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September 08, 2008 23:08:10 Tony CR-20   Chester...what were you doing fishing at 1 in the morning? Lol Actually, I have a similar story. When I was about 12 years old, my cousin and I rode our bikes two towns away to the "duck pond" Long Island. It was about 8:00 pm, still light out so it must have been summertime...and there we saw what must have been a million frogs trying to make their way to another smaller pond that lead to a stream. The sight was unbelievable as these tiny frogs made their way down sidewalks and gutters of roadways to make it to their destination. Stupid me, picked up a cardboard box and captured what must have been hundreds of them and brought them home. Needless to say, Pop wasn't to thrilled with the sight of these frogs and drove us back to the area to release them. Then I received punishment for riding so far away without telling anybody...don't know what I was thinking. That was 35+ years ago and I have never witnessed anything like it since. Berti and for insects in the house, "kill em all, let God sort them out". That's what they make shop vacs for!
September 08, 2008 16:50:50 Chester   Story about frogs. One night a number of years ago my brother and I were fishing in the Pepacton Res. near the Barkaboom and about 1 o'clock in the morning we heard a rustling in the leaves. Literally thousands of frogs were scrambling through the leaves and jumping into the water. We could see the "v's" in the moonlight they were making in the water as they swam to somewhere. It was an amazing sight. Hundreds and hundreds of frogs swimming. Never see such a sight before and have never seen it since.
September 08, 2008 06:35:34 Grumpy Ernst Keidel Went down to my little pond, yesterday, and noticed not even one frog! Usually there are quite a few. Did observe one tadpole smimming among my goldfish. Isn't this the wrong season for tadpoles? BTW, my home is a spider-friendly home! While I don't readily invite such creatures in, I don't go out of my way to harm them. They are welcome to all the flies and gnats they can manage to catch, although I suspect that my wife removes spider webs when I am out of the house! Have noticed a great number of small yellowjackets in my bathroom, lately. I mean, not just a few! They are usually dying and crawling around on the floor! One stung me on top of my foot, as I was walking nearby, watering one of my plants. From now on, the amnesty for insects is NOT in force for yellowjackets!
September 07, 2008 19:28:17 bertimouse   That may be fine with you Chester but err any spider is a dead spider inside this here home-We don't mind the black or green crickets,ants,a few flies,moths & the odd mouse once in awhile inside; but those spiders can stay outside to be beneficial! Thanks about the info on the green crickets;thought they were called something else but certainly hear 'em! What we don't hear much anymore is bullfrogs. We've heard that allot of frogs (both bulls & regular)are slowly disappearing from NY:they're very sensitive to pesticides...hope that's not going to stay true & they come back without (err) five legs & two heads. :) p.s. - How was your weekend? Mine was great-got rid of allota junk at Walton, the tomatoes are finally turning red,cooked allota Zucchini casserole-least we'll have tons of frozen stuff to eat this winter. Speaking of which; we're hooking up a backup propane system to run (via thermostat & a cool push-button remote) a big-used duel-fuel fireplace (wood/propane)& one of those propane heaters mounted on the wall like a fireplace-in case the power goes out. They say propane is up there in price now too, don't know about that,just need a backup (un-electrical & safe)system this winter. Have a great week & enjoy the nice weather, eh?
September 06, 2008 11:36:17 Chester   Bertimouse - You asked what a "snowy tree cricket" is? Well, he is a small feller usually less than an half inch long. Light green with transparent wings. The common black cricket is no where as noisy as the snowy tree cricket. He has a high pitched sound that is near the upper limit of human hearing. LOL. As to crickets being beneficial. That is true for most crickets although all of them will eat cloth and the Mormon Cricket is probably as destructive as any insect we have. The Mormon cricket is the "locust" spoken of by the Mormons that supposedly was consumed by sea gulls in Salt Lake City in the early 1800's. That is the reason you will find a statue of a sea gull in Salt Lake City. I too, have noted an abundance of spiders this year. While I do not care for them I think the Eastern Orb Weaver is a very pretty spider. (Commonly called a Leopard spider)
September 06, 2008 09:13:28 Chester   Bertimouse - Oh, I did not want to kill the cricket! I caught him. Admired him and let him go out in the backyard. I love to hear them "outside".
September 06, 2008 00:33:32 bertimouse   Before you respond Chester, Stop. I agree with you that you didn't want to kill this little cricket, you just wanted to shut it up, so it wouldn't disturb your speak or sleep? Please remember your own thoughts on-line. Softly speaking right now you are like that cricket, I think neighbor & like my Mom always says; a cricket in yur fireplace is good luck fur winter..the longer you have one the longer you will be warm! :)
September 06, 2008 00:09:15 bertimouse   Now listen here Chester, What the ell is a "snowy tree cricket" & why do you want to kill one of those bugs? Crickets are GOOD BUGS! In many cultures, crickets in the fireplace are a sign of good luck. In my own family (OK call us hicks)we used to see how long the crickets would stay alive [in our house near the fireplace]-The only bugs in my home that will be stomped on are those nasty "wolf spiders" that crawl up from my basement vents/cracks every year, err about this time seeking warmer cracks - Had 2 BIG ones show themselves so far in my bathroom & both are deceased by me. NONE of that type of spider has a very long life-span in bertimouse's house to be sure. But crickets? Crickets are ugly yes, but my cousin, favorite brother & good friend taught me about these ugly little buggers & I like them allot more than spiders.***************************************** Crickets are good bugs just like spiders, err. It's too bad Chester that you only have crickets in your house for 2 or 3 days 'cause my Mom always says that "Crickets in your fireplace means a warm winter" and I'm trusting the crickets this year, eh?
