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Febuary 20, 2008 19:52:28 A. Neighbor   Did anyone else on Route 8 have someone stop to ask if they are would consider having a cell tower put on their property? I'm trying to figure out if this is legitimate or someone trying to figure out what properties are seasonal/vacant.
Febuary 17, 2008 18:00:05 Good ol' Country Boy   Hey Doug Harris, How did that speeding ticket work out for you? So glad you got the police so active here.
Febuary 02, 2008 14:10:41 Kendal   Farmers' Speak-out Sat. Feb 16, 1:00 - 4:30 pm First Presbyterian Church, 296 Main Street, Oneonta Soup and Bread served Childcare and Children's activities provided All are Welcome! Farmers, consumers, store owners, distributors, local government officials, non-profit agencies, come and speak your thoughts and goals on our OPEN MIKE How can we develop local food infrastructure? What do farmers need to sell their food locally? What do consumers want from the local farmer How can we work together as a network of local communities? BUYING FROM LOCAL FARMS is a simple way to liberate our food supply from oil dependence. Come hear others talk about the problems and opportunities we face in getting more local food from our farmers to local consumers. Help create support for local farmers, keep cash within our local economy, protect farmers’ livelihood, increase our supply of fresh, nutritious food, preserve open space, and drastically reduce levels of fossil fuels used. For more information contact: Colleen Blacklock 607 287-3888 or Ed Lentz 607 263-5425 Please let us know ahead if you plan to bring kids. Sponsored by: Environmental Work Group, Otsego County Conservation Assn., NOFA/NY Can we work together....?
January 31, 2008 18:39:11 George denys The next meeting of the Masonville Master plan advisory commitee is March 19th at 7 P.M.
January 29, 2008 08:15:40 sue and tom   we are wondering when the next CMP meeting is? thanks!
January 19, 2008 00:42:03 A Masonville Resident   That was a very RUDE thing to say!
January 13, 2008 21:38:14 Confused by Chester   Who the hell is Chester???????
January 09, 2008 11:38:15 Grumpy GERMAN SPEAKERS! I am inviting a number of German speakers from the web to meet with me at the Masonville General Store, over coffee, at 1:00 PM on Saturday, 12 January. Purpose: to practice and keep fresh our German vocabulary and to assist new German learners to become more familiar in that language. Any locals, who are interested in becoming exposed to more German skills, or who just want to BS about the old country, please join us!
January 01, 2008 21:24:16 Craig DuMond   I apologize, the correct starting time of the meeting is 7:30!!!!
January 01, 2008 21:23:08 Craig DuMond   Yes. On 1/2/08 the Organizational Meeting starts at 7pm with the regular meeting to follow.
December 31, 2007 11:56:15 Chester   Is the Town Board still on for Wed 01-02-2008?
December 22, 2007 13:46:45 Doug Harris Greetings to all, and to all of whatever faith (or not), I wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons! It\'s been several months since I\'ve been to this site, and I just did a quick catch-up read on things I\'ve missed. A lot, it seems! I\'m sorry that frequent out-of-town trips have kept me from town meetings and, nearly as bad, the MV General Store and CW Cafe. (I\'ve recently been licensed to sell life and health insurance, and having been hard at work learning how best to offer help to people with those needs.) I\'m glad to see, as much through the notes here as my own observations, that both the State Police and the Sheriff\'s Dept have been stepping up anti-speeding efforts. While this can, of course, be a revenue source for the town, the bigger issues include [1] safety and [2] the fact the speed limits hereabouts _have_ been widely abused. And thank you, Grumpy, for getting the spam filter in place!! What a pleasure to see only _relevant_ writings on this wonderful (albeit unofficial!) website. doug harris
December 18, 2007 16:01:13 Chester   Hi Mike You might want to start your search with and You might also check to see if the name is listed with Good luck Chester
December 18, 2007 15:04:39 Mike Valla My name is Mike Valla. I live in Saratoga Springs. I am trying to research a William W. Cone, who lived in masonville in 1800's. I could only find a line or two in the town Census. Any ideas at all??? I am writing a book about fishing, and he was an early fisherman back then.
December 13, 2007 21:51:19 Doris Kennedy Hi there. I was hoping as a local Masonville person you may be able to help me. I was given information on a run down house for sale - green - with a 2 car detached garage with some acreage. Perhaps you know this person or this house. I misplaced the telephone number and my husband is about to hang me!! It\'s a long drive from Long Island. Please - if you can, provide me any information. He got the number off a sign on the property. I would be EXTREMELY grateful if you could pass on any information.
December 13, 2007 14:57:41 Sheila R. Benedict Please send any emails about Ivanhoe marked Ivanhoe. Thanks again! Keep safe and warm! Happy Holidays!
December 13, 2007 14:52:01 Sheila R. Benedict Would anyone have information on Ivahnoe when it was a town? I live in what I am told was the center of Ivanhoe, and I would like to learn more about the town! Thank you for your time!
December 05, 2007 13:51:13 Kendal Grumpy, I have to ask, don't you mean Masonvillians instead of Masonvillains? :) While I'm here, I'll remind folks of the weekly knitting night, (crochet, needlework, etc.) We're getting a great crowd, and lots of new knitters are well on their way to new winter-wear! Tuesdays between 5 and 8pm at the Masonville General Store. All levels welcome, tips and tricks sharing encouraged.
