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June 23, 2009 18:07:10 Ms. Mormon Hollow   I'm casting my vote as a big NO to this road rally. Mormon Hollow is in such sad shape now that we receive negative comments about it every time we have company. And as for letter going out to all residents on Mormon Hollow? I must be confused as to where I live.......One thing is for certain; I will Not see my road closed for hours, reopened and closed. When we get emergency calls, we roll. Right then; NOT later. Let then have their rally in a town that has to commerce to be boosted! I don't see anyone who lives on Mormon Hollow FOR this rally. You folks who don't live in the middle of this wreck seem to think it's cool; let's have it on your road! OK?????????????
June 23, 2009 11:12:35 Laughing   In no way was my posting intended to derogate Masonville. As I said Masonville is a nice little bedroom community. If I did not like it here I would not be here. I was being realistic. There is not much for a claim to fame in the area unless one counts a published AAA speed trap with 4 posted speed limits in a half mile area. Masonville is what it is. A road rally on the back roads for a few hours is not going to make much difference one way or the other in the scheme of things. I would be a lot more concerned about the plans that NYC, the State of New York and gas speculators have planned for us
June 23, 2009 09:06:04 Not laughing   Laughing, you may feel that there is nothing in Masonville, obviously some people feel there is. Maybe we don't have big business, but we do have quiet, clean air, and nature. Masonville is a place that people have made weekend and retirement homes in, as well as families who wanted a place like this to raise their family for just this reason. Masonville has its place on earth and we like it this way. Masonville has a lot to offer, you just need to take the time to appreciate it. Life isn't always fast paced, take time to smell the roses, you just might see things a little differently.
June 23, 2009 00:59:37 I'm Laughing too !   During hunting season and on the weekend Right ? Racing through state land , that should be interesting !
June 22, 2009 13:15:17 Laughing   Come on folks! Get Real ! You are talking about Masonville. A bump in the road to nowhere. Road rallies have been around as long as cars have been around. No, a road rally probably will bring nothing to Masonville. But so what? There is nothing in Masonville now. Masonville is a nice little bedroom community not the center of the universe. Let the road ralliers have their fun. If you don't like it go shopping in Binghamton or Oneonta that day. There is a lot more important things in this world to worry about.
June 22, 2009 09:21:18 Robin   About the Road Rally. Just how much is the race going to bring to our town? Where the race is to be held is NOT close to the stores and we do NOT have any lodging. The closes business is the Ice Cream Stand on Rte 8 south, over the hill and through the Consevation Road. Does the town receive money for the use of the roads and if so how much? I have talked to someone from Walton who was in favor of the race before it happened and then afterwards said they would never what to be around one again. Why did the Town of Franklin turn the race down? I don't see where this will benefit our town, only the race people. If they want to race on dirt then build a dirt road track and race there, so people won't be inconvenienced in any way.
June 22, 2009 01:03:07 bertimouse   Hi Manny. Yall are getting too Hyped Up About nothing but one day of fun that yall did once when YOU were young,eh? -STOP YALL,about being such fuddy-duddies & worry-worts!-Can't Masonville just have ONE DAY of fun here? Come On Now-we can make them racers promise us the world for advertising & profit dollars here besides what it would mean to help our local businesses. Can you please get your heads out of the sand to "just imagine the good" for once? OK nuff said from our house we can already hear the negativity spouting from all around MV who just don't want to try new things at any time,any way,never & no how.
June 21, 2009 22:48:16 Manny   Here's one link to the story of tyhr Rally New Your Car Crash that just occurred in Ulster County: I wouldn't want these cars racing by my property. Racing belongs on race tracks, not our public roads!
June 21, 2009 22:44:47 Manny   Can the gentleman talking about the Road Rally tell us now that this Rally New York race is safe on our public roads after this news story: 2 hurt in NY road rally wreck; 1 seriously injured Associated Press - June 20, 2009 11:35 PM ET Do a Google Search and read all about it.
June 21, 2009 22:39:53 bertimouse   Dear Bob Dunbar: Did you actually get a letter from the racing folks? Do tell! We'd like to know where the actual race course is. I agree with you that IT SHOULD NOT TEAR UP STATE LAND; but let's see where it's going, eh? -Believe me Bob, I'm with you on your Environmental concerns; but I also Gotta tell you that dirt racing is FUN & we all (as a Town) should not let this opportunity NOT bring in funds for Masonville...let the DEC or whomever review the plan - see what they say about it, eh?
June 21, 2009 22:24:48 bertimouse   Hello Stuck At Home: In answer to your questions: 1) Mirabitos delivers GASOLINE to 5 stations: a)Masonville, b)both stations near the Sidney Federal Credit Union. c)the gas station on the way to KMART. d) the gas station next to the Sidney Library...that makes five. If you've ever noticed they are all priced the same except higher priced for MASONVILLE & the one going towards KMART - No Surprise There because they get the most "Interstate & Out Of Town" traffic there, err. 2)We have found that the Children of Masonville are Leading their parents into a Green Life. Our Children Here are Gentle, Kind & Smart & Will Lead all of this country's fearful idiots into a bright new Green Future. They have allot of help from their wise Elders as well. Have no fear. We are here. We all Love Masonville & shall keep her close to our hearts. Thanks for your kind words whoever you are,eh?