September 05, 2008 11:31:49 Chester   For two or three days we have had a snowy tree cricket in the house. He has done his best to entertain us. I searched for the little *CENSORED* everyplace I thought he could be. I finally found him behind a picture on the wall. Now it is amazing that a little fellow about 1/4 inch long could be as noisy and persistent as he was. Not only was he noisy but it was near impossible to tell from where the chirping was coming. Nature is amazing. In doing some research on the cricket I find that no two of them have the same chirp. But, I did not have to do any research to determine he was loud and annoying. LOL
September 04, 2008 21:43:54 Camoprint   =)
September 04, 2008 20:55:43 Chester   Bertimouse - If anything is going to destroy a carefully planned budget it will be the price of fuel. Both heating and fuel for the vehicles. Last meeting they mentioned they could not even get any bids on fuel. But, the price of fuel is destroying a lot of household budgets as well. Hopefully things will look brighter in the spring.
September 04, 2008 20:28:22 bertimouse   Guess I'll have to wait until they post the latest meeting report...Noticed last month allot of talk about the upcoming Town Budget...Craig says it's in good shape this year but that the Highway Dept. is looking at something like a 250% increase in diesel costs in 2009? What's up with that?!? -Very important MASTER PLAN MTG. on Sept. 24th, 7 pm at the Church for Public Comment...they said it's important that they here from us...
September 04, 2008 20:01:35 Camoprint   Don't run away from the argument Chester. You did say that you don't feel that arson is wrong if no one is killed.
September 04, 2008 19:59:33 Route 206   Masonville is a freindly place Chester. You are just A MEAN PERSON ON THE computer
September 04, 2008 19:59:31 Chester   Bertimouse- Sorry I was not able to attend the town board meeting last evening. I too, have been wondering if there is any progress on the cell phone tower. I hope so.
September 04, 2008 19:57:54 Chester   Now you folks are getting a tad absurd. LOL Oh well, you are good for the entertainment:) LOL
September 04, 2008 19:57:14 bertimouse   Er, sorry to change the subject here but how'd the Town Meeting go yesterday Chester? Any new information on the cell tower or the new bridge? Do tell. :)
September 04, 2008 19:53:56 Camoprint   R*ape is not a capital crime as it does not receive a capital punishment. Don't try to preach law when you don't even know it. And you just said that you think that if someone commits arson and no one is killed then they shouldn't be punished. Does this mean that you think we should go around burning down peoples houses when they're not home? Smart Chester, real smart. Lets hope that the local youth doesn't follow your immoral preaching.
September 04, 2008 19:51:03 Chester   Well, R*a*p*e generally is construed as a capital crime and arson certainly is if someone is injured or killed. Theft? Well, I have had items stolen twice and I did not involve law enforcement for either one. As to being a sick man with no morals if you mean a person who sees the injustice around us and speaks out is a sick immoral person than I am. I really figured you for a more intelligent person but you obviously did not understand my notes or you choose not to understand them. Either way the subject is closed between you and I. Besides you are spoiling the illusion that Masonville is a "friendly" place.
September 04, 2008 19:49:34 Route 206   camo, This person never stays on one subject. He makes it up as he try's to explain his meanness, it just gets worse. He always ends up saying the wrong thing, insults everyone. See what happened when he *CENSORED* me off by insulting people that we try to teach our children to respect. He said I threatened him ? "Watch it" is a Threat ? See he makes it up. He sits by his puter just waiting to argue with anyone who will read his mean words. He always finds a different meaning in what people write, and denies what he writes.
September 04, 2008 19:15:09 Camoprint   The censored word in that, would happen to be R*A*P*E.
September 04, 2008 19:14:20 Camoprint   You also stated "Other than a capital crime I can think of nothing I would voluntarily involve law enforcement in this day and age." Does this mean that you don't think law enforcement should be involved in Theft? Arson? *CENSORED*? I don't think you understand what a "capital crime" is. Either that, or you are a sick man with no morals.
September 04, 2008 19:10:16 Camoprint   But you still don't address the fact that you seem to go from a police officer asking you if you know how fast you were going to saying that they act like a judge and jury placing innocent people in prison. Are you familiar with our legal system Chester? You don't get arrested and thrown in jail by a jury for a speeding ticket.
