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May 03, 2008 16:09:13 Kaye "Peck" Silvestri, a Masonville daughter   My condolences to the residents of Masonville and and to those who have known south route 8 as home... and to all the family and loved ones of Duane Gifford. Our thoughts and prayers are of home this day, even though Masonville isn't our address anymore it will always be home in our hearts. We lost a life long resident, who also loved and served our little town, raised his family there. There are many of us praying today for your hearts to be healed and comforted. God Bless Duane's Family and his town. Sincerely, Kaye "Peck" Silvestri
April 30, 2008 18:35:23 Bertimouse   A small Community Park, an Adopt a Highway program, a July Town-wide yard sale day; All Great ideas! Count me in.
April 25, 2008 07:33:34 michelle i think a 1 day lawn sale in town would be a great thing. hope you can make this happen
April 22, 2008 15:16:57 lorraine I want to say Happy Spring to all. I am looking at writing up a sign up sheet for any one interested in having a day in July where all of Masonville could have a huge one day yard sale. I am also going to look into seeing if the Masonville church will let some of the out of towners set up a table at the church to sell their items. I am looking for grants on the computer to bring forward to Mr. Dumond for a park-my plan is for a small pavillion and maybe two grills that we-the town can rent for 25.00 to any Masonville resident for use for reunions or such. Now all I have to do is find a sight for a park-what about the space across form the old school on the side of the library. The scouts and boy scouts can help with maintenance. Id like to get more involved. Lets give the fire department a big hand they have been super this week in handling all the brushfires. As far as adopting a strech of hihway to clean up I'll sign up.
April 21, 2008 15:40:55 Doug Harris Well, again it's been a while since I was able to get on this board and catch up with what's been being said. And lo and behold, what to my wandering eyes did appear but a 'comment' directed to me (back in February)from that "good ol' country boy" who, like so many who write hear, doesn't have the, um, courage to use their given name. >>>>> The comment was regarding the fact that... well, let the comment speak for itself: "Hey Doug Harris, How did that speeding ticket work out for you? So glad you got the police so active here." >>>>> Well, you've gotta wonder how someone would know, even if they happened to see my pickup and a trooper's car stopped alongside Rt 206 a while back, that I got a _speeding ticket_. >>>>> As it happens, I did. And it was deserved, too: I was traveling a wee bit faster than I shoulda orta been, and I -- as I'd expect of anyone else -- paid the price without mumbling, grumbling or blaming someone else for 'entrapping' me when I was in the wrong. >>>> And I don't mean this to sound like I'm being too kind to myself, but I actually THANKED the trooper for doing the job I worked so hard to see done: cracking down on speeders in our area. >>>>> (BTW, I was stopped on the Masonville side of Bennettsville, out in the 55 MPH area where -- not that this is an excuse -- speeders aren't quite the safety issue as is the case closer in to 'downtown' Masonville.) >>>> Another point, re speeding and the control thereof: The state's decision to alter the speed limit on the Sidney side of the hamlet along Rt 8 _does_ seem to have compounded an already-stupid situation. The slow-down from 55 to 45 to 30 seems, to me, to defy logic -- and it does kind seem, from the emphasis placed on the 45 'zone', that -- as we'd been told would be the case -- the 30 zone was to be no more. >>>> What kind of harebrain _makes_ decisions like the one resulting in this new speed-limit pattern?
April 18, 2008 22:15:09 That one guy..   #1) The adopt a highway program sounds like a great idea. It will really clean up some of the trash and litter lying around on the highway and route 8. #2) Any new news on the cell tower? Or is it the same situation still? If they still need a location.. what about all of the vacant space that the old elementary school now occupies? theres more than enough room for a cell tower back there. Just fence it in, and avoid the baseball field.
April 16, 2008 15:56:29 Chester   If residents of the town of Masonville are truly interested in adopting the approaches to the hamlet through the NYS Adopt A Highway program I am willing to do what I can to help. I am unable healthwise to do much walking but I certainly can and will do what I am able. I was connected with another adopt a highway group at one time and was the one who set it up. The first step would be to form a group of interested individuals and give it a formal name. Usually a 2 mile stretch is adopted. More if you want and are able. So someone get the ball rolling !!
April 16, 2008 06:57:14 Good ol' Country Boy   Chester, thats a great idia. Your in charge. Make it happen. Let us know how it is going as some of us only get up on the weekends. I am sure you will do a great job. CB
April 15, 2008 19:56:15 RT206er   I am for that! Great idea. It is a good start.
April 15, 2008 19:09:48 Chester   Today while picking up trash along the highway 206 that fronts my property a thought struck me. Why doesn't a group get together and "adopt" a stretch of highway coming into the hamlet in all four directions? Get a good group and it is something that only has to be done a few times a year and the state will even supply vests and garbage bags.
April 15, 2008 16:12:30 Resident of Masonville   Chester - You are entitled to your opinion and so am I. It's time to move on and talk about how to make our town a better place.
April 15, 2008 13:09:26 Chester   I guess the only answer I have to that statement is what B Franklin said years ago -"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -Benjamin Franklin
April 15, 2008 13:02:18 Resident of Masonville   If generating revenue by giving tickets to those that break the law will keep my taxes down, then so be it. I cheer on "Big Brother" if my town, family and friends are kept safe from harm by law breakers of any kind, and I don't mean just speeders. If there is a price to pay for safety, then so be it.