June 20, 2009 09:49:29 Stuck at home?   I agree with the Mirabito thing! I do not buy gas there because I feel they are taking advantage of our small town. I do not buy gas at any of there stations if I can help it. (What are the 5 stations they own in Sydney?) I can only think of 2, so I may have supported them unknowingly!! As far as Masonville being "Green" I have to say I question that the whole town is on board with that when I see people using the road side as if it were a dump. (It may be non residents too.) I can't understand the mentality of people who have children that don't recycle. What condition do they think they are leaving this earth in for future generations?!? Well, I better shut up or i'll be getting on my "soapbox"! Berimouse, thanks for your input!
June 20, 2009 08:05:22 Bob Dunbar This Race will go through State set aside by the people of the Sate of NY for the people of NY to enjoy in a natural, peacefull setting. I think this race is nonsence. It won't bring a plug nickle to the town. Go away. Race tracks are for racing....go there. Leave our peacefull setting alone. I will be at the next board meeting to voice my concerns, I hope others will join me.
June 20, 2009 02:15:01 bertimouse   To Dwayde: Best thing for you to do is to Google Masonville, NY. You'll get your basic questions about schools, taxes and "groceries" answered there. Where are you relocating from and how many kids do you have? What ages are they? -Most people come here from somewhere else to retire quietly and peacefully to enjoy our dark peaceful nights with many bright stars...I sincerely hope you all don't come up here to wreck that. Please respect the Land & People of Masonville if you choose to move here. That's all we at our place ask of any newcomer. BE GREEN. DO NOT ADD MANY OUTDOOR LIGHTS TO YOUR NEW HOUSE! BUY AN OLD HOUSE & RENOVATE IT instead of bulldozing & adding yet another septic system into the Earth! Masonville Thinks GREEN! :)
June 20, 2009 01:55:49 bertimouse   Hello there: Stuck at Home? - Just another thought here tonight & its a Dark One:We apologize in advance for our thoughts but regarding the GasFuel Wastage:WHY NOT&MAYBE we should "get" our local Mirabito Gas "Cartel" to be more involved/sponsor this racing event-Hello? Has anyone contacted them to ask if they'd lend a local[wealthy]helping hand? Maybe if they were paid for their advertising muscle in exchange they could lower their price on their already excessively high gasoline prices at Masonville's ONE gas station for a few pennies for just that ONE DAY? (-Don't forget,they own 5 other gas stations down in Sidney that they could RAISE 5 CENTS that same day to make up the difference which WE ALL KNOW they'd do anyway.) Stuck At Home-Masonville needs to go GREEN & BARTER for anything she needs anyway,anyhow her citizens know how to do&can help now: Do Yall Get It? ALL IDEAS TO HELP MASONVILLE ARE ALWAYS WELCOMED BY ALL. WE ARE ALL ONE IN OUR ONE COMMUNITY. IT'S ALL WE'VE GOT & WE LOVE HER. ok i'll stop,desist&dive down again for now.
June 18, 2009 11:58:59 Stuck at home?   Rich, I emailed you with questions but have not gotten a response yet. I also spoke with someone that lives on Mormon Hollow and they said they never recieved anything about the Rally. I know you said you've gotten positive reponses but I also talked with a person that didn't have much good to say about the Walton event. I am unsure at this point, if this will be of any benifit to our area. I also have doubts because of the fuel that is being wasted driving around for no reason other than to race. With all the problems we are having with the fuel crisis it doesn't make sense to me. But I must say that I am not a fan of racing. Hopefully all will work out well. Thanks for putting the effort into making people aware of your event.
June 17, 2009 12:22:58 Rich Otis Hello All Just want to remind everyone that Rally New York is still looking for input regarding our request for a Special Use Road Permit! Also I am available to answer any questions anyone may have regarding this. I'm happy to say that all the responses to date have been extremly please don't be shy! We are holding a small one day event this Saturday June 20th in Ulster County near Ellenville, so if you have the time and would like to see what Rally is like come and visit......there is no fee for spectators......Thanks....Rich
June 16, 2009 20:15:26 Ranger Danger.   Sorry, that should say 10 minute not 10 miles for Masonville to Sidney. =) It's only about 5 miles from the Center of town.
June 16, 2009 20:00:16 RangerDanger   Dwayde, the school district in the area is run by the Sidney school district located about 10 miles from Masonville. Overall it's a fairly good school with alot of decent teachers. Coming from a recently graduated student (class of 2009) your kids will probably like the district, although rules are a little strict. Personally, I didn't like it based on how my last two years were run in what we students call the "Cooper Dictatorship." She really is a nice woman once you get past the crazy rules/punishments/censorship of student publications. She doesn't deserve a lot of the *CENSORED* that most students give her. The stores in Masonville should be able to suit your emergency needs but most of your shopping will probably occur in Sidney. The best prices to be had would be in Norwich or Oneonta at Walmart. Oneonta is about a 30 minute drive away with the highway strait to it located in Sidney. Another plus, is few parts of Masonville actually flood. =) Hope I helped your decision. If you don't mind me asking, where are you originally coming from?
