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October 05, 2008 09:52:58 LOL   SHEESH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
October 05, 2008 09:23:43 Grumpy Ernst Keidel I guess we all now know where Countryboy stands on this issue; -right beside me! Besides: Friends don't let friends vote Dumbocrat!
October 05, 2008 08:06:12 Good ol' Country Boy THATS IT!!!!!! the beauty queen remark!!!!You are mad that she is good looking. Dems hate good looking women!! I finaly figured it out. You resent her good looks and take it out on her. Alas I see the light. Eh????????
October 05, 2008 08:02:37 Good ol' Country Boy The CEO of Amphenol is much more able to count money than Obama.How is Obama more qualified? Please explain what he has done to deserve my vote. Please tell me, because he won't, what his stance is on most anything. He is a nothing, a nobody who has cast his first real vote in the senate just days ago. Talk about playing catch up. Palen is miles ahead of Obama and she only wants to be Vice-Pres!!!!!!!! There goes the rest of Social Security. Down the tubes with all our rights as proud americans to the lefty liberal idia of their new world order. A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it all away. A vote for Obama is a vote to end our way of life as we know it. A cowardly uneducated vote. A vote that waves a white flag to the idiots that crash airplanes into buildings and kill our sons and daughters. I guess you would invite them in for tea and try to talk out our problems, eh?
October 04, 2008 19:26:07 bertimouse   Hi Country Boy; -Pull-ease - this cute, bright-eyed, perky, former beauty-queen is no way Qualified for the 2nd most Powerful Position on this Planet & we don't care what sex she is.-Didn't everyone get their fill of incompetence the last two times around? Look what it's done to our beloved Country? -If McCain thinks voters are so stupid as to vote for him just because his VP is a woman;well we were on the fence but that lost our votes flat out.***** We prefer a dynamic young leader with a wise VP on the team, not the same (old)leadership with a lame-duck VP that has to play catch-up on important world issues-[i.e.unknown, un-voted for people behind the scenes showing her the ropes]-'cause she's been a soccer mom for the last 20 years, Please. There is no comparison here who's best qualified. This is not an election for the local CEO of Amphinol...this is serious stuff during a serious time & we need qualified people who care, understand & promise to fight for the middle class. Nuff said.
October 04, 2008 09:35:59 Interested   I urge the users of this site to download the Masonville Master Plan from and read it and then pass on your thoughts and comments to Councilman Denys. It is your community and your community's future so you should take a personal interest in it. Your participation is the engine that will make the plan go.
October 03, 2008 20:21:20 Good ol' Country Boy Are we going to have the courage to elect a woman vice pres or are we going to continue to be a sexist country? Or is this woman not the N.O.W. gangs type. If not then what would be?? Perhaps they (N.O.W.)are more sexist than the rest of the country. The time to crack the glass ceiling is NOW. Pun intended.
October 02, 2008 23:45:18 bertimouse LHW8S FYI: "Maverick" means: "n.1.An unbranded range calf or colt. 2.An independent person,esp. in politics." -J.M. is not a registered independent voter:republican all his life.***(personally?)We don't care for any unbranded yearling's running around our place running wild nor someone who calls themselves something they're not. It's just not good neighborly policy, eh?
October 02, 2008 20:02:15 George Denys Yes we will survive, at least I hope we do. Back to the Victory Gardens.
October 02, 2008 19:53:36 bertimouse   So,PBS report tonight on the economy was again very enlightening: 4 speakers with various opinions;but they all agree that basically the middle class is in deep do-do no matter what. Recommended by all:1)Close the insolvent banks. 2)No one knows the final cost this is going to be.3)Only 3 agreed that "the panic" has to be stopped to restore confidence. (4)All agreed that it's just a "holding measure".(5)All agreed that this bill will have to be refined in the future(yah good luck with that). Some facts: the new bill goes from 700 to 810 BILLION adding mostly pork-barrel stuff for the Republicans so they will vote for it;some things are good:raising the bank insurance limit to $250K for retirees & small businesses; increasing tax credits for solar/wind/alternative energy businesses, but allot of them are wacky "sweeteners" like those wooden bowen-arrows made for kids in Oregon!********Yah gotta laugh or cry & we here chose to laugh. Peace & calm to 'yall, folks. This is NOT the end of our world, & yes we will all survive this. Yes we will.
October 02, 2008 19:22:16 bertimouse   A (Biased)Poem to offer here: "Obama/Biden: No more lying, hiding & riding the middle class & an end to the fighting. McCain/Palin: More bailing, failing, jailing & whaling fear more years! [pardon any spelling errors] Hope 'yall watch the VP debate tonight for the 2nd most important job in this WORLD, eh?
