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November 06, 2013 09:44:32 EX Observer   Voting in Town races went as expected. No Changes in any office. Congratulations to the winners.
November 06, 2013 08:30:17 wondering   how did the voting go??
November 05, 2013 20:26:17 Reasonable   Dont worry folks...for all the hub bub here on this board the election will turn out ok!
November 05, 2013 18:26:45 been here a long time   what? it is nice to live in a town that can pay it's bills and keep most of the people happy. those complaining will do so no matter what is done.
November 05, 2013 18:04:32 Masonville land owner   Nice to see a daughter praise her Mom and let everyone know how she feels, Betty must be proud of her daughter.
November 05, 2013 13:37:58 new resident   all of the talk about Mr. Tiska, what about M Sroka is she really running this year or not, and J. Scott, have heard nothing about them , so really don't know who to vote for.
November 05, 2013 11:26:41 Local   We as a Town do not need a team concept on our board. That is why we have 4 board members to debate and resolve thru debate the issues that arise. Having a team where there is issues that effect all is not and cannot be good for the community as a whole. I will be voting for Tiska as he will debate the rest of the team as a whole and represent all the people of Masonville not just who agree with the team concept. Good luck today Mr. Tiska the town needs you to be elected.
November 05, 2013 09:53:48 loyal voter   Yes, Betty and Steve R. do a great job as do Pam Walker and Mike Spacaforno. A great job is being done for our town and we need to keep it going that way.
November 05, 2013 08:16:30 Concerned for the future   Go out and Vote today. The existing board is doing a great job and should remain in there seats. Betty and Steve are both advocates for the town and making sure that they are keeping within a budget. Betty and Steve both volunteer many hours to the community. If you ever needed to find either one they are both easily found in Masonville you always see them around town.
November 05, 2013 00:03:53 what?   I bet a dollar that prop 1 passes, King Cuomo has spent Million$ of our tax payer dollars advertising for it, all while he is busy gutting the Constitution!
November 04, 2013 23:57:40 what?   30% of gambling industry revenues come out of the pockets of addicts (problem gamblers) -- and 60% of those who play slot machines are problem gamblers. In other words, this is an industry that depends on the existence and creation of a disorder recognized by medical science and psychiatry: addiction. The same is true of the illicit drug trade. The state should not be in bed with Casinos and its supporters. Setting aside controversy regarding economic impact (features of which are clearly negative for everyone if addicts are stripped of their resources and cannot feed themselves or their families), the issue is fundamentally ethical. Should we encourage institutions that profit from human mental illness? The answer SHOULD be a resounding: NO. I personally am not against gambling, but we do not need to expand it, there is plenty of gambling facilities in this state, Big Govt. just wants more money$!.With what is spent on lottery tickets we should be paying no school taxes. Where does all that money go? Overhead, salaries? I'm voting no on Prop 1.
November 04, 2013 23:52:03 what?   The town is paying the bills, and has been for many years,some area towns are not,masonville has the smallest budgit of all delaware county towns,why try to fix something that ain't broke?
November 04, 2013 22:37:30 Voter   Mrs. Scott is a great person who helps our community become better. She is a hardworking individual who not only works a full time job but also volunteers with the boy scouts, is a 4-H Leader, a mom, and on the town board. I am proud of what she does for this town and I am proud to say I am her daughter. Before you pass Judgment you should think about how she is willing to take personal time from her family to help better our town. I am voting for her not because she is my mom but because I know she is a good council woman that does what is best for our town.
November 04, 2013 17:28:18 EX Observer   Cabin Fever - Could we get Mr Tiska to pave 206 instead of 8? The potholes near my home are terrible.
November 04, 2013 17:23:00 EX Observer   Voter? What is the vision you have for Masonville? Perhaps if you expressed your "vision" for Masonville the Board might be interested. Let's face it; while Masonville is a nice little town with a lot of good features it is not on the list to become a mecca for anyone. It is what it is. The most we can ask of any Town Board is to keep Home Rule safe and keep the State and Federal government at bay. Good grief look at the furor over a plank walking bridge? What would it have been had it been something important?
November 04, 2013 17:17:12 EX Observer   Prop #1 Gambling in the state of New York. No state which has passed gambling has seen a profit from it anymore than education has seen any profit from the lottery. The only thing gained is more crime. The only ones who will profit by gambling is the casino owners and racketeers (that would include politicians). So vote a BIG NO!!