June 15, 2009 20:31:22 Ivanhoe   FOUND: Owner To Young Black Lab!!
June 15, 2009 20:03:09 Ivanhoe FOUND: Young Male (unaltered) Black Lab, Very Friendly, Seemed To Be Trained. Please Call 2653567 or 6436427 I Will Keep Him As Long As Possible!! Picture Found On Craigslist
June 15, 2009 09:50:26 Dwayde   My wife and I have been looking to buy land and build a 2300 sq. ft. Log Cabin-style home in the region, and several people familiar with the region mentioned Masonville. Can anyone here give any feedback regarding things like schools (we have school aged children), taxes as well as store (grocery, etc..) I am planning a visit and a drive-around this month and would appreciate any feedback positive or negative. Thanks, Dwayde
June 13, 2009 09:09:31 Grumpy Ernst Keidel Anybody going down to watch Sidney's HOMETOWN DAY PARADE today? It starts at 1:oo PM and you'll get a chance to wave at me! As Commander of Disabled American Veterans Chapter 200, I'll be riding in a brown 1967 Cadillac convertible hoping we won't have to put up the top. Lets hope it'll stay dry, at least until after the parade.
June 12, 2009 19:19:01 RangerDanger.   If anyone on the message board is interested in buying an aluminum cap for a Ford Ranger/Chevy S10/etc let me know. I have one up for grabs at $100 located on 206. It's on binghamton craigslist if you would like to see photos of it, just thought I should let the locals know as well, might help in a sale. And if not, no harm done right? =)
June 10, 2009 19:14:23 bertimouse   Hi Tony, I just spoke to him & he said the exact same thing you did! Guess I better get going with that;he says he's got a nice radio he can give me;seems he collects 'em. :)
June 09, 2009 22:17:08 Tony - CR-20   Bertimouse...I understand about the home land line and the you travel the mountain roads, especially during the Winter months, it's great to have the coverage ham radio provides in case of an emergency. Also...don't think of it as microwaves...that band is hardly ever used. We operate bands that are safer than cellphones believe it or not. Talk to your brother, he'll explain...and probably will get a kick out of it too!
June 09, 2009 18:50:41 bertimouse   Hi Tony, You know,I don't miss the lack of cell phone coverage here-I must be getting old!-I have 2 cell phones;one for work & a "tracphone" which came in very handy staying in touch with family when Mom was sick, & I use it at work for personal calls but other than that we have a real cheap land line & the internet to stay connected with folks-why be bombarded with additional "Microwaves in Masonville"? ha ha, Guess I'd need a big antennae for the radio though-can we strap a little one onto the top of a 70 ft. tall pine-tree? :)-Guess I should be consulting my brother in Colorado, eh? He'll be thrilled his younger sibling is interested again, he he.
June 09, 2009 13:46:59 Rich Otis Regarding the request for roads for International Rally New York 2009. Letters went out to all property owners on the requested sections of roads, included is a SASE with a page to send back by June 24th. To all Town of Masonville residents, if you like the idea of the Rally please let your elected officials know about it. If you're not sure or have questions plese feel free to contact me, I'll be happy to give you accurate information......Thanks......Rich
June 09, 2009 00:15:50 Tony - CR-20   Hello Bertimouse...glad your recovering from your Mom's passing and hope each day gets better for you. Stay strong and things will start looking up! As for the Ham license, like Rich's real easy to get your Tech license and it's a great hobby to get into. There is 1 Ham listed in Masonville and over 20 in nearby Bainbridge. There are repeaters in Oneonta and Walton that have great coverage and it helps with the lack of cell coverage throughout the mountains especially in case of an emergency! All the best...Tony
June 08, 2009 23:41:33 Rich Otis To bertimouse, I was refering to the Town of Tompkins, last November 1st. Thanks for the good wishes. Although not everyones "cup of tea" the Rally is a good positive event for the community and will supply an infusion of visitor dollars to Delaware County.....and in these economic times most Towns & Counties are interested in bolstering local business! Get your Ham ticket's not that hard anymore....all morse code requirements have been done away with. It's a great hobby and offers the opertunity to assist in times of emergency & disaster. Rich
June 08, 2009 20:20:07 bertimouse   To Rich Otis; Have you held the Thompkins County road races for awhile? I used to work for a guy who just loved to dirt & road race up near Ithaca-way...he used to bring all kinds of tires with him just in case; a nice guy with a very fast car that he used to race on weekends and then drive to work everyday! (I suppose he spent ALLOT of time cleaning it off after the racing because it was always spotless on Monday! :) )Again; good luck with your pursuit & maybe someday we'll be able to talk over the ham.