April 14, 2008 12:26:01 Chester   Resident of Masonville -- Perhaps you miss the point of the discussion? I do not think anyone is for speeding in Masonville or anywhere else. I know, I for one, am not and make every attempt to obey speed limits. What I am against is the very obvious degeneration of law enforcement into a local and state revenue generator by using trickery and deceit. Big Brother already has too much power and authority locally, statewise and federal.
April 14, 2008 11:53:43 Chester   Sick 0f Bitching --- LOL Bitching is an inherent right of Americans. LOL It is the only way things change. And I agree, I hope it gets nice soon. I too, want to get things done outside.
April 14, 2008 11:45:26 sick of the bitching   I sure hope it warms up fast so you all can get outside and do something besides bitch all the while!!
April 14, 2008 11:02:06 Resident of Masonville   There is a simple solution to the so called "speed trap". Obey the law and DO NOT SPEED!
April 14, 2008 10:34:53 Chester   Mr. Denys - I am not speaking of "your" court in particular. I think history and statistics support the fact that there is actually little or no "justice" in any local justice court; Masonville or anywhere else. While historically justice courts served the purpose of handling local court proceedings because of the distance and problems with traveling to other courts or those courts traveling to the local area, local justice courts have evolved into nothing more than political money making machines. Justice courts are notorious for not being impartial. The very nature of the beast prevents it from being impartial. -- No, Mr. Denys I am stupid and know nothing of the operation of DOT or the town of Masonville or any other town in NYS but I do know what I see. To say the local politicians had nothing to do with the situation on RTE 8 is both naive and condecending to the voters and residents of the town. While I firmly believe that our town board does a great job and the town is very fortunate to have the board it has at the moment, when I referred to the powers-that-be I was not referring to the town board in particular. But please do not tell me that the town does not have a monatary interest in any and all fines levied as a result of the poorly engineered or purposely planned speed trap on RTE 8. -- Mr. Denys - As a resident, taxpayer, voter, and legal resident of Masonville I do have every right to my opinion about the situation. The residents are rightfully proud of thier community but are they proud of the fact that their community is listed as a speed trap on the internet and elsewhere?
April 14, 2008 08:45:22 George Denys Chester, Why do you call our court a "Kangaroo Court"? What is the basis for such a statement? Your comments reflect a fundamental misunderstanding of how the DOT works. If you think this town board has that kind of power you are very mistaken. Our system of laws prevents such a local body from having too much power (thank god).
April 13, 2008 11:26:00 Chester   I note that the powers-that-be have found a cash cow and are going to milk it dry. If one were to ask a definition of a speed-trap it could be answered with on word, "Masonville". (Although, the powers-that-be call it a "transitional" speed zone). Unsuspecting motorist is traveling at 55 MPH when he comes up a nice yellow sign indicating a 45 MPH zone ahead. Unsuspecting motorist slows to 45 MPH not realizing that just a couple of hundred feet beyond the one and only 45 MPH sign is a 30 MPH sign and sitting in a side road right beside the 30 MPH sign is law-enforcement. "BINGO", "KA-CHING" goes the cash register! Note the perfection. From 45 MPH to 30 MPH is 15 MPH which can be written on a ticket as "reckless" driving. Is it any wonder that Masonville's kangeroo court is one of the busiest in the county? All that is needed is a speed-trap and a justice who enjoys his job. (And NO I have not received a speeding ticket in Masonville or anywhere else for that matter.)
April 10, 2008 14:24:24 "Grumpy" Ernst Keidel Perturbed that Kendal's Stitch and Bitch group was 'censored' on my site - I drove down to Harpursville to straighten this matter out with my webmaster: BearPaws Kendal may now bitch to her heart's content!
April 09, 2008 21:31:14 RT206er   I am glad to see people liking the town park idea. I was hoping it would not be to hard of a sell. I do understand about the upkeep thing. I know I would be more than happy to mow it. After I'm done with my lawn is wish I had more to mow. I like riding around mowing. But the reality is as was stated, it would end up being the town's ultimate responsibility. But, volunteers would be a big help. I have lived here all my life. As a kid I was always helping neighbors shovel and mow and rake leaves. Now I have no idea who some of my neighbors are. I keep busy picking up the stuff thrown on my lawn. Wish that would stop. Anyways, a town park for events in the warmer and maybe colder months would bring the town together. Great place for the town carnival (fund raiser??), Strawberry festival, farm market(local goods, hmm?), scouts BBQ, bottle drives, gee there are so many things. I would like to see more discussion on this. Maybe I'll actually get to a town meeting some day soon. Let's keep our thoughts on positive things for the town. I will try to.
April 09, 2008 15:39:32 Chester   Some continued thoughts. While a nice green park would be a welcome addition to the area It would undoubtedly fall to the Town Highway Department to maintain such a development. Are they not already pretty much jammed up just maintaining what they already do? On paper it sounds great to say volunteers could maintain a park but unfortunately it rarely works that way in reality. It behooves us to keep in mind that any "town" type additions and improvments would require upkeep. (Aside whisper to Kendal; rename them "Stitch and Complain" it won't get censored. <GRIN>).