October 01, 2008 21:37:36 Cemetery Photographer   Over the past couple of years I have been photographing and indexing the stones in the cemetery on Route 20 and the one on Route 206. If anyone needs photos of any stones in these cemeteries I probably have them in my files. Let me know and I will be happy to send copies to you.
September 29, 2008 19:36:12 Amazed   There is going to be a lot of restless heads on Wall Street tonight as they see their golden parachutes blowing away in the wind. But folks hang on your hats as things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.
September 28, 2008 17:31:57 George Denys You bet it is Grumpy, whom is not so grumpy at all!
September 28, 2008 15:48:32 Grumpy Ernst Keidel Those of you have accessed the Shepstone Masonville site or who have obtained the hard copy of the proposed Comprehensive Plan at the last meeting, will have noticed a lot of familiar photographs. With the exception of the cover shot and the photo of the wind turbines on page 4-3; all photos can be found on THIS website and were taken by me! I am happy that my work is being appreciated and used to paint Masonville in a favorable light.
September 27, 2008 21:21:50 Chester   Bertimouse - My thank you to the Planning Board was in no way meant as a slight to those from the community who may have put time and effort into the Master Plan. I am sure there were a number who gave of their time and talent to make it come to fruaition. I would have no way of knowing who, what or where these people worked; thus I chose to thank the Planning Board as they were most directly involved. I am sure that board has passed on the gratitude of the community to those who were involved in a non-board capacity. So, you see I was not insulting or ignoring the efforts of anyone.
September 27, 2008 20:26:20 Craig DuMond   The Town Board will most likely decide on the Master Plan at the December 3rd Town Board meeting. It will not be considered prior to that time to allow time for all to digest and provide feedback/opinion. George and the Comp Plan steering committee have put a lot of work into the draft document. The Town Board is very grateful for their work! Please continue to provide your comments and feedback to George as we move forward toward adoption...we value public opinion and will consider every piece of information provided.
September 27, 2008 20:02:08 bertimouse   Hi George & Chester! :) Chester, you should know that allot of residents here participated in this Master Plan too. & Here's to you George for hearing & talking to all of us "outside the box" eh? -When is the master plan scheduled to be voted on to be adopted by the town? -Can we please have until November 5th to download & review it--'cause the October 1st. meeting is TOO SOON in our opinion for all of us to have time to review & comment on it, you know? What do you think? & hey thanks for your tea party comments on the state of credit in this country-give it up, yall!!
September 27, 2008 15:00:36 Chester   Downloaded and read the Master Plan and Site Review. Of course I have not had time to read as closely as I like. I stated that I would refrain from commenting on anything pertaining to Masonville and I will not comment one way or the other. I only want to say "Thank You" to the Planning Board (Especially) Councilman Denys) for the time and effort put into this endeavor.
September 27, 2008 10:45:52 George Denys Masonville NY now has a Master plan to be presented to the Board for adoption, revision as nessesary or disapproval. Drafts of this plan are available on for anyone to see. ALOT of hard work went into this plan. Not everyone agreed on everything but it does reflect what we feel is the general outlook of the Town. The surveys were crutial to this process and I thank everyone who took the time to fill one out. All comments are welcome and may be directed to me at my e-mail address. As I expect many comments, please understand that I may not be able to answer each one individualy. This plan will now allow us to move forward with more grant applications as well as including and excluding items in our budget that you felt were important or not. Thank you all again, George
September 26, 2008 08:10:00 George Denys I'm in on the tea party. Maybe a depression is what we need to remind people how it can be. Credit Cards are a virus infecting our country. BAD Real BAD. Berti, You are on the mark as far as I see. Don't matter a bit what party you are from when it comes to $$$ ya cant get 10 from 9.
September 25, 2008 19:21:00 bertimouse   NEWS FLASH; PBS reports no deal yet after the President met today with the party reps, the chairman of the banking committee & both Presidential candidates. -Senator Richard Shelby, the ranking republican on the committee came out of the meeting saying "NO DEAL". Looks like Congress will spend the weekend in Washington earning their keep for once. Tonight PBS interviewed the CEO of Federal Express; Frederick Smith & he said it was the "Financial sector vs. the Industrial Sector"-The Industrial sector depends on credit which they can still get if they have a strong cash flow. Another of his comments were that "energy prices were allot of the cause of this problem, now" -DUH. And no-one saw this coming?*********************************************PLEASE send a letter to your elected legislators about this a.s.a.p. by going to -it's easy & free. So far they've received 100,000 letters from folks like us just trying to let them hear us NOW before it's too late! p.s.-Most of the stock-market made money today 'cause they all thought "the deal" was going to be approved today. It will be very interesting to see how it does tomorrow, err.