November 04, 2013 15:51:46 snowman   Maybe if more people attended the board meetings and participated in the discussion it would be more informative. I work nights or I would be there, from what I hear the board does answer questions, and if none are asked, what should they do, just make up false business so it looks like they are doing something. From what I hear our town is not running in the red , so the board must be doing their job right.
November 04, 2013 14:36:27 resident   Concerned, are you trying to say that the current board members have open minds or have more than their one mission (to bring gas development here asap)? Cause if so, you'd have a hard time proving it.
November 04, 2013 13:26:22 Dissapointed Republican   I will also be voting for Mr Tiska, The sitting board only cares about how their decisions only effect them. After talking around town and with Mr. Tiska there needs to be checks and balances and Mr. Tiska will bring that I beleive. Has anybody ever heard of Mrs. Scottt doing anything to make Masonville bettor, I haven't I beleive that Mr Tiska will make the board do the work of the people. Everyone should be voting for Mr. Tiska. ead the meeting minutes he does more than the board does now.
November 04, 2013 12:18:53 voter   I'll be voting for Mr. Tiska and anybody else who is not already a board member. The current "team" is a team of bench warmers. They have no vision for a better Masonville, or even to just keep it from getting worse, and are clearly too lazy to do any more than is absolutely necessary. Don't listen to liars or fools, a town like ours is not hard to run. People don't go to town meetings because unless you are 100% with the board you are treated disrepectfully, and nothing happens there anyway -- read the minutes for proof!
November 04, 2013 10:49:49 Local Resident.   Be sure to vote prop. 1 tomorrow it will bring work to the area also Vote Tiska he will get this town moving again in the right direction.
November 04, 2013 09:37:29 Kathy Klopchin   Interested resident: Who are you? Are you posting this message about me?
November 04, 2013 09:03:01 interested resident   Nice to see the only opposition is for a board members seat. The others that were running must have changed their minds, they never showed for meetings and need not represent us if they can not even attend meetings !!!! ( they sound very self centered and focused only on themselves!!!!!)
November 04, 2013 08:33:26 concerned   Be sure to get out and vote tomorrow !! Stop and think about how we want our town to be run for the next few years and be sure of yourself before voting. The ones who represent us need to be open minded and not have just one mission on their mind. Hope the right decisions are made tomorrow.
November 03, 2013 08:53:21 Kathy Ryan Update - The Masonville Rod & Gun Club auction was a great success. THANKS to all who donated and participated in any way!!!
November 02, 2013 19:19:25 another taxpayer   How was Tiska as animal control officer? I think I remember reading complaints on this site.
November 02, 2013 07:24:33 Observer   Ex Observer no life?
November 02, 2013 06:09:57 John   cabin fever is it not a great thing that you do not have to put your name on this board. I will bet you are a standing town board member.Mr tiska will represent the people well . He will have my vote and support.
November 01, 2013 20:44:56 EX Observer   Sounds like a great deal!! Where do I sign up? Of course at my age all I could do is watch the Demo but that should be worth half pay?
November 01, 2013 15:42:45 cabin fever   Yes Shears road is to be paved per Steves road management plan. Also state rt. 8 just because!!!! 1/1/14 the order for six NEW plows trucks will be placed and the demo and removal of sidewalks and the church st. bridge. After demo kool-aid and cookies will be served. Special guest Obama will cut the ribbon on demo work. All demo work is to be contracted to an outside company at prevailing wage of $84.75 per hour for the 12 workers.
November 01, 2013 08:59:29 voter   All plans are great but they do cost money, so remember that when you vote, the current board would do more if the money was available. Taxes will go up more with the more projects that need to be done.
October 31, 2013 22:03:58 Old Fa rt   Is Mr.Tiska paving Shears Rd?
October 31, 2013 19:31:10 EX Observer   I am sure Mr. Tiska is interested in Masonville and the politics thereof but I also think he likes the limelight a little too much and enjoys playing the devil's advocate just to see the reactions. There is nothing wrong with a devil's advocate at the right time and place. But, to carry on month after month about any issue that is out of the hands of the Town Board is really a waste of time and effort. i.e. cemeteries on private property.