April 09, 2008 15:23:47 Chester   I understand that the town has earmarked the funds for "Welcome Signs" and they are in the works. I would assume that the signs are destined for the "Hamlet" (I would imagine these new signs will appear at two places on Rte 8, North and South, and two places on Rte 206,East and West); and not the "Town" as such. There are already signs indicating one has entered the "Town of Masonville". Perhaps once these signs welcoming people to the "Hamlet" something could be done to plant flowers or some such at the sign sites. Undoubtedly is not as easy to place these signs as it might first appear. NYS will not allow them placed on NYS right of way thus the town will have to make arrangements with private land owners for signage placement. A writer observed that they felt Pine Hill is part of Masonville. Well, the person is correct it is part of the Township; but, I think the majority of discussion on this board has been concerning the Hamlet of Masonville also located in the Township. PS I also am not a resident of the Hamlet but I do live in the Township. I also think a nice green park somewhere in the Hamlet is a great idea.
April 09, 2008 14:29:15 A person of generations   With all the talk about what is wrong with this town, why don't we try to fix it as we know what needs to be done. A park would be a welcome area, it would be nice to have all the Memorials together and maybe add to them. To raise money for the improvements needed and wanted, why couldn't suppers be done? A person may not have a lot of money to donate but they might be able to buy a dinner, I know that someone might just feel that they have helped out the town. I too have grown up here and I remember when neighbor helped neighbor, maybe it was to mow the lawn or shovel the sidewalk. You can improve how a place looks by just picking things up and putting them out of site. A person alone can not do it, but working together makes the load light.
April 09, 2008 14:10:41 kendal   Yee Hah! i've been censored :P
April 10, 2008 12:14:14 kendal   Too bad the Masonville Stitch and Bitch group is breaking for warmer weather, you guys are pros :) Meanwhile, the crocus are up, the Bluebirds are back, it's seed starting time...Happy Spring!
April 09, 2008 10:51:34 Concerned Citizen   It's funny you think Pine Hill Rd. is not in Masonville. Although I too am pound to call Masonville home, there are things we need to make the town better for ourselves and future generations. Harold Beismer, the prior dog warden, came to my house and in fact told me that there are leash laws in Masonville. He also had papers prepared to take to the judge if the roaming dog issue continued. However, we were lucky enough that the owner of the dog was a renter and moved away.
April 09, 2008 10:16:18 giving up   it seems we have all forgotten that not too long ago there was talk about improving our little spot on the map. the original problem discussed was speeding, the subject then moved on to respect (that speeding is a form of disrespect) and that we want to make our town something to BE respected. THAT is where all the talk STARTED about problems within the town. it's not that someone's lived here 5 days or 50 years... we have to deal with how we feel TODAY. the biggest problem at this time is inconsistency not anonymity... we enjoyed the talk of welcome signs and flower boxes, but when it came to light that perhaps each of us contributes to the sometimes drab and unruly aspects of the town- nobody liked that. everyone got defensive. all of a sudden we're not a town to be proud of but a low-income hamlet that can't be expected to make all these crazy changes (like cleaning up after ourselves and controling our dogs and clearing our sidewalks). where did all the do-gooders go? this is too bad, but it'll save the town money to scrap the improvement ideas.
April 08, 2008 23:32:47 your neighbor   To Concerned Citizen, I contacted the Dog Warden. The same issue remains since talking to The Past Warden 25 years ago. I was told there is no leash law. Dogs can run free. If you need the warden I was told he is only avaliable on the weekend if he is home ?
April 08, 2008 20:22:37 Ivanhoe   I'm not making light of the dog issue outside of Masonville, I was commenting to the person that seems to have an issue with the town. I am truly sorry to hear that you and your dog were attacked. Yes it would have been a bad thing if a child was attacked. But the fact remains, I am proud to call my town home. I miss it when I'm gone, and I am please to see it when I return.
April 08, 2008 13:50:39 Concerned Citizen   This is to Ivanhoe - There have been several issues with dogs roaming around on Pine Hill. In fact, the dog warden was contacted. Don't make light of the matter that me and my dog were attacked by a mixed pit bull in my own yard!!! What if it was my child instead of my dog!!!! Even though this is the country, people need to be aware there are leash laws.
April 07, 2008 15:51:49 Ivanhoe   I honestly don't see that as a major change, I think what the new owners did was awesome!! They reused a lot of the materials they had, and what not... A major change would be taking the place down, and building something else.
April 07, 2008 13:07:42 "Grumpy" Ernst Keidel "Yes some thing have changed, nothing huge like walmart moving in," Good observation, Ivanhoe! There is one change, though, I'd like to mention. Of course, the General Store has been there forever, under various owners and reincarnations, but since it became the Masonville General Store and Crescent Wrench Cafe, it has certainly re-invented itself to keep pace with the times - by going back to things natural! I try to make it down there, a couple of times per week, to soak up the peaceful ambiance and a great cup of coffee, or two. It's a super place to "take a break" from the hustling-bustling real world.
April 07, 2008 12:22:34 Ivanhoe   As for the Rotty.. I know what one you are talking about.. I never seem to have problems.. and any dog would do the same, protecting the home, and humans!!
April 07, 2008 12:18:25 Ivanhoe   The only dogs that I know of that roam the town have Owners, and those people take good care of them, and the dogs themselves are friendly and well behaved.. Yeah okay we have the occasional one that has gotten loose, but that happens, that's life.