September 25, 2008 17:56:57 bertimouse   Yah, we could have used a trillion to "shore up" the social security system which by the way no one is talking about 'cause it'll all be gone soon; none left for me or anyone's children - HA-You gotta laugh or cry here! We're gonna be totally up spit's creek without a paddle come retirement(what's that?)time,err.Change the subject, please! :) Enjoy the rain this weekend, all.Seems fitting.
September 25, 2008 17:35:19 NearApolexy   Bail out the banks!! For God's Sake YES!! CEO's, Presidents and VP'S gotta make their millions. Our Presidential Candidates, Frick and Frake, make the most of it as the country goes down the drain. Hopefully no one will vote for either of you. -- Small struggling areas such as Masonville are squeezing nickels until Jefferson's face turns red and still cannot make ends meet. No one is bailing us out. That is OK as long as the Fat Cats continue to get their portion. Just how to "H" long does this country think it can continue to bail out these greedy stupid and fraudelent banks, mortgage companies and finance companies? Bailing out every Fat Cat company in the world plus fighting two wars that we should have never gotten into, plus paying every illegal alien who swims, crawls, climbs into the US while the ordinary working stiff will lose his home, his job and his savings. On top of this the government will keep track of us with "enhanced" licenses and passports. Soon we will need "papers" to cross the state line. --- FOLKS IT IS TIME FOR ANOTHER BOSTON TEA PARTY!!!!!!
September 23, 2008 22:00:42 bertimouse   Sorry to all my message was so long - Just had to get all that stuff out. Thanks & say NO to this stupid extra to the national deficit, err. Nuff said.
September 23, 2008 21:58:58 bertimouse   OK now Chester what's all this we're reading about you feeling sorry for yourself & nobody loves you(sniff)? Listen here,you(& a few others)are the only ones in this here town that are probably FUMING about the 1- trillion dollar "incredible power grab & a terrible plan" [quoted on PBS tonight by Princeton Economy Professor Paul Krugman]is what this administration's treasury secy Paulson is proposing. "a vote that must move with haste" - before the end of this week!?! -What is UP with that??? Allen Melzer, also of Princeton & an old timer, said he doesn't think we should do anything; that the private interest companies should "pay down their debt before paying their stockholders". Hello just like the rest of us should do. And by the way? We of the middle class are already in a recession. Let Wall Street & all those making collecting "dividends"(51%attendance at the rep. convention surveyed make over $500K,btw) should take the same hit we are,eh?-EH?**************************************** We suspect that the "bailout" is just to save the republican large $$stockholders before the election to save face with them & the rest of the world they've made secret deals with. We are sticking with the most knowledgeable opinion we've heard so far about this new (screwy by all accounts)plan who says; "I don't believe it for a minute." [PBS broadcast tonight by Allen Melzer from Princeton.] It was a very good PBS broadcast& we came away from it after hearing from 3-sides of the issue thinking this: 1)The recession is already here for the middle class 2)It's time the recession hit Wall Street&all people who haven't been minding their own financial shops; i.e. throw out the darn credit cards&live on cash like we used to! 3)Everyone needs to be responsible for what they buy. 4)The sky will not fall for the middle class if Congress doesn't give in to another bailout. 4)Will the current administration convince the U.S. Congress to fall for another "Chicken Little-The Sky is Falling" routine again? Even the conservative Republicans from Texas are saying hold on there now! 5)We believe that this is just more "spin" to distract the American public from focusing on the real issues at hand - electing the best candidate for our messed up future. We do not believe that you, Chester will be a "signing off forever" type from this site.Take a break to enjoy the fall leaves & recharge your batteries. Everyone needs a break from the internet, you know? It sometimes gets to be all consuming sometimes,but never say never Chester & come back someday 'cause this country is going to "L" in a hand-basket fast & we all need each-other to talk about this stuff. It's scary nowadays. For Everyone. Everyone. Never give up Chester,just change your mind knowing that there are people here that like to talk to you & be kind to yourself always by taking breaks like now. -From what we're reading you will always have a voice here & at the town mtgs dude...chin up, eh? The town-folk's opinion's of this town are always good no matter where we all live & no matter how "outside of the box" we may be. The last I knew this is still a free country, eh? Peace. :)
September 23, 2008 21:34:37 The Philosopher   THOUGHT FOR THE DAY --- Never sent a child to do a man's work -- Unless you can pay him less than minimum wage.
September 23, 2008 18:31:49 George Denys Good evening Mr. Chester. Please reconsider. I have never heard any board member saying that someone was not welcome at a meeting. You are always welcome.
September 23, 2008 09:47:25 HOPETHISHELPS   RangerDanger I noticed no one answered your question concerning the appearance of the minutes posted on this site. What you are referring to is caused by the fact that whoever types the minutes uses a character for a delineator (probably dashes or dots) and when the minutes are scanned into the site the OCR software does not recognize the character thus it just interprets it as you see it. One could "teach" the OCR software to recognize the character but it probably is not worth the time as it does not affect the overall document.