October 31, 2013 14:48:25 another taxpayer   Before anyone votes for Tiska, wouldn't it be nice if he answered these questions?Will Tiska have the new Church street bridge tore down? Will Tiska still bring up lawsuits against the town going right to Washington DC? Reading the minutes Tiska sounds like he wants to give somebody big raises (pay prevailing union wages), sue the town, bring up lawsuits against the town going right to Washington DC, between the sidewalks, town hall, and little church street bridge it sounds like he looks to cause problems and our taxes would be raised to pay for it all, not to just pay the 'bills' or benefits for the town. He has posted on this site and I looked forward to any kind of response he might have as to my interpretation of his behavior regarding only what I have read in the minutes.Who knows, maybe he can change my vote.
October 30, 2013 19:30:22 Kathy Ryan Attention All - The Masonville Rod & Gun Club is sponsoring a Sporting Goods and Antiques Auction at the Sidney American Legion Hall, Fri., 11/1 at 5:30pm - Preview at 4:30pm. Hunting and fishing equipment, wildlife mounts, canoe, compound bows, snow blowers, jewelry, cast iron cook ware and much more. No buyers premium. Refreshments provided by American Legion.
October 29, 2013 15:59:50 Local   I read the team letter we do not need a group of board members who agree on everything it is not productive for the town and the town board becomes stagnant as it is now. We need someone who will challenge and debate all the decision if needed that will not happen with this board we need change if we are to move on in todays society with a unstable federal government. I believe that is Tiska. Do not get caught up in the TEAM as they have and will continue to raise taxes even know they preach that they do not. IT is not true. Tiska will bring stability to the town board as well as a checks and balances like this town has never seen. VOTE TISKA HE IS FOR EVERYONE.
October 29, 2013 09:03:27 new voter   Hope everyone can make it out to vote next week. Remember when you do not vote there is no complaining about who runs our town. Very capable town board now, and hopefully will remain that way. Some who are running for office do not and never have attended meetings so how do we know what kind of job they can do? This job is not as easy as some may think, remember, our supervisor represents us at county level as well as state level, he is our means of knowing what is going on and how we should respond to things as a town.
October 28, 2013 21:22:33 bertimouse   FYI YALL: The Town Of Masonville is required by NYS Law to adhere and comply with All Parts of the NYS 2010 Bldg Code which also references and upholds the 2008 NEC- National Electrical Code of 2008. Plumbing, Mechanical Codes-they are ALL in there too Folks. ALL those are for Our Safety First-get it? OK Nuff Said. WISH YOU ALL a Happy Safe & SPOOKY Halloween!
October 28, 2013 20:58:19 bertimouse   Susan: All new Bldg Construction in every NYS Town has to conform to the NYS 2010 bldg codes. NY State Law requires all CEOS-Code Enforcement Officers-to enforce these codes for the Health Life and Safety of everyone in not only their own town but anywhere they see violations because it saves Lives. Now trailers have a separate section in the 2010 Bldg Residential Code which you can access online or call NYS Codes Div in Albany if the TOM Bldg Inspector is unavailable. The 2010 Fire and Safety Code always comes First in tandem with your particular 2010 bldg code. Then the 2010 Energy Code requirements kick in. The GOOD NEWS is that if you purchased your new trailer in NYS they already meet these codes. A Old Used Trailer is a different story and may give you MUCH trouble depending on how old it is. Hope this helps Susan.
October 28, 2013 03:27:16 Resident and taxpayer of Masonville   It seems that everyone on this board who are against Mr. Tiska is afraid of Him of doing when elected exactly what the existing board is doing Raising Taxes. Mr. Tiska has a plan and the energy and drive to implement this plan that I believe would reduce taxes with the proper oversight. This board has convinced me that Mr. Tiska is the best candidate and I will be voting for him to represent Me on the town council. Good Luck Mr. Tiska and God Bless.
October 25, 2013 14:23:17 what?   voter, I haven't been to a meeting since the school was closed, I don't have the time, but I do read the minutes. I don't go to meetings, but I'm not running for town council. My votes will go to people who prove they have the time, and interest to actually participate (not saying I'd vote for him, but at least Tiska shows interest in our town by attending meetings). What do I want from our elected? Why, to pay the bills, some towns don't. Have you heard lately what is going on in Walton? Not only were the bills not getting paid, but they couldn't show where the taxpayer's money was going. An independent auditor investigated and said it wasn't criminal, just negligence and inexperience. Plans for the future? How about paying the bills, we don't need a community center or higher taxes.