April 07, 2008 12:14:19 Ivanhoe   Continue of my last message My thoughts.. This town has been the same since I can remember, I have lived here for 25+ years.. Yes some thing have changed, nothing huge like walmart moving in, but it's still the same little town I have known for many years, and That is why I am proud to call it home!!
April 07, 2008 12:13:34 Ivanhoe   I read the complaint about the town.. This is kinda odd if you ask me.. this is the FIRST I have heard someone complain bout how the town looks and such... To me this seems to be an outsider that has moved here, if it isn't, I haven't heard anything until now!
April 07, 2008 11:19:38 RT206er   You can't say this message board isn't fun!!
April 06, 2008 21:43:01 Chester (also a RTE206er)   You are welcome
April 06, 2008 20:08:44 RT206er   In regards to anonymous posts to the message board. I do not post my name because Masonville is a small town. I would like to have my ideas heard on here without my name. If I go to town board meeting then will may say what my thoughts are. This may seem cowardly, but I do feel more comfortable to say what I feel like here. I have never seen a message board online that ever had peoples actual names posted. Like it or not that is why I don't post my name. I have lived here my whole life and I know how things can be. It's not like this is read at the town board meetings. This is a place that I think is good for people to put their thoughts that would not be heard normally. I won't keep rambling on....those are my thoughts and opinions so be it...thanks to anyone that has listened.
April 06, 2008 14:40:42 Chester   Your realize that the readers of this message board would pay a lot more attention if you were to identify youselves. Anonymous letter are rarely taken seriously.
April 05, 2008 12:05:32 dsfsdfkjkj   MASONVILLE is a small town lets keep it that way.Making a place for kid that not going to work (i'm sorry) the cops being around i love it there doing there JOB. about the dog there are tomany dogs that are not cared for and there are dogs that r mean the pitbull 4 one Something has to be done about that or people are going to put it in there own hands . for the loud vehicles there has allways been loud vehicles tractor trailers go down the road there loud 2 what are you going to do about that ??
April 04, 2008 20:15:27 Critic   Is it really necessary for you to continue your nasty comments- thus making it impossible to create a civilized message board ? I'm not sure who is walking on the yard or yelling at the dog, but it wasn't me... if it's your dog then you should be taking the concerns of your neighbors a little more seriously. Furthermore you should have more respect for Grumpy- and the people of this town enjoying a place to speak out in a respectful manner- than to "open your mouth" without concern for what comes out of it. DUH.
April 04, 2008 12:22:56 RT206er   The last time I went by I was walking my dog. I was not on the lawn or yelling at it.
April 04, 2008 08:32:01 Rt8er   Well I want you all to know about the dog.I walked right up to the place and to the door.The dog didn't chase me.So you must being doing something you should'nt be doing.So thats why I guess it would charge at you.Don't walk on his lawn and start yelling at it.DUH.
April 03, 2008 12:24:47 "Grumpy" Ernst Keidel No slight was intended to our local FD; they are most certainly professional! I saw them in action only recently at the bottom of Steam Mill Road. I identified my eldest son as a professional firefighter to indicate that it was his normal and only civilian job, when he's not deployed with his guard unit. We are also expecting his little brother, who graduated from Sidney High in 2004, to return from Ba'qubah (30 minutes by chopper NE of Baghdad) in another couple of months. He's regular Army.
April 03, 2008 12:06:36 Chester   Mr Keidel - Please forgive and old mans brain. I referred to your SON as your NEPHEW. Sorry about that.
April 03, 2008 12:02:19 Chester   Mr Keidel - Thank you for your reply and thank you for maintaining this site. - I would like to salute your nephew and thank him for his service to his country and may he recuperate rapidly. - You will probably get feed back from some of our volunteer fire fighters. All fire fighters are considered "professional" those that get paid are generally referred to as "Uniformed" or "Paid" fire fighters. In fact many VFD's are better trained and better equipped than the "Paid" departments. This is particullary true of the Long Island VFDs. I don't want the local VFD to come up there and spray water on you for not referring to them as "professional" as well. <GRIN> LOL
April 03, 2008 11:45:55 "Grumpy" Ernst Keidel My eldest son is a professional firefighter in Leominster, Massachusetts and is expected to drive up tomorrow to stay with us for a few days. He is currently recuperating from an operation for an injury incurred while deployed in Baghdad as an infantry sergeant with his Army National Guard unit. You already have a way of contacting me - my email address is here and I'm in the phone book.
April 03, 2008 11:19:36 Chester   Over the past couple of years I have been in the process of compiling and writing a history of the Fire Departments of Delaware County. - Delaware County has a very rich and interesting history when it comes to Fires and fire fighting. - I sent letters to every VFD in the county asking for their help in this endeavor and was extremely pleased with the results. Unfortunately our own FD chose not to participate but they will still be included in the book. - If anyone has any information they would like to share about FD's in the county please leave a short message on this site and a way of contacting you. - Thank you
April 03, 2008 09:05:08 Chester   MC - I do not think your nationality or origins have any bearing on your welcome or experience in this area. You will find the people in this area are pretty accepting of all and pretty much tend to their own business. I have lived in the immediate area for some 7 years and other than a reletive who lives in the area I only know 3 people in the area by name and sight. So, buy your home and enjoy the beauty of the area.