September 04, 2008 19:04:43 Chester   Of course "nuts" (if you are referring to crazy) is somewhat like beauty; it is in the eye of beholder. Freud was asked for a definition of a sane person and he stated he "did not know but if he ever found one he would cure him." I have discovered over the years that any discussion is not enhanced by insults. I believe it was Mark Twain who said, "Never argue with a fool, onlookers might not be able to tell the difference."
September 04, 2008 17:48:00 Camoprint   How do you go from a police officer asking you if you know how fast you were going to saying that they act like a judge and jury placing innocent people in prison? I think the resident "Whatever?" is right. You are nuts.
September 04, 2008 17:42:10 Chester   I do not advocate lying or telling the truth to an officer who stops me for speeding. The answer to that question by the officer is no answer or at best "I am sure you will tell me". A law enforcement officer is not a judge and jury. It is not his job to determine your guilt or innocence. He is a presenter of facts. He presents the facts according to the statutes and then it is the job of a judge or a jury of your peers to determine your guilt or innocence. There could be many reasons that a law officer feels you are guilty of a crime but in reality you are not. It is not his job to determine that. If you were to investigate you would find there are many innocent people sitting in jails and prisons due to over enthuastic law enforcement.
September 04, 2008 17:41:34 Whatever ?   NUTS !!!!
September 04, 2008 17:35:37 Camoprint   How is asking you how fast you were going devious? That's like saying "Hey do you have a dollar?" to your buddy when you need a buck. If you have it, say yes, otherwise say no. You shouldn't say that you were going faster or slower than the speed limit if you really were or weren't, it's TELLING THE TRUTH. Are you a liar Chester? Do you promote lying to police?
September 04, 2008 17:20:20 Chester   I was not referring to whether a person is guilty or not guilty of what they are be accused I was pointing out the devious way the officer will get you to confess to a crime. LOL
September 04, 2008 17:10:56 Camoprint   Then you shouldn't get pulled over for going to fast in the first place and if you do then you deserve the ticket.
September 04, 2008 17:01:24 Chester   Camoprint as a matter of fact I do know some state troopers. Not as personal friends but, yes, I do know them. The days of "Protect and Serve" has sadly degenerated into "Catch and Convict" in this society. Why shouldn't law enforcement have the mentality they do? We have involved them in every petty disagreement that happens. People even call the police because they are unable to handle their 10 year old. Even the acadamies teaching our law enforcement teach them that the "arrest above all" they teach them to be devious and underhanded when dealing with the public. Ever been stopped for going to fast? After the officer asks for your license and registration (effectively handcuffing you as you are going no place without those items) he then asks "Do you know how fast you were going?" You being an honest citizen will name some figure obviously in excess of the posted speed. BINGO, you just confessed to a crime in the presence of a law enforcement officer. LOL Other than a capital crime I can think of nothing I would voluntarily involve law enforcement in this day and age. Everyone is guilty of something in their eyes these days. That was not always so but we have brought it on ourselves. As to kicking my (CENSORED). That is you privilege to attempt. LOL
September 04, 2008 16:36:31 Camoprint   Well then maybe it's about time. And as I think another resident once said "a boot in the *CENSORED*" for saying that Troopers "view everyone except another law officer as a slime bag." Do you even KNOW a state trooper personally?
September 04, 2008 16:04:40 Chester   camoprint I have not had a summons in probably 40 years. LOL
September 04, 2008 16:01:42 Camoprint   Chester, veiled threats do not consist of someone saying "Watch it!" which a clear and open indication of intent. =) Just don't get pulled over..
September 04, 2008 15:45:58 Chester   Rte206- Perhaps you should take the time to read what I said. I did not indicate I disliked State Troopers or any other law enforcement. I was pointing out how we use their services in the wrong way. And please do not use vailed threats in your replies. Opinions are not subject to threats; disagreement yes but threats no matter how vailed no. :)
September 04, 2008 15:16:39 route 206   Obey the law and have nothing to worry about ! When you pick on state troopers you are picking on family, and in the town of Masonville we have a few ! Watch it ! They are just doing their job ! Be grateful instead of hateful.
September 04, 2008 11:11:04 Chester   Rick I am sending electronic copies of both documents to your E-Mail address and will also mail hard copies to your snail mail address.
September 04, 2008 10:56:14 Chester   While I am fully aware that we need law enforcement I wonder if the way we utilize that resource is not wasteful of the taxpayers money. Why would we need a State Trooper sitting along Rte. 8 to hand out summonses for burned out license plate lights? Or why do we need to dispatch a law enforcement officer to a disabled motorist to harrass and ticket the poor person? We wonder why the attitude of Law Enforcement when they view everyone except another law officer as a slime bag and deserving of what ever happens to them. Well, one reason is the useless and foolish things law enforcement is asked to do. Over the years law enforcement has turned what should be a common effort into a "them" and "us" situation. Every law enforcement officer knows that the very things he or she will give you a summons for they are totally immune too. The very trooper sitting along Rte 8 handing out summonses for speeding in Masonville knows he or she can get in their own vehicle and drive through Masonville at any speed they choose and nothing will happen. Why? Because law enforcement has turned into a "them" against "us" in the eyes of the officer. This is too bad when actually law enforcement should be a community effort.