December 03, 2007 19:06:36 Grumpy Very well, Chester, let me add to Mr. DeNys\' narrative. Yes, this is my site, paid for and controlled by me. However, the minutes of the town council meetings are \"official\" - as they are passed on to me by the town government. I had wanted to provide a venue for the Masonvillains to be able to ask general questions and/or voice sundry thoughts and opinions. This seems to working quite well on the Message Board, although we had a lot of problems in the beginning with SPAM. This was eliminated with the SPAM filter now in use. I am not a town official of any sort; the closest I come to that is by being the next-door neighbor of our Town Clerk. Naturally, I try to make it to all the Town Council meetings; something I would encourage ALL the locals to do!
December 03, 2007 18:44:48 George Denys, Town Councilman Hello Chester, This web site is NOT the official site but is the product of a very generous citizen. Back in the dark ages when we had very little contact with our constituents Mr Grumpy made up a website that listed Town contacts for folks. It evolved into what you see here. (Grumpy, please feel free to correct me if needed)We have since made an official website that you can link to from this one. It is rather simplistic but contains everything important and serves as an official outlet for our town. This is not to diminish Grumpys site or efforts but only to make some things "official". As this is a private venture we have no control over it's content but have never felt it was an issue as Grumpy is as competent as anyone in administering it. A disclaimer is totaly up to him as the owner of the site. I hope this helps explain things. George
December 03, 2007 13:20:10 Chester   Perhaps some kind person can clarify for me the status of this website? - From the information that I have been able to gather, this site is NOT an official site of the Masonville Town? - I am told it is a privately owned site and the owner allows it to be used for a quasi-town government site. Is this true? - If so, then perhaps it should be noted in the header who owns the site and that information found on this site is not officially information issued by the ruling body in MV. - While I am not certain what the regulations are concerning local government internet sites; I do know what the regulations are concerning an official newspaper so I assume the regulations pertaining to newspapers would pertain to any other source of information dispensed by the town. - While I have enjoyed to banter found on this site I fear that some may feel that it is an official organ of the town rather than a general information site.
December 02, 2007 11:39:15 Chester   Mr George Denys, Town Councilman.- I will agree with you, MV has one of the best highway crews.- They are efficient, helpful and do a good job.- I Wish they were the ones maintaining the ditches in front of my property; if they were the ditches would not be in the shape they are in.- While I am not really an "official" resident of MV as I live outside the hamlet and have only been in the area for 5 years; I do appreciate the efforts of the town road crew.- So I wish them and their families the most joyous of Christmas and a happy healthy 2008!
December 02, 2007 11:01:03 Grumpy, Town Character In case any of you are wondering why I don\'t have the November Minutes posted yet, let me lay the blame on Town Clerk Pam Walker\'s crashed computer. The November Minutes will be forthcoming, albeit a bit delayed.
December 02, 2007 08:15:36 George Denys, Town Councilman Easy Folks. As a Town Councilman I have recieved many comments on the increased police presence in our Town. Almost always the town residents have said they appriciate them. The only negitive comments I have recieved are from folks who do not live here. Mr Dumond ,our Town Supervisor, has put it as plainly as can be. Everyone in the Town knows about this and can, if they need to, adjust there driving habits appropriatly. I would also like to take time to thank our Highway Dept. Before we get up they are out there in the most miserable weather making sure we have clean safe roads to drive on. Sure, you say, thats what they are paid to do.....well, quite frankly, we don't pay them enough. What we can but not enough. They are never a problem for the Town, they never complain and are always on time and doing a professional job. Another little known fact is that they do alot of maintenance on our trucks and equipment that they are not required to do. This saves us many thousands each year. They do this because they truly care about their town. That says alot to me. If you get the chance, thank them. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Holliday season. George
December 01, 2007 22:21:44 Chester   Bob K - I do thank you for your astute comments on my earlier note on this message board. - I really had no intent of answering you but it struck me sort of funny and as a result I have to comment. - My earlier note was an opinion on my part and opinions like bellybuttons seem to be a part of everybody. - My opinion is no more or less valid than any other persons observations. - As to your observations on the quality or lack of quality on the part of the "Upstate" school system, that I will have to accept at face value as it has been many, many years since I have been in a classroom as a student. - I gather from the tone of your letter that you are in law enforcement.- For that I thank you as someone has to do it. - If you are, as I suspect, in the law enforcement field you are aware of the so called "police mentality". - As to the risks of being in law enforcement; I am sure there are risks and hazards, but no more so than a lot of other occupations including fire-fighters and convenience store clerks which are included in the top ten hazardous occupations. And keep in mind all law enforcement persons are in law enforcement by choice.
December 01, 2007 22:16:49 Craig DuMond, Town Supervisor   One just needs to apply to good old fashioned rule of common sense...."if you dont want a ticket, dont speed". This should not be a hard concept to grasp. I have never heard of people leaving a community because there were too many police around, rather just the opposite! I welcome enforcement of any New York State Laws by our local law enforcement. We should be grateful they choose to spend their time protecting our community. We have already had one horrific traffic fatality in our hamlet and I personally never want to see another one. I welcome and applaud the New York State Police and Delaware County Sheriff in keeping our Town a safer place for our citizens!
December 01, 2007 18:57:57 Bob K.   Mr. Chester. Thank you for letting us all know that Troopers are liars and have no respect for anyone other than themselves. I did not know there was such enlightenment upstate! Down here Troopers are held in high reguard as they put their lives on the line (and sometimes loose them) daily. I think the upstate school system has failed us badly. You are exibit "A".