April 03, 2008 08:27:13 RT206er   This is the USA, melting pot of the world. I personally have no problems with "minorities" in our town. I can't speak for everyone, but I hope there would not be any concerns.
April 03, 2008 04:00:57 MC My brother and I live in NYC and are considering purchasing a second home in Masonville. I know very little about this town. My brother has two beautiful daughters, 6 and 4. We are looking for a quiet get away for our extended family. We are Americans of Hispanic descent. Is this community open to people who are considered "minorities?" We are both professionals and grew up in a Christian home. Thanks.
April 02, 2008 17:03:19 RT206er   Yes, we need to determine what we need as far as a youth center. Maybe we should ask some of the kids who we would want to go there if they would use it????? I know that the land across from the school is private property. Who's is it? Would they be interested in selling/donating the land?? Maybe local businesses could contribute? Will it cost some money? Sure. It's hard to make things better without spending something. And yes, I do not want my taxes to double. I do understand that. I think something could be achieved within reason. I wish I could make it to the meeting tonight. If anyone thinks like I am please mention something. Have fun tonight!
April 02, 2008 16:27:54 Critic   There have been comments posted before about community centers and such- but what exactly are we looking for? Do we want a place for kids to play air hockey, pool and video games, maybe space outside? Do we want a non-committal space for meetings, public use/fundraisers? The land across from the school is privately owned but a small park somewhere is a nice idea. And complaining to the owners of the convenience store may be a place to start; if we don't say anything they may let the building go another 10 years!
April 02, 2008 16:21:28 Critic   I am glad 206er chimed in... At least someone talks with a level head. Chester and Ranger: let me re-phrase things so maybe you understand better. There are a lot of dogs in Masonville. Many people do not have proper control of their dogs. Using the sidewalk is not trespassing; that rotty on 206 is dangerously close to the sidewalk when he gets to the end of his chain. There is garbage on the lawn of that apartment house on a regular basis. Real, actual garbage from garbage cans and garbage bags and other misc items. So maybe the yard gets away from them, rich or poor garbage is garbage my friends. The convenience store may not be owned by the town (and no one actually said it was) but it is very busy. For residents and passers-through, the parking lot is busy, it is dangerous, and the building is not in good condition inside or out!
April 02, 2008 15:36:29 RT206er   I agree with Chester and everyone else about the condition of the properties. $$ is the biggest hurdle for me. I look forward to town clean up days. I don't have a pick-up to haul stuff and a container is way out of my price range. I do what I can with my property. I try to keep my sidewalk clean and the lawn mowed and so on. The sidewalk gets hard to clean after the state plows the road onto my sidewalk and by the time I get home from work it is frozen. But, I do what I can. As far as dogs go- The Rot east of the light is a pain because it scares the *CENSORED* out of you. You wonder- is this the time the chain breaks?? It would be nice if the owner found another place to chain him on the property. It's a small town, people have dogs, hopefully everyone will do their part to keep them quiet and going on their own yard. If we have to many rules and regulations what will you be able to do on your property. Just have some pride in your residence and do what you can. What about the sewer smell at the end of Finerty Rd? That is gross. The quickway needs a facelift. Is their something the town can do to suggest that Mirabitos change it?? What happened to the new post office? The Church St bridge (had to ask)? Wilcox's old farm market? Masonic temple? How about a park in the field across from the School/Pine Hill, that would pretty welcome to our town???? I guess I'm done ranting.
April 02, 2008 14:36:23 Chester   Why shouldn't a Rotweiller charge you? Everyone else does. I just got a fuel delivery and BOY DO THEY charge you! <grin>
April 02, 2008 14:03:32 RangerDanger   And you also stated "And that rotweiller that charges you on 206 east of the light only to have his chain stop him RIGHT at the sidewalk.. that is not right!" Maybe you should stay off their property. I know what dog your talking about, and his chain doesn't reach the road or the "sidewalk".
April 02, 2008 14:00:45 RangerDanger   I bet my house could use some "tender loving care" but I currently do not have the funds to fix it. Would you like to do it for me so that your "hamlet" could be a perfect little town? Didn't think so.
April 02, 2008 13:22:25 Chester   Mr Keidel - I was NOT refering to any one property on Steam Mill Road or any other road or street in Masonville hamlet or town. I was just inferring that there are properties everywhere in the area that could use some tender loving care. I could not name even one piece of property on Steam Mill road that is not cared for but, I am sure there is at least one. There is everywhere in every town, city, hamlet and rural area. As to town meetings. I would love to attend but transportation at this moment is a problem for me.
April 02, 2008 13:14:14 "Grumpy" Ernst Keidel So, Chester, are we finally going to meet you? I'll be at the Town Council Meeting tonight, as I try to make every one of them. You said: "While there are certainly properties within the hamlet and without the hamlet, i.e. Steam Mill road" and I must bear a bit of responsibility there. Just before year's end, we bought a new home and Hawkins Homes just totally tore up our my lawn, tore off my front deck and just basically left our place in a shambles! Now that Spring is here, we should be able to rectify this situation.