September 03, 2008 21:44:26 Rick Moore To Chester, Yes I just finished my 2nd book, entitled Gulf Summit, New York Part II, Meteors, Mysteries and Murder (The Rest of The Story), its avail at the Deposit Historical Society, 90 pages, I did not extend history into Deposit or Masonville, I was REALLY trying to stay focused on Gulf Summit Stuff. I would be happy to pay for postage, copying. My mailing address is Rick Moore, 5773 Quicksilver Circle, Las Vegas, NV 89110. phone 702-220-8079
September 03, 2008 21:33:05 Rick Moore Let me introduce myself. My name is Rick Moore, I grew up in Gulf Summit 1960-1977, had recently seen info on your web concerning Gulf Summit History item. Is is possible to obtain a copy from someone?
September 02, 2008 13:58:29 Masonville General Store Wellness workshop this Sunday, from 1-3pm @ Masonville General Store. Bolster your immune system with a comprehensive list of foods and herbs that help balance and nourish us as summer transitions into fall. Nurse-herbalist, Marguerite Bower will discuss what we can collect, preserve and store to sustain our health for the winter months ahead. $10 Preregistration requested
September 02, 2008 13:49:39 Masonville General Store Hi Josh, Best wishes from the General Store coffee crew!
September 02, 2008 12:48:01 Grumpy Ernst Keidel There's not much to refresh, CamoPrint! My knowledge of Masonville residents is limited to those who attend the town council meetings (tomorrow, BTW) and those who frequent the Masonville General Store and Crescent Wrench Cafe!
September 01, 2008 21:28:10 CamoPrint   And they've lived there for as long as I remember. You need to refresh your knowledge of well known Masonville residents Grumpy.
September 01, 2008 00:41:43 Rude   Its Josh, my parents live across the street from the quickway. My enlistment is up in February, and I plan on coming back at least for a little while when I get out. Hope all is well in Masonville!!
August 31, 2008 10:01:22 Chester   Today I feel honored! - I placed an item for sale on Craigslist and I received not one but three offers for the item. Each of them was a poorly worded and composed scam letter. LOL One even told me that they had already mailed a "certified" check but they had mistakenly made it out for $4500.00 instead of $150.00 so "pleze deposit and send the balnce to my mover." Worst part is is that law enforcement will not act on these and the FTC will only take a report, not act. I suppose if I actually receive a check it could be construed as mail fraud but I doubt it. Something really has to be done about these internet scammers. I do not understand how anyone, in this day and age, can fall for these but from the number of them around I gather that people still do. The worst part is that if a person actually falls for these scams and deposits the bogus check the bank will have the depositor arrested; not the issurer of the fake check. Oh well, I guess "a bird in hand is better than two in the bush." Banks, lawyers and news reporters; the bann of the earth!
August 30, 2008 11:55:18 Grumpy Ernst Keidel HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sky Pilot! You know who you are
August 29, 2008 22:55:31 bertimouse   Masonville,NY deserves a big "atta-way" this summer. Berti wishes All a great weekend here, eh? Please have/give Peace, Love & Happiness to all. :)
August 29, 2008 20:02:08 bertimouse   Hey, "Salud" Rude! (I think Salud means hello in Italian/Spanish(?}-forgive me if I've[LOL]goofed about that.Trying to rhyme here.) Anyway; -Hi back to you in Iraq! Hope ya don't have to Labor too much on Labor Day! We're thinking warm fuzzy thoughts & praying for you & buddies Always no matter where/what 'yall are or doing. Don't forget to vote this year, eh? :)-Have a great weekend knowing that Much Love from Masonville,NY is Shining Your Way Always, eh? :) P.S.-Don't CWY I.D. is; doesn't matter TM&FTS,YK? Take Care. :)
August 29, 2008 11:00:37 Chester   Rick Moore- Sorry that should read "Two not To" LOL
August 29, 2008 10:58:34 Chester   Rick Moore - I have to documents reletive to Cord Wood at Gulf Summit. I would be happy to email copies of said documents although I am not sure how readable they will be by scanning and mailing by E_Mail. You would have been in the Gulf Summit area about the time I left the Deposit area. I lived in that area from 1942-1957 (My youth.) Have you written any local History beyond the one you published about The New York and Erie?
August 29, 2008 08:59:48 Grumpy Ernst Keidel As a father whose two sons returned from Iraq, ealier this year, I say "Hi" to you, Rude! It would be good if you could identify yourself further. What is your connection to Masonville?
August 29, 2008 00:25:27 Rude Just wanted to say "HI" to everyone in Masonville from Iraq!!!