September 22, 2008 21:09:36 Tony CR-20   Chester...I, like many others wish you would reconsider your decision and continue to do what you do best...provide information and discussion to those in need. Being a "downstater" and needing information or just to rag have provided both when needed. Since I have been posting on this board...and BTW there were never any rules laid out that I can find (Grumpy - correct me if I'm wrong), people have been open and informative in as many ways possible. I've even met a few and continued to have enlightening conversations. Only recently the name calling and finger pointing has been a problem but I guess that comes with everything else once a board grows and becomes popular. From what I noticed in the past, there can be conversations going on but once someone else posts a message for information or what not, it is ALWAYS answered and then they get back to their topic of discussion. Additionally, I find that once the towns meeting minutes are posted, topics of discussion appear and many postings follow. always provide interesting and informative points any time you chime in and that would be missed by many. I'm sure many others feel the same way and believe that we should not take this so seriously. And one more thing...people have to get over the "downstater" garbage and get on with their lives! I live part time up there for now and pay my taxes like the rest of you! All the best - Tony
September 22, 2008 15:46:12 RangerDanger   Chester, I hope you reconsider your decision to leave. You are a valuable part of this message board.
September 22, 2008 14:04:04 Grumpy Ernst Keidel Chester! If you do indeed mean to absent yourself from this venue, you will be missed! Your comments and observations often often triggered lively interaction. Personally, I am pleased to have met you in person, as I introduced myself to you at one of the meetings. I hope you'll reconsider your proposed defection from this board.
September 22, 2008 13:58:58 Grumpy Ernst Keidel "I would suggest that if you do not like what is being posted that the host of this site censor what is said." Actually, there is a censor mechanism in the program this message board uses, preventing downright obscenities. This is why you often see "CENSORED" on this site. Of course, some people find clever ways to get around this, such as inserting * between the letters, but that only really reflects badly on the poster. "If that is practiced you would be able to control the site and allow only those you agree with to post." That, I think, would defeat the purpose of having a PUBLIC message board!
September 22, 2008 11:53:15 Chester   Well folks, the time has arrived. While I have enjoyed the banter back and forth between myself and other posters on this site, it has become obvious that I do not "fit" in this forum. Therefore, as of today, I retire my keyboard from this excellent forum that Mr Kiedel is supplying to the citizens of Masonville. - It was pointed out to me quite graphically, on this site, that I was not welcome here or anywhere else in Masonsville. Word also got to me that I am not welcome at Town Board or any other meetings of the town. While, I am aware that legally I cannot be prevented from attending town meetings, I feel the best solutions is avoid involving myself or my opinions in the affairs of Masonville. I would like the town board to know (Especially Mr Denys) that while we have disagreed on different subjects I, in no way, dislike anyone on the board. Really I do not know them. As a group and as a board the Masonville Town Board does a great job. It was pointed out recently, on this forum, that it should be a site for information and not personal opinions. Perhaps this IS the best idea. - So folks I do thank you for your input to my remarks and wish the residents of Masonville the very best and perhaps one day I will actually meet you and get to know you.
September 22, 2008 10:22:26 Observer   Unfortunatly when a website is an open site you have to put up with or ignore all sorts of comments and observations. I would suggest that if you do not like what is being posted that the host of this site censor what is said. If that is practiced you would be able to control the site and allow only those you agree with to post.
September 22, 2008 09:35:23 Observer   Grumpy you should be commended for your efforts in supply a public forum for Masonville. Due to the abuse of forums there are very few "open" forums on the internet. Most are controlled or censored in some fashion by the owner/s. So, we do thank you for your efforts and we users should be contributing monotarily to your effort actually.
September 22, 2008 07:20:15 Grumpy Ernst Keidel “Don't call our message board a joke, we will use it how we please.” Thank you, RangerDanger for defending “our” message board. Technically though, it is “my” board, seeing how I am paying a professional webmaster for maintaining it. I created it because I wanted to establish a venue for us Masonvillains to be able to ask questions of local interest and to get valuable information. It is also for “outsiders” to get a feel for our local color and social climate. As such, I believe it has been largely successful. But of course, there are always those who would abuse a venue such as this, much as some folks like to scrawl graffiti in public places and then hide behind their anonymity. Should this get out of hand, I can shut down this whole shooting match with just one phone call! As to the suggestion that we “compartmentalize” this board; I am not for that. This is a “public” message board and should be available and of interest to all. For those who wish to get very specific and personal, there is always the email option. Please continue to keep this venue interesting and civil. Thanks, -Grumpy
September 21, 2008 22:34:19 Good ol' Country Boy Dr. Capote, I have searched the net high and low and do not find you there at all. Where is your practice? Are you a United States MD or something else?? The last Doc we had up there on that road was arrested for not really being a Doc. That's not you is it??