April 02, 2008 12:40:55 Further comments by Chester   One of the writers on this message board comments on an apartment house in the hamlet. Well, my observation has been that while there are some nice well kept homes in the hamlet the majority of them are occoupied by people who are just ordinary everyday people stuggling to make a living for themselves and thier families. No one is attempting to make the pages of "Home Beautiful" or compete with a southern CA gated community. While there are certainly properties within the hamlet and without the hamlet, i.e. Steam Mill road, west 206, east 206, etc. etc., that could be better maintained, including my own. Many times old age and lack of resources prevent some from maintaining thier properties as they would like. Keep in mind that everyone has to live somewhere. If you want Taja Mahal west I guess you live in the wrong area.
April 02, 2008 11:42:34 Chester   Com'on folks! You talk like the hamlet of Masonville is the size of NYC or Chicago, not a small rural hamlet of about 150 people! You speak of the need for sidewalks. For what? Are you going to be willing to see your taxes go up to purchase right away for sidewalks and thier maintaince? How many residents of the hamlet of Masonville actually depend on the sidewalks to get around? Ugly convience store. The ugly convience store, if it is, is a private business. Get with the owner not the town. Besides, what do you want there? A Wal-Mart? People hang out in front of the store? So? Too many dogs. How many is too many dogs? Is there a limit on the number and size of dogs one can own in Masonville? Seems that speeding is a big issue in this town. From the town's point of view it is a great revenue source. In fact Masonville is listed on at least 3 places on the internet as a speed trap. In the resident's eyes it is a capital crime. It is a rural area. All the area around us has a 55 MPH speed limit. I do not think the majority of people passing through the hamlet are recklessly speeding. No, I am not a "downstater". I was born in Binghamton and lived not 12 miles from Masonville my entire life. I have lived in the immediate area for about 7 years and keep hearing "get rid of the apartment houses, get rid of the mobile homes." Well, I am sure the folks living in either one would be glad to move into a nice new house if you will buy it for them.
April 02, 2008 09:43:17 another critic   There are so many negative things going on in this town. The dogs are a huge problem; there are just SO many dogs in town and not enough responsible owners. As it is, three neighbor dogs choose to poop in our yard EVERY day. There are too many dogs off-leash, too many dogs barking as you walk by. And that rotweiller that charges you on 206 east of the light only to have his chain stop him RIGHT at the sidewalk.. that is not right! Absolutely not right. The sidewalks are another issue. We want more sidewalks BUT... who's going to take care of them? There are only a couple property owners that do anything to keep the sidewalks clear. That is unfair to those of us that actually use them! The apartment house on 206 west of the light is just a disgrace to the town. There is ALWAYS garbage on that yard, the yard isn't kept neat, the renters have loud vehicles and are loud themselves. This town is too small for all this to be happening. There are too many steps to take to make complaints and this is what prohibits me- and many others- from taking action I suppose. It is depressing. Add in the speeders, the ugly and dangerous convenience store/ post office (and the folks just hanging out in front) and we have a lot of problems for such a small family town.
April 01, 2008 20:35:51 RangerDanger   They can't put a sidewalk onto 206, they would either have to place it on people's property, or put it into the road especially since most of 206 is steep on one side of the road. (near the cemetery)
April 01, 2008 14:15:50 concerned citizen   I am going to work on a plan and the cost and the supervision for the children of our community. I beleive it is important. The four corners is another important concern and I hope that we can do something as a community. How about fund raisers? From what I heard Masonville use to have a carnival, a Masonville rodeo? It may have been before most of the young people were old enough to remember but some of us over 50 would. Maybe that would be a way to raise some funds for signs, the cost of the new community center and other things. Can the children use the playground-I don't really beleive the school board anymore.
April 01, 2008 00:24:42 RT206er   What about the empty lot across from the school? That could/would make a nice park. Picnic tables and a basket ball court could go there. I place for the town to have events and so on. In regards to a place for kids, it is a good idea. But, teenagers are not going to go there. I can't see them thinking that is a "cool" place to go. I would hate to see the town spend the money on something that is not used. I saw something about sidewalks in the town minutes. I would to see sidewalks on both sides of Rt.206 like the ones on Rt.8, flat easy to maintain. As far as the cell tower goes, why is ATT not interested in a cell tower here? I know I would drop my land line if we had service here. I want to agree about the traffic cameras. I think they would be great. My biggest concern are the idiots that can't stop at the 4 corners. You can't keep count of all the people that blow through the light. It's just a matter of time until something happens. And in closing, I'm sorry but I have to ask, why doesn't the bridge on Church St. get replaced?? It's the only street we have. Would be nice if you could use it.
March 28, 2008 15:19:17 Chester   LOL :) That was 10 cents worth. You owe us 6 cents. :)
March 28, 2008 14:31:56 Bertimouse   OOPS! Sorry about that! :)
March 28, 2008 14:05:06 anonymous   I guess they decided to take the 255 character maximum to the limit..