August 28, 2008 19:58:28 Rick Moore Chester or Tony, not sure who has the paperwork concerning Cord Wood but Grew up in Gulf Summit and continue to colleect historical tidbits, what the chance of getting a photo-copy? Gulf Summit 1960- 1977,
August 27, 2008 11:22:31 Tony CR-20   "Happy Birthday Grumpy!" Hope you have a great day! I'll be up just about every weekend doing extensive remodeling so I'll give you a call during a week to see if we could hook up on a Saturday morning at the "crossroads". Again...have a great day & Happy Birthday! All the best - Tony
August 25, 2008 20:36:12 Grumpy Ernst Keidel Sounds like a plan, Tony! Just let me know when you'll be in town again. Most days are OK for me, although things will be a little busy this week. My youngest son is still here and my eldest son is coming up for my birthday on the 27th. After that, both sons will return to Massachusetts and I have to see that niece Namkyung has a smooth high school sophomore year start.
August 25, 2008 18:14:08 Tony CR-20   Hey Commander...hope you had a nice journey. Yep, the store was everything you said and more. The pictures do not do it justice in the "around town" section. Maybe you can update them? Seeing your mug there was classic! Elena would have bought everything in the store but we were pressed for time...thank god. Maybe I'll meet you there one morning over the weekend to enjoy a nice cup of java and interesting conversation.
August 24, 2008 18:41:02 Grumpy Sorry I missed you, Tony! We were out of state for the week. Drove one of our nieces to her college town of Fulton, MO. You have met our niece Namkyung. She's still here with us. This was niece Eunjoo, here on a foreign exchange program. She will do her sophomore year at Westminster College in Missouri. BTW, Andrew mentioned that you had been by the store. I'm glad you found it to be everything I said!
August 24, 2008 14:19:30 Tony CR-20   Now I've seen everything!! I arrive in town and forgot to pickup milk for the weekend. I've been meaning to stop by the Masonville General Store and check it per Grumpy's advice. Anyway, walk in and I couldn't believe how beautiful the place was on the inside. Met Andrew and we spoke for a while and I found out that he too is also from Queens! I mentioned Grumpy's name and he pointed out that Grumpy has his own coffee cup in the rack for when he comes in! Now I've seen everything!!! Anyway folks...for those of you that have not been in go and check it out. The place has just about everything you can think of and a nice atmosphere. The weather was great up there this weekend...didn't get much accomplished but enjoyed the stay anyhow. All the best - Tony
August 23, 2008 23:18:12 NYorker   Anyone done seen one of yer newest residents? A real short, skinny old white lady with nappy, yellow hair, some 22 earrings and two little dogs? I hear she's a real hoot!
August 22, 2008 13:24:37 RT206   Well lets take a break from all this comic relief.And go out enjoy the weather.And to stop by the new Ice Cream and food shop.In front of Fred Barse.Lori's snack shack.RT8 toward Sidney.We stopped there last night good food and Ice Cream.Good Prices to.
August 22, 2008 00:12:27 Tony CR-20   I'm doing very well Berti, thanks for asking. Hope all is well with you. I'm heading up there shortly after posting this message to enjoy the beautiful weekend weather expected up there. Anyway...isn't it a sin that whatever you do these days you always have to worry about liability? Wonder what life was like before lawyers??? Enjoy your weekend folks!
August 21, 2008 18:57:03 bertimouse   Hey Tony, how ya doing? Sorry I forgot about purchasing the fair tics in advance, glad you had a good time though & hey, this 'aint no dating service here eh? (He He.)*** Chester are you out there? My last message was responding to both you & countryboy's message at the same time, sorry if I confused yall. LOL Chester, are you reading what Tony's suggesting ;) ?!? Anyway you have some good points on the legal issues; I guess the good doctor has to also be a good lawyer now too heh heh. But if the Town got a great deal on someone else fixing up one of their roads, why wouldn't they give that person a break by taking over the so-called liability after it was made passable? OK call me naive & nuff said since I'm just trying to offer some optimistic solutions without being so er knowledgeable about that stuff. So (If I might wax philosophically here for a second): every sixty seconds you spend being upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Stay funny neighbors; I Love you much & enjoy the fantastic Masonville weather this weekend.
August 21, 2008 13:33:53 Tony CR-20   I think Chester & Berti should meet and go out on a date. You guys would make an interesting pair and the conversations would be priceless! :-) BTW...thanks for the info on the fair Berti, had a good time there but didn't get to see to demolition derby. Maybe next year.
August 21, 2008 11:16:19 Chester   Bertimouse, perhaps you should reread my note about the problems of an individual maintaining a public road. At no time did I mention anyone "demanding" a road be paved. I was merely pointing out that I did not believe it would be legally possible for an individual to maintain a public road be it seasonal or not. If I were to maintain or plow the road in front of my house and someone had an accident on that stretch of road the town would be held liable. In my case it would be the state held liable, but, you get what I mean. As to me depressing you. For that I am sorry. I tend to be outspoken in my opinions when it comes to things like politics. You can rest assured that sooner or later I will pay for my outspoken ways. Politicians have their ways of getting their due. LOL Lets put it this way. I certainly would not go apply for a building permit at this time. <grin> Nor would I want to end up in the town court for a violation.
