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November 09, 2010 22:59:06 THE REAPER   Good Negibor, Thanks for the friendly advise. I know what you stated is all truths because, I know a person he did some stuff too. When I had my encounter with (The Mayor) as I call him, I don`t use names. He tried the strongarm approach with me, threatening me and telling me he`s gonna do this and he`s gonna do that. Not knowing me, most people know better to confront me like that but, (Stupid Is As Stupid Does) AND yes I know about the quad thing, thats because The Mayors a lowlife so, the local PD gives him a pass which is total Bull. So, without making this a super long post, I flipped out on (The Mayor) and told him that I had seen him doing some bad things in the field and being a hunting guide, I suggested he not push any issues with me....Not in those words but, you get my drift. He has seen me scouting over the last month or so and stays clear of me now but, I know his M.O. but, he really has no clue where I am up there and where my spots are so, I Know he can`t do those nasty traps on me like he`s done to others. We are past the sit downs. On a lighter note: Thanks for the heads up on animal sightings, I came across the Masonville Bear 3 weeks ago in the dark and he`s not the monster I`ve been reading about on here but, the boar is over 400 lbs. I have lso aseen many deer in the area and LOTS of turkeys too. The Coyotes are out of control off shear road and I`ve dropped 3 in the last 2 1/2 months and anytime THE REAPER can help out the yearlings and other woodland creatures I`m glad to help out...LOL You be safe out there and good luck on your next hunt or nature walk !!
November 09, 2010 22:53:33 Les   Hey seriously BIG DEER AND BEAR killing drives on shears rd.
November 09, 2010 22:51:26 tim   You guys r just a bunch of A/Hs , just stupid.
November 09, 2010 22:43:20 Les   There is a lot of local red neck stupids in the area.\"Stupid is as stupid does\"Sounds like there is lots of them on this forum.Guess I\'m one of them.I\'m new to this forum but have read it for a while being I have lived here all of my life.And my family in NY since the 1600s,we were one of the first in America after the pilgrims.I think me and my friends are going to settle this controversy,thunk um trunk um browns down kill i\'m all.Half of us have doe tags all of us have EVIL BEAR tags BIG DRIVES and decimation in store for shear road.Maybe in a few years our fellow locals on shear road will remember way back when they had good hunting there.Iv\'e disagreed with observer in my posts but to call him stupid is not only off the mark but disrespectful and doesn\'t belong on this forum.
November 09, 2010 22:04:27 Good Negibor   Reaper: I sugguest that if you have a problem with " the mayor of shear rd." Lee.. next time you are up there on shear rd, and see his red pick up, you shall stop him and invite him to coffee @ the local Masonville gen. store,. or to MCDee's .. and discuss your issuses , I will tell u something,.. this guy lee, if you dont calm him down with you, he will make your hunting time the worst in years.. I haved heard of stories which he inplanted bait areas and then call the DEC, more,,.. this ole man has nothing to do,.. I tell u what,. he is the ONLY one who is allowed to ride an ATV in that area,. I dont know why ?? but IT IS.. All of his neighbors hates him,. BEaware that he is a back stabber. and a big mouth.. just got town and ask about lee. By the way,.. Was bow hunting and saw a few good bucks, and does,. out of range would never come in close,. they were by 1oo yards out and went to private land,.by the state land ,. Seen nice bear poop ! and tracks and scrapes by the pine trees and on the 2 nd ridge.. he is still messing, found a dead deer bones in there too, looks like either the bear or yotes, also some horse tracks,. also seen a un marked SUV looks like a DEC truck passing bye,. and stopping by the pondersoa camp, and they came out and walked in to state land ???? also last report , seen lots of turkeys roaming around the fields , and seen a couple trukeys volchers too,. had a great day in the woods !
November 09, 2010 18:03:31 TM   Hay Jp don't listen to that moron observr. He is just local redneck stupid
November 09, 2010 17:23:13 TX   JP,there is abrochure at park entrance that tells the hunting areas within the park,good luck.