December 01, 2007 08:58:44 George Denys Hello Grumpy and all, I cannot understand why folks are suprised or upset that law enforcement agencies are patroling State Hwy 8 and State Hwy 206. It\'s not as if they are hiding along a back road!! These are State Highways and have to be patroled. I am glad they are showing a presence in our town and hope it will deter the thieves that robbed from a local residence WHILE THEY WERE HOME!! Some folks don\'t like the police for whatever reason but when something bad happens they are the first to hide behind them. One positive thing we can and should do is start an official neighborhood watch program in the hamlet. I would be happy to put any interested folks in contact with the County Sheriff or State Police for guidance in starting one up. It\'s our town and we have a certain responsibility to help protect it from folks who would do us wrong. My Thanks to the NYS Police and the County Sheriff\'s office for their efforts in making Masonville a safer place to be. One last thought....I havent heard anyone say they have recieved a frivolous ticket. No \"I got a ticket for 33 in a 30\" stories. My guess is that most tickets are being issued for a good reason. My neighbor has complained of people passing him in the hamlet. That kind of driving behavior is inexcusable and I hope the DA gets involved with some wreckless driving convictions. If I sound intollerant then understand that I almost lost my wife one day when an 18 wheeler blew through the light at 60+ MPH. Another wasn\'t so lucky. I watched in horror another day as a car carrier passed our town clerk waiting to turn into the town hall on the right, ON THE SIDEWALK!! What if someone was walking on the sidewalk at that time? They would be dead. Drive reasonably and you won\'t have worry about tickets. I guess I turned the corner.......I sound just like my father.
November 30, 2007 18:36:11 ted tiska Kudos to Grumpy for his support for local law enforcement.
November 30, 2007 12:46:55 Chester   Yep, ya named it. REVENUE makes a speed trap. REVENUE and REVENUE alone. Usually speeding fines are levied only against those who can least afford it. Called "poor tax." I am sure that MV reaps a tremendous income from "keeping MV safe." Someone on here noted that they asked a State Trooper what his "cut off" point was. The Trooper must have given him some answer and he believed it! Come on, don't be so gullible. Troopers are not known for truthfulness when it comes to questions of that nature. To a Trooper (or any other person in law enforcement) most people outside the law enforcement field is a "dirt bag" and deserving of anything that happens to them. So, believing that there is a "cut off" point for speeding is naive. As I said I laud the efforts to keep our streets and highways safe but, alas, it is doubtful that is the motive behind all the police activity in MV. I agree that the easiest way to avoid a speeding ticket is to obey the speed limit. But why doesn't the law enforcement spend as much time enforcing the law at the 4 way stop in MV? I see many vehicles failing to stop at that light. Maybe because speeding fines are more lucretive to the state and local area?
November 30, 2007 10:11:19 Grumpy Boo Hoo! I can't believe all the crying and hand wringing over speeding tickets! A few days ago, on a trip down Route 8 to Sidney, I saw as many as 2 Sheriff's vehicles as well as 2 State Police cruisers, ALL with pulled-over motorists. That means that those people are learning not to speed on our roadways, as well as adding revenue to our town treasury. Thet's a win-win situation Just because the laws are enforsed here, doesn't make Masonville a speed-trap! It is very easy to avoid getting a speeding ticket and I find it humorous to see all these (often illegal) devices offered for sale which claim to circumvent redar detection or otherwise fool and/or mislead law enforcers. I have certain features in both of my vehicles and use them all the time. They keep me from getting speeding tickets and are absolutely legal. This feature is known as CRUISE CONTROL! Works every time.
November 29, 2007 12:26:39 Chester   In some points I agree with Mr. Bell and his observations. Small town courts are nothing more than revenue generators for the municipal area they serve. I sometimes wonder of local justice courts are even constitutional. They have a vested monatary interist in seeing that fines are paid. Justice plays little or no part in the process. While I have not had the opportunity to attend any court sessions in MV or received a ticket in MV I have noted that there seems to be a tendency on the part of law enforcement to cater to a small manority of people living along the corridor between MV and Sidney. The day before Thanksgiving I had to go to Sidney 3 times using that stretch of road. On all three occasions I noted the Delaware Sheriff or the State Police had cars stopped at some point along the road and on one occasion I noted two Sheriff's vehicles had cars stopped. While I laud the efforts to keep our highways and streets safe I fear much of it has nothing to do with safety but rather revenue; revenue for the state of New York and the municipal coffers.
November 28, 2007 19:13:10 George Denys Mr.Dave Bell, Most Town residents understand what drives the police in their law enforcement certianly isn't the Town Board. I guess your point is that you should be able to come here and break the law without fear of prosecution?? Just what is your point? I talked with a Trooper not long ago and asked what his cut off was. Belive me, if you were above that you deserved a ticket.
November 28, 2007 18:58:36 George Denys The Towns survey for the Master Plan is in the hands of the Delaware Co. Planning Dept. There will be copies available at the meeting on Thursday however the mailing has been delayed due to corrections being made to the origional draft. It's better to get it correct than rush it. I hope to have a good turn out as this is an important junction in out town's history.
November 27, 2007 23:34:04 Dave Bell   I had the absolute pleasure of meeting your town judge tonight and it looked like most of your town..I come form a small town in upstate ny myself..Utill I could no longer afford the exorbitant taxes and cost of living on my fourth generation family farm and sold out and left NY.. Congratulations on your great plan to issue traffic tickets to downstaters or other people..I noticed the town court was PACKED (standing room only) with RESIDENTS of your town..Who all got tickets and will be sending their FINE money to Albany.. Nice work.. The stupidity in NY never ceases to amaze me..Thank god I am not stuggling to pay YOUR taxes and tickets and food cost and insurance and gasoline and general cost of living anymore..Hope your great plan to write tickets to lower your taxes is a continuing success.. To the woman in tears almost tonight for her first ticket in her entire life..I hope your neighbors are real proud..