March 27, 2008 18:57:09 Bertimouse   I've got some comments here and just have to add my 4-cents worth: 1) Masonville IS the small town with a big heart. That should may be posted on our future "Welcome to Masonville" signs which the Town has been working on. 2) Please forgive me for saying this and I apologize beforehand if I offend anyone; but if you don't GO to the monthly Town Meetings for ONE HOUR or so a month, or don't read their monthly meeting reports online yet still complain about how you never know about what's going on in town and say that "no one is doing anything", etc, then you are not really informed or are working on becoming a part of the solution to change the things that YOU and YOUR FAMILY want in order to make it better to live, work and hang out here. The town supervisor always says that because we are such a small town he NEEDS and ENCOURAGES EVERYONE'S input on everything that matters to us here. 2) I think all animals should be restrained to wherever they should be. Occasionally animals DO get away from you and MOST pet and farm owners do all they can to prevent this. If owners have already been warned by the town, then they should have to prove within the next month or so that they have fixed the problem causing by the warning; whatever that may be. I just passed two sad looking dogs walking down route 8 towards Sidney yesterday. (One small, white and a bit shaggy little one and the other a medium sized, shaggy brown and black sheppard with sticks hanging out all over his coat.) I drove down towards Sidney and reported it to the shelter there. The Sidney shelter told me that all dogs from there go to the shelter in Deposit and to call the dog warden in Masonville. Unfortunately I had an appointment with dogs of my own in the car. I'm hoping that someone else was kind enough to stop and help those dogs and that they've been returned to their owners by now. They were both smart enough to walk on the side of the road but clearly looked lost. I have also seen stray HORSES roaming at night down my road. I am a good neighbor and I walked them home but what if I hadn't have been there or God forbid someone had been "tearing down the road" (as usual these days) and had hit them??? It's just not right. 3) A Place in Town for our children to Play and Hang Out at is a real important thing. This could have been a comment for the Master Plan Survey. Their committee still meets once a month. We ALL need to brainstorm about this on how to offer some solutions. The more ideas that can be offered to the town the more choices they can have to make. No ONE person ever will have an answer on this one I firmly believe. It's gonna take all of us to figure this one out! :) 4) I would like to see the Town website expanded to include other areas for what's going on - a branch for the Library; A "Kid site" for Masonville, the School District regarding Masonville; One for Each town committee and what's happening there too. Any other ideas???
March 27, 2008 10:50:48 Route 8 Home owner   I haven't seen the dogs on Ivanhoe Road, but I almost hit a pitbull on Route 8 South just past the 4- corners on several occassions. It just runs out in the road. When the dog(s) are harassing you, call the dog warden.
March 26, 2008 19:42:07 RangerDanger   In response to the resident discussing the Rottweiler and Doberman the owner lives on Ivanhoe Road, with the sheep and Llamas. His sheep have previously gotten out often and were seen wandering around the area, although I believe he has fixed his fence since he received numerous complaints from his neighbors. As far as I know, the dogs still get lose.
March 26, 2008 15:57:08 Chester   To "Concerned Resident" and "Shermthehunter". I have nothing against having a place for children to go. But, I think you will find that as a general rule this type of endeavor seldom turns out as expected for a variety of reasons and the number one reason being the lack of adult supervision in such places. Young people also reach an age where "hanging out" is the top choice; having an adult plan a supervise activities for them is not high on thier list of preferences. You mentioned young people riding quads and trucks on your property. I really doubt a place to go would be of much interest to the age group you are referring to it that case. Unless Masonville or Delaware county has a curfew of some sort the State Police, or anyone else for that matter, is way, way out of line telling young people to get off the streets if they are not doing anything except "hanging out." They are public streets and the young people have as much right to access to them as adults.
March 21, 2008 09:36:05 Chester   I note that our fair town of MASONVILLE has made it to the list of speed traps on several sites on the internet including the AAA.
March 19, 2008 09:02:14 Concerned Resident   I would love to see Masonville have a place for the kids to go. Hopefully, it will stop them from riding quads and trucks on my property all hours of the night and destroying it.
March 18, 2008 19:14:11 lorraine sherman I am going to be at the next town meeting since I was told today that my opinion would be heard and I wouldn't be told to sit down and shut up. I agree that we need to do something about the town signs to welcome people to Masonville NY and I also want to see the community involved in getting a place for our children to play and have a place to hang out. The state troopers are now telling our children to stay off the streets they can't walk around. What are they suppose to do? Do we want them home being couch potatoes? computer surfing? We need a new town hall and maybe a community center but are we thinking about our children? I to think that we are improving this town for the better to have our children up and move away because there is nothing here for them. In order to stay a community we need to act as a community. We were all kids here once we had a place to play and we stayed here because we loved Masonville THE SMALL TOWN WITH A BIG HEART let's give our children a reason to stay here.
March 14, 2008 19:58:50 Concerned Resident   I agree about dog the issue! My small dog and I were attacked by a wandering mixed pit bull while walking in my own yard. I am lucky none of us were seriously injured.
March 14, 2008 17:41:51 Your Neighbor   No Chester, This was not about you. I was venting the day's anger. I Thank You for listening and respecting other's property and space by keeping your animal contained. I Hope others will do the same.
March 14, 2008 11:12:00 Chester   DISCLAIMER -- Even though the preceeding message follows my own the writer is not referring to me(I hope). I do not have Rotweilers or Dobermans; I have a small 16 year old dog that never leaves the yard.
March 14, 2008 01:49:38 Your Neighbor   I think the dog ordinace in Masonville needs to be updated and changed. It is just wrong when you can't go outside in fear of being attacked by someones dobermans and rottweiler. I am mad. Why do you think I want your vicious animals hanging out on my porch or my backyard ? Why do you think it is o.k. to have your animals hanging out on a majar highway? Not only do you NOT care about your neighbors, you obviousley don't care about your animals. Keep them in your own yard! Enough ! I have had enough !