August 21, 2008 00:34:19 bertimouse   Oh Chester, If you don't give a hoot about this road topic then why are you offering your observations? The folks that work on them everyday sure do care & sweat over them & so do those of us that pay for their current upkeep. I haven't heard of anyone "demanding" to pave a road yet. This is supposed to be a civilized discussion. Pardon me for the capitol lettering of my last message. I've since learned that this means that you are "shouting" via email. Sorry I didn't mean that neighbor. -Besides this message board, what else makes you happy these days in Masonville? I hate to say this & maybe I shouldn't but u r depressing me lately...
August 20, 2008 21:19:02 Good ol' Country Boy Ya bought land on a dirt seasonal ya demand it to be paved.............Bring money.
August 16, 2008 09:48:17 Chester   Actually I do not give a *CENSORED* one way or the other to be honest. He can maintain all the town roads for all I care. I was just observing what I thought would be a problem. As for speaking for or to the town board I would do neither as either one would be a waste of time and breath.
August 15, 2008 22:11:04 bertimouse   Pardon me Chester, but do you Speak/Squeak for the town board or for yourself here? - Why not let the town board speak for themselves if the GOOD DOCTOR (who would like to live here during the winter) chooses to present his own case/options/presentations to the town board for him/her/their selves? Masonville has not had a resident DOCTOR in HOW MANY YEARS? Any MD in MV is a good thing for our future I say Chester. Think of our future, always. If the Local Doctor needs a road; GIVE HIM ONE! Does anyone ELSE GET what I mean here? :)
August 15, 2008 20:58:13 Chester   I certainly am no expert on roads but I do believe that you would not be able to construct, maintain, or repair any road that is already town property. The liability would be totally out of sight. I know you can construct private roads to specs and then have them adopted by the municipality but doing anything to a road that already is municipal property would never be allowed. My understanding is you cannot even plow a public road yourself. The roads in the area marked seasonal limited use are posted that way to relieve the town from liability so imagine the liability of someone actually maintaining or plowing one.
August 15, 2008 18:44:31 bertimouse   Hi Dr. C.J. - For what this is worth; I have a story for you about my brother Bob & his wife Heidi. They built their own cabin on 40 acres up in the hills NE of Spokane, WA along an old logging road. They typically get 3-12 feet of snow which makes his road impassable no matter what you drive...except they have a snowmobile & big snow-shoes which they both use to trek the 3 miles required to get to his pickup truck (yes, 4-wheel drive with a plow attachment)is parked at a neighbor's house. 'Course, they're both young, strong, healthy as horses & love their little "off-the-grid" homestead & farm because of this. In these parts we rarely have that much snow anymore but then again judging from my cucumber crop this summer I'm now predicting lots of snow this winter. LOL was trying to cheer you up, sorry for that prediction, it's just a guess. :) -Looks like you're getting no sympathy on getting the rest of that road paved... how far & wide is the distance that you need? I wonder if the town would let someone pave/improve THEIR OWN ROAD (for a tax credit of course)? :)- There's LOTS of local guys that the town board would know/approve of doing this type of work. Maybe if the costs could be accurately estimated & presented to the town board, maybe they could pay for half with the residents; if they gave a credit for the estimated time the road would hold up? What; 5 years depending on the usage? I'm just spinning off some ideas here... NOTHING is impossible if we all think outside the box sometimes, eh Dr.? Have a great weekend.
August 15, 2008 18:03:02 bertimouse   WOW, guess it's getting more & more popular. You can still watch from the fence line but the view isn't as good. As I recall we bought tickets in Walton beforehand, too. Oh well. Looks like a bigger stand may be needed someday?
August 15, 2008 08:33:36 RT8ER   Fridays Demo Derby is sold out.We tried to get tickets yesterday while we were there.
August 14, 2008 21:58:37 RangerDanger   Dr. Capote, you should invest in a good 4x4 plow truck to get up and down the road during the winter.
August 14, 2008 19:20:24 bertimouse   Hey Tony, The Demolition Derby on Friday night is a MUST SEE! (Bring your earplugs :) ) - To get the best seats; we think right above the announcer - you have to get there by about 4 pm to get on line by 5pm; no later. We love everything about this fair; the animals, the horse shows, the DEC exhibits, the food, the music, the rides; everything! Parking is best inside but you have to have some patience driving home; it will take about 1/2 hour to get out but you don't have to walk so far then. HAVE A GREAT TIME AT THE BEST COUNTY FAIR IN CENTRAL NY!!!
August 13, 2008 12:31:25 Tony CR-20   First time going to the Delaware Fair in about 20 years. Is there anything I should see, checkout or have to try? Can't wait!!! Thanks
August 12, 2008 12:04:47 Tony CR-20   To sum it up...Must have 4 X 4 vehicle!