June 08, 2009 20:11:29 bertimouse   Hi Tony! Long time no hear! Glad your having a good time-we're still err, recovering from Mom's passing but things get better everyday. My older brother in Colorado has been pestering FOREVER to get my ham license; I thought there was no one in Masonville to talk to! :) He says its a GREAT hobby,& also helps out immensely in any emergency...My brother is a Colorado State Emergency Coordinator in his area for that;sorry I don't know (DUH) his call numbers...Good to hear from you again. :)
June 08, 2009 13:09:35 Rich Otis For Robin, yes the same group. We have held events in Walton & Tompkins last November 1st (Chase Brook Rd. & Carcass Brook Rd.), there were no injures, property damage or road damage and we do have permits in place for the Walton section of Carcass Brook Rd. for the October 24, 2009 event. On April 4, 2009 we used Dunk Hill Rd., Dunk Hill Spur (Freer Hollow Rd), & Palmer Hill Rd. for one stage and Beers Brook Rd. & Houck Mountain Rd. for the other. Some of the newspaper reports were less than kind, the best person to ask would be John Merideth supervisor for Walton or Ronda the Town Clerk. There were a hanfull of residedents that were "rabbidly opposed to Rally and nothing would have made them happy......Thanks for your interest .....Rich
June 08, 2009 12:16:25 Rich Otis For Tony N2XUS, congratulations on buying a home in Masonville, I wish you all the happiness. If we get our permits perhaps I can get you to volunteer as a Ham Radio operator.....catch you on the KQ2H repeater system sometime
June 08, 2009 09:34:58 Tom Barton Looking forward to driving the roads of Masonville. The other 2 Rally NY events were great, especially the long stages in Walton. Anybody with questions for a local driver can e-mail me. We are from Rock Hill, in Sullivan County. (not far from Larry, N6BQD) Tom B. ----> Mazda 323 <----
June 08, 2009 09:06:25 Robin Little   Rich, is this the same type of race that was in the Walton area this year? If so came you give the names of the roads used. And I seem to remember something in the local paper about it.
June 07, 2009 20:45:44 Tony - CR-20   Hello Rich - N2ZKX...Name is Tony - N2XJS and I recently bought a home in beautiful Masonville. I've heard Larry N6BQD talk about your events on the KQ2H repeater a few times. They sound interesting. And hello to Bertimouse and the rest of the Board...long time since I've been on. Hope all is well with everyone and I'm enjoying the beautiful weather up there! All the best - Tony
June 07, 2009 18:34:20 bud gilbertsen HI from north carolina, i sure miss masonville
June 06, 2009 06:55:35 Rich Otis Anyone that would like a copy of the letter explaining about International Rally New York 2009, please email me directly. I want to share information, however I don't want to monopolize this message board. Please continue your questions ....I will try to keep my answers brief. BTW. are there any Ham Radio operators that check in here? Rich Visit
June 06, 2009 06:20:40 Rich Otis To answer the tire question, Michelin ZE series Asymmetrical Gravel Tires medium 80 compound. Of course it will depend greatly on the weather .....the key is bring all you have and hope you choose the correct tire! The onalimbracing site is not mine ....Peter is a Photographer from the Boston area....he takes some good photos. Thanks for your interest Rich
June 06, 2009 02:54:07 bertimouse   Hi Rich: We checked out your site; and it shows mostly DIRT RACING. My questions here are: 1)What kind of tires do you plan on running on the cars?
June 06, 2009 02:16:07 Rich Otis Hi! I have a letter describing the Rally & what we would like to do prepared in MS word as well as pdf form, I've submitted it to Craig DuMond for approval. As soon as I get his "OK" I'll send it to all property owners on the affected roads. I'll also have copies available in town and post it online so everyone can contrubute feedback. Lots of photos at Thanks Rich
June 06, 2009 02:02:37 Rich Otis Sure, We are asking to close the following roads on Saturday October 24th, for 3- 2 hour periods, between each closure there will be a 1-2 hour break and the roads will be re-opened to normal traffic. Mormon Hollow Road (from the Town line to Mormon Hollow Cross Rd.), Mormon Hollow Cross Road, & Steam Mill Road (from the Town line to Herring Rd.) This is a "Timed Speed Test" Note THERE IS NO WHEEL TO WHEEL RACING! The "Readers Digest" discripton would read "Real People...Real Cars....Real Roads" Please visit for more info Thanks Rich
June 05, 2009 23:08:19 bertimouse   Hi Grumpy; will do, thanks. To Rich Otis: We read the town meeting reports on-line & they take AWHILE before the latest are posted so unfortunately we on-line folks tend to hear about this stuff later than the folks who are able to attend the Town Mtgs. -It's just a matter of logistics. But, would you be willing to explain a little here on-line about the International Rally NY 2009 Road Permit Presentation that you made at the meeting? It sounds fun...does your organization have a website to go to for more information? Thanks.
June 05, 2009 10:02:36 Rich Otis Hello Everyone I'd like to thank Craig DuMond, the members of the Town Board, and all the residents that were present at the June 3rd meeting. I felt very welcome and was given ample time to present the proposal & request for a Special Use Road Permit that would allow International Rally New York 2009 to take place. I would like very much to hear from residents regarding this. I am available just about anytime to answer questions and listen to any issues or concerns anyone may have. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone 845-344-2720 or 845-649-8112. Hope to hear from many of you real soon. Rich Otis Community & Government Liaison Rally New York
June 04, 2009 22:39:13 Grumpy Ernst Keidel Hey, Bertimouse! If you have some good Masonville Parade pictures, you may send them to me. Perhaps I can get our webmaster to include them on this site.