October 25, 2013 13:58:31 what?   Local, bringing Reagan and Carter into this is pushing the reality envelope a little, especially if you are comparing M.Sroka to 'Reagan'!
October 24, 2013 20:40:45 voter   onlooker, have you been to town meetings? nothing happens at those meetings so I don't blame anyone for not going there's nothing to be learned there, no plans for the future being made, no discussions of bettering Masonville. Just read the minutes and you'll see -- other then simply paying the bills, nothing!
October 24, 2013 14:40:45 Local   That is true What? they said the same in 1979 and we ended up with Ronald Reagan after Jimmy Carter and that is what this would be like
October 24, 2013 14:36:59 what?   Five years ago they wanted something new as President of this Nation, now look at the mess we are in. Sometimes "change we can believe in" doesn't mean it will be for the better.
October 24, 2013 06:29:00 Long time resident   What? we know for a fact that the sitting board has raised taxes every year that they have been elected. So what would be any different I feel after talking around town people want new leadership on the town council.
October 23, 2013 19:44:06 onlooker   Have heard that M. Sroka is running for supervisor, what a joke, she has not attended a meeting in 13 months and has no clue as to what goes into the running of this town and the same goes for J. Scott, who is running for town clerk. Hope everyone gives this a lot of thought before voting for either of these women.
October 23, 2013 15:32:29 what?   Do you really think Tiska won't vote to raise taxes, with all his plans? The 2% cap set by Governor Cuomo was a joke, Cuomo allowed loopholes, and mandated spending that the towns couldn't afford, yet he still brags about the tax cap, and taking away our Constitutional rights. Yes our elected officials in Masonville over road the tax cap with Cuomo's loophole, along with the majority of towns in NY, yet Masonville still has the smallest budget of all 19 Towns in Delaware county, and hopefully stays that way.
October 23, 2013 05:15:01 Long time resident   Yes we also have a very upstanding citizen from Masonville running for town council. Vote Tiska the existing board members have risen the taxes above the 2% set by the governor every year Betty Scott's time has come time for a new outlook for Masonville and Tiska will bring that to the table. VOTE TISKA on election day.
October 22, 2013 18:36:58 wanting to know   Just heard that Marie Sroka is running for supervisor and Jolene Scott is running for town clerk, is this so ?
October 22, 2013 10:14:27 EX Observer   I have always figured the less one has to do with any law enforcement agency the better off he would be, but, by the same token I have always thought a good citizen should report any suspicious activity or crime. But the other day I learned that a "good citizen" should pay attention to his own business. I was waiting to turn at the light at Route 8 and River Street in Sidney and I noted a person waiting for the left turn light on Route 8. Suddenly a vehicle rear ended the waiting car and the person came through the light and the other vehicle closely followed and they went up River Street at a high rate of speed. So it appearing to be rather suspicious I called 911 and explained what I saw. The 911 operator said this is "Otego County 911 I will transfer you." Next I am connected with the State Police who said "We have nothing to do with that I will transfer you." Next I get Chenango County 911 who tells me they will transfer me. Now, at last, I am speaking with Delaware County 911 and I explain what I saw, etc. and the operator says, "Did you follow them?" I say "No. I was going in the opposite direction." Operator says, "Then how do you know what they were doing?" "Maybe they were going someplace to discuss the accident." I doubt I would ever report anything going on again up to and including murder. It just reinforced my contention that the less one has to do with law enforcement the better.
October 22, 2013 06:55:53 Resident.   Susan there is a single wide trailer going in on Steam Mill road saw it the other day when bow hunting. Go look at that one I am sure that it is up the code enforcers satisfaction as they are starting to put skirting around it. I don't think you need any concrete just put it on cinder blocks and skirt it. It' cheap to build in Masonville.
October 21, 2013 14:57:22 what?   Oh, and you can build frame work for pad out of old 2x6s, and just add roll out Concrete Wire Mesh for reinforcement.