September 21, 2008 22:12:49 bertimouse   P.S. to "All Grown Up" - No, I will never grow up. :) :)
September 21, 2008 21:59:50 bertimouse   Kudos to both "all grown up"(not)& "ranger danger" (missed the point)..."agu" criticizes & was rude without any praise & "rd" didn't acknowledge the(rather lately) un-inspiring comments "agu" was referring to eh?. Nuff said. -We wish you Peace y'all. Have a great week, eh? Think only good thoughts everyday, eh? :)
September 21, 2008 21:25:13 RangerDanger   Well "all grown up", if you don't like how personal things often come up on the message board it's simple. Don't go on it. It's not all our faults that things get said that shouldn't. Don't call our message board a joke, we will use it how we please. You do not need to go here if you do not like that fact.
September 21, 2008 20:46:45 Confused   HUH !!
September 21, 2008 20:28:24 all grown up   This hole thing is a joke people really need to get a life.This should be used for info only not the personal feelings of each individual person writing. the language is really bad and as i have read any kid or child can read this. Grow up.
September 21, 2008 17:06:35 Tower Answerer   Mike- I would imagine that a cell tower could be put anywhere that the property owner would allow. Probably the tower owner would have to go through some legal things with the local government but beyond that if a person is willing to allow the tower and the tower company is willing to pay and put it there; then it would be possible.
September 21, 2008 12:52:05 Mike I was wondering if anyone knows if the cell tower can go on residental property?
September 20, 2008 23:39:31 DR. C J Capote MD Thanks for all the comments,. on the Shear Rd. Pavement Project.. will try to talk to town and see what happens,. anyways does anybody know any one who plows in the area,. Please let me know so I can contact him and agree on payment and services. Thanks
September 20, 2008 13:41:35 RangerDanger   Sorry to post so much, but when I went to check the minutes for the September meeting there was a bunch of little squares that say "FF/PD" on them. Anyone else getting this?
September 20, 2008 11:05:45 RangerDanger   Chester I couldn't help but smile at the last part, that's cute about your granddaughter.
September 20, 2008 11:04:17 RangerDanger   You post fast. If you are just a kid, then learn to be more responsible for your actions. You will be an adult someday. I can only ask that you keep your comments to yourself, and don't meddle. What you did was wrong, you need to learn that. Being a kid is no excuse for what you posted. I too am a "kid" and I have never posted that way.
September 20, 2008 11:01:57 Chester   As I maintain a couple of web sites myself I am aware that in an open forum on an open site anyone can post under any name. That is the reason I use my real name as I have nothing to hide. Yes, I can be off the wall with some things but I like playing the devils advocate. I have discovered over the years that anyone who speaks their mind and does not follow the herd is often disliked. I accept that because I do not dislike anyone. I like the banter back and forth as long as it does not get too personal. Even Mossy-Jim. I bet. I could like! He stated that "no one likes me" I have to take exception to that statement. I checked with my two and half year old grand daughter and she said she "loves poppa"; so there. - The biggest problem I see with what I write is too many people take it personally rather that attacking the subject they attack the sender.
September 20, 2008 11:00:05 The person who posted   i am just a kid i did not kno what i was doing i am sorry plz dont sue me
September 20, 2008 10:58:24 RangerDanger   To get onto a less volatile subject, I think that dividing the message board into categories would be a good idea, as posted by Tommy Klehr. That would be less like a message board and more like a forum though. But then there could be topics such as discussing the town, chit-chat, events, and any other ones. This way, you could look back much easier on past posts than you can now. And what's up with the authentication? I've failed it 4 times in a row now, but I have the exact characters typed.
September 20, 2008 10:51:48 RangerDanger   Chester, I think all you can get is the actual IP of the person who posted.
September 20, 2008 10:50:56 The person who posted.   Chester, I am extreamly sorry as to doing that. I would also like to say that it was not meant to harm you, but to show that anyone could post as someone else. I am extremely sorry for that.
September 20, 2008 10:47:56 Chester   I have asked the webmaster of this site to trace the address of the person who sent the message and then that person and I will have some words through an attorney.
September 20, 2008 10:42:42 Camo Jane   That's just wrong if someone did that to Chester. I do not think this is funny either. It was childish and you lowered yourself down many levels in my book.
September 20, 2008 10:41:16 RangerDanger   Any ideas as to who it was, Chester? I can tell from the anger in how you just typed that it wasn't you.
