taxpayer.   Another taxpayer how does that change the poor condition of the roads?
August 05, 2013 07:31:15 another tax payer   Or learn how to drive according to the road conditions. You don't drive the same on a nice sunny day as you do on snow and ice do you? I've rode with people who would hit the same pothole every day instead of moving over six inches. Those same people are the ones who would likely hit your dog or your child without trying to avoid a accident.
August 05, 2013 05:13:35 Tax Payer   Masonville is a great place to live except for the conditions of the town roads. If you plan on buying here buy on county and state maintained roads or you will destroy your vechile.
August 03, 2013 15:29:42 Looking for land to   Bono.sandi hope your not planning to pay that amount for the land I also looked at it and it is only worth about 1k 12hunundred a acre A couple of pieces on steam mill sold for 1k an acre don't let the real estate fool you they want there money .you will never get your money out of it
August 03, 2013 09:11:21 cabin fever   Old Fa-rt will not read anyones post,he just complains! As old post have read Shears Rd. above the pavement is NOT a town road, it is a NYS truck trail. If my tax dollars pay to plow Shears then the crew should also do RT.8 and Rt.206 then do the city of Oneonta also.
August 03, 2013 08:25:03 Old Fa-rt   New comer to Masonville,just take a look at Shears rd,it is plowed to the end,of the pavement from there on those folks inthere are on their own,no plowing, welcome to Masonville!!
August 02, 2013 13:26:13 Reasonable   nothing like discouraging people from moving into Town. I really have to question some of the fine folks of our Town and their intentions...
August 02, 2013 02:16:29 what?   bsandieb; Just because it isn't paved to the end, it doesn't mean it isn't plowed to the end. Get a hold of the town Super and then make your decision.
August 01, 2013 18:35:21 a resident   bsandieb, I hope you do not take any info on this board as truth. It is nothing but a gossip column and is getting worse with the back stabbing. Too bad this has happened because it was started with good intentions. Good luck with your quest and welcome to Masonville.
August 01, 2013 11:17:57 EX Observer   Coming soon in the US: I had the opportunity to meet and speak at length with a man from Indonesia. He lives in Jakarta and is visiting the US on business. Indonesians are required to have a National ID card which is micro chipped and the card is required to travel within their own country. The government is able to know all about the carrier of the card and undoubtedly is able to track the card holder's location. Of course we in the US do not have a micro chipped National ID yet but our government would not be that open or honest about it. They gather the information they want about the citizens in other ways not as obvious. I think most people would be shocked at the intelligence gathering ability of Coumo's Storm Troopers. (Otherwise known as the NYS Police) They not only record the stops they make but unknown to most they take a picture of you. The Storm Trooper stops you on some pretext and asks for your license and registration. He knows all about you before he ever approaches your vehicle. He then asks a trap question. "Do you know why I stopped you?" If you say "no" you might be lying to a police officer. If you say "yes" you are confessing to a crime to a police officer. This country I was born in; raised in; and love is rapidly degrading into a police state and we sit by and do nothing.
August 01, 2013 10:37:32 EX Observer   "XKeyscore is the NSA's "widest reaching" system developing intelligence from computer networks – what the agency calls Digital Network Intelligence (DNI). One presentation claims the program covers "nearly everything a typical user does on the internet", including the content of emails, websites visited and searches, as well as their metadata." (From The Guardian Newspaper)
August 01, 2013 01:34:23 curious   me; okay-doke, sounds good to me, I was just wunderin.
August 01, 2013 01:04:06 me   Mr. Jones is paid to clean the town hall
July 31, 2013 05:22:04 Tax payer   bsandieb resoable is misleading you wait until you talk to Mr. Smith you want to talk about bull ship, enjoy that conversation. Try Jerry Breyman its more fun She runs the highway crew.
July 31, 2013 01:20:26 curious   Anyone know why Edson 'Spike' Jones is getten $80 a month for the last year or two from our town tax moneys? I be just a little curious, I'm sure there is a legitimate reason, but I would like to know and I don't want to go to no durn meeting to find out.
July 30, 2013 23:44:45 Reasonable   Getter Hill is plowed to the end of the road, however, you should call the highway superintendent to discuss further...Chuck Smith 607-265-3301. Dont listen to the nonsense on this board...speak to the source.
July 30, 2013 16:04:22 bsandieb Looking at a pc of land on top of getterhill rd- THE END of the road- I am concerned about some of these postings about taxes and maintaining the road- the realtor said it is plowed up to the end & it isn\'t even paved to the end- I just find it hard to believe- please let me know what I am missing before we make a very expensive mistake
July 29, 2013 11:53:23 Voter   Does anyone know what board members are up for re-election, and who is running?
July 28, 2013 08:44:10 me   good job, Grumpy. And all should appreciate what you do instead of complain.
