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July 26, 2009 21:42:15 bertimouse   Thanks George, we will do. :)
July 26, 2009 20:35:01 Gloria   Thanks George. I didn't realize Grumpy's site had the meeting info. I didn't look into everything he has on this site. I must say this site is much more colorful!
July 26, 2009 18:02:58 Laughing   Godaddy is NOT the most user friendly host but it is a good solid one. I think part of the problem is the fact Godaddy originally was set up to utilize MS software in the very early days and since has remade itself so almost any hosting software can be used including their own. It sounds from your description the town is using Godaddy's own software which is fine as one does not have to learn any new learning curve. But, as you say one must keep on top of it and keep it up to date.
July 26, 2009 17:48:12 George Denys I would like to see it as well. I can do many things but web design is not one of them. I am serious when I ask if anyone would like to get involved with improving our official site. It would be a great way to "get involved" with the town and learn a lot in the process. We use and it requires no software to buy just the patience of a saint.
July 26, 2009 17:33:17 Laughing   I would like to see a "who's who" area of the "Offical Site". Not just the town officals but include leading volunteers, (FD and EMT for instance) along with community leaders and clergy perhaps. Also perhaps a "what's happening" area. Perhaps a "business" area and even an area for tid bits of history of the area. Pictures of local happenings could be posted. I think a well put together and inclusive site would be of interest not only to locals but those who might be planning to visit the area.
July 26, 2009 16:04:16 Hollywood Joe Nania Hello to all in Masonville, I have visited your town a few times and found it to be very peaceful....thank you for the clean streets and hospitality that you always have is a great place to visit.... a good town to see be.......and probably an even nicer place to live in.....I have lived in Hamden ....Stamford....Nyack and Hobart....all the towns in your area are wonderful....full of wonder....and exciting and expansive views.....please keep in touch and stay healthy and young in good old Masonville , New York....Joe Nania aka Hollywood Joe here I am at
July 26, 2009 08:52:38 George Denys Laughing, You have it about right.
July 26, 2009 08:50:43 George Denys Hi Gloria, I have updated the website this morning. Since the introduction of that web site most folks are going to the unofficial website for their information. The origional intent for the "official" web site was to provide a simplistic site to post all the current Town laws and in that capacity it works fine. Grumpy keeps a library of minutes that spans over a year so his site is more "user friendly" in that regard. If any resident would like to help improve the official web site please let me know.
July 25, 2009 22:03:37 Gloria   When i look on the "official" Masonville website under "Agendas and Minutes" it seems that it hasn't been updated since April. I was wondering how one can read what goes on at the monthly meetings (Bertimouse mentioned the June meeting) since I am unable to attend them? Thanks.
July 25, 2009 10:47:26 Laughing   As I have not seen nor received a copy of any town ordinance pertaining to any "town cleanup" I really do not know what the furor is about. But, if it is only an implantation of the Master Plan I do not see any real harsh impact on anyone. It reads as just common sense to me in the Master Plan. As I travel around the town I really do not see much in the way of "eyesore or health" problems; with the exception of one or two places which seem to be in the process of being cleaned up. I grant that a few places on the back roads my not ever make home beautiful but by the same token one must keep in mind that "one man's junk is another man's treasure". Attend any auction or lawn sale to see proof of that. All in all the area is not bad in the "junk" regard. As to someone's worry that a person can freely examine private property; unless I am mistaken there is a point of law concerning tresspassing on private property without a warrant. In fact, if one has to enter a property to discern a violation then it is not much of a violation I would think.
July 25, 2009 08:53:34 George Denys Hi Berti, C'mon now, the Town Board has no admin rights or controls on this web site. E-mail me your points and I will copy them and try posting them myself. No grassy knoll here.
July 25, 2009 07:07:51 Rich Otis bertimouse......I was starting to wonder where you had gone. As far as the VFD meeting I will be a guest at the regular monthly guess is that there would not be time or room for visitors, but the best thing to do is check with the Fire Company. If it's a nice evening and the mosquitoes are not to prolific I'll be happy to "hang out" as long as anyone wants, to answer questions. In case Y'all have not noticed I love to talk about Rally.....and Ham Radio........Thanks.........Rich
July 25, 2009 03:25:51 bertimouse   P.S.Y'ALL: It really does appear that "free speech" about the TOM does not exist.-We tried to post at least(4)really good points to bring out about the letter that the TOM sent out. PL&H.
July 25, 2009 03:07:40 bertimouse   Dear oppionion: We sent you a response which apparently was cut out by our Masonville Moderator? It regarded our comments responding about your comments regarding the General Letter sent out by the TOM about all the rusty stuff left in Masonville yards. (See 6/3/09 Town mtg. report). Your point is good & noted by us here, thanks.
July 24, 2009 22:05:56 bertimouse   Rich: Can we ask What Time & Where your August 3rd meeting is with the Fire Company? -Is this an open meeting allowing anyone's attendance like our Town meetings or is it a closed meeting?-Sorry just too busy not to know about this;(affectionately named in our house; our "Fire boys")...We have fond memories of a favorite brother being a Volunteer...his first call at 17 yrs. old was to look for a decapitated motor-cyclist.-Guess who found the helmet with the head in it?-Yah you guessed it. People like our brother need a medal for what they do. They care & will put their lives on the line for anyone, whenever the call goes out to them. They DON'T GET PAID by us, they get paid by GOD. OK, Nuff said.