November 27, 2007 20:11:58 bertimouse   CUDOS TO CRAIG FOR ORGANIZING THE TOWN OF MASONVILLE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN! I still haven't received my Planning Committee SURVEY IN THE MAIL which was supposed to be mailed out to all MV residents on Nov. 19th; as was noted at the Nov. 7th Masonville Town Meeting. -Was there a problem with the mailing or my PO Box? According to what was said then they hoped to have some input from the mailings to report on by Nov. 29th. Will this still happen?
November 26, 2007 21:35:23 Craig DuMond   There will be a public meeting for the Masonville Comprehensive Plan on Thursday November 29th at 7pm at the Masonville Federated Church. Comprehensive plans are now required under New York State Law as a foundation for municipal planning. It's a good time to study our Town, evaluate options and make choices that will take us into the future. We have created an advisory committee chaired by Councilman George Denys to manage the effort. Our Comprehensive Plan committee, comprised of community members, will be guiding the work, and we have the confidence in them to get it right. We also need the PUBLIC'S DIRECT INPUT! We are hoping to get a large attendance Thursday night....Please come....become informed and involved in your Town's future.
November 18, 2007 12:41:46 Chester   Well, the time has arrived. The downstaters stop shooting each other and swarm to the area to shoot the dangerous deer.
November 16, 2007 13:11:13 Kendal Calling all stitch wits and happy hookers! New knitting (crochet, needlework, etc.) group meeting Tuesdays between 6 and 8pm at the Masonville General Store. This is an opportunity for co-creativity and community. All levels welcome, tips and tricks sharing encouraged. Look forward to seeing you!
November 13, 2007 10:29:27 Mark and Robin Little   Where were the flags for Veteran's Day? We thought that the town would have honored this day with them. If this day was forgotten, shame on you.
November 11, 2007 19:18:50 Michael Hi everyone, I found a puppy in Steam Mill Forest on Saturday, Nov. 10th. If anyone knows anything about a very young lost dog, please Email me. If someone might check the local paper also as I am back downstate, I would appreciate it. Thank You Michael
November 10, 2007 07:45:05 Grumpy In addition to juggling our residence problem, as Commander of Disabled American Veterans Chapter 200 in Oneonta, I am also obligated to sit at a table in the Southside Mall and solicit donations toward the purchase of a new van. You can read more about that on our website ( -- So I am forced to leave my dear little wife to deal with our bewildered kitty-cats and to properly supervise the workmen who have (literally) broken up our happy home! Say, if your travels take you to Oneonta and the Southside Mall today, stop by and say hello.
November 10, 2007 06:12:56 Grumpy Thank you, Kendal! Yes, I am the "Homeless Guy" to whom she referred. We are in the midst of changing homes on our site and our old one has been pulled apart and is no longer habitable and the new one, tho' onsite, is not hooked up yet. Currently residing at the Super 8, we are indeed temporarily homeless! This also means that I don't have access to my computer for updating my websites, etc.
November 09, 2007 16:54:16 kendal Hey Homeless Guy! UPS dropped off 3 packages for ya. cheers, kendal
November 06, 2007 11:31:00 Chester N Shew Hiya I belong to a group that searches graves for people. I will check the cemeteries in Masonville for you and will E-Mail the information. See the E-Mail I sent you.
November 05, 2007 09:36:14 Donna Garvey I was looking for my grand mothers grave - I know even though she lives in Sidney she is buried in Masonville NY. I can not find it on the web in any of the cemarty listings. Effie Shofkom. Does anyone know where she is buried for sure?
November 05, 2007 08:21:17 George Denys It would be helpfull if you said who you are. People will usualy not speak up until they know who they are talking to.
October 23, 2007 22:52:39 bertimouse   Question: Would anyone be interested in helping me start up a Town of Masonville Garden Club/Town Beautification Program/Organization to work on all things related to green in tandem with the newly formed Town of Masonville Planning Committee?
October 23, 2007 22:32:58 bertimouse   Message to and You should come to the Town of Masonville meetings! We just talked about that. Check out the past meeting report for September. :)
October 23, 2007 22:29:13 bertimouse   Message to If you can get cable connection to your house, the best thing is roadrunner, available through TimeWarner Cable; nearest located in Sidney, NY I think, but I had to drive into Oneonta, NY to set up my service in MV. Hope this helps. :)
October 23, 2007 15:29:33 Chester N Shew What is all the hulabulu about paying for the fuel used by the Chiefs of the MVFD to respond to calls? Personally I would say that is pretty reasonable request by the Chiefs. Having spent many years in VFD's as a firefighter, officer and lastly as Chaplain, both upstate and on LI I can tell you that upstate FD Officers spend a lot of thier own money and a lot of time to serve their communities. I would say that what little is given to them in the way of fuel compenses is a real bargain for the Town. As to the officers of the MVFD responding to calls in "large SUV's" I have NO idea what they drive but one thing I DO know is that this being a rural area if were a responding officer I certainly would want the best vehicle I could get to respond in knowing the condition of some of the back roads in the spring and winter.
October 23, 2007 15:04:14 Chester N Shew Looking for the official names of two of the cemeteries in Masonville. 1. The cemetery on Beech Hill road. 2. The cemetery on 206 east of 4 corners. Thanks. Can respond to
October 18, 2007 22:49:36 Grumpy Itty-bitty kitty cats are what I found at Kendal's MASONVILLE GENERAL STORE today. I guesstimate them to be around 6 or 7 weeks old. Old enough to be absolutely endearing! I immediately fell in love with one of them who, after I picked it up, promptly fell asleep in my arm, on leg dangling. I sat immobile for a good long while, not wishing to awaken the peaceful sleeper. Alas, as commander of my Disabled American Veterans chapter in Oneonta, I had to put the little kitty down, for I had to leave to chair my meeting. But, this lovable little purring sleeper would not have gone home with me anyhow. With three resident cats, our cat quota is reached. If you can convince Kendal that you could provide a suitable and caring home, she might let you have one of these little treasures.