July 27, 2013 11:47:39 Grumpy Ernst Keidel Curious, the June and July minutes are up. As soon as I get them, I forward them to the webmaster (BearPaws Webworks) in Binghamton. They publish when it\'s convenient and they have been paid!
July 26, 2013 19:32:19 curious   what happened to posting the town meeting minutes? must be they don't want to share the good news
July 25, 2013 00:42:30 bertimouse   Dear me, regarding your 7-20-13 post: When you learn how to spell my name correctly I will stop chuckling. I sincerely hope that my previous post tonight explains all for you. I never mean any disrespect to anyone during my free speech posts here and most long-timers on this Masonville, NY Message Board realize that. Thanks for your kind thoughts neighbor.
July 24, 2013 23:59:59 bertimouse   I spell short 2 save word space here.255 characters max so I Try 2 Glom evrythg in like the kids texting 2day.I try 2 save words enuf 4 yall 2 get it cause usually I have lots 2 say w very little space,2 respect this site2save space4others here is all.&BTW?I had straight A+ in English throughout HS & College so Blah and COL(Crying Out Loud)regarding Texting,255 character maxis and any kind of restrictions on Free Speech. Its a Darn shame that punctuation isnt even allowed here anymore without weird////all the time. Enough Said and thats all I have to say about that.
July 21, 2013 08:00:14 Old Fa-rt   I think he entered school,but school never entered him.LOL LOL!!!! Just kidding.Dont start now
July 20, 2013 08:14:28 me   bertimous, do not mind reading your message but could you please learn to spell so maybe we can understand what you want to say?
July 20, 2013 01:04:19 what?   Wow, agreeing with berti!,Old Fa-rt, I hope you didn't vote for Obama, because everything you complaining about Obama advocates for. You don't live on Shears but you are worried for the people that do?, They don't, and say someday they might, and driving to fast on the road damages their $50,000 BMW. So you think the low income tax payers, many who don't have children in school and pay school tax ALSO should foot the bill for paving their driveway? You know what you should complain about? Renters who pay no school tax, and kids 18 and live off mommy and daddy who pay no taxes either can vote on raising yours by putting a new Olympic size pool, and state of the art AstroTurf sports field at a academically failing school?
July 19, 2013 23:25:18 bertimouse   Let the snowbirds get together on their Own Behalf,Time& Dime with the TOM Board.Its their beef;their Trail.My rd now=gravel from asphalt.Anyone complaining should B me but TOM HWY made it much better than it was.Y I dont complain about a new asphalt road?Cause we B patient& like R taxes&Love Masonville&can DEAL WITH IT,Duh. :)
July 19, 2013 22:19:08 bertimouse   cant count blah&lol!
July 19, 2013 22:15:00 bertimouse   Dear Old Fa-rt:1.MASONVILLE IS NOT JUST A HOLE IN THE GROUND AS U SAY.2.I feel your PAIN man.Seriously Dude, how MUCH have your School Taxes Gone Up Since Last Yr? $10?.Not many Folk in the TOM that I know of are on Welfare so WHAT R U spouting about?4.More kids in Masonville&SC=more revenue from State&Fed Funds 4 R schools.5.Our Community NEEDS R Children 2 Stay Here 4 our Love;their LOVE,CREATIVITY&PRODUCTIVITY;Their Good Spirit.They can provide&YES that means making all the babies they can-ALL are the Future of Masonville.PU 2 U old f-art.U picked your name well.No disrespect Neighbor but Simple RealEstateLaw&Good Agents WARN EVERY HOMEBUYER what theyre getting into regarding the roads&THEY WILL HAVE 2 PAY 2 PAVE THEIR OWN ROADS IF THEY BUY ALONG A PRIVATE ROAD SO TOUGH NUGGLIES,if thats what they bought.THE LAW IS THE LAW&THAT SAID, 5.HELLO AND DUH&CAN we talk about something else?Like: Bat,Honey-Bee,Butterfly&Humming-bird sightings. PL&H.
July 19, 2013 17:24:26 Old Fa-rt   The problem is noone can make waves here,Shears is not even close to me,but Noone can say anything trying to help those people,the feeling here is F them,they bought it like that,but thats not the point. why kids keep on pumping out and my school taxes keeps going up,I have no kids,if you made them,pay the school tax,OH NO we are soooo poor,that we have to live on Welfare,Hey stop having kids,the more kids the more money they get from the govermment and the higher our school taxes,so they give more money for them and there is no money to make a road legal or driveable.the more those home owners come here in winter the more they will spend here in town,simply math,you have to invest to gain,but the mentallity is other and it will not change,thats one of the reason Masonville still in the 50s,hey dont get me wrong I like masonville,but it need changes to attract more business,right now we are just a hole in the done with this Shears rd matter.