November 09, 2010 14:33:01 Observer   JP - Unless I am mistaken. (I have been once or twice that I recall in my lifetime) There is no hunting of any type allowed within the park boundaries. Years ago before it became a park I did some hunting in that area.
November 09, 2010 06:59:18 JP   Question??? Can you go hunting at the state park off rt 20 just off shears rd ??? with an rifle ? also how good isit ?? pleasse advise,. thanks,.
November 09, 2010 02:25:13 Les   Wow I forgot Carroll hill,Johnny brook,Barbour brook,Dry brook,Zion hill, WOW there can't possibly be more!?
November 09, 2010 02:13:08 Les   With tens of thousands of acres of state land surrounding Masonville it's funny that people get bent out of shape when someone encroaches on their favorite happy hunting grounds.I myself would get bored hunting the same tree stand year after year.Iv'e hunted from the Artic off from shears road to Oquaga past Steam mill around Mormon hollow over Pine hill back to Beals around Aikens, and still didn't hit it all.Bunch of whine as ses don't like city hunters and then cry cause nobody is moving the deer.And I thought the only other mayor in Masonville was the mayor of Ivanhoe!
November 08, 2010 22:09:00 TX   Dont know which one is worst,lol lol lol
November 08, 2010 20:53:29 JP   Atleast we are talking about a red neck, who lived locally not about the NC Rag Head...
November 08, 2010 19:09:40 wshbown   does any one know about a lake or pond with great bass on shear rd or near it
November 08, 2010 18:11:51 TX   Winter,Spring,Summer or Fall,Youve got a freind LOL
November 08, 2010 16:22:24 JP   LOL,LOL... Reaper, Leave poor lee alone,. he is a lonely ole man, that he needs to talk/ bitch at some one, just go over there and have some coffee and if you guys are ex marines/ or army. you can talk about when you were in the services, serving this beautiful country we live at. USA ! He needs a friend,..
November 08, 2010 15:35:25 The Reaper   TX....I never storm / I discuss !!! LOL
November 08, 2010 15:33:22 The Reaper   Observer, Thanks for understanding my point. I also understand your post, the only problem I have is the hand shake part after a person like that acts the way he does. For you it works and God Bless You !! For me I have a hardtime with being nice to people that are`nt nice maybe when i get a little older I`ll try it but at 47 it`s not working yet...LOL Till The Next Post Remember A Firearm Should Be Considered A Fighting Weapon First. Any Other Use Should Be Considered A Bonus !!
November 08, 2010 13:09:41 Observer   JP I feel it only right that I clarify my statement about the magic growth hormone. You see, it is not generally available and all that I had is now gone. Back years ago my father had a still in the hollow above the farm where he would run off a few gallons of mule for medicinal purposes. Well, it seems one batch was not the usual. He dumped the mash after the run in the field up there and the deer got into it. Biggest deer that year you ever saw. One of them fed our family of five for the winter. It did have some drawbacks though. We had some big Belgian mares in the field up there and that year we had 3 colts born with antlers. Pretty near destroyed some good work horses giving birth that year. The colts were not much good as draft horses but they were great conversation pieces. Try as he might my father was never able to duplicate that batch of mule but, with foresight I did scoop up what I could of that mash and kept it all these years. But, alas I used all of it up this summer growing a big buck for some lucky hunter on Shear Road this deer season.
November 08, 2010 12:23:51 Observer   JP - Yes there IS a Boone and Crockett record buck on Shear road area. I have been feeding a buck up there my magic growth hormone all summer. You know that big bear they are reporting up there? Well, it is not a bear at all. It is a woodchuck that got into my magic growth hormone !!
November 08, 2010 11:53:54 JP   A B&C Buck in Shear Road...Come on, guys,... Now how about the evil masonville bear,. any one saw him lately..?