July 24, 2009 18:53:29 oppinion   Will the "code enforcement officers" mentioned in the letter about the Junk Law be lawfully allowed on my property without permission, or if I say no they can't come? If so, I'll hide all my junk behind the trees with some camo tarps. As long as it's not visible from the road I see no problem. Muahahaha.
July 24, 2009 12:46:09 Rich Otis Update: I just got off the phone with Gary the Fire/EMS Chief, we had a nice talk. I will be at the Fire company meeting Monday August 3, 2009 to present information and answer questions regarding International Rally New York Safety procedures......I will try to bring a Rally car with me for members to look at........Thank you.....Rich
July 24, 2009 12:22:14 Rich Otis Bob; Oh gosh.......didn't mean it that way at all, I'll be careful not to do that any more..................for Maria Wolcott; If we are successful in obtaining the permits the Masonville portion of the Rally will be on Saturday October 24, 2009. It is our hope that area residents will come out and enjoy the event, however I understand that it may not be everybody's "cup of tea"............Of course if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me here or in a private email, or by phone 845-344-2720, cell 845-649-8112. If for some reason you don't want to talk to me you can contact Ivan at 845-794-4096, email everyone. ....Rich
July 24, 2009 08:44:53 Maria Wolcott   What date are planning to hold the Rally? I want to make sure my family and I are out of town.
July 24, 2009 08:02:21 Bob Kosztyo   You use an !!!!!!!!! after each sentence. It gives the impression that you are yelling or talking down to someone.
July 22, 2009 14:42:47 Rich Otis I'm starting to develop some sort of complex here.....Bob why do you think I'm "yelling" all the time? intent is not to yell or preach to anyone, I'm sorry if any messages "came across" that way......From now on I will be sure to indicate if I am yelling by prefacing any yell with "I'M YELLING" (that was only a test). hope that clears that subject up.............later all......Rich
July 22, 2009 09:31:51 daily star reader   hello did anyone read yesterdays daily star??
July 22, 2009 07:19:03 Bob Kosztyo   No need to yell.
July 21, 2009 21:02:19 Rich Otis Bob......I have said from day one that we would hire a private service if need be, however I think it is up to the local squad, if they feel that they can provide coverage then that should be their call. Details like this can be spelled out in the contract. I will say again Masonville residents will have better ambulance coverage on Raly day than on a normal day and at no added expense to the Town, residents, visitors, and taxpayers! I can't b e any more clear than that!.....Rich
July 21, 2009 20:42:53 Bob Kosztyo   The question got lost in the fray.....If the Masonville EMS (One Ambulance) is being used by the Rally and a resident needs another then the Cooperstown one would likely be used as it is here in the hamlet. The Cooperstown one cost big bucks. If the taxpayers one is used by the Rally and the resident uses the $$$$$$$expensive one then who pays? Simple question. Shouldn't the Rally folks hire their own a leave our Taxpayer funded one for us?? Sounds fair.Eh??
July 21, 2009 17:56:21 Rich Otis Ladies & Gentlemen.......I have contacted the Masonville VFD (as you know the Chief is working out of town) and left a message, with any luck we will be able to touch base this weekend. Regarding contact with the NYSP and Delaware County SD, both agonies are well aware of Rally New York and have participated at all events we have held in the County. Once a schedule and route has been established we will meet with all law enforcement and emergency agencies to go over our safety procedures to assure that everyone is "on the same page". I think it's great that so many folks in Masonville are concerned with safety as are all Rally New York competitors and volunteers! Regarding speed limits on DEC roads I'll leave that up to the DEC. As far as what speed is good for what car on what road, those of you that visited our recent display at the library had an opportunity to see the safety equipment, skid plates, suspension modifications, and fire suppression equipment built into every Rally car. It's kind of like using the correct tool, given enough time you could cut down a tree with a pocket knife......but most of us recognize that a chainsaw works much better!..................Thanks........Rich
July 21, 2009 15:59:06 MASONVILLE IT   THE STATE LAND RDS R NOT THAT GREAT U CAN'T REALLY GO OVER 25/30 ON THAM WITH OUT HITING A BUMP SAY ANYTHING ABOUT GOIN LIKE 95. also the state speed is 25 mph on state land for a reason
July 21, 2009 12:37:31 Laughing   408 - Do you not think you are grasping at straws now? The EMS and Fire Department are on call all the time. They are volunteers not a paid organization so it will cost the taxpayers no more during this function than it would any other time. In fact, as I understand it, the EMS and the Fire Department stand to profit from the venture in the way of a donation. There seems to be a worry that the area would not be covered by emergency service on the day of the function. I urge you to listen to a few calls in the area and surrounding area. Numerous times Ambulance and fire crews in a particular area are not able to respond to a call and it is turned over to "Mutual Aid" for assistance. In fact as I write this Trout Creek is answering a call for an ambulance for Walton. I have also noted that CMT answers a lot of calls for the area EMS and one of their rigs sits right in the hamlet of Masonville. So I really doubt we will go with no EMS coverage for that day. As to gas prices raising at the pumps. So, what is new about that? The gas gougers would raise the price of gas if the sun does not shine. Has nothing to do with a race. Gas prices fluctions have nothing to do with anything except greed. Have the State Police and the Sheriffs Department been notified? Do you really think something of this magnitude would go unnoticed by either department? Do you really think either department would forgo the chance to man our speed traps on Route 8 and Route 206 for that day? Hardly!