September 20, 2008 10:31:52 Chester   Notice to who ever used my name on this board. I have never used the "F" word nor will I ever use it. If I find out who you are you will be a very sorry individual. This IS NOT funny. You might not agree with me nor even like me; that is O.K. but when you start using my name to talk filthy you and I will have a real problem.
September 20, 2008 10:25:07 camo jane   see Chester you're a mean, angry ole' man
September 20, 2008 10:19:41 RangerDanger   Did he really just say that? I'm in shock.
September 20, 2008 10:14:42 Grumpy Ernst Keidel Come on, Chester! Play nice!
September 20, 2008 10:01:05 Chester   Get the f*u*c*k off the message board Jim. You hick! LOL
September 20, 2008 09:59:40 Mossy Jim   Actually Chester, a wench can also mean (and is often taken to mean) a very promiscuous woman, who provides a "service" to many men. And I guess if you wanted to classify me as "hick" then you could. No need for name calling though. :)
September 19, 2008 18:49:31 Chester   Camo-Jane Now me. I am proud to be a hick!!
September 19, 2008 18:41:33 Camo jane   If you don't care than why'd you respond ? Guess you cared after all. Is that hick or old fuddy duddy ? He sounds red neckish to me. But that's cool right?
September 18, 2008 20:40:01 Chester   Mossy Jim - Yep you sound like a hick!! Wench is a perfectly acceptable Middle English word meaning a female server or what we call a waitress. As to not liking me guess what? Don't read what I write !! You sound like an old fuddy duddy to me. And please don't ID yourself as I do not care who you are.
September 18, 2008 19:01:01 Mossy Jim   Oh, and before you whip out the broken record of "identify yourself." I've lived in Masonville since I was born, in the same house. My family has been there for generations. I feel no need to "identify" myself to you.
September 18, 2008 18:55:30 Mossy Jim   Chester, you probably didn't get that cemetery idea passed through the board because no one likes you. And really, wenches? Kids could be reading this message board. I agree with heck. Your too "over the top" in quite a few of your posts. Not to mention "LOL" at the end of most of them gets quite annoying.
September 17, 2008 20:24:43 George Denys Hi folks, at this time there will be no referendum on the status of the Highway position. It will remain an elected position. Chuck is the only one I am aware of on the ballot. I cannot see how this is "Prearanged". Anyone can run. That being said, I feel Chuck is clearly capable and qualified. The next Master Plan meeting is Sept 24th. 7 pm at the church. See you there!! Also, please remember that pitchforks and torches are not allowed in the church.
September 17, 2008 16:49:04 Chester   Was listening to the scanner yesterday afternoon and heard the pursuit of a black Honda starting the otherside of Holmesville on RTE 8 and ended in Masonville. I got to the lights about the time the guy spun out near the school. Most exciting thing that has happened in Masonville since Adam was a pup. Guns and Cops! WOW!! Bet he got a ticket for speeding in the 45-30 MPH zone!! Bet the cops were upset they were outran by a HONDA!!! LOL
September 17, 2008 16:40:15 Chester   Hey Heck ? If they run us out of town can I be first on the rail? Feathers ain't so bad but I hope the tar is not too hot. If Chuck has sick time coming and he is eventually the highway super I too think he should get any time he has saved up. He put in the time and earned it.
September 17, 2008 16:31:16 heck   hey chester- i would never identify myself under adverse conditions- heck, i'd get run outta town like poor ol' doug harris! just kidding. i did think the statement was off the wall coming from you- but squeezed my two cents in anyway. i think chuck should get his sick time, btw!
September 17, 2008 15:08:48 Chester   Chuck-gets-elected I wondered about that wording myself. As I understand it he is the only one being considered for the job if it is an appointed position and if there is an election for the job he is (I guess)the only one running for the position. At this time anyway. No matter it makes the entire thing sound sort of pre-arranged. Isn't there a saying about not counting chickens before the eggs hatch?
September 17, 2008 14:48:12 ChuckGetsElected?   Chuck asked the Board questions regarding the upcoming budget. Chuck requests to be paid for his unused sick time once he is elected Highway Superintendent.� He currently has about 400 hrs sick time. Chuck stated that he checked with other Superintendents and this is standard practice in these situations. Chuck stated he believed the Board paid out Duane's sick time and he is looking for the same considerations. Craig said the Board will take it under advisement.
September 17, 2008 13:32:02 "Ben" There   Chester, you bet it makes a difference.
September 17, 2008 09:30:48 Chester   I noted in the Town Board Meeting Minutes that the Board approved a motion by a person to supply name signs for the Pioneer Cemetery. That is great. But, why did the Board approve it this time? Last meeting I offered to supply signs for Both cemeteries (Pioneer and the one on 206) and never heard a peep from the board. Guess it makes a difference who is making the offer huh?