October 21, 2013 14:50:03 what?   Best bet call Joe Reynolds, building inspector, a real nice man and will answer any questions, even give suggestions on whats best.Last I new Masonville requires either a 6" floating slab or concrete piers (below frost,four foot I believe. For the amount of piers that must be dug, and the work, I opted for a poured slab, doing the work myself. The price of the concrete was going to be close between the two. You can either pour the same size as trailer and have the skirting come down on it, or go smaller and cheaper, just enough to put all the blocks on, I went 12'x60' for a 14'x70' trailer, I've seen 10'x50' pads, just harder to keep the wheels on when delivering.
October 21, 2013 12:35:07 Susan   I own a piece of property in the Town of Masonville and want to put a single wide on it. I am unable to read the town requirements on this, on the official site. I know i need a builing permit, but Do I have to pour a concrete slab to put it on? If any one could shed some light on this i would appreciate it
October 20, 2013 22:00:59 voter   Is anyone else running for town board except Mr. Tiska or for any other positions?
October 19, 2013 14:21:31 Pamela Walker Thanks for your concern on the dog Bertimouse yes I did find the owner and he had a little boy home waiting for him. Love happy endings.
October 19, 2013 13:05:37 another taxpayer   Will Tiska have the new Church street bridge tore down? Will Tiska still bring up lawsuits against the town going right to Washington DC? Will Tiska still want to give big raises to the TOM workers, and not allow them to do work they volunteer to do if it is out of their job classification?
October 19, 2013 09:57:40 another reader   Ex observer--------- How true your words are !!!
October 19, 2013 09:47:19 EX Observer   It is very easy to make great plans on paper. The problem is turning them into reality. 5 year 10 year or 100 year plans sound great until one realizes there is no accurate way of projecting the cost from year to year. There is no way of projecting emergencies that can arise draining budgets. If Mr. Tiska is as good at beating dead horses as a board member as he is at meetings it will be a long session.
October 19, 2013 08:47:17 reader   No matter who is elected our taxes will go up, and it is not the fault of the town board. The county and state keep passing laws that force us (the town ) to raise taxes to keep running efficiently and keep our reserve fund in tact.
October 19, 2013 07:42:21 cabin fever   Well if everyone says so then great. I just don't see how taxes will be better if my road is paved every five years as well as new trucks at the same rate. Will this also be true for state and county roads?????? Also will this idea cover only certain peoples roads and not all roads???? Maybe a debate is in order.
October 19, 2013 06:32:25 Long time resident.   A five year plan will keep our tax rate down. A plan and scheduled maintenance of our roads, buildings and equipment will keep cost down. Nice plan Mr. Tiska,I will be voting for you as well.
October 18, 2013 12:16:28 just thinking   we all have to remember that our taxes have to go up to keep up with the expenses that are increasing each year and we need to keep our reserve money at a certain amount in case of major breakdowns with equipment that is needed to maintain our roads an buildings.
October 18, 2013 09:45:39 cabin fever   Article sounds good but also sounds like a big tax hike is attached to this.
October 18, 2013 06:30:01 New to area.   I am good now. Just read Mr. Tiska's letter in the Walton Reporter. It seems the man has a plan a a vision for Masonville. I will be voting for Mr. Tiska His vision of a five year plan was spot on. He has my vote.
October 17, 2013 20:41:58 bertimouse   YEEGADS what scarry TV shows their showing on the FX cable channel right now! OOEEEOO its HALLOWEEN TIME! Remind your little ones&teenagers&20,30 somethings that it is NOT REALITY,LOL! ITS ONLY A TV MOVIE! God Rules with Light,Love,Protection&Power Everywhere for anyone who asks.Nuff said.
October 17, 2013 20:26:13 bertimouse   Pam: Did you ever find the owner of that dog you found? Just curious...can always let the Sidney Shelter take them off your hands...they can check for implanted chips, etc. Hope all is well now. Thanks for all that you do.
October 17, 2013 20:21:12 bertimouse   Dear 12 year old Hunter & Mrs. Pam Walker: Thanks for both of your Posts.
October 15, 2013 08:52:02 New to area.   Who is the best perso running looking for input to vote.
October 07, 2013 19:05:00 objective voter   Anything new going on in the elections? Received a letter today from the " team " and that is all that has happened so far as I know.
October 06, 2013 07:19:08 Who!   Hang in there Mr. Tiska it sounds like these people who are talking you down are from that local group that Jerri is always talking about. You got my vote.