July 20, 2009 18:43:33 408   Who's paying for the use of our ambulance and fire dept who will be on call at tax payer expense for a private enterprise ( event) for which the town tax payer will see nothing except probably an increase in gas at the pump. Have the State Police been notified? has the Sheriff's Office been notified ?
July 20, 2009 14:54:10 Laughing   I thought I knew the meaning of the word "service" until I noted that there were many government organizations with the name service in the title. Then I became confused. There is the IRS "service", Postal "Service", Social "Service", Telephone "Service", Civil "Service", and many others. Then the other day I overheard a couple of farmers talking and one mentioned that he had another farmer use his bull to "service" one of his cows and it then dawned on me what the above organizations are doing to us.
July 18, 2009 07:44:04 Bob Dunbar That soulds like a big NO to me Joe.
July 17, 2009 15:34:43 Ivan Orisek To Joe Nazar: We have not yet contacted the local emergency services. This will be done when and if we receive the special use road permit from the Town. We have contacted the Delaware County EMS Coordinator. We require two Advance Life Support ambulances or Basic Life Support ambulances with a paramedic. If Masonville EMS is able and willing to assist us, we will gladly use their services and make a donation to them. The remaining ambulance(s) would have to be contracted from elsewhere. THUS, THE AMBULANCE COVERAGE IN THE TOWN OF MASONVILLE ON THE DAY OF THE RALLY WOULD BE BETTER THAN ON OTHER DAYS. We have been in touch with DEC for years. The jurisdiction over the roads remain with the Town unless the roads are actually owned by the State. If we receive the permit from the Town, we plan to apply with DEC for the use of the State-owned roads in the same area. Bow hunting season has never been a problem in all these years we have been organizing events in October. Remember that we would close the roads only for a few hours, one day of the year. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE HUNTERS COULD NOT HUNT DURING THE PERIOD OF ROAD CLOSURE. IT ONLY MEANS THAT THEY WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO GET IN AND OUT DURING THE PERIOD OF ROAD CLOSURE. HOWEVER, THEY WOULD BE ABLE TO GET IN AND OUT DURING BREAKS IN RACING WITH OUR SUPERVISION. FINALLY, WE CAN MAKE SPECIAL PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS TO ESCORT PEOPLE IN AND OUT.
July 16, 2009 17:02:38 Joe Nazar   Ivan, thank you. Have you contacted the Town of Masonville EMS to see if our one unit can do this? What do our residents do if someone has a heart attack while our ONE unit is busy with you folks? Will you pay for another unit so we may maintain uninterupted coverage? On another topic, Have you contacted NYS DEC to request thier input on this event including the fact that it is Bow hunting season in this area and State lands are used largly for that? If so what is there response? I am undecided and await your clarification before contacting Mr. Dumond and the rest of the board with my input.
July 16, 2009 14:22:50 Ivan Orisek To: Not LOL Re: "Newspaper article from downstate" According to the article, the catalyst for this affair was a racing accident that occurred during our small regional event on June 20. The important point to understand here is the fact that a racing accident has no bearing on our performance under the three-year contract we have with the Town. THE TOWN OFFICIALS HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED THIS FACT. Rare racing accidents are an integral part of motor racing. We are well prepared for them with emergency services on site and the safety equipment in the cars. These racing accidents have no effect on or connection with the Town that gives us a special use road permit under Section 1182 of New York Vehicle & Traffic Law. Under Section 1182, traffic laws are suspended and the road becomes a closed racing course. UNFORTUNATELY, A FALSE TALE OF LACK OF SAFETY ON OUR EVENTS WAS SPUN BY THE OPPONENTS OF THE RALLY OFF THIS RACING ACCIDENT. This issue will be revisited at the Town Board meeting tonight (Thursday). Our safety procedures, which follow the generally accepted safety standards promulgated by the world sanctioning body of motorsports - FIA, are flawless and they have been carried out flawlessly by the event participants. This is evidenced by the fact that in the nine-year history of Rally New York events we have never injured or endangered any resident, spectator, official or a media person. Significantly, the Tourism Officials estimate that each of our events brings between $200,000 and $450,000 in business revenue and economic benefits to the area. The Director of County Tourism, local business people and residents from affected roads will speak to that tonight. In addition, we have contributed to the local General Hospital, our competitors and Rally New York donated the total of $1,100 to the local Sgt. Ryan foundation so far and we work with local schools providing monetary prizes for the rally poster contest for the kids. In short, we have done a lot of good for the community. We also make donations to local EMS units and fire departments that help us assure safety of our events. Rich Otis is the most honorable and straightforward person who has worked tirelessly for years as a pure volunteer for the success of Rally New York events we have enjoyed. It was unacceptable and improper for the opponents of the rally to accuse him in their rage of not telling the truth. We trust Rich implicitly. As you can also see from the article, the motion to terminate our three-year contract early on the grounds mentioned above has died because of lack of support. For your further information and clarification, the discussion about the cost of litigation came out of the concern what would happen if the Town would terminate our three-year contract early without sufficient grounds for such action. Finally, the status of the competitors involved in the racing accident is as follows: The driver, Mark Lawrence, who happens to be a lawyer, suffered a fractured collar bone, was treated at the local hospital and returned to the event. The codriver, Eamonn Sweeney, a sturdy bricklayer, was airlifted to a hospital where he spent four days for observations. All the tests came out clear. Sweeney was released on June 24, eight days before the Town Board meeting described in the article. He is resting at home with no broken bones, no head injuries and only with some internal chest bruising that should heal completely soon. Ivan Orisek President, Rally New York, Ltd. 845-794-4096