September 17, 2008 09:20:56 Chester   Dear "What-The-Heck" Before you get your knickers in a knot. I am not making love to anyone; upstate or downstate. Nor am I belittling anyone, upstate or downstate. - Unfortunately I did not read the board after I posted. I posted a note concerning the taxpayers bailing out *CENSORED* Mae and Freddie Mac. I just noticed that massage did not make it to the board and the comment about "coffee and donuts" was a PS to the original note. - I do not know who you might be, but identifying yourself would be a great start to any conversation.
September 16, 2008 20:15:09 what the heck?   hey chester- was your response meant for the guy asking about updating the message board? cuz coming from an intelligent man like yourself that was pure *CENSORED*. this message board can be a massive joke with everyone making love to the downstaters instead of answering a local's question- it happens all the time! no offense to anyone coming here to enjoy the tranquility- but pleeeeze! it isn't that difficult to update a message board in such a fashion- maybe only difficult for some of the ancients to figure it out. and that was just rude! on the other hand, if it wasn't meant for him at all, my apologies and carry on with your business.
September 15, 2008 18:57:46 bertimouse   Hi Gloria, If you go to the main "home" page, just click on the latest meeting minute reports for the town; they always report at the town mtgs. when the next Master Plan mtg. will be. :)
September 15, 2008 16:53:47 Gloria   When is the meeting for the town "Master Plan"? It may be posted somewhere but I can't find it with out going through pages of messages. Thanks
September 14, 2008 10:27:49 Grumpy Ernst Keidel Clay, I forwarded them to my webmaster on the 10th, when I got them. I am waiting along with you.
September 14, 2008 03:26:42 clay foster   when will the minutes be posted from septembers meeting
September 14, 2008 01:35:53 mom   sicko !
September 13, 2008 17:34:55 Chester   And how about donuts, coffee and a serving wench to go with that?
September 12, 2008 11:18:08 tommy klehr hey grumpy... do you think we could divide up the message board into categories? it's been a while since i've read the messages here, and it's hard to weed through the private conversations, etc. i've seen other sites that have different groups based on interests... perhaps "government", "business", "church", "miscellaneous", etc. thanks! :-)
September 11, 2008 21:22:57 bertimouse   Yes Tony,was born&raised flat-sand-lander&proud of the way Suffolk County used to be. But, here's a question: are people who live in Masonville called(ha ha this is meant to be humorous here): "Masonites","Masonvillians" or "Masonvillains". Our personal favorite is Masonvillain, heh heh. But, does the label matter according to how long you've lived here or where you're from, or your political affiliation? Hmmm...he he... I'd call you a "flatlander" too (without the sand) unless you want to be a "Lawg-Ilindah";in which case you'd have a Queens/Nassau & now South Suffolk County accent. In any case all the native goodfolk in these parts know this type of accent designates what(we)like to call a "transplanted flatlander". :) 'Yall are welcome to be my good neighbor anytime; just leave yur city attitudes behind when you move in 'cause yur not in Kansas anymore Toto, you know? & dig this;don't mean to offend anyone here.-Have a Happy weekend & enjoy the moisture! :) **************P.S.-Went fishing @ Pepacton Reservoir on 9/13/01 @ 5:00a.m.& was followed by a State Trooper all the way around-at the time it was surreal but comforting to know that our guys were out there protecting NYC'S water supply. Peace, this day of remembrance eh? (Did the Town of Masonville have any ceremonies to remember this day? Not that I know of; pity that if they did-wasn't posted here at their "message board", eh? OK, NUFF SAID!)
September 11, 2008 15:06:16 Tony CR-20   Ok Chester...point taken, I'm a Long Islander. Your right though, never tell that to a Brooklynite or Queens person! Anyway, soon enough I'll be a Masonite! Lol Get it? Sorry about your daughter's fiance, that must have been a tough scene. Gotta go...heading up there within the hour. Have a great weekend!
September 11, 2008 11:14:17 Chester   Tony - <GRIN> On looking at a map you will discover that once you have crossed the bridges from Manhatten or Bronx you are on Long Island. (Please don't tell them in Brooklyn or Queens; they would be upset.LOL). So guess we would have to say you lived on LI all your life!! As to my daughter's fiance; no he was not working for DEP. He was fishing at night near the Shavertown Bridge when he somehow fell from his boat and drowned. They searched for his body for several days.
September 10, 2008 23:40:38 Tony CR-20   Wait a second there Chester...I was born in Brooklyn, moved to Long Island at age of 12. Stayed to 40...moved to Queens and then eventually up there to Masonville at age 50. I don't know how you count that! Lol Anyway, your daughters fiance...did he work for NYC DEP? I seem to recall a person that worked for them that died in one of the reservoirs up there. Very sad.