July 19, 2013 08:44:39 Masonville resident   Old Fa-rt & Property Owner - The folks on the upper portion of Houck had the same issue. They paid taxes too! The resolution was they had to pay to upgrade the road before the town would maintain it. If you are so interested in this issue. Please bring it up to the town officals under the right forum. Bringing it up on this board time and time again is not going to get you anywhere.
July 19, 2013 07:46:45 Property owner.   Old Fa-rt do some reasearh on NMew york state town highway laws you will be suprised what is owed by the town. I would not put this to rest.
July 19, 2013 07:06:46 Old Fa-rt   Problem is I dont leave or own any property on Shears,just feel bad for those folks they have to pay taxes and get no services from Town.
July 19, 2013 06:27:33 Masonville resident   Old Fa-rt - see my previous post. Talk to your neighbors and pay to get it upgraded yourselves. You knew it was a dirt road when you bought on it. The town doesn't have enough funding to handle road maintenance as it is. End of story and time to move on.
July 19, 2013 01:05:56 what?   When is Shears getting up graded? Probably when you are willing to do some work and spend some money$ and quit being a receiver. Berti, it doesn't take much to know if your posts are coming from yourself or a poser, same with Observer's. There is someone who is a coward and feels OK with using other people's 'nom de plume' instead of their own or their real name. This poser has used mine as well. Observer we know who you are from the content of your posts, you shouldn't worry about others using your screen name. This poser isn't man enough, or maybe smart enough to think of a original 'nom de plume' (I like saying that), or be brave and use their real name when they bash our neighbors, friends, and family. This goes to show that being anonymous is the only way to go, because we could all claim to be anybody. The Daily Star witnessed this not to long ago with people doing the same cowardly thing , and now you have to register your email (not revealed) to post a comment.
July 18, 2013 20:47:36 Old Fa-rt   Well,when is Shears getting up graded?
July 17, 2013 20:55:55 bertimouse   Hi what?&Observer!what?U R Absolutely Correct on your July 8 post:another imposter?Havent posted since June 17-cant post prior 2 15:00 here.Observer I noticed July 8 imposter posted with a Period after your name- Things That Make U Go Hmm,eh?Have 2 Much Summer Work & Fun 2 check here but Wish U All Much Luck w your hot -asphalt issues.&Aye-Aye Observer I agree with your June 18 post.My lovey-doviness is needed sometimes because NO ONE Here deserves 2 be Verbally Dissed Here when folks are voicing their opinions[which is Everyones Right!]It is my Sincere Wish that All of My Neighbors here will Learn how to be Calm,Civil, Cool, Politically Aware&Safe this summer.A LITTLE RIBBING is Par 4 The Course Here 2 so some big boy pants R Always Required Eh?Me2.Never perfect but Always Trying. :)
July 17, 2013 11:34:08 EX Observer   Let it be known that I have posted to the forum since its inception. I always used the nom de plume "Observer". Note: any and all using that name IS NOT ME. I no longer use it.
July 17, 2013 09:23:34 XXX   you are a smart one cabin fever. Go back to sleep.
July 16, 2013 22:16:37 cabin fever   Pavement cost is high so lets turn roads back to dirt so we can drive FAST,I need to get across town roads faster to cash my welfare check from all of you.As far as the guys doing repairs maybe stuff needs to go to a garage to pay $100.00 an hour for repair work,then the garage sends in more tax money to go toward my welfare check.The $600K budget talk is like beating a dead horse to anyone on the message board.Look at the budget,only $95k is for road repair,the rest is for my welfare check.Going to a budget meeting the fall is for serious people who want a say on town spending the rest who don't show don't care. I'm going just to check on welfare funds.
July 16, 2013 18:41:38 Observer   Confused by it all you are so right these so called group of locals have no clue on how they are being ripped of by the non service and blaming about no money to repair the roads by the Highway. Just watch your taxes will go up and you will get less service with the way things are today.
July 16, 2013 09:19:09 Confused by it all   What? you are great at deception of peoples comments I am only talking about town roads that are the responsibility of the Town Highway Supertendent. Drive down Parker hollow road at the speed limit and you will proberly have to replace your front end of your car. And don't start that *CENSORED* about driving slow we pay taxes to have our roads in the condition to drive the speed limit.
July 15, 2013 20:45:25 EX Observer   If I am not mistaken Shear Road, along with some others, from the seasonal sign onward is the responsibility of the State Conservation Department. Masonville's responsibility stops at the seasonal sign. I traveled up Shear Road from Route 8 on Saturday. Road seemed fine to the seasonal sign. From there to the top of the hill it is obvious the recent storms did not treat it well.
July 15, 2013 17:09:31 TX-1   Usually he hangs around Shears Rd
July 15, 2013 17:08:10 TX-1   Hi! anyone seen the Big Masonville bear lately?