July 16, 2009 13:24:04 Rich Otis To Laughing.....unaccustomed as I am to public speaking.......(a joke)....I do sometimes find it difficult to "blow my own horn" or the "horn of the Rally". I think this is because most of the community service things we do just seem like the right, normal, correct, or natural (pick the word you like) thing to do! When we apply for a Special Use Road Permit in a Town we feel a part of the Town and therefore always try to be good neighbors. Like I said this just seems normal. Of course the "nuts & bolts" of it boils down to, you let us use your roads for a few hours & in return we will provide free entertainment for those that wish to view it as well as bringing significant economic benefits in the form of visitor dollars! All the other stuff we do is just being good neighbors!................Rich
July 16, 2009 13:22:27 Rich Otis To Not LOL & All.......Just because something is written in the newspaper does not make it a true fact, take the case of Richard Jewel who was accused of the Olympic bombing in Atlanta, Mr. Jewel was accused, tried, and convicted in the media, as we all know he was later completely exonerated! The unfortunate part is that the damage done by the pall of suspicion that was cast upon him, was something he was never able to overcome and eventually lead to his untimely death. It would be nice if everything was like the Christmas classic "Virginia's letter to the editor of the Sun", as we know little Virginia writes a letter to the editor to find out if there really is a Santa Clause, she writes "Papa says if you read it in the Sun it must be true", we all remember the beautiful response she receives. Unfortunately not everything you read in the paper is true, it may be true that Mary said "the moon is made of green cheese", not many rational thinking people would take that to be a fact!.............Rich
July 16, 2009 11:08:45 Laughing   "RALLY NEW YORK COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION" "Sgt. Ryan Foundation received the proceeds from a raffle of rally art at Rally New York USA 2009. Competitors raised $600 along with a contribution from Rally New York Ltd. Rich Otis, Deputy Clerk of the Course and local Liaison met with the Ryan family and also delivered a team jacket donated by Subaru Rally Team USA. Sgt Ryan, an American hero, who was severely wounded in Iraq is a resident of Ellenville and watches the rally from his front porch. The first stage of the race carried his name." You can read up on Rally New York at their website, which I Googled, at WWW.RALLYNEWYORK.COM.
July 16, 2009 07:32:19 Rich Otis Bob......good deal! I wonder if we can get "Grumpy" to hold the cash until the vote? What do you say "Grumpy", is that OK with you?..........Rich Otis
July 15, 2009 21:23:02 Not LOL   FROM DOWNSTATE:::: A conflict at last Thursday's Wawarsing Town Board meeting has thrown the future of Rally New York events in the town into question. Photos by Ted Waddell. For use by permission of Rally New York. Road Rage Residents Call For Rally New York Contract Nullification By Brian Rubin WAWARSING – It seems as if it's going to be a bumpy road over the next few weeks for the proprietors of Rally New York. At last week's town board meeting, several concerned residents of Rogue's Harbor Road pleaded with the council members to terminate the three year contract between Wawarsing and Rally New York, a company that organizes and holds road races in towns all over the state, due to what they said were several breaches of contract. The catalyst that brought the residents — about 10 to 15 of whom managed to pack the second-floor courtroom — was a crash that took place during a race on Rogue's Harbor on Saturday, June 20, resulting in both the driver and the navigator being taken to hospital after crashing their modified 1985 Volkswagon Golf into a tree. "You don't tell the truth," said Councilmember Theresa Hyatt at one point to Rally New York representative Rich Otis, who was present at the meeting to defend the accusations flying his way. Rich Robbins, who seemed to act as the residents' de facto representative, and was quoted in the Journal's June 25 article regarding the crash, cited a number of factors that he said constituted violations of the contract — thereby allowing the town to cancel it. Chief among his allegations was that Rally New York failed to notify various agencies, such as the Ulster County Sheriff and the Napanoch Fire Department, that a race was being held that day, which he said he found out when they arrived at the scene of the crash. He also added that Rich Otis, the Rally New York representative present at the scene, became belligerent with sheriff's deputies and fire department personnel, an assertion that was backed up by Councilmember Theresa Hyatt, who said she saw video taken of the alleged altercations. Otis, who says he is a volunteer with the organization, and was the clerk of the course for the race on June 20, was present at the meeting, and attempted to rebuff many of the evening's allegations. While he claimed that he hadn't committed any wrongdoing, and that Rally New York had in fact notified the agencies, representatives from the Napanoch Fire Department said that they had never received any formal notification that the race would take place that day — and also said that Otis had become agitated in his dealings with them, and that Otis told them at one point that they had only six minutes to clear the road after the injured men were taken from the scene. "We're neither for nor against it," said David Bollin of the Napanoch Fire Department of the races. "I just want to know where we stand if we have to shut a race down." Town Attorney Bill Collier said that in the case of an emergency or crash, the fire department's duty takes precedence over the race proceedings. Otis responded: "I agree completely," but added, "They had been there for two and a half hours…the car was off the road…when do you finish up?" "It's up to them," replied Councilmember Hyatt. And of the county sheriff's