October 04, 2013 22:47:58 cabin fever   Gotta idea....Lay off everyone to save money. Gee I could run for office.
October 04, 2013 22:44:43 cabin fever   Opps.....Tisker...........Burp!!!
October 04, 2013 22:42:59 cabin fever   Who is Tiker running against?
October 04, 2013 22:39:27 another taxpayer   local voter; I don't know him personally,but just by reading the minutes Tiska sounds like he wants to give somebody big raises (pay prevailing union wages), sue the town, bring up lawsuits against the town going right to Washington DC, between the sidewalks, town hall, and little church street bridge it sounds like he just lives to cause what ever kind of ruckus he can.It sounds like our taxes would be raised to pay for it all.I see he has posted on this site recently and look forward to any kind of response he might have as to my interpretation of his behavior regarding only what I have read.Who knows, maybe he can change my vote.
October 03, 2013 14:43:14 local voter   Just sayin... yes vote for Mr. Tiska these people are lazy and want everything o stay the same. Give out pay raiseses, No accountability . Mr Tiska will hold evryone accountable and fight for the tax payers and protect the well being of the people of Masonville at the same time. Mr. Tiska will make Masoville a bettor community to live and raise your family in. I will be voting for Mr. Tiska everyone should be. He is not afraid to take on the peoples concerns.
October 03, 2013 14:18:02 Just sayin...   All this negative talk about Mr. Tiska makes me want to vote for him! He must be doing something right!
October 03, 2013 09:59:37 EX Observer   Mr. Tiska certainly has every right to seek a seat on the Town Board and I am sure, like all small towns, if he has enough family and friends he will get the nod. But my fear is the fact his representation on the board would be akin to using a sledgehammer to drive a tack. While it may get the job done, in the end it will do more damage than good.
October 02, 2013 17:10:53 what?   Maybe Tiska thought the TOM employees should get the prevailing wages that they weren't even asking for? Regardless, tax money would have been spent unnecessarily.
October 02, 2013 16:55:39 cabin fever   "Yet....." sounds like he loves high taxes also. Think about it,prevailing wages equal more tax money for the work to be done. The worker getting the high wages are rarely from our area. Lets raise taxes to benefit out of town people to get the same job done or with local people and cheaper wages. What the duck are people thinking?????
October 02, 2013 13:42:54 Yet another taxpayer.   I did read the minutes and it seems to me that Mr. Tiska is a man of action not afraid to take on the dirty work to get things done. Please do not forget anyone cannot satisfy everyone and it appears that Mr. Tiska has not and will not. Good for him for fighting for prevailuing wage rates on the building of the Town Hall it takes guts to stand up for what is right and not hide. Mr. Tiska will make a excellent Town Board member and we all should be honored that he wants to represent us and stand up for the taxpayers of Masonville. He has my vote.
October 02, 2013 09:01:17 another taxpayer   All it takes is reading the town minutes for the last couple of years to see many reasons for keeping Tiska off the board, he wants to cause enough damage to Masonville from the sidelines. Tiska threatened to file official complaints with Washington DC against the town and the Masonville church. When the new town hall was being constructed, Tiska complained numerous times that the town employees shouldn't be doing the work.Craig Dumond said "he refused to hire independent contractors at prevailing wage rates when Town employees can do the same work as in-kind work, saving the taxpayers thousands." I also think I remember they were asked if they wanted to help, and said they would, yet Tiska kept complaining.There are many more reasons not to vote for Tiska, just read the last couple of years minutes.
October 02, 2013 06:06:50 Voter   Vote Steve Tiska he will do more by accident than Betty does now.
October 01, 2013 22:59:53 Pamela Walker Its people like you young man Reed Scott why i love my job and have been doing it for 23 years and hope to continue for 23 more. I am all about the people in this Town and by now I know each and everyone of you in one way or another and proud to be your Town Clerk.
October 01, 2013 18:58:52 12 year old hunter   I would like to let everyone to know that Pam Walker allowed me to come over tonight at 6:30 after school and after my parents got home from work to get my hunting license. Thank you Mrs. Walker.
October 01, 2013 13:24:27 The Reaper   Oh Shear Roads Starting To Call To Me.....The Joy Of Hunting Is Not Far Away !