November 08, 2010 11:50:59 Observer   TX - No storm from me!! LOL Just an observation besides I am afraid that someone will set that Masonville Bear on me!! I have enough problems with the Masonville Bunny !!
November 08, 2010 11:48:15 Observer   Reaper - As you asked the question; yes, I would extend my hand to such a person or any person. It would be up to them to accept or reject my offer of friendship. Over the years I have known several persons such as you describe this man. They think that because they "own" a little they can claim a lot. Little do they realize that their "ownership" at best, is a very brief and fleeting thing. His possession of his "little" is much to brief to antagonize those around him. Someone, perhaps, should point out to him that his "ownership" is nothing more than a loan. If he stops paying the taxes on the property that perceived ownership will come to a halt. LOL As to him committing some sort of misdeed perhaps that was the time to confront him with his hypocritical actions? PS - Good luck with the hunt. Hope you get a real Boone and Crockett record.
November 08, 2010 11:32:10 TX   Whay about the Bear?
November 08, 2010 11:31:14 TX   OH OH!I see a storm in the Horizon.Calm down fellows
November 08, 2010 10:49:18 The Reaper   Observer...I don`t say he dislikes hunters and if you read my post it did`nt even state that. It did state that a land owner in the area believes he owns all the State Lands in and around Shear Road. The post also stated that this Mayor, as I will call him also calls local law enforcement JUST TO HASSLE law abiding hunters into not returning....So, he and his ego can have it all !!! Do you believe this is fair ? Do you believe one should go out of there ways to try and befriend such a person? I also stated that a person without mentioning names and maybe if you looked not so hard into my post was infact observed doing what no hunter should do. But, this is the same whistle blower calling on good people for the sack of CONTROLLING AN AREA HE DOES`NT CONTROL OR OWN. I`m all for living in a world of hugs and kisses but, would you extend your hand to such a person ?? That Is The Question !!
November 08, 2010 10:05:28 Observer   RE: The "Mayor of Shear Road". Has anyone taken the time to find out why this fellow dislikes hunters so much? Is it a case where he has had a bad experience with a thoughtless hunter? Perhaps it is a lack of education as to the need to control deer herds by selective harvesting? I do a bit of hunting up in that area with a camera and have not met this fellow, at least knowingly. I did have a very friendly conversation with a fellow in a pickup truck up in that area this fall. But he did not seem to be out to cause any problems with anyone. Perhaps if you took the time to get to know this gentleman and make an attempt at friendship you might find him totally different than he is being portrayed on this discussion board. I was raised in this general area many years ago. During that time I observed all sorts of "hunters" good and bad; but as a group hunters are normally considerate sports minded people. When one does run into the occasional surly land owner perhaps going out of our way to please him and win his friendship and confidence is the route to take.
November 08, 2010 08:40:27 The Reaper   I did`nt think there was a need to explain my post...LOL...If you live up there and hunt around Shear Road YOU WILL SEE THE MAYOR DOING DRIVE BYES ALL THE TIME!!! I`ll tell ya a funny, I was camo`ed out in one of my spots and as I was glassing the area I noticed someone, without mentioning any names on here doing bad things last year!! What I find FUNNY is: I`m told by local law enforcement and people that live in the area that this same person calls on people all the time even, if THEY ARE LEGALLY HUNTING....WTF !! Now, if someones up to no good, PLEASE drop that dime that`s what we are all supposed to do but, to call just cause you think you own the whole area and all you own is a small plot....That`s *CENSORED* !! So, this means you now wasted the tax payers monies, time that, that officer and patrol unit could have been responding to a real call and WHY...Because you think you run the show in and around an area known as SHEAR ROAD !! What A Jerk !! Good Luck Hunting Boy`s & Gal`s and remember if you run into the Mayor, Tell him to F / OFF he`s more bark / then bite........ I KNOW !!
November 08, 2010 08:01:57 JP   TX, I guess the reaper is talking about mthe \" mayor of Shear Rd.\" LEE ... IS a BIG AH..