officers who responded to the scene and wanted to impound the car in the crash, Otis said that the sheriff's department had no jurisdiction during the time of a race, when, apparently, the road becomes a closed race course. "You're out of your mind," said Councilmember Hyatt. "I don't know how to respond to that," added Town Supervisor Ed Jennings. Adding to the conflicting accounts of the situation was the residents' assertions that Eamonn Sweeney, the navigator of the crashed car who was airlifted to Valhalla Medical Center, was, as of that morning, still a patient of the hospital's cardiology department. Otis, however, said that Sweeney had already been released from the hospital the day before. According to a staff member of the hospital on Friday, there was no Eamonn Sweeney checked in, however the staff member was unable to say when a patient by that name was checked in or out. Adding to fuel to the fire was an appearance by Forrest Ranger Rob Dawson, who also said that the race's proximity to state land was a concern to him and the DEC, and that they, too, did not receive formal notification of races. Otis contended that notifying the DEC or the parks was not stipulated in the contract. Councilmember Hyatt made a motion to nullify the contract at that evening's meeting based on the evidence the residents had supplied. "It's hard to believe all these people are wrong," she said. Deputy Supervisor Terry Houck seconded the motion, expressing that he had been against approving the Rally New York contract at the end of previous Town Supervisor James Dolaway's tenure, which ended in December, 2007. "I see more negatives," said Houck. "I don't see the benefits to the town." However, when a resident asked about the cost of litigation to the town when Rally New York eventually disputed the proposed contract nullification, Bill Collier said that fighting the litigation would certainly come out of the town's pocket, and would not be covered by the company, as residents had thought. Collier also noted that Otis was not actually an employee of Rally New York, and that the town should solicit a response to the allegations from the company formally before voting to nullify the contract. "I feel for the people here, but I want to be on solid legal ground," said Supervisor Jennings. "I don't want to open ourselves up to a lawsuit." The vote came out deadlocked, 2-2, keeping the motion from passing; the tie came because the fifth member of the town board, Tom Geelan, was absent that evening. Supervisor Jennings assured the gathered residents that the board would revisit the topic at the next board meeting, scheduled for Thursday, July 16. He hoped that Ivan Orisek, an official representative of the company, would be present at the meeting. Otis said that Orisek wasn't at that evening's meeting because he was attending a town board meeting in Forestburgh. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
July 15, 2009 20:44:23 Bob Kosztyo   Yes Rich, we are on. Bob
July 14, 2009 21:49:41 Laughing   Oh !! That is different. Go for it !!!
July 14, 2009 20:09:28 kcoLreveL   Crook? I just wanted to make love to it. Sweet.. sweet.. love..
July 14, 2009 15:55:05 Laughing   kcoLreveL - Well at least you are an honest crook.
July 14, 2009 15:11:42 kcoLreveL   I would have done naughty illegal things to that Rally Subaru if given the chance. Mmmmmm...
July 14, 2009 10:26:44 Rich Otis Bob.....I'm sorry if you or anyone else got that impression, my intent is always to be "crystal clear" and to avoid the chance of something being misinterpreted (not a complaint, I am more of an "html" guy, the way this message board is set up makes it harder for me to express myself). If in my desire to eliminate any ambiguity I have "missed the mark" and come across to you as "yelling" or "talking down" to you or anyone else please accept my apology, again that was and is not my intent. I hope this explanation is helpful in understanding "where I'm coming from"................No harm or foul intended..........peace brother!..................Bob, just to remind you of your previous post on 6/23/09 you wrote: "I bet you 100 bucks the Board shoots this thing down.", if you're serious .....when I take your $100. I'll match it and donate the $200. to the Masonville Rescue Squad.......are we on?....................again peace brother!..........Rich
July 14, 2009 09:49:29 Laughing   BOB - I am amazed? I am a shill for what? One dictionary definition of a shill. " a person who publicizes or praises something or someone for reasons of self-interest, personal profit, or friendship or loyalty." Let's see; I have no interest in the rally beyond the reasons I have mentioned. If there is any personal profit involved it sure is not coming my way. Friendship - I know absolutely NO ONE involved with the upcoming rally or any other rally in the USA. Loyalty - As I know nothing about rallys, road or otherwise, I have nothing to be loyal too. My only interest is this. I think a rally of this type would be fun to witness. I think that the protestors to this rally are panicking needlessly. I think this rally would be good for the area in that there is very little in the area that is different or attractive to people visiting the area. I think there is too much "dog-in-the-manger attitude in the area. I do not know who you are Bob but I sure would be interested in learning what personal damage would happen to you should a road rally be held on the back roads around Masonville? I really doubt that you or anyone else protesting this rally has a legitimate reason for doing so. Any protests I have read or heard have been imagined reasons for not having it or unsubstantiated accusations against the group planning it. I am wondering if having a road rally on the back roads will have as much of a negative impact on the environment as the scattering of garbage, tires, etc. along the back roads around Masonville? I do not hear anyone making much of a fuss about that.
July 14, 2009 08:09:36 Bob Kosztyo   Rich, why do you yell so much? Calm down man. You should be a bit more respectfull for the citizens of Masonville. You do sound like you are talking down to us and if we don't agree with you then we are a bunch of idiots. I resent your attitude. Laughing....ya aint kidding nobody. Your a shill. Grumpy...I'm with you on this one. Berti....peace sister.