August 12, 2008 10:22:35 Chester   While it certainly is nice that we have a new neighbor moving onto Shear Rd and he certainly selected a beautiful spot to build a cabin, perhaps he should have considered the pros and cons of selecting that area. -- He should have understood that the area is limited use and is not maintained the year around. It should have been clear to him that he was buying into a very undeveloped area and probably would not ever be very heavily developed. It is too bad that the land owner will be responsible for getting into and out of his site but he cannot expect to move into an area like that and have the taxpayers take the responsibility of making sure he has a smooth and plowed road to travel on. True, most of the roads leading into the state forest areas are not maintained in the winter and become almost impassable in winter and spring. But, the cost of maintaining them year around would be prohibitive.
August 11, 2008 21:41:03 DR. C J Capote MD I Have land located in shear rd. in Masonville,. Shear road is paved to a half way point, Shear rd shall be paved all the way up to where StateLands starts. My property is located right before the state land starts its hard to travek on and in winter months I cant even go up the hill because the DOT doesnt plow up there. I am building a cabin and would like to stay here on the winter months. is there anyways we can pave shear rd up futher, also plow in the winter months up to the State lands ??
August 08, 2008 13:03:57 Tony CR -20   Thank you Chester...the Iron Horse was always of interest to me but I never had the time to pursue it with as much passion as yourself. However...with retirement looming, this can always be something to strive for! Thanks again it's all very interesting stuff - Tony
August 08, 2008 10:37:45 Chester   Tony CR-20 - EMail sent. - Yes I can imagine that it was quite a sight to see. The engines of those days would have been wood burners and the passenger cars would have been constructed of wood. Being Feb there probably was a wood stove burning in the car for heat as well. - Train wrecks on the early railroads were accepted as a normal part of the operation. In fact, the New York and Erie Railroad accepted a death a day among its workers as acceptable. They paid the surviving family $2.00 for the days work the worker would have done. Most of the deaths occured in the marshaling yards where workers were crushed to death coupling cars to make up a train. - I have a contract made between the New York and Erie and a resident of Deposit in which the resident agreed to supply 500 cords of 4 foot wood split and stacked at Gulf Summit for the fantastic sum of 50 cents per cord. These were full cords not the face cords sold today to unsuspecting consumers. While railroads built this country the owners of the lines were not known as philanthrophists by any stretch of the imagination.
August 07, 2008 22:45:15 Tony CR-20 Very interesting article Chester. That must have been some accident / impact when that train barreled into the other at the station. Thanks for sharing the historic event. I would like to visit the grave site described in the article. Do you have its exact location? If so, I would appreciate an email with its whereabouts. Thanks - Tony
August 07, 2008 19:54:18 Chester   There appeared in todays Binghamton Press an article concerning the death of Sa-Sa-Na Loft in a train accident on the New York and Erie Railroad in Deposit on Feb 18, 1852. I have had in my possession for over 50 years a letter written from Deposit on that date describing in detail the accident. As far as I know this is the only eyewitness account of the tragedy. Over the years I have become very interested in the Loft family and have done a lot of research into their lives. If interested the article can be found at It is an interesting though limited article about this young Native American buried at Owego, NY
August 07, 2008 09:56:23 Chester   I attended the Masonville Town Board Meeting last evening (Aug 6). While I was unable to hear or understand a lot of what went on due to a hearing impairment I did note that the cost of doing business in the Town next year is going to be a major issue in preparing a new budget. The time has arrived for all of us to tighten our belts and work to save as much as we can in running the Town. There are things that you and I can do to help maintain costs in Town. The first thing that occurs to me is this: If you change your own oil in your vehicles; donate the used oil to the re-burner furnace at the Town garage. While it may not amount to a lot, every bit helps. Look at things that we expect the Town to do. If it is something that we can do ourselves, lets do it ourselves. i.e. The Town crew mows the cemeteries here (Rte 20 and in the Hamlet) a couple times a summer. Why not a group get together and mow and clean up the cemeteries? Let the Town crew do something else that needs doing. The Town will maintain the new signs coming into the Hamlet. Why not a group get together and keep those signs in repair and cleaned up around them. (Maybe flower boxes? Decorations at holidays? etc.) These things I mention. And many that I have not. Might not amount to much as any one item but put them all together and it will save, at least some money from our taxes and allow the Town to concentrate on things that need doing that we ourselves cannot do. Just a thought.
August 06, 2008 23:18:20 Tony CR-20   Actually RD, I threw the ip address comment out there to make people think before they posted on the board but that is totally out the window now that we hacked it up a bit. Lol...but it's all good. Anyway...I'm pretty new to the board, enjoy all the topics of discussion and can't wait to meet a few more people from the board. Basically I'm a "downstater", as I was labeled in previous posts, for now looking to retire in a few years and making the permanent move up there. Talk to you soon - Tony
August 06, 2008 11:49:41 RangerDanger   That would be a good idea, although all it would do is bring out more tension on the message board. I myself am "anonymous" and according to some of you I should include my name. I choose not to, because it is a matter of choice. I do use the same alias though, so all of my posts can be seen as by the same person.