November 08, 2010 07:57:47 TX   Saw the Mayor in the woods?thats weird.he is supposed to be in town hall
November 06, 2010 06:44:15 The Reaper   Can`t wait for Opening Day !! Might even run into the Mayor again while I`m up there !! Good Luck To Everyone & Remember.... A Firearm Should Be Considered A Fighting Weapon First. Any Other Use Should Be Considered A Bonus !!
November 05, 2010 19:31:58 Les   spellcheck,keeped=kept,citezens=citizens.Just say no to typing without sleep.
November 05, 2010 04:13:36 Les   NY isn't the only one.Nevada keeped democrate Harry Reid who thinks a "reformed" convicted child molester should not be denied viagra as part of their health care.Upstate NY just can't outvote the city.I will defend the NYC citezens.But their voters should be sent to California.
November 04, 2010 13:45:28 TX   Observer,I salute you,just hit it on the head >
November 04, 2010 13:08:44 Observer   Well, the voting public seems to have done a fairly good job in cleaning our the cesspools called congress and state houses. With the expected exception of New York State. New York State already has the best that crooked money can buy. Our gubernatorial election reminds me of the condemned man being asked to choose between hanging and shooting. All amounts to the same thing. We are going from blind and stupid to just plain stupid.
November 03, 2010 08:17:29 CC   Oh my GOD!!!! here we go again ,hanging around the same area.
November 03, 2010 07:26:05 JLT   Had no work yesterday due to elections day ! so after I voted, I dedcide to go the woods and do some deer hunting , drove to shear road state land and hunted at the enterance, by the fire/emer. trail, hunted for a few hours, 4 does went in range, but I was looking for an decent buck, then 1 spike, and either a big 4 or 6 pointer went by but @ 75 yards from me chasing another 5 does ! lots of action! it was getting dark, headed down on the trail. almost by the end of the trail ( where theres a sign in/out box. there was a big black mass of a bear. eating, so I dedcide to hide until he leaves the area is getting darker by the minute! he didnt move, he was still eating, thats why he is so FAT ! but he decide to move down to private/posted property I ran to the truck, and hop in and checked my under pants and yup ! theres was a suprise there for my wife ,LOL.. This thing is huge, about 600 pounds atleast.... well no deer this time, but had a nice day while getting paid for ! who evers get this bear he WILL be in the local newspaper and at the next years' DEC maz. I promise.. also seen 2 dead yotes up by the pine the same trail..thanks GOD ! those bastards are bad and ugly !!!! Have a great peaceful day..
November 02, 2010 23:17:01 Les   Wow am I glad there isn't an evil bear by me,just a couple of big bears.Hope who ever shoots him respects the hunt by eating him and doesn't worry about a big hide.Bear can be greasy,Try a good breakfast sausage recipe. I got mine from the big M in Walton.Had lots of sage,stuffed some in caseings and some loose.If you don't want to eat him leave him ALONE same as the DEER.Proud suporter of PETA people enjoy tasty animals.If you just want to kill the Masonville BEAR for braging rights please leave it alone.Go shoot a possum Iv'e seen none of them but lots of bear so it should be a more better hunt.
November 02, 2010 19:53:03 Majtom   If anyone sees the Masonville bear chewing on a trail cam, Its mine please just ask him for the SD card back for me
November 02, 2010 10:03:09 CC   Wonder where is the evil Masonville Bear, havent hear anything lately,too early to go to sleep,probably moved to next county
November 02, 2010 02:23:58 Me   Veterans, and active military, free buffet and drink at the Ponderosa Nov.8th from 11am-9pm
November 01, 2010 08:57:53 CC   Saw a 6 pointer by the drugie rest area on Sat ,nice body but it was a 6
November 01, 2010 07:28:27 JLT   Deer hunter: they are coming out late down to the fields, 7,8,10 pm. I think they know thats its hunting season, around the corner,. But seen a BIG 10/12 pointer in the middle of the field behind the Ice Cream rt 8. made a u turn , watch him started going up the big hill towards state land.. that area is going to be super hot and nice on openning day......