March 11, 2008 11:01:59 Chester   Well, there seems to be quite a fuss about our Governor having connection to a "working girl". Actually he should be commended. He did not outsource, he supported the American worker and even used a New York State "product." At first I felt sympathy for his wife but on thinking it over it is a positive for her as well. She can run for U.S. President in the future on the "sympathy" vote. After all, it did not seem to hurt Billary with her husbands escapades in the White House.
March 08, 2008 09:59:55 Kathy   Hi Robin - I think you are right. The USGS and DeLorme maps show the town line as being south of Camp Brace. I've wondered about this, too. There is a small cemetery back on State Land near Camp Brace, the Colvin cemetery. The records at the Delaware County History website say the cemetery is located in the Town of Deposit, but the maps show it as being in the Town of Masonville.
March 06, 2008 14:24:07 Chester   We have had the unfortunate circumstance of two serious structure fires in our town within the last few days. Be sure to say thank you to our Volunteers in the Masonville FD for their quick and unselfish response. We are blessed with a top grade VFD here in Masonville and we should let them know we do appreciate them.
March 05, 2008 13:55:14 Robin Little   Has anyone been out Route 8 south lately? The Town of Deposit sign is now north of Camp Brace, making the camp in the town of Deposit. The town line was always at Schaefer's. Is our town shrinking?
March 05, 2008 07:15:36 Grumpy Ernst Keidel CHANGE OF VENUE! Those of you who were at last month's Town Council meeting or read the minutes of that meeting on this website, will know that the March meeting (TONIGHT) will be at the Federated Church instead of our usual venue at the town barn. I hope to see many of you there!
March 03, 2008 16:27:58 Mike   Chester, I like the way you think. If we get all the "out of towners" avoid the "state" highways, it will shorten the lines at Doug's. This way all the "locals" can buy "antiques" with all of the ticket revenue. Then Doug can then afford to pay of his ticket, and maybe even keep his dog quite.
March 03, 2008 16:02:57 Chester   Mike. I agree. We should turn both Rte. 8 and Rte 206 into constant speed traps. That way people could avoid the hamlet of Masonville completely thus taking care of the speeding problem.
March 03, 2008 16:02:41 Jane E. Aikins daughter of Helen Ferry Gould   Just wanted to let you folks know how interesting your website is. It truely brings back many child wonderful memories. I miss seeing the Federated Church. My husband and I were married there in 1969. A special thanks to Jeri Brayman your Town Historian for sending me to this site.
March 03, 2008 15:49:53 Jane E. Aikins   Chester, Thank you. The first couple of times that I tried to submit message nothing happened. Kindest regards,Jane
March 03, 2008 15:45:47 Jane E. Aikins daughter of Helen Ferry Gould   I believe the book went to someone in Sidney Center
March 03, 2008 15:44:14 Jane E. Aikins daughter of Helen Ferry Gould I am trying to locate a genealogy book that my mother loaned out in 1988. Mother passed away that fall prior to retreiving it. She was Helen Ferry Gould daughter of Lena Fredengurg Ferry Stephens married to Charles Foster Ferry (Superintendant of schools in Delaware County) and later to Clearence Stephens proprietor of The Masonville General Store for many years. The dark blue book may have been The Genealogy of the Ferry- Brown Family. Mother's generation was one of the last to be entered. She was born in 1914, then her sister Mary Jeanette Ferry Russell 1916, and followed by her brother Harvey Brown Ferry 1918 I think. I know how difficult it will be to give up this copy---but it would mean so much to our family to have it returned. Thank you for your kind considerstion. Please call 315-783-1427 or email
March 03, 2008 15:39:34 Mike   Doug...Good Ol boy says you got a ticket. Read your words below. I hope they "made to pay through both nostrils" I would appreciate hearing others' thoughts on this idea: Technology exists whereby it would be possible for our fair town to PROFIT from the rude and reckless road users who insist on FLYING through the 30 mph zone on Rt 8. There are devices that can [1] identify vehicles that are speeding and [2] photograph their license places so that the town can [3] issue by-mail tickets. Whatever the cost of such a device, we'd recover it in NO TIME, thanks to the ludicrous lack of observance of our safety-oriented speed-limit rules. The state police make periodic attempts to curb this problem, but their resources are limited -- as is their motivation. But WE stand to gain doubly if speeders are deterred and, when they're not, made to pay through both nostrils.
March 03, 2008 15:37:51 Chester   Ms. Aikins I believe your message will appear immediatly.
March 03, 2008 15:31:23 Jane E. Aikins   Are the messages uploaded over night?
March 01, 2008 11:58:18 Chester   Thank you for your reply. I had not yet read the minutes of the 02/2008 Town Meeting. To bad the original company backed out of the deal as the town property location was probably the most logical solution to a cell tower. I fear any other placement of a tower is going to bring out the NIMBY factor. Everyone wants the tower but "not where I can see it." Oh well, that is the way things go I guess.
Febuary 29, 2008 21:30:00 Grumpy Chester, check the February minutes. Craig discusses the state of the cell tower under Old Business, item 4.
Febuary 27, 2008 17:27:02 Chester   I thought the placement of a cell tower in Masonville was a done deal? Why would anyone be asking about the placement of a tower on some other site?
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