September 10, 2008 16:17:32 Chester   PS - I may be the only person in the state of New York who actually migrated TOO LI rather than migrating FROM it. LOL
September 10, 2008 10:18:03 Chester   I got a NYC water supply access permit in 1959 (still have it) and fished the reserviors for years; then came Sept 11 2001 and the country wide paranoia set in. Never got the new permit. Sold the boat and have never been back to fish. My daughters fiance drowned a few years ago in the Pepecton. I think he is the only life ever lost in that reservior.
September 09, 2008 23:09:09 Tony CR-20   Nah RD...still working on the house and property up there. I can't see myself starting to fish for a few months or even years yet. Thanks for the advice though...I will keep the spot in mind.
September 09, 2008 22:57:03 RangerDanger   Tony, the Cannonsville Reservoir is a wonderful spot to fish. It's hard to believe that at one point in time there were a bunch of towns under all that water. I go every time I get the chance, mostly for Bullheads. Have you sent for your access permit for the NYC Watershed?
September 09, 2008 22:54:08 Tony CR-20 too Berti? What a small world. Fishing out there for years was great...but to tell you the truth, I will not miss it at all. Way to much work. Setting up the boat with electronics before leaving the slip. Loading all the equipment and bait and then pulling up to the fuel dock and getting the shock of your life. Then the 2 hour trip out to the canyon. Fishing all day...hopefully catching something...and if you hooked up, before fighting the fish you had to bring in every other line you had out there trolling around. Then heading back to unload everything, clean the boat, clean the fish and drive 2 hours back home. Nah...give me the country life any day! :) The only real thrill...a side from fighting the fish... was coming to shore with a shark tied to the side or a tuna on board and the local restaurant owners fighting for the fish when we dock up! Priceless!!!
September 09, 2008 22:18:08 bertimouse   Tony, nothing beats those rough waters of the Shinnecock "Canal" as we used to call it, Heh heh.***** for fishing. Haven't been to the Hamptons(HotDog Beach)or our oceans [i.e.-South side of Long Island=50+ miles of beautiful beaches]in years & trust us; you will miss it. Another one of my brothers has lived in Colorado for 30 years & misses clamming days on Great South Bay.[It's a "Great Bay" 'cause it protects NY from hurricanes,yall;look it up]We grew up swimming there & had a converted cabin cruiser with an inboard Chevy motor called the "houseboat" decorated with "flower-power" stickers that convinced Dad were right to stick on the sides, He he. -Many fun family times/memories made on that old boat. Boat keys instead of car keys were borrowed from Dad on weekends. When my Dad passed away, so did the boat. I like to think she's still chugging away somewhere... Now, it's too expensive on Long Island w Nassau County/NYC $$ & congestion moving in; Arr, a real shame. But the fishing on the West Coast of Mexico is still pretty exciting - I reeled in a 15 foot sailfish on the first strike which was "priceless". (I let it go but we hooked a 10 footer which swallowed the hook on the next stike-good eating!) Arr, Tony don't get me here started about fish stories! :) ;) What I would give, to trade a day sailing on the ocean fishing - for a day at my so peaceful home & garden in these beautiful rolling green hills! We should always be thankful eh? For the little bit of heaven we've managed to scrap out for ourselves. Memories are cool, too.
September 09, 2008 21:27:54 Chester   Jim Taylor was a avid tuna fisher. He ran a carpet store on Merrick road in Amityville for a long time and now lives near Margaretville where his wife is music teacher. His father-in-law died of a heart attack while he and Jim and Jim's wife were fishing the canyon.
September 09, 2008 17:08:10 Tony CR-20   No Chester...neither name rings a bell. I kept away from the busy Marinas and had a slip on the backside of a hotel called the Black Whale. It was one of two slips located there and was 5 minutes from the channel. Kept to myself mostly with a crew of 3 close friends that fished the "canyon" as much as possible. Being the youngest of the 3, I was always the one to sit in the chair for hours reeling in the big ones! When I finally move up to Masonville, I would like to try that calm lake type fishing. I know I will enjoy that!
September 09, 2008 15:04:23 Chester   Tony- Did you happen to know Jim Taylor? Or maybe the "Dentist"? Can't think of his name.
September 09, 2008 14:38:12 Tony CR-20   Ok you must know where Shinencock Bay is located on the south shore. I kept a 27' Pursuit with twin 250's out there for years. Fished mostly offshore for Tuna and Shark and Striped Bass in the channel. Many a good time but it got way to expensive! It's a small world huh?
September 09, 2008 11:04:19 Chester   Tony-Actually fishing in the city reseviors at night is very popular. Night time seems to be when the large brown trout are out prowling. I lived and run a business on LI for a number of years. The South Shore; Copiague. Had a bait and tackle shop on Merrick Road.
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