September 30, 2013 23:37:39 what?   OLD FA RT, the magic 8 ball says; 'Outlook good', 'Ask again later'. Ha, ha, my name is earl says; "I think the Dr. is spam." There are many 'Masonville bears' now,the population has grown.
September 30, 2013 19:29:37 OLD FA RT   Hey Dr.UKAKA,can you see if am going to get the big bad masonville bear his year?
September 28, 2013 10:44:33 EX Observer   PWalker I think the dog you found is a drop. It was near County Rte. 20 the other day and then was in my yard for a time but my lab scared it away. I had a nice beagle come to the house last summer; a drop. I finally took it over to Heart of the Catskills animal shelter.
September 28, 2013 00:45:00 Pamela Walker I have a brindle pit bull found at the bottom of Steam Mill running 206 brought him home very friendly love my girls (Dogs) but can not keeps please help me find its owner call 265-3537 don't know what to do!!!
September 25, 2013 18:11:28 cabin fever   I was making a \"wise arss\" statement,think about it!!!! Cut his pay by twenty grand then what??? Hire another guy with pay and benis could add up to sixty grand total. I can\'t kid around on this \"serious\" message board. The town it made with this present situation that really has gives no job security at all for the current highway supt...........maybe the next guy can make your dreams come true.
September 25, 2013 14:29:21 Broke   I agree with Cabin Fever let's cut his time and pay. No lets have him do his job as a manager and cut his pay in time. Nobody told him to operate equipment or paint trucks he choose that with that pay. Cut his pay and benifits to what is reasonable for the position, Look at the other towns quit acting like he is being picked on read his job dicription.
September 23, 2013 18:20:05 EX Observer   According to the men laying the cable in the ditch and on the new poles near me they said at this time it was strictly a data line for Time Warner. But I too wonder as they put a drop loop on the new pole on my property and another on a new pole on my neighbor's property. Actually the line goes on down 206 to at least Butts Road.
September 23, 2013 15:02:55 Just another Tax Payer   Does anybody know of any plans to "hardwire" Masonville for Cable TV. I saw them running CATV wire between CR-20 and RT 8 a few weeks ago but couldn't stop to ask. Thank you for any information...
September 23, 2013 13:30:47 What2?   Mr. tiska - i am sure the folks along rte 8 would like their sidewalks repaired at everyone else's expense!!! hell, I would like it to if i were them! the rest of the people who live in the town may not feel the same way about it. if you are running for board maybe you should see what the opinions of everyone is before you stick your neck out there to only represent the monority...just trying to help you out!
September 23, 2013 13:03:46 steve tiska   to what2 my written prior notice clearly addressed only the walk way on route 8 .the issue that you bring forth is not mine. if you pay attention to town business you will see that in the august 7 2013 minutes that town board already was looking for a grant for sidewalk was the board who spoke of a sidewalk district not me. if you look at the sidewalks on rt8.they need a little housekeeping . a days work . my action was well received. by those living along the sidewalk. now anyone walking along route 8 is protected. the clean up is very important ,the board has been advised. by the way do I know you ? good typing.
September 23, 2013 12:52:32 Community Member   I will vote for Mr. Tiska over Mrs. Scott he willbring stability and responability to the community.
September 22, 2013 21:18:54 cabin fever   I don't get it,can someone help me!!!! The past Highway supt. made less money and put in less time but got lots of krap on not being around. This one is there all the time and more and makes a little more money. We can't have it both ways yall. Next meeting lets cut his hours and pay,our taxes may go down twenty bucks or so. I was sure he also gets the town truck as a benefit but is is there nights and weekends. Last guy got it but not this one???? Other towns offer this don't they???
September 22, 2013 18:39:02 What2?   But Mr. Tiska, by doing what you are doing you, my friend, you are simply putting the Town at risk! As a Board member you would want to do exactly the opposite...just sayin'. What do you want to do...make the Town spend thousands and thousands of dollars toward maintaining sidewalks? Would you like the Board to simply add this to your personal tax bill? Or, are you expecting everyone in the TOWN TO PAY FOR YOUR RIDICULOUS ISSUES??? My taxes are high enough and do not need to be raised for maintaining sidewalks...especially since I do not live in Town and never walk on the sidewalks there!
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