July 13, 2009 20:02:52 Rich Otis Maria......After interviewing Brian, I am 100% sure that he did NOT use any "obscene gesture"! I and the rest of the people present where their to show the people from the area what "Rally cars" are and to answer questions and concerns that may come up. It was a very successful day, we enjoyed talking with all the residents that stopped by, most of whom were in support of the event. Equally important is that a resident of Mormon Hollow Rd. (not on the proposed closed section) who is not in favor of the Rally took the time to come by see the cars and have a dialog, I doubt very much that I changed her mind or have turned her into a big Rally fan, but I have the utmost respect for this woman for coming out to talk and listen. It would be a very boring world if everyone agreed on everything all of the time, and realistically that is never going to happen.........Regarding "what you saw" (looking behind you in your mirror while you were driving), I have no doubt you believe that you saw someone "flip you the bird", however I submit that you are incorrect and are projecting what you "wanted" or "expected" to see. You admitted to initiating a negative gesture, I further submit that in your mind you saw exactly what you "wanted" and/or "expected" to see.........Everything about our visit to Masonville on Saturday was positive, and I completely reject your attempt to taint the facts with your negative attitude! Petitioners to the Town Board do not have and should not feel as if they have a target on their backs! I have been honest and forthcoming with everyone in the Town, I welcome questions and dialog with everyone, but I will not just sit back and allow your inaccurate account of Saturday afternoon to be published unchallenged! The incident where you claim that a member of the Rally Car Show & Tell Informational Display "flipped you the bird" DID NOT HAPPEN!..........Thank you now everyone should have my contact information if you would like to discuss this future.........for me this is a closed issue!.........Rich Otis
July 13, 2009 13:32:52 maria tiska   my name is maria tiska a.k.a 408. i work in corrections and i know when people are giving me the bird. i did thumbs down because i am not in favor of the race, did not mean anything else but that. i checked the phone book and there is no one listed as bertmouse. so what is your real name? i have nothing to hide just making people aware of what happened to me. i have 20 20 vision and know what i saw and find it very very unprofessional.
July 13, 2009 10:55:19 Laughing   bertimouse - You bring up a very interesting subject in the first sentence of your message "...are we still friends?" In this day of modern and anonymous communication can we consider anyone we communicate with online, "friends" as such? As most use a "non de plume" in their communications we are not, in reality, connecting with a "real" entity, but rather a faceless writing. Even those who sign a real name we cannot be sure of. Such as ourselves. I have absolutely NO idea who you are or anything about you. I could not swear on a witness stand that you even exist; and the same would have to be true with you as to myself. While I am not convienced that anyone could consider anyone else that they communicate with in this medium a "friend" I have discovered that many people consider those they communicate with in this medium thier "enemy". I am sure that most who read most anything I place on this board consider me their "enemy". This would be true especially of those within the political arena who might peruse this board. This is actually a very untrue view of me but be-as-it-may. We live in an era where we have acquaintances but very few "friends". As I have observed on this board in the past; during the 7 or 8 years I have lived in this area I have met, maybe, 3-4 persons who live here. I do not even know some of my neighbors by name and do not know some of them by sight. This is the type disconnected and hurried culture we live in today.
July 12, 2009 21:58:06 "Grumpy" Ernst Keidel Actually, that "Peace" symbol you describe, is so last century, having been usurped by the '60s hippies/peacenicks from Winnie Churchill's V for Victory! Not such a peaceful gesture. And one must be very careful not to inadvertently give it with the palm facing inward. Then, especially in Great Britain, it means the same as the extended middle finger does here!
July 12, 2009 20:04:11 bertimouse   Hi Laughing: OK big difference with your semantics...are we still friends? We totally agree with your latest comments here. To 408:The Best Sign we have Personally found to give folks on the road is the "Loser Sign"--Take your right hand,hold it up to your forehead & make a backwards "L" - anyone in front of you should know what that means..."LOSER!" --The "Thumbs-down"&"crude middle finger" outward adjectives are SO LAST CENTURY. The one sign that's never gone out of style is the PEACE sign.Takes only two fingers & makes everyone feel good.
July 12, 2009 17:20:46 Laughing   Strange ! I did not meet anyone at the Rally setup that even remotely seemed to be the type to give anyone the "Bird". In fact everyone I spoke to was very friendly, eager to explain and extremely knowledgable about the cars and the rally. Besides, why on earth would anyone connected with the rally endanger their opportunity to win fans by doing anything rude or unseemingly? I would consider driving by any gathering and giving it a thumbs down gesture a rather unfriendly act actually. Let me make a prediction. All you folks who are so "against" a rally due to the preconceived notion that it is too noisy, too much inpact on the environment, it will bring an unwelcome element into the area, etc. will, when the gas speculators hit the area, you will jump on the "money" bandwagon so fast that ones head will spin. There suddenly will be no concern for noise, environmental impact, or dubious individuals when the dollars start clinking. We will hear just the opposite arguments from you. Personally I would rather see cars racing by under tightly controlled circumstance for a few hours than to see huge tracts of land dispoiled, dust, dirt, and 24 hour a day bright lights and machinery running, and a destroyed watertable by gas speculators.
July 12, 2009 12:03:08 408   it was a grey grand prix and it was the "bird"
July 12, 2009 09:41:12 Tom Barton Hey "408" - why not a real name? That guy was my son Brian who says that some guy in a Black Blazer passed by giving the thumbs down - Brian gave him a big "Thumbs Up" in his rear view.... and a wave to come back and stop in... Pitty that you were not able stop to chat - like so many of your neighbors did. We would have liked to have heard your comments in person.