October 31, 2010 18:00:07 CC   WOW,am surprise by the way everybody is acting this weekend,keep up the good work guys!!!!
October 31, 2010 17:41:03 Observer   The Masonville bear appears only by appointment. I think he may have an opening at 2:13 pm on Thursday. In the meantime the Masonville bunny can be seen at any time.
October 31, 2010 12:48:52 DeerHunter   Seen some deer but not much while hunting these last two days .They must have been deep in the woods wish it could have been better.
October 31, 2010 10:32:25 cjr   So, Any body knows anything about the big masonville bear,.?? seen a nice 6 or 8 er pointer off shear road, regular size body but a nice rack ! but no bear sadly to said... was looking forward to see him /her.
October 30, 2010 13:03:32 Grumpy Ernst Keidel I am pleased to see that, after verbiage started to get out of hand, you started to self-police. That takes the pressure off me, since I have the final responsibility for this venue. Play nice, guys. We all CAN get along! And Craig, I do indeed understand your need to attend that Basic Training graduation. I traveled to Fort Benning as well as to Fort Jackson, in different years, to witness both of my sons' graduations.
October 29, 2010 21:29:29 Aa   This is way this site should work
October 29, 2010 19:59:27 Observer   Y knot eye kin spel gode. I have hoked on fonics!!
October 29, 2010 18:44:03 Me   Why don't we just have Observer do it for free ?
October 29, 2010 13:59:10 CC   Too much money !!!
October 29, 2010 12:06:44 Observer   May I suggest we all get a spell checker?
October 29, 2010 11:58:55 CC   People,stop the BS,all we are doing is getting upset for some stupid *CENSORED*,lets concentre on hunting and that it.
October 29, 2010 11:24:45 CCJR.   i agree with Aa and Ranger Danger,and CC .. this *CENSORED* shall end right now, before it gets out of hand.. this america, people have to the right to hunt, fish, any where they want to. and people has the right to drive out a car with out of state plates like NJ,PA or even North carolina. and not feel an out sidder, theres people who own property in masonville who lives in NJ,PA,NYC and even North Carloina and Florida. They are the lucky hunters who have a place which they can say that they own a piece of masonville. like some hunters out there dont have a place to hunt only state lands. or friends\'s property. so everyone lets play safe and hunt hard, and shoot straight and hunt safely in our beautiful woods of masonville. and good luck,.a nd best wishes, if anyone gets that masonville bear please post the pics.
October 29, 2010 11:05:49 RangerDanger   This is absolutely ridiculous. You all should stop this nonsense ASAP. I don't think you realize how dum and pigheaded you sound, worst of all your doing it on a public forum and giving Masonville residents a bad name. It's probably a good thing that none of you are using your real names, because the things you have said have the potential to *CENSORED* ALOT of local people off. I forsee this web forum being closed some time soon if this childish nonsense continues.
October 29, 2010 10:58:21 Aa   We are traing to fix a problem people read this an they feel bad can we just have a good hunting season and good luck to all
October 29, 2010 09:13:48 CC   Now,boys stop the nonsense,you people are getting personal and thats not good
October 29, 2010 08:54:45 Aa   Hey Q you saund like the biggest .... On massonville am more American than you. I guess you are the person that started this hole mess people are just visiting that your say your massonville am letting everybody know how rdkls you sound in site from FL to VT
October 28, 2010 21:44:33 Q.Thomas   Aa,. I dont need Florida,. & Florida Fishing So What ! The Lake in Shears rd and Rt 20 has one of the best fishing for bass in NY and maybe in the north east.. So you can keep those florida fish put it up in your A**. You dumb MF Towel Head ! Stay out of Masonville. and leave me deers alone,. and also go back to Iraq.