October 18, 2007 13:11:36 Craig DuMond   It depends on where you plan to locate yourself within the Town. Most areas in the Town have hi-speed internet, but there are places where only dial-up is available. You can try and contact Time Warner Cable or Citizen's communications to determine what service is available in the are in which you are planning to move to.
October 17, 2007 11:35:27 A Klein Hi, I\'m considering moving to Masonville and had a question: Who provides high-speed internet in the area? Also, if you wouldn\'t mind, could please tell me about the quality of service? Much appreciated.
October 09, 2007 13:38:56 Grumpy WI-FI avaiable at the MASONVILLE GENERAL STORE and CRESCENT WRENCH CAFE! Another few hours spent at my favorite coffee shop, Masonville's cultural center. This time, I am not just reading my regular mail, I am reading my eMail as well! Yes, Kendal has internet access available in her store! It just doesn't get much better than this! All this and great coffee too.
October 02, 2007 17:32:48 Grumpy Kendal has a great assortment of beautiful natural silk scarves, newly arrived at her store: THE MASONVILLE GENERAL STORE on the corner of Routes 8 and 206. If you haven\'t been there, you really owe yourself a visit to the cultural center of Masonville! This is where the GOOD people sit and enjoy a cup of tasty coffee and converse about the important things in life and the world. The store has a section with 4 tables in the bay window area, named the Crescent Wrench Cafe. THAT is where one sits to soak up the always terrific ambience. Today\'s graet music selection was designed to bring up the inner Cajun in you! I certainly left the store less grumpy than when I entered!
September 30, 2007 20:55:07 Craig DuMond   All court-related matters should be addresses directly with the Town Court @ 607-265-9249 or c/o Masonville Town Court, PO Box 63 Masonville, NY 13804.
September 27, 2007 14:51:04 J Rogers I would like to know why it is that I cannot get anyone to return my phone calls or emails to the town of Masonville and the that one time someone actually calls back they can't leave a message to let me know a convenient time to call back. I don't know how many times I can tell someone that I have not received any information about a court date can you please contact me.
September 25, 2007 02:55:21 bertimouse   REGARDING THE MVFD BUDGET MEETING: Sorry mistake, the meeting is on OCTOBER 16TH, A TUESDAY. Greg, can you tell us where and when the meeting will be held? Thank you.
September 25, 2007 02:30:04 bertimouse   Well, I'd like to add my humble comments here if I may, for what they're worth: Regarding the price of Gasoline: We are all feeling the pinch of higher gas prices. My question is why is it cheaper to buy gas up in Norwich or in Unadilla, than it is in Masonville, Sidney or Walton? Can someone please explain this to us? We have been at a loss for a long time trying to understand this one! Regarding reimbursement of gasoline for the Fire Chiefs: I think NO. I do not think this is a good idea. The Fire Chiefs do not have to drive a big SUV to get to any scene of a about a fast little 4-cylinder two-seater instead? My older brothers have been in the fire dept. and rescue squads for years, and the Chief does NOT always access the situation with them on-site. -It depends on the quality and training of the OTHER men in the fire department, which radio back to the Chief. Long distances dictate which fireman has that responsibility to the Chief, as always. Regarding the fire recently in Sidney? I (heard) that Sidney, Afton and Bainbridge fire departments responded, but not Masonville...why was that all about? -I guessed that Masonville stayed home to take care of the rest of us that night, should anything ELSE break out, but I also (heard) some bad talking against the MVFD which I DID NOT LIKE AT ALL! This tells me that the MVPD needs to do some PR with our community, maybe? Regarding the October 15th MVPD budget meeting: Yes, I agree that anyone in the Town of Masonville should attend this meeting. I support all of the dedicated people in this Town and they deserve to have us hear them speak. I agree with Greg that it is important that we ALL participate! The more communication that we have as a whole community will only help us in the long run. That's what I say. Together as a Town we are all strong; even if we disagree a little, let's have at it, eh? :)
September 24, 2007 12:19:43 Robin Little   I feel that Greg Tiska's request is reasonable. To have the chiefs ride out with the trucks is unreasonable. There are times when the chief gets to a scene and then calls back that not all the equipment is needed. It is only logical that gas and money will be saved by not having to roll out all the equipment. If you have send out just one fire truck to see what is needed then, the place could be a lost or someone's life could be lost. How can we put a price on our town's safety?
September 13, 2007 07:01:01 Kevin- son of Richard and Marie (aka Peck) Geesh- first time in my life I have ever been "censored" :)
September 13, 2007 06:57:53 Kevin *CENSORED* Oh! There is no place like home! I sit out here in southern California thinking about the terrific childhood I had growing up on Parker Hollow Road! Enjoy the website!
September 12, 2007 06:16:26 G Tyson   Thanks for the help bertimouse. Your information was very helpful. Have a great day d:^)
September 11, 2007 08:31:25 1/2 a martini   can anyone explain the letter regarding selling your development rights to the NYC watershed??? Not sure if I should be concerned or not. Thank you in advance for any information provided.