July 12, 2009 08:29:53 Rich Otis I'll look into what you say you saw!.....Just as an aside, where I come from and the way I was raised, when someone waves to me I wave back! I was brought up to view a "wave" as a gesture of friendship! I wonder is your normal response to someone waving to you a thumbs down gesture, also do you encounter this often?.................Thanks for your input!...........Rich Otis
July 12, 2009 07:46:05 408   well, here it goes. i'm not a fan of the road rally but if the prevailing public likes it so be it. yesterday at about 4pm I passed a someone from the dislay at the library wearing a flag vest and holding a flyer waving at me, needless to say I gave him the thumbs down as i passed. When, i guess in his view 1. that I couldn't see or 2. wasn't paying attention he flipped me the "BIRD". Not speaking for all those involved in the rally are this way way, but be careful of what you wish for! sorry for the edit
July 12, 2009 07:42:21 408   well, here it goes. i'm not a fan of the road rally but if the prevailing public likes it so be it. yesterday at about 4pm I passed a some from the dislay at the library wearing a flag vest and holding a flyer waving at me, needless to say I gave him the thumbs down as i passed. When, i guess in his view that I couldn't see or wasn't he flipped me the "BIRD". Not speaking for all those involed in the rally are this way way, but be careful of what you wish for!
July 12, 2009 07:20:27 Rich Otis Well Rally New York had a great time in Masonville Saturday at the Library! We had 3 Rally Cars on display for people to look at, sit in, hear run, or ask questions. I was a very productive day, with very positive response from almost everyone! Those that stopped to visit received Rally DVD's, maps,& photos! The weather cooperated with the rain holding off until 95% of our equipment was picked up and packed away! Special thanks to the Masonville Library for the use of your parking lot, and to Town Board Member Kathy Ryan for stopping in to learn about Rally cars. Please spread the word of the Public Hearing, Wednesday August 5, 2009! I hope to see many residents in support of this event......of course if anyone needs any information please ask here or shoot me a private email..................Thanks from .......Rich Otis and the whole team Driver Tom Barton, co-driver Brian Barton, Driver /organizer Ivan Orisek, co-driver/organizer Olga Orisek, & co-driver Austin Gager
July 11, 2009 10:45:42 Laughing   bertimouse - Please do NOT put words into my mouth. I did not say it was the prevailing attitude of ALL residents of Masonville. I said it was the prevailing attitude of the area. Big difference.
July 11, 2009 01:06:35 bertimouse   Dear Laughing: Back Off Now.At the moment you are treading very Deep Waters if you believe that you speak for Our Family Here & the Supposed "Prevailing Attitude" of all Masonville Citizens.Your very "online name" speaks volumes about the contempt you hold for Lord knows Who or What.You as an individual have every right as we do in making our point:Our point was; [again]Speak Kindly.Care Deeply.Love generously.Every minute you spend upset is a minute of happiness you will never get back again ever.What does it matter who "wins" if running the race kills you anyway? Dear Laughing I wish you could only understand these words is all...Nuff said.
July 11, 2009 00:41:28 bertimouse   Oh Crappy Derby! Can't be there at the Masonville Library this weekend Rich to see your road race exhibit; too bad you didn't have more time to promote it...gotta help out my brother with his First Horse Show competition, ha ha we just can't miss that. Good luck.
July 10, 2009 10:52:23 Laughing   Anyone on the board using MS Windows 7 - RC I would like to compare experiences with the OS with you.
July 09, 2009 06:11:01 Rich Otis "Ladies & Gentlemen.....boys & girls" The Rally New York information "Show & Tell" session will be Saturday July 11th, 12 - 4 pm at the Masonville Library, Rte. 8! There will be 2 Rally cars on display, visitors will be able to look them over, take photos, hear them run, and talk with members of the race teams. I will have free Rally DVD's, photos, and printed information! Please let your friends and neighbors know about the display, and don't forget, Wednesday August 5, 2009 there will be a "Public Hearing" regarding the Special Use Road Permit request by Rally New York! Turn out early (7:00 pm ) it is important for everyone's voice to be heard!..............Hope to see many of you on Saturday.........Rich
July 06, 2009 12:04:44 George Denys I rest her case.
July 03, 2009 14:59:43 Rich Otis To All......I would like to have some sort of Rally informational meeting in Masonville sometime in the next two weeks! I will do my best to bring an actual Rally car for people to look at and hear run, often seeing something in person is worth thousands of words. I would like the users of this message board (no matter if you're for or against the event) to spread the word and let me know when the best date, time, and location would be. I am a firm believer in the idea that "information is good and accurate information is even better"! I will have printed info, videos, and photos, again people will have the opportunity to look over all the personal and environmental safety equipment that is a part of every Rally car. Please help me out with this and I hope everyone has a wonderful Independence Day........Happy Birthday America!...............Rich
July 03, 2009 09:12:04 Laughing   Mr. Dnys - In any discussion the wisest person is the one who agrees with you. Right?
July 03, 2009 08:00:46 George Denys Mine are more blue-green. Berti's posts have much wisdom in them if you take the time too look. Masonville is full of folks from many different walks of life. I consider this one of our strongest attributes. HAPPY 4TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
July 02, 2009 12:44:47 Laughing   Bertimouse - In what way have I insulted any individual in the town of Masonville? I spoke in a general sense of the prevailing attitude of the town; not any individual. I have discovered since the time I moved here and by reading accounts and attending meetings that the prevailing attitude in the area is just what I described. This does not apply to any ONE individual. You are a cheerleader for anything Masonville and that is good. Keep it up. But, not all of us view things through the same rose colored glasses.