October 28, 2010 21:24:56 Aa   MR tell the government not to sell non resident licenses ... Don't go fishing to Florida there not your fish
October 28, 2010 21:07:35 DeerHunter   Hey Mr.T I bet you don't have a hunting license and your most likely a poacher ..
October 28, 2010 21:02:29 DeerHunter   The Deer are all the people who pay NY taxes learn the law!!! They are not your deer !!!
October 28, 2010 19:11:41 jj walker   drive down steam mill on saturday or sunday on the right side b 4 dry brook and see all the taliban in there camp
October 28, 2010 15:24:28 CC   Mr.Obama is right lets all get together and go over the issues,why cant we all get alone ?
October 28, 2010 15:21:08 CC   AA,i agree with you,let him crawl under a rock
October 28, 2010 14:56:57 Aa   We all pay taxes what is the big issue of chasing people out of the you don\'t want people to visit this beautiful town I guess you don\'t that helps your economy tourism it helps think Q think visit the country meet some other people enjoy life by the way if you don\'t like people to visit here close the hotels
October 28, 2010 14:56:23 CC   Hey, anybody knows how the weather is going to be on opening day ?
October 28, 2010 14:53:15 Ahmed-El Sherif   See some of you are worst than terrorist,by not letting people to hunt if not from here,that is communist,no freedom and thats bad for town
October 28, 2010 14:35:34 CC   Dont think thats smart ,Mr Q,like i said before this a free country and people can go and come as they want as long as is legal,i dont think anybody would go inthere illegaly,there is not a law telling that you can not hunt because you are not from the area ,so my freind if thats your idea of control ,move to Russia,Cuba or China,thats where things are run like that .have a good day sir
October 28, 2010 14:26:48 Q. Thomas   CC,. That will cost to much tax money to fanced in Masonville,. Great Idea,. But to costly,,,. But.. I have a cheaper way,. Just chase the north Carolina, And New Jersey, NYC Folks out of town. just give them a little talk ( if u know what we mean ). We work to hard and pay taxes here in masonville to have some out siders come and enjoy our woods and kill at the deers... ALso,they shall out law bow hunting,. because they just hurt the deer not kill outright.. Q
October 28, 2010 14:01:54 CC   I think somebody is just jocking with all of us,i just give up.there is no bear,crazy bobcat,bigfoot,super size coyote,raghead training camp or anything else ,it is just a joke,i think!!!!
October 28, 2010 13:53:41 Obama the mixed race...   To all who think this is not fair,. we all shall meet at the ice cream, also call the \" Masonville United Front\' to talk about our Issues and to have a peaceful meeting with our neighbors... thats including our North carolina freinds ( towel heads)
October 28, 2010 13:44:48 Ahme-El Sherif   You Americans are crazy crazy,everybody terrorist, you donot think,we no have terrorist camp ,we love peace and our neightbors,we are not from the South,we come here to work and have babys thats why we have 3or4 wifes,we make no problems to Americans,we love America and Obama our president!!
October 28, 2010 13:38:39 Lrp   Is getting out of hand with those coments of rag heads and NC license plates that rag head you talking is a veteran and and was born in NY stop talking of people if you don't know them I don't want to go forward on this issue meet before you talk
October 28, 2010 13:25:56 CC   This is a FREE country and people go and hunt anywhere they want,they pay for license,local food and spend money up here,helping the local economy,probably more than you.otherwise fence the town or county in and put a gate with toll and become a communist town .
October 28, 2010 12:25:36 Proud Masonville Resident and Hunter.   You People are anti hunters,,, That bear must go.! That Bear can feed atleast 100 people, if is that big as people claim.. it will be a super nice rug across my fire place. when i get it.. And that rag head trainning camp must go too. ! Also That North Carolina People Rag Head Must Go back to where they come from,. let our forest be, and leave it for the locals only,.. no out siders,.! I dont know why they have ro come all the way from north carolina, if they have deer hunting down there and they also have the smokeys mountains,. Thats not making any cents ! why come to nY and spend money hotel,food,gas,time,non resident liceneses, etc.. just to see if get an deer or bear.. if you have your own dee in your back yard ! very Dumb - ??? Leave our animals alone ! GO HOME...