August 05, 2008 22:31:30 Tony CR-20   Exactly RD...kind of banking on the fact that someone posted something along the threads with their exact name and address and then decided to hide behind an alias! It's all good though...we shouldn't take this stuff so serious anyway and the message board should be utilized as an information tool for the people that are interested in the ongoing development of the town. As I stated before, I enjoy reading the posts of the people of this town and look forward to enjoying more "discussions". All the best - Tony
August 05, 2008 18:28:23 RangerDanger   Tony, they could possibly identify posts through IP but all they could find out with that is if an IP matches another, not who it is exactly.
August 03, 2008 20:04:41 Tony CR-20   George...I believe Grumpy can identify people through the ip address the person leaves behind when posting/visiting this site. Just my two cents. Anyway...beautiful weekend up there. Except for a little rain Saturday morning it was great. Got a lot accomplished. Now back to the grind!
August 03, 2008 08:41:59 George Denys It is my understanding that the Church runs a food pantry. Perhaps Pastor Rob can confirm this for us. I will look into it. As to the farmers market, it has always been held up due to insurance issues. Lawyers always seem to be able to ruin a good thing.
August 02, 2008 21:50:08 bertimouse   Chester; does that mean if I were the preacher or the listener at church? :) Have a great weekend! :)
August 02, 2008 21:44:42 Chester   Bertimouse - I heard a webmaster explain about this auto censoring software. "If you would not use the word in church, don't use it here." LOL
August 02, 2008 21:27:09 bertimouse   P.S. - On July 31st while I was discussing Chester's concerns, my "CENSORED" word was "p.i.s.s.e.d." Sorry about that Grumpy - Maybe you can recommend some language rules, eh? Please let me know what is & not acceptable here. Thanks.
August 02, 2008 21:15:09 bertimouse   So, getting back to Lefty's great idea; Mr. Denys, DOES Masonville have any kind of food pantry? If not, what would we have to do to start something like a farmer's market? I know that allot of folks have been talking about the need for that - why can't we start something up at the Town Shed parking lot on weekends, or after the Town Shed working hours Monday - Friday for a few hours, eh?
August 02, 2008 11:42:35 Chester   Councilman Denys - I am told that the word c.r.a.p. is actually a short version of John Crappers name. John *CENSORED* supposedly invented the toilet. Whether this is true or not I really do not know but it makes a good story. - Along those same lines my favorite author is a fellow named John Jakes (writer of historical novels) and he uses the term "Jakes" for a toilet in one of his novels. He said he is the only guy in the US named twice for a toilet. ("John and Jakes")
August 02, 2008 08:38:17 George Denys That's not a dirty word!!!! c. r. a. p.
August 02, 2008 08:36:07 George Denys People who write on this board without identifying themselves are really doing this Town a disservice. Grumpy, I urge you to change your policy. Healthy discussion is good but this kind of *CENSORED* should go.
August 01, 2008 21:16:30 Chester   Who ever you might be or whereever down here is don't be afraid. Why not come up here to kick my *CENSORED*? People who hide behind a screen with a made up name are really not worth the bother. But, if you like I will give you a lesson in how to be really sarcastic? Let me know. LOL
August 01, 2008 18:39:45 Good ol' Country Boy   Chester, In your opinion, what should the town do? You have made it *CENSORED* clear how you feel about all this. Lets have some of your almighty wisdom. We, the huddled masses await your proclimation. All rise, the almighty Chester is about to impart his holy wisdom. Down here we would just kick your *CENSORED*.
August 01, 2008 10:02:49 Chester   On considering all aspects of the gas drilling situation I am overjoyed that once again big business is going to come to the rescue of the little guy. History is witness to how big business has always been considerate of the little guy. The railroad and coal mine owners in history past witnesses to the benevolance of big business. -- More recently the big oil companies have really jumped right in and shared their meager profits with everyone. -- Of course like all worthwhile ventures there will have to be some sacrifice on the part of the little guy so the rich can get richer. Never mind that the infrastructre of the area will be ripped to shreds. The middle class will pay for that in raised taxes. Never mind that our already fragile aquifier will be *CENSORED* and destroyed, we can drink beer. Never mind that our ecology will be set back to the 1880's mind set. Trees just block the view anyways and all these animals are dangerous. Never mind that the water they pump back out of these wells will contain Lord knows what. We can just let it back into the water supply; that is as long as it is not the NYC water supply. Never mind that the burning off of waste from these wells will pollute the air for miles. And WOW, what a tourist attraction a bunch of rusting gas compressors and storage tanks will be for the area! People will flock in from all over the world to witness them. Oh yes, we must not forget the excitement of a nice gas explosion now and then. Ask the people in North Bleinem about the wonderful effects of that. Of course we can be entertained by the digging up of your property to lay pipe lines across it to get this new found bonanza to the main pipeline so NYC can have more gas. Now me, I can hardly wait for this to start. The few large land owners in this area really deserve the break.
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