September 08, 2007 23:18:48 bertimouse   Hi G Tyson! What kind of ticket was your's for? Speeding? Having a dog/cow/horse run loose? Rats in your backyard? Bad parking? -Try contacting the New York State Troopers office (Troop C) in Sidney at 561-7400 or the Delaware County Sheriff's Office at 746-2336 for more information. Hope this helps you, and hope the bill won't be too much :)
September 05, 2007 15:21:57 Robin Little   Tanks Grumpy. I was just wondering.
September 01, 2007 21:55:52 Mr. Everything   37 wonderful years in Masonville; it truly is a hidden treasure. Great website!
September 01, 2007 12:45:15 Grumpy Sorry, Robin! As soon as our clerk gets them to me, I send them to my webmaster and he gets them up quite promptly. We are waiting also.
August 30, 2007 14:35:51 Robin Little   Any minutes for August meeting?
August 06, 2007 12:07:56 Grumpy I assume that this body of water of which you speak is East Masonville Pond. It lies about half an hour (20 miles) from Colchester. Take Route 206 West until you are almost in Masonville. Then be watchful for County Road 35 on your right. Take it toward East Masonville and Sidney Center. You'll see the pond before you get to Sidney Center.
August 06, 2007 00:53:30 cindi and rob we just moved up to colchester and someone up there told us about a beautiful lake in Masonville, which i can not seem to find can someone help us Thanks a millon.
August 02, 2007 17:04:15 Grumpy At the 1 August 2007 Regular Town Board Meeting, the members of the Town of Masonville Comprehensive Master Plan Advisory Committee were appointed. This committee is chaired by Councilman George DeNys and consists of Dave Barnes, Carol Bowker, Curt Christiansen, Kendal Craig, Betty Scott, and Steve Tiska.
July 11, 2007 17:37:57 Grumpy Excellent Brandy news! I don't know if posting the notice of her "loss" here, helped, but this sort of thing is one way this message board can be very useful!
July 11, 2007 10:08:06 Charles Heap   Brandy was found 7/11/07!
July 10, 2007 13:12:48 Charles Heap Lost Dog: Golden Retriever, 12 year old Female, Golden body with a grey face, answers to Brandy; ran off on Saturday 7/7/07 on Route 8, near Butts Road. 518-928-7578
June 28, 2007 13:53:41 Grumpy Good idea, Doug. I will talk about it with my webmaster, who as you can see, is a little behind with getting the minutes from the last town council meeting posted. He just got back from the Harley Rendezvous and hasn't quite refocused yet. On the other hand, I don't want to make it too difficult to post here and discourage meaningful input from the (Masonville) town folk, which would defeat the purpose of why I launched this site in the first place.
June 28, 2007 11:48:48 Doug Harris A suggestion: How's about adding a bot-blocker to this site -- one of those little boxes where a PERSON has to enter a sorta-disguised set of letters and-or numbers -- to prevent all the 'how do you like my site' notes from getting posted?
June 28, 2007 11:45:02 Doug Harris Bravo, S. !!! ~~~~~ Count me READY . . .
June 27, 2007 12:08:32 S.   Just an FYI.. With the help of Mr. Denys, I am researching ideas for signs, flowers, etc, for the town- and in addition will hopefully acquire any pertinent info in regards to volunteers/land-owners and liabilities! I'll post as important info comes to me- for those of you interested in being involved when the time comes!
June 24, 2007 13:30:55 Doug Harris This (board meeting) could be an excellent opportunity for a _civics_ lesson, too: We will at that time have two Fresh Air Fund kids visiting us from NYC. At 11 and 12 years of age, both are at a point where an opportunity to see _government in action_ SHOULD be welcomed. (But kids being kids, I'll probably have to drag them along! ;) ___ Oh, well, 'guess I'll have to drag this little fillies to the well and see if they drink in some knowledge!) ____What time is the meeting? At the barn or the library?
June 24, 2007 12:58:43 "Grumpy" Ernst Keidel (on Steam Mill Road) Good points, Doug! Why don't you come to the town council meeting on the 11th and raise them? Regards, GRUMPY
June 24, 2007 12:45:46 Doug Harris Re points raised by Robin (relative to my earlier posts on the speeding issue PLUS other posts regarding the idea of ‘Welcome’ signs for the village): ____[1] Where to place them _could_, of course, be an issue both of the actual _where_ factor AND the liability either a property owner or the town might have if someone plowed into a sign and was injured or, worse, a volunteer helping maintain the sign area was in any way injured. Do we have a town attorney who could be consulted on this? My suspish is that the town would, if it was leasing or _borrowing_ the use of several square yards in various locations for signs, be liable for ...whatever. I’m not an attorney; I could be wrong. But whoever is liable needs to be insured against the risks. _______[2] Who would make and, more importantly, maintain the signs and the area around them would have to be agreed upon by taxpayers... unless a volunteer committee took it upon themselves to fully fund and assume all liabilities for such signs. I would be proud to be part of such a committee. _______[3] I addressed the issue of the painted sign posts in a separate message. But a further thought on that: It is _possible_, I guess, that DOT had the sign posts painted to make the speed limit signs more noticeable. Beyond that, I don’t have a clue who painted them... but it _was_ a good idea! ______[4] Without going back to check, I don’t believe I said ‘every other car’ is speeding. Truth be told, the average is more like 65-80 percent of all passing vehicles who exceed 40 mph – ten miles OVER the limit – as they pass my house... in EITHER direction. _______ [5] I can certainly appreciate your concern that if a high percentage of the higher-speed speeders were ticketed, and IF many of them choose to appear in court, our ordinarily-adequate-for-a-small-town court could, indeed, be overwhelmed. But surely such a revenue-producing volume would justify an as-needed traffic-court-only court session. All costs would, obviously, be MORE than covered by speeder-provided fines. (And practically speaking, it is more than likely that many people would simply main in the fine.) _______ [6] Heaven forbid we should EVER need a full-time court system! But _this_ issue certainly wouldn’t bring that about. More likely, a speed-limit-enforcement program would for some period of time produce a _generous_ budget surplus, but over the longer term, the cash flow would – we can hope – slow to a smaller but still steady amount – enough to cover enforcement costs and _still_ ease budget pressures. ________ [7] I understand the _concept_ regarding one rotten apple and the barrel, but I don’t understand the reference in the context in which you used it. I apologize for being, in this instance, obtuse.