June 04, 2009 00:12:30 bertimouse   Happy, Beautiful, Sweet June to Everyone! May all your gardens grow fast, your grass grow short & slow, and may all of your summertime hopes and dreams come true. Happy camping and fishing too! :) :) :)
June 04, 2009 00:06:33 bertimouse   To "Christopher Nichols": Check out "history of Masonville" on-line for a start - there are a few good books out there; also in the Four county library system. To "Ivanhoe": Yes, I have pictures of the parade; where do I send 'em? To "Wshbown": The cheapest supplier for NYSEG is the original choice at the moment. To "Robin": CUDOS for your comments.
June 04, 2009 00:01:57 bertimouse   Every sixty seconds you spend being upset about ANYTHING is just one more minute of happiness you'll never get back. Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly! Leave the rest to God.
June 03, 2009 12:02:17 CrzyFlea   It is a pity it censors out terms for homosexuals when someone isn't screaming them like obscenities. Not surprised, not really. Too many people treat those words like curse words.
June 03, 2009 12:00:21 CrzyFlea   Lev. 18:22, and yet your arguement seems to imply that you think that those who choose a different sexual orientation than the 'norm' should not enjoy the same civil liberties as the rest of us. I'm sure there wouldn't be so many marriages that make religious folk have an outcry if agencies like insurance, health care providers and so forth acknowledged partnerships without that little marriage certificate. Trying to solve one issue, creates more. I've the great good fortune to know several *CENSORED*/*CENSORED* and bi couples who have been partners for years. They're no different than anyone else and to be quite frank, their relationships are more stable than alot of marriages I've observed. Maybe I'm lucky to know people who are outside of the statistical averages. Don't worry, I'm not going to point fingers though, don't want to start a witch hunt for the homosexuals I know in Masonville either. They wouldn't appreciate it, or deserve it, they're too nice to put through that sort of thing.
June 03, 2009 09:12:40 Robin   Not all "city people" are the same. It would be ideal when someone new moves into our town, to sat back and see how a "country" town works and learn that a lot of us have large generational families. Some of us have a hard time letting people in. We all have ideas that don't always agree, but wouldn't life be boring if we did? How we come to a agreement is what it is about, working together. At some point in our lives we step on others toes, whether we mean to or not. Sometimes the old ways work the best, but also fresh new ways have there place and benefit us as a whole. We need to give the benefit of the doubt. Remember a stranger can be a unknown friend. Respect goes along way.
June 03, 2009 08:10:53 sick of the city   You know what disgusts me ? We the people of Masonville where so well to let (CITY PEOPLE) move in to this town but i don't think we were going to let tham start runing us
June 02, 2009 20:58:41 gr   You know what disgusts me? The child molester living on ivanhoe.
June 02, 2009 12:09:37 Lev. 18:22   CryzFlea. Your argument for the justification of homosexuality is certainly unique. I am convinced. If some observer observed a gut worm involved in what the observer considered homosexual activity how can one argue with that? Based on that I suppose we humans should greet others by smelling thier rears? - As to seperation of church and state; I too, am thankful I live in a country that guarantees that freedom. Of course what you are referring to is the guarantee that the government will not establish a religion? I see nothing in the US Constitution that prohibts a Christian or anyone else from expressing a conviction and striving to guarantee that conviction. That guarantee would extend to homonsexuals as well. I have no argument with with what and where one uses his or her sexual organs. But, I do object to having that right shoved down my throat. (Pun intended).
June 02, 2009 00:36:47 Discusted   sick of it! Every where ! TV , Go to the mall .... They are every where! Don't bring it to Masonville. Only REAL men and ladies here !
June 01, 2009 14:36:23 CrzyFlea   to the person preaching because our state is forward thinking in its approach to same sex pairings and offering them the same rights as couples who happen to fit the typical gender associations - there is such a thing as separation of church and state in this country. And I thank God for that. --- Homosexual and bisexual behavior are widespread in the animal kingdom: in a 1999 review, researcher Bruce Bagemihl showed that homosexual behavior has been observed in close to 1500 species from primates to gut worms. Feel free to cling to your Bible and wave it at me and tell me that Man is not descended from ape. I'm just pointing out, that if it is so unnatural, why does it happen so frequently in -Nature-
May 31, 2009 09:39:00 wshbown   does any one know the cheapest supplier for electric from nyseg
May 28, 2009 07:48:42 "Grumpy" Ernst Keidel I have just received the Minutes and have sent them on to my webmaster; he should have them up shortly. Sorry, but I have no parade pictures. Not of the Masonville Parade, anyway. In my position as Commander of Disabled American Veterans Chapter 200 in Oneonta, I was obligated to ride in the Oneonta Parade. Was quoted in the Daily Star (26 May) when I spoke at Neahwa Park, after the parade.
May 27, 2009 09:55:18 Robin Little   I was wondering if you have the minutes from the May meeting yet?