October 28, 2010 09:29:28 CC   Observer,I agree with you 100% ,am a hunter ,but I think the bear should be left alone,tell you if I see it I will not shoot it,lets just let him be !!
October 28, 2010 09:01:52 Observer   Let's protect that big old "Masonville Bear". We can make it our mascot and put his picture on the Town Letterheads. This bear has stirred more comment and conversation on this board than anything has in a long time. (After all what other board received a note from George Bush down in Texas? LOL) Everything from the serious to the humorous. In reality black bears are not considered very dangerous to humans. Of course a mama bear with cubs will protect them against all that she perceives as a threat to them. It would be interesting to know if this bear has been a resident right along or has it just wandered into our region. I understand black bears can have a very large wandering range. I, personally, hope no hunter shoots this bear. But, then again, I am not a hunter.
October 27, 2010 22:10:19 mee too   this is why this cant be the official site. too much foolishness!
October 27, 2010 19:51:41 Law   All of this sounds funny,is just too crazy
October 27, 2010 18:48:57 George Bush   Well,well it is hot up in Masonville,am glad I dont hang around there,Evil Bear,Big Foot,Nasty Bobcat,Super size Coyote,now a Raghead in a training camp,My question is what you people r smoking/drinking upthere,down here in Texas we r not that nuts!!!
October 27, 2010 09:18:29 TX   Before you guys go on a wild goose chase on ragheads training camp,make sure there is such a camp,if you guys find it call the auth.before doing anything stupid
October 27, 2010 07:57:07 SGT.Cass   Droved on Shear rd from Rt 8 all the way to The Lake. and saw only 2 dam deer ! 1 doe and 1 6 or 8er pointer, thats all, No Bears, No out of the area cars/trucks,. shear road state land is still a peace ful area,.! I dont whats all the Hype on the Evil Bear. Cars from NC, Rag Head Training Camp, I tell you waht If I find that Rag Head Training Camp I will be the first one to call my brothers and sisters in the Arm Force. Because I fight in War, For some rag head to come and make a training camp here in Masonville.. i will be Patroling the area looking for the rag head ! I will have some few questions for him.. for our Masonville red necks good luck on hunting this year, hope you get the big evil masonville, for me because i will be shipping out to iraq in nov.20 th...
October 26, 2010 23:39:59 Les   Hay Grumpy.Checked out the other "site",liked yours.Long time reader,but just recent commenter.Don't know you but two buddies of mine lived on your road.Hope you don't mind but like much of America I along with the tea party feel the need to voice my opinion.Why can't your site be the "official" one.Maybe we should put it to a vote.Thanks!
October 26, 2010 22:58:49 DeerHunter   There\'s alot of great NYC hunters that hunt in Masonville there is good and bad people everywhere !! Dont matter where your from some people are so closed minded and give the towns people of Masonville a bad name.And yes alot of these hunters that come and hunt are NRA members that are big supporters of our 2nd amendment rights.
October 26, 2010 22:18:56 Les   Hay just back from the Adirondacks hunting trip.Hope the locals up there dont think of me and my friends like ya'll think of our nonresident hunters.Seen a few big doe but was unsuccessful again.Harvested a nice 8 point buck four years ago nothing huge but I was proud because there isn't many deer up there.A buddy of mine got a large 8 pt. this trip.Not a huge rack he's shot bigger in masonville but I bet it weighed between 180-200 lbs.Good luck to all the hunters in Masonville.