June 23, 2007 18:10:14 Doug Harris I have heard, though can't claim to know for sure, that metal surface, like wooden ones, tend to weather better when they are painted. IF that's true, who ever painted the 30mph sign POSTS to make them more visible might be described as forward-thinking, and oriented toward problem-solving. (Alas, he or she might also be accused of defacing public property.) Either way, it wasn't me. ;)
June 23, 2007 18:02:31 Doug Harris To Robin Little: I once heard, and liked, the equivalent of "My father was Mr. Harris. I’m Doug." Though I haven’t had the good fortune of meeting you, I would like to think that, being small-town neighbors, we can get on a first-name basis. I hope you agree, (may I address you as?) Robin. (Because I want _this_ message to stand out, I will address other points in a separate note.)
June 22, 2007 10:56:48 S.   A full-scale town-pride project would take some time to organize and execute; there are many things to consider- some Robin mentioned. With enough interest from volunteers and hopefully assistance from the town- anything is possible! Who is responsible for that cemetary Robin mentioned, anyway? I know the one behind the school seems very well-kept so why not the one on 206?
June 21, 2007 10:33:07 Robin Little   I like the idea of having "Welcome To Masonville" signs. But a few possible problems would be: where to place them, how much land is needed and is the person who owns said land willing to allow a sign on their property, who will make sure the signs are maintained. Our cemetery on 206 isn't kept looking nice, so how do we know that the signs won't recieve the same treatment and respect. I believe the Town Board addressed the issue of the speed limits and NYSDOT were not willing to change the limits. Mr. Harris I have a question for you. Did you paint the speed limit sign post to make them more noticeable? As they do stand out more. I have noticed that the Officers have been changing where they sit to catch speeders. As to having cameras to catch speeders, the volume of tickets could overwhelm our small court and cause the Justice to have to hold court more than once a week, as you make it sound like every other car is speeding. The trickle down affect may cause more harm than good. We don't want to have to have a full time court system in our small town as that is more of a city thing. Masonville is friendly, but it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bushel.
June 21, 2007 10:29:10 Cindy Allgaier I was very happy to see you have started a website for Masonville. I would suggest that you add somewhere on your site some items of historical interest. We visited there several years ago looking for information on our ancestors and found you had 23 pioneer cemeteries and a very capable town historian. It would be a help to some to know what is there in the way of historical or genealogical interest as well as a contact name.
June 20, 2007 19:17:54 Doug Harris Chrys, re the issue of volunteer firemen and similar 'mandatory speeders' being exempted from auto-generated speeding tickets, that is SO easy: The tickets would be answerable to the local (TOWN) court. Dismissals 'with cause' (or whatever the legal means would be) would, I am confident, be no problem. ~~ AND ANYWAY, it was never my thought that an automatic speed reader would be set at 30 mph. More reasonable, giving even more latitude than the staties routinely do, setting it at between 40-45 should FAIRLY address the worst cases AND reduce the risk the village would be seen as unfriendly to speeders. ~~ It's truly mind-boggling to see people not only flying through this speed zone but COMPOUNDING the insult to our laws by _passing_!!!
June 20, 2007 19:06:25 Doug Harris S., that is a _winner_ of an idea! I am prepared to participate in any way I can to help establish this as "An Xtra Nice Little Village" in the minds of visitors _and_ passers-through. Surely there must be a local who could paint some signs for us -- one for each of the four main entry points (on 8 and 206) to the village. Shared among a bunch of us, the cost would certainly be affordable! And recruiting volunteers to build and maintain either flower or rock garden around the base of the signs should be well within our grasp, too.
June 20, 2007 16:49:01 George Denys   S. That is a wonderfull idia. Would you be willing to take charge of that effort? If so please call or e-mail me. George Denys
June 20, 2007 14:14:07 S.   Perhaps our first step toward making others respect our town would be to show a little town pride. Nice wooden signs that say "Welcome to Masonville"-surrounded by flowers. Clean sidewalks- free of litter and weeds. Flower boxes- right now our only decorations seem to be the American Flags on the appropriate holidays. And how nice would it be for our main attraction (other than the General Store, of course!)-the Quickway- to have a facelift? Obviously we'd have to go through other channels for that one. Our location is unfortunate: intersecting two state roads, the only interruption on a course between Sidney and Deposit, Bainbridge and Walton. I think we need to get noticed in some way.. if it looks like we don't care, why should anyone else?
June 20, 2007 00:07:15 Chrys G What urks me the most is when some out-of-towner decides that those who do follow the speed limit through that section of town are going too slow and decide to pass anywhere between church street and the library. I've witnessed that happen on more than one occassion, almost being hit head on by one of the blithfully speeding SUV on one such occassion, and being passed on a couple of other instances. It is not an isolated event. I've both heard, and read here of others having it happen to them. I think, part of the problem is we have 2 different speed limits within the center of town. Perhaps if rt 206 were also made a 30mph zone it would unify the speed limits, and cut down on confusion for out-of-towners. Yes, I'm aware that such a suggested change would be aggrivating for community members and take some getting used to, but the possibility that it would cut down on inadvertant speeders on rt 8 is there. Now on another hand. I initially like the idea of the electronic speed ticket issuing devices, but, one has to consider that alot of our volunteer firemen come through that area - would they too be issued tickets for performing their vital role to the community? Why would we want to inadvertantly penalize them with such a thing?