May 26, 2009 13:54:07 Ivanhoe   I am wondering if anyone got pictures of the parade???
May 20, 2009 17:04:24 Christopher Nichols Hi my name is Christopher Nichols and i just moved to masonville this year i was wondering if anyone had information on my house because i guess it has some history i was hoping to get a i live in the house across the street from loris ice cream shop in the big house if u have any information email me plz
May 20, 2009 12:45:40 Does it matter? I glad I don't bother to check this site very often! You people are awful! Have you ever heard the phrase, "Don't sweat the small stuff?" For God's sake people...why not just say that you woke up today and were breathing, so *CENSORED*! It's gonna be a good day! You just might find that you'd go through each day a little happier and sleep better each night!
May 19, 2009 22:57:37 NINJA   Yes I have. Do not tell me what I haven't done. =)
May 19, 2009 15:44:06 Parade Lover   Looking forward to the Memorial Day parade and the great chicken barbeque at the church. Hope for good weather!
May 19, 2009 15:14:03 Masonville Resident that is sick of personal attacks   Reading the comment from Ninja makes me EMBARRASED to tell people I live in Masonville. This just goes to show that there is no moving forward in Masonville...only grudges, bad feelings and ignorance. I take it Ninja has not attended ANY Board of Education meetings or any other forum in which Mrs. Cooper has spoken. If you had you would know just how ignorant your comment is.
May 18, 2009 13:49:31 Disgusted   Mohammad Obama told the moslems that America is NOT a Christian nation. Our Great Sheik should speak for himself. HE says HE does not believe America is a Christian nation. All fifty state's constitution preambles refer to God and the Judao Christian ethic. So someone must have felt this is a Christian nation. If our Exalted Grand High Potentate had his way tomorrow morning all women in this country would be wearing "hijabs" and we all would pray 5 times a day with our B*u*t*t*s in the air to some heathen deity in Mecca. How much longer is American citizens going to stand by and see this *CENSORED* taking place?
May 15, 2009 22:51:43 NINJA   Sandra Cooper is the devil.
May 15, 2009 13:08:46 Lev. 18:22   Our blind governor is blind in more ways than one. He advocates the impossible. "Same Sex" marriage is an oxymoron. By difinition Marriage is the union of a man and woman not the union of a man with a man or a woman with a woman or a man/woman with an animal. If someone wants to live in the sin of homosexuality that is between them and God but it does not have to be sanctioned by the State of New York. While homosexuality is condemned and forbidden in several passages of the Holy Bible it is no worse than any other sin in God's eyes; but, there are sins that erode culture and society more than others i.e. murder is more harmful to society than stealing a pencil from your employer. Not only is homosexuality condemned and forbidden in the Holy Bible it is forbidden by most cultures, society and common sense. Homosexual unions are by nature unnatural and short lived. In the Netherlands where same sex unions have been allowed for a number of years the average same sex union last 1.5 years as compared to man/woman unions which last 12 years. Say a resounding NO to same sex unions in the State of New York.
May 15, 2009 08:00:36 Craig DuMond   FYI - Sandra Cooper, Superintendent of Sidney Central School, is planning an informational school budget presentation at the Masonville Federated Church on Sunday May 17th at 6pm.
May 07, 2009 21:01:37 walt buddy gilbertsen If anyone remembers me would be nice to hear from you.
May 07, 2009 20:28:52 waltgilbertsen i went to grade school at masonville i live near masonville pond. i have traveled the world and masonville pond area is still the prettist to me. It makes me home sick. I know live in NC
May 07, 2009 20:28:00 LOL (Chester)   MHF - Thank you for your information concerning Mr. Getter. I will pass the information, along with a picture of the site, to the person who requested it.
May 07, 2009 20:25:50 walt gilbertsen i missed masonville ny after 30 years
May 07, 2009 13:24:13 MHF   LOL Info on Awra (Aurea) Getter,Plot number 59 Masonville Cemetary, Pine Hill . Center back between driveways, 5th row from back driveway.
May 06, 2009 11:04:58 Chester   Anyone missing a white and orange cat? One is hanging around my place and I want rid of it.
May 03, 2009 21:46:57 just a reminder   Hello everyone I as a caring person would like to just remind you all that Town Clean Up days are May 8th and 9th!. this Friday and Satday I hope everyone clean up a little beause EVERYONE can find some little thinks to clean up or B**** about. Of your blessed and can't find anything around your house. then loan a hand to are old people Thanks everyone have a happy flowerE day !!
May 02, 2009 22:16:04 Craig DuMond   Thank you, Berti! The fire dept. should be aware of the grants you speak of, however, I will pass the info on just to be sure!
May 02, 2009 02:55:51 bertimouse   Town Government IS what is IS,Folks. You are all either INvolved or have NOT evolved,get it? -It makes no difference what the darn issue is.-HOW MANY of your children know/care/talk about/what's happening here in Masonville right now? -This will be the telling sign of things to come, eh? -Please,Yall,Consider Hard Why Masonville is SO BLESSED for the Many Ways & Means that She DOES NOT have, rather than what she lacks.