October 26, 2010 22:03:00 Les   Ha,Ha,Ha,theres bears in all the masonville woods ya idiots.Ya just ain't smart enough to find them.Sorry to burst your bubble but the city folk that hunt,most of them are better shots and good honest sportsmen,unlike some of our resident redneck jacklighters and drunk hunters.Iv'e been shot at on deer drives many times not by city slickers but my overzealous bloodthirsty friends,locals.They weren't shooting at me just missing deer.Talk to some of them Jersey basterds and new york city slickers and you will find some of them are avid sportsmen who love to hunt.I welcome them and wish them luck because they are a dying breed both here and there.Most of them are NRA members fighting for OUR rights too!
October 26, 2010 21:11:03 pj   i Agress with u
October 26, 2010 20:35:01 *CENSORED* off New yorker Hunter....   MLK, a couple weeks ago theres was a SUV with a North Carolina Plates going up and down Shear rd, Like he owns the road & place. Looks like 1 white guy and 1 rag head , from the middle east . i guess they were bow hunting in the state lands and staying in a local hotel.?? how those people from north carolina knows about shear rd,?? is masonville, & Shear rd,.. that famous already ? with a big bear hanging around, that we have people as south as north carolina 1000 miles away taken our deer and bear,. thats not fair.. We New Yorkers Have to stop this.! Who Agress with me ???
October 26, 2010 19:09:13 jjk   Well boys all we have to do is be in those woods b4 daylite,this city folks are not going inthere 4b daylite and dont worry noone will get shot unlss they r @ the wrong place @ the wrong time,it happens all over every year
October 26, 2010 18:52:59 mlk   Tx,you think is going to be that bad upthere on opening day? Ive seen a lot of people from out of state in the area lately.NJ,PA,MA,CT and even almost to sell and move it is getting like the Catskills
October 26, 2010 16:50:52 TX   I feel for the owner of the nice new house by state land,with all the shooting around that area on opening day,hope he reads this and stays out of area on opening wknd,someone may get shot.
October 26, 2010 16:38:50 TX   Its going to be a mad house on opening day up on Shears rd and the state land.most likely i stay home till the following wknd
October 26, 2010 08:54:54 TX   See what am saying,this Bear is going to give headache to hunters,now he is stilling game from hunter,thats a problem right there.
October 25, 2010 21:43:32 Craig DuMond   Hi Grumpy - I apologize for the meeting change, however, my 2nd eldest son is graduating from Basic Training that week and I have to be in South Carolina. I wouldnt miss that day for the world!!! I know you will understand. I now have 2 of my boys in the Armed Services, one Air Force and now one Army!
October 25, 2010 20:43:05 Jimmy Price   Was bow hunting,. shot a nice doe 170's pounds,. trying to find her, she cross in to private property, by the stateland on shear rd, still track her,. she was bleeding heavily,. then lost her,. then found her a few hours later with her 2 rear legs bitten off,. while trying to save some meat, Mr. Bear came around again and chased me out, and he dragged the deer towards statelands and stopped by the fire/emerc. trail off shear rd. and he finished her there, couldnt save anything,. another deer lost by the evil masonville bear ! cant wait until rifle season! hope he will be in my bullet 's path to pay the today's action.
October 25, 2010 17:20:30 Masonville Web Master   Mr. Keidel - Just read note in the guestbook on the Official web site. Thank you for your response and comments. Let me assure that the site is in no way intended as competition with your site. Your site is unique in it intent. I know of no other that offers what your site offers. The town figured that it needed an "official" site to archive Board Minutes, Town notices, announcements etc. The Official site will remain pretty much as it is. About the only additions that might be added would be to give the Fire Department and the Ambulance a nod by incorporating some pictures and information about them. When I get off my lazy duff and take some pics of the fire and ambulance equipment I will be more than happy to share any and all with you. Best of everything and thank you for a place for Masonville residents to air their thought and ideas.
October 25, 2010 13:14:43 TX   Listen,this is real danger upthere,am not kidding , please everyone be xtra careful
October 25, 2010 12:23:34 Observer   TX Not to mention Big foot and Sasquatch up there. PLUS a wild nasty chipmunk!!
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