June 19, 2007 23:49:56 Chrys G Just an aside - the likely reason that we are seeing spammers, and random posts is because of programs called spyders or webcrawling bots used by spammers/advertisers and so forth. These programs can and will persue the web, typically by utilzing isp numbers, rather than DNS entries to find websites which have places that allow posting. They then post content in any field availible, in an attempt to look like a posting member in order to push a product or in some cases entice people to different websites (in which case, odds are you'll end up with ad/spyware or worse a trojan. This doesn't allow linking, which is wonderful protection for people, being that no one can inadvertantly click one of the links that a bot might be trying to post. A precaution that outweighs (imho) any bother that goes with legitimate users not being able to post links. If you can google a site - it means it has been crawled by at least one "spyder" bot. It is annoying, but not much can be done about it outside of making it so you have to be a registered user (and have it administrator authorization) to utilize the site.
June 19, 2007 15:54:07 Doug Harris Mike S: Do you have a suggestion as to how to get people to obey a law that is, after all, there for the protection of all of us in Masonville? I don't want this town portrayed as an unfriendly place any more than you do, but I _do_ want to see Masonville recognized as a peaceful, LAW-ABIDING community. Please stop over for a glass of something cold. We can sit a few minutes on my porch, watching the traffic. Seeing the problem up close may inspire you to come up with a better idea than mine.
June 19, 2007 09:39:19 Mike S.   they _deserve_ to have us flatten their bank accounts! Sorry, but I believe your approach to the problem is wrongheaded. I can tell you, your statements here will cause me not to stop and shop in your establishment as well as any other that promote Masonville as such an unfriendly place.
June 19, 2007 01:05:41 Doug Harris A considered response to a few comments re my earlier note: FIRST, my apologies for any disturbance our dogs cause. We will endeavor to arrange for them to over-night in the basement, so at least the _night-time_ carrying-on will be curbed. (I can’t promise this will happen immediately, as we will need to make some changes in the basement first.) SECOND, to "Baffled," one of several responders too shy to identify themselves, we moved onto this "major state highway" for the obvious reason that we wanted to be where traffic is for our business. I am complaining the cars go too fast because, quite simply, THEY DO. This section of Rt 8 is a 30 MPH zone. I invite you to spend a few hours sitting around this area and observe for yourself how fast your 'typical' driver goes. To give you a really accurate idea of the speed reality we live with, have a friend drive past you, as you sit along this stretch, going 35 MPH. Then observe how DANGEROUSLY FAST most cars -– and particularly the trucks –- go along here. THIRD, to Mike S., who’s opposed to the technology of auto-recording speeders: As you noted, troopers make 'occasional' efforts to deal with speeders here. They cannot be expected to do more, given the limited personnel resources they have to work with. They cannot deter when they can’t be here, and a couple of hours now and then really doesn’t slow _anyone_ down all the rest of the time. What on earth is wrong with requiring people to observe a clearly posted speed limit –- through use of ANY available technology? Does Masonville have so many crime-oriented visitors along Rt 8 that we need to have the police focus their time in this area? Would we not be better served if they could allocate _more_ time to other parts of town. (Maybe they’d catch one or two of the trash-dumpers on Steam Mill and/or elsewhere!) And what, pray tell, is wrong with allowing visiting speeders to help meet the town’s financial needs? Hey, they wanna break our laws, they _deserve_ to have us flatten their bank accounts! FOURTH, to "Resident of Masonville," another shy soul: Please re-read my original note. I did not in any way criticize or find fault with the state troopers. They have, thanks to Sgt. Todd Phillips’ efforts in response to my plea of several months ago, been wonderfully vigilant –- but, as noted, only to the limit their resources allow. The local barracks is not at fault for being understaffed for the volume of work expected (or asked) of them. And I doubt they’ll see much relief in the near-term, given that our governor has set his sights on making 'world class institutions' of the state-run colleges and universities that, truth be told, were not created to serve the world, but to provide sound, AFFORDABLE education to NY students. FIFTH and finally, to “Lopikloip”, I would love to say I agree with your comments, carefully (and in such considerable detail) as they were provided. But alas, it was all Greek to me. Doug Harris PS – To GRUMPY: While I’ve never had the good fortune of catching up with you at the Crescent Wrench Café, that’s most likely because I don’t get in there as often as I’d like to. But I cannot say enough nice thinks about the MARVELOUS job Kendell and Andrew do there. What a SPLENDID spot to sit a spell and, of course, shop!
June 18, 2007 23:04:30 Kristine   I was attempting to contact the fire department for a non emergency question. I think the number posted on this website is wrong. Someone answered "Masonville Antiques". Thanks Kris
June 15, 2007 13:09:36 Resident of Masonville   Mr. Harris: your diligence in regards to speeders is comendable and appreciated. I do find, however, that your negativity towards the state police is unwarranted. You seem to be a tad unrealistic in your expectations. Incidentally, I'm wondering how you'll correct the greater, more consistent nuisance of your DOGS. One would assume your concern for the greater good might include peace and quiet for this tiny town; instead your herd of barking hounds continues to harrass your partrons, walking residents, and most inexcusably your neighbors. I was just hoping your concern is truly community-wide and your public vigilante efforts aren't for show.
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