July 15, 2013 13:27:18 Masonville resident   If folks purchase on a dirt road and they later want it upgraded to a paved town maintained road, they need to pay to bring it up to standards. This was done on the dirt portion of Houck and paid for by the land owners and residences. They all paid and still pay taxes too. It's actually simple. If you don't want to pay to upgrade, then don't buy on a dirt road!
July 15, 2013 13:25:35 what?   The town doesn't own all the roads in Masonville, many are taken care of by the State and County, Masonville doesn't have anything to do with those roads. Old Fa-rt, what about all the people with long driveways, I know of some that are a mile long and they take care of them themselves, some with multiple residences on them. Should the town tax payer fund building up their driveways as well, two lane and pave them? Why not have the taxpayer pay to pave Steam Mill all the way to the Reservoir as well. Heck lets get with the 21 century, pave Shears, Beals Pond all the way to rt.20!
July 15, 2013 12:30:29 Confused by it all   Old *CENSORED* this so called local that is running our community wants to live in 1960 again. We are paying above average taxes for what we get. The budget for our highway dept. is closing in om 600,000 a year and our roads are in a disaray and becoming pretty close to deadly to travel. I see cars traviling our roads wether the person is from Masonville or not hit a bad spot and be shot into the on comming lane. This is becoming a safety issue and if you say something you are told to move. Well the next home owner who buys your property will have the same concerns and be told to move. You are right the people need to wake up and demand that they get the service that is required by new york state town highway law. Elections are comming and there has not been a change to the increasing devolpment of the depleting condition of our towns infrastructure. Please everyone check out the candidiates that are running and lets elect people who will work for the taxpayers not people who are more concerned that the highway dept gets their pay and benifit increases.
July 15, 2013 11:47:18 Old Fa-rt   This is the 21 Century,roads dont need to be that bad,dirt roads in this century in USA,may be in a 3rd world country,but not here.wake up folks!!
July 14, 2013 11:08:52 Country Living   Been out of town! No I am not a board member.
July 14, 2013 08:56:03 masonville resident   Mormon Hollow was not always stoned and tar, it was like all other town roads have been at one time, dirt,dust and also mud. All roads were in worse condition than they are now and we should be pleased at how good their conditions are now and quit complaining.
July 14, 2013 08:43:53 masonville taxpayer   Roads are repaired because of their conditions not because of who lives there.
July 14, 2013 08:25:31 Mormon Hollow Farm, Jeri Brayman   Observer, Not this board member!!
July 14, 2013 07:10:50 Observer   Country Living where have you been. Are you a town board member?
July 13, 2013 16:30:09 Original Observer   What? has no clue about what is goinging on in this town he is a trouble maker.What? must be a low tax paying local.
July 13, 2013 16:09:31 Old Fa-rt   Some else,why should we pay school taxes when we dont have kids,my kids went to school a long time ago in Brooklyn.this people keep on pumping kids out and we have to pay for their school.they dont care.
July 13, 2013 16:03:59 Old Fa-rt   What? am not in TMV,you dont know me to tell me all of that.
July 13, 2013 13:57:39 What the   What has changed is that the highway supertendent does not do his job and all the roads are not being maintained at all and are taxes keep increasing his budget keeps increasing and all we are paying for is a repair shop. The town will be in trouble in a couple of years if something does not change.
July 13, 2013 12:35:28 what?   Old Fa rt, what benefits are you all the sudden not getting that were benefits to your property before you bought it? I believe nothing has changed so your taxes should stay the same, the town hasn't taken anything away since you bought the property.
July 13, 2013 12:30:07 what?   Mormon Hollow has always been tar and stone, whats changed?
July 13, 2013 12:14:12 The real Observer.   Old *CENSORED* it is apparent that you are not a local or else your road would have been fixed. You need to run for a town board position to get your road fixed just drive down Mormon Hollow. That is what you get if you are a local town board member.
July 13, 2013 11:31:47 Old Fa-rt   Then their taxes must be lower,because they are not getting all the beneficts.i guess
July 13, 2013 08:42:08 what?   There is a few roads in TOM that are dirt and the people that live on them take care of them themselves, even plowing in winter. If you are unhappy with your place, consider selling it to someone who would appreciate it more than you do, and be willing to take care of it.
July 12, 2013 18:05:49 EX Observer   Shear road was a seasonal dirt road when those who live there bought or built their places. It always has been a seasonal dirt road. They we aware it was a seasonal dirt road. They obviously wanted the privacy of a seasonal dirt road. One cannot have their cake and eat it too.
July 12, 2013 17:06:59 Old Fa-rt   Why not,those folks pay their taxes like everyone else,but have a dirt road I dont think it is fair. If in winter they want to come up here they cant,is like the town is saying dont come we dont want you,but if they dont pay their taxes,they lose the property,now do you think that is right?
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