May 02, 2009 02:30:43 bertimouse   Belated Happy B-Day to you Craig; our most esteemed & Hard Working Town Supervisor! :) DEC is offering grants to local Fire Depts. now for funds to fight brush fires; did you know?...Deadline is May 30th.
April 30, 2009 19:24:25 Enough Already   I too would like to maintain farms and country, however, we cannot live in the past....and wish. There are only 2 operating dairy farms left in the Town and with the price of milk I fear the worst. Beef, swine, sheep, crop, etc will continue to be a side business for most of the others but not a main form of revenue for a family. It is a shame but it is the reality of the county the city has had it's sites on for many years. If we do not do some thing about development (I am not talking about a "downtown business sector") to generate and off set the taxes the rest of us are doomed, which is exactly playing into the City's plans for us. We simply cannot close our eyes, hope and dream the city away any longer. If we dont take care of ourselves, the city and the State are ready to take care of us and not in a good way!
April 29, 2009 23:21:41 Ranger Danger.   I'm not really a fan of business and home development. Why ruin a small town by cramming a bunch of businesses into it? Before you know it, all the farms and beautiful hills of Masonville will be gone.
April 29, 2009 21:11:56 Enough Already!   I applaud the Town Board for finally doing something about people's properties that cause a health or other law violation. Besides being illegal, they bring down neighbors property values and keep people from wanting to move here. With the State and the City taking more and more of our property it will only be a matter of time before we will no longer be able to afford our taxes! The best way we can counter this is to attract new development, homes and businesses. The "Grandfather" rule is a joke....many of us are 3rd, 4th and 5th generation residents and do not hide behind this excuse to not clean up. I know that making the Town more presentable has been a priority for the Supervisor since he was a Board member. He has done alot to move in that direction, ie the flags and new signs, etc. Now that we have a Board who appears to be reasonable concerning clean-up, I do not feel anyone on the Board is asking anyone to make their properties look like a million bucks, just clean up the mess (a lot of time shousehold garbage) and straighten up. This doesnt cost much money and if people need help I believe there are plenty of people willing to offer a hand...probably many on this site as we are still a community who cares for each other.
April 29, 2009 18:28:24 Tired.   Mr. Denys, thanks. I was just looking for a little insight, I was thinking the same thing. Bob, I don't have junk cars, I was just looking for clarification. Your the dense one for making assumptions and cussing.
April 29, 2009 13:28:15 Bob Kosztyo   *CENSORED* Tired, you are awfully dense. Get rid of the junk cars already.
April 29, 2009 06:33:42 George Denys This is just a portion of the law. It would appear that any of 1,2,3 or 4 would qualify as a junk vehicle. You should consult a lawyer if you have specific questions about the town laws. I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advise.
April 28, 2009 20:01:02 Tired.   So would it have to apply to all of those or just one?
April 28, 2009 19:27:32 George Denys From our Town Law: Junk Vehicles - Any motor vehicle, whether automobile, bus, trailer, truck, tractor, mobile home, motorcycle, motor bicycle, mini bicycle or snowmobile or any other contraption originally intended for travel on the public highways, which is abandoned, stored, left or located by its owner or any other person or is permitted or condoned to be abandoned, stored, left or located by its owner or any other person on public or private premises in the Town of Masonville, outside of a junkyard which has a permit to operate in the Town of Masonville, which vehicle: 1. Is not registered by the State of New York for operation on public highways and which has not been registered during the preceding six (6) months; 2. Is not currently registered and not in a condition for legal use on the public highways. A vehicle which is in condition to pass the requirements for the New York State motor vehicle inspection sticker shall be deemed in condition for legal use on public highways; 3. Is no longer intended to be used on the public highways, the condition of the vehicle and circumstances surrounding its storage or abandonment being admissible for purposes of determining such intent; or 4. Is being held or used for the purpose of resale of used parts therefrom or for the purpose of reclaiming for use some or all of the materials therein or for the purpose of disposing of the same.
April 28, 2009 18:19:11 Tired.   What would a junk vehicle be classified as? A vehicle without plates, or a vehicle that no longer runs for an extended period of time?
April 28, 2009 11:47:53 Just In Case...   Thank You Masonville Town Board and all that support them in going foward to help clean up our town... I dont have "generations" of blood lines but have lived in Masonville for close to 25 years. I feel that we are finally taking the right steps foward in doing what should have been done. To comment on the junk yard situation... prove proper fluid disposal with your documentation, Robin is correct, all that is documented... To whom commented on.... you moved here, live with it attitude. It's to bad you feel like this but good to know you have moved away.
April 27, 2009 22:27:17 George Denys Hello Robin, No, we do not require a complaint although that's how a few were identified. Your scenario is accurate. If the CEO or Board member sees a violating property then it is acted upon. It should be noted that many that are complained about are found not to be in violation. The bar is high..and should be. Junk cars however are pretty cut and dried. State law allows one unlicensed vehicle. Town law allows two. Not much we can do there. If we do not act then we are negligent. Some parts of this job are unpleasant. This is one of those parts. The good news is that most folks are eager to do the right thing and we are appreciative of that. Most understand that this is not personal but simply professional.
April 27, 2009 15:18:24 CrzyFlea   I moved to be closer to work. I don't make any more money than I would have before. I just don't have to go as far. I still have a nice little town in the country with fresh air to breath. My only reason to move back would have been closer to my own family so that any children in my future would get to spend more time with grandparents, aunts, uncles and extended family. Now, my point, since people like to twist things into what they think a person says, rather than what they say is this: If you MOVED into a town and start complaining about something that has BEEN THERE then it is YOUR fault you have to see something. If it is new, sure, complain. My inferences from reading all the back and forth here is that its places where things were established back in the times of our grandfathers that get the most complaints. Instances where for good or ill, the status was grandfathered in the years of our fathers. Things that are only now being complained about again because the 'new blood' gets power crazed and starts stomping around all impressed with themselves. It is really a shame. Where I am now is more like the town I grew up in, than the one I grew up in.
April 27, 2009 14:44:07 Robin   George, I agree that the town can only enforce the law. Does someone have to complain about a property before the Town does something? If so, that I don't agree with. If a Board member or the CEO is out and about and see a violating property, then they should receive a warning and the CEO should follow up. Just so people know, one of the properties that people are having a problem with is being worked on and more will be done this week and next, if all goes well.
April 27, 2009 14:02:26 George Denys The town can only clean up where laws are broken and complaints filed....not to someones opinion of what clean should be.
April 27, 2009 13:13:24 Robin   Bob, I am so glad that I wasn't elected judge, I wouldn't want to deal with the changing society and morals, as I have trouble with ignorance. Bloodlines have nothing to do with breaking laws. My whole point of what I have been saying is that clean up should be Town wide not only a few. Why is this so hard for people to understand? People move here and then want to change things, at one time I knew 90% of the people/families around here and now I know 40% or less. If you don't have the bloodlines in the town, then please remember why you moved here as these properties I have been talking about were already here.
April 27, 2009 11:21:58 Bob Kosztyo   O, I get it.....Long blood lines = Get to break the law. No blood lines...get a ticket. I see now. Glad you wern't elected Judge.
April 27, 2009 09:02:58 Robin   TOBC, You are worried about the fuilds that came out of the cars that were crushed? When a company comes in to crush cars they have regulations and laws to follow. Cars have to have all fuilds removed and accounted for, put in approved barrels and disposed of with documentation. Gas tanks and radiators have to be removed also. When the crusher came, some trees and hedgerow material had to be cut and cleared for the operation, so now you can see in the yard more. This is a catch 21, clean up as requsted (people can see in the yard more) or not clean up and the junk sits there. The trees and hedgerow will grow back. You can't have it both ways, so some patience would be nice. Alot has been done and it does take money. As far as the trailer all the appliances were removed including the hot water heater and furance. It was not buried, unlike the house at the end of Steam Mill. What happened to the water heater and other appliances? I have long blood lines in this town. My Great Uncles had a lot to do with the Fire Dept starting up, also the war memorial on the church lawn happened do to the efforts of my Great Grandmother. How far back are your blood lines in this town?
April 26, 2009 21:52:21 Chester (LOL)   Yes there are properties around Masonville, like any other populated area, that could look better; including my own, I think the point of the Town Law is to insure a safe and healthy area. I do not think it concerns itself with someones cluttered yard or the fact their dwelling is not suitable for Home Beautiful. Many factors come into the appearance of a dwelling and lack of funds is not the least. Other factors may enter into it as well. Myself is a combination of health problems and discouragement. I am not able to get out and do the things I would love to do. Thus, I become discouraged and let things go. I can barely keep up the essentials. Could I hire it done? No. The cost of such things is prohibitive to myself and many others. While I am not a life long resident of Masonville I was brought up not far from this area and I do not think out of towners are the ones only who complain about properties in the area. Yes, many who move here from elsewhere especially from downstate are concerned but look at the facts. Many of them paid a lot for their property and then put a lot of money into upgrading and improving that property and as a result are paying a lot of taxes. Of course they are concerned about the value of the that investment be it real or imagined. I am a lot more concerned about what the State of New York along with the City of New York is trying to do to me along with the entire area. How my neighbor lives is of little concern to me personally if they are not a safety or health hazard while the above mentioned enities are doing their best to insure that I will not have to worry about it as they will own it.
April 26, 2009 21:16:38 Ranger Danger.   Actually TOBC, since most of the complaints on here weren't just "picking up" it DOES take money. Example A: Siding. Who's gonna pay for that siding? Example B: Junkyard. Who's going to pay to haul all of those cars out and supply an income for those people who previously worked the junkyard? Example C: Work! Some people work ALL of the time, which leaves little time to make their property all clean and perfect for, as Tired said, "prissy" people. Cleaning takes money, and in this economy not many of us have it. I agree with Tired on that point. Not LOL, taxes or no taxes you shouldn't move to a town and then complain. It's like moving next to an airport and complaining about the noise.
April 26, 2009 20:33:22 Not LOL   Crazy Flea......You have a right to complain when you pay taxes as a member of the month, one day, 50 years. I does not matter. I bet you moved closer to the city for more money.
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