July 02, 2009 08:41:56 Rich Otis Thank you Masonville Town Board & all the residents that attended last evenings meeting! I was given ample "floor time" to give an updated progress report regarding the application for a Special Use Road Permit by Rally New York. We would like to bring the "final round" of the United States Rally Championship 2009 season to Masonville this fall. For those of you that may not be familiar with this National Motorsport event, if approved modified "street legal" automobiles will compete against the "clock" (not wheel to wheel racing) on select sections of sparsely populated Town roads (which will be closed by permit to normal traffic for 3- two hour periods with breaks in between closures). Masonville will see between 30 & 40 competitive teams from all corners of the United States, at the end of the day the years points will be added up and the National Champion in both All Wheel Drive & 2 Wheel Drive will be crowned. Please support this exciting & significant Motorsport event which will have a positive economic impact on the Town of Masonville!.......If anyone has questions please contact me 845-344-2720; 845-649-8112; 845-794-4096; email;; or visit ............................Thanks, I wish everyone a safe & DRY July 4th!...........Rich
July 01, 2009 22:40:53 bertimouse   Oh&BTW to All Here? [Here's a little OK unasked-for-but-your-getting-it-here-now-for-just-this-once-local marketing-advice-from-Bertimouse]-Don't laugh,or maybe DO laugh, whatever: but the "Burma-Shave-like" signs along the sides of your roads REALLY DO WORK!-We've used them most successfully to get rid of 5 free kittens one year&roosters&eggs for allot of years now. -The more signs that rhyme; the quicker product sells. Been there done that & it's always fun to involve the family to make up new signs! :)
July 01, 2009 22:10:36 bertimouse   Dear Laughing: While we here agree with your positive comments regarding the proposed Road Rally we DO NOT support & are somewhat discouraged by the negative & insulting ways you have chosen to make publicly about the folks here who happen to have a difference in opinion about it. Dear Laughing; it serves you NO PURPOSE, makes you look bad&it is only wasted energy.. Why do you do that? Cannot you get your point across without attacking&insulting? p.s.My Grandma taught us that but in College we learned that all good folks & leaders knew that;it's like rule #1 when you are dealing with "the public." Dear Laughing: Forgive us we don't mean to preach it's just that there is so much Pain In The World right now we hate to read it on our own hometown Message Board...we here try to reflect God's Light & Hopefulness whenever we can LOL can't you tell?-There MAYBE a RACE here if people would just go online elsewhere&educate themselves about these kinds of road races...they're just too busy(we think at the moment)responding negatively to what's said here. Laughing: the Clear Fact To Us Here is that most folks here are against it because they haven't ever been exposed to this kind of Road Rally(?)& CUDOS to Rich Otis in his Volunteer Efforts to try & bring everyone up to "speed"(pun intended)about all the details.The guy deserves a medal for that. :) Again;we really believe that folks should first "google" stuff online about road rallies in Central NY & talk to people who have experienced it first,to Educate themselves more before they Annihilate something they have never experienced,Eh?OK Nuff Said.
July 01, 2009 21:20:02 bertimouse   Hey CrzyFlea: See now,there's another great idea on a way a property owner could make some money: If you DO&CAN pick up cellphone service somewhere on your property; Why not put up some "Burma-Shave-like" signs out front by your road that say something like; Sign#1)Need to make a cellphone call? Sign#2)We'll tell you where right here. Sign#3)Small Fee required. Sign#4)Helps the owner who's retired! :) :) :) Heck, even we could get in on that deal;there's a spot up on our hill to make calls;gotta get outta your car to make it but in a pinch it's there.
June 30, 2009 18:38:14 Rich Otis CrzyFlea.......Thanks! Now it makes sense............try to stay dry!.............Rich
June 30, 2009 15:52:15 CrzyFlea   Rich - the "Phone Booth" is a stretch of road between the farm by Herring road through to the start of the woods when you're heading towards the crossover to Mormon Hollow, right along the top of the Gifford fields. If you get to the A frame cabin, you're gone past it. In that length of road anyone with an AT&T Verizon T-mobile or Virgin Mobile phone gets reasonably good service. At least your spectators won't be totally cut off from the outside world. Come to think of it, depending on who owns the old Gifford farm, perhaps you'll be able to get access on the downhill side up through the field for spectators along that stretch too, not just along the road. Maybe someone here knows who you should contact regarding that.
June 30, 2009 14:37:45 Rich Otis At least it's not snow!
June 30, 2009 14:23:05 wet   Oh great more rain:(
June 29, 2009 22:16:34 Tom Barton Driver here.. Brian (see post below) is my son and co-driver, and together we are a team. Not really a "young man's" sport.... Hope everything works out OK, we look forward to coming to Masonville. By the way - Rich is exactly what he say's he is - he gets no financial compensation (as far as I know) and spends tons of time and gas on coordinating the rally roads. Any questions or concerns, you can contact me personally- or by cell phone - 201-481-3190.... My cell gets pretty busy during the day time, if I miss your call I will call back..... Tom Barton - Driver Mazda 323
June 29, 2009 20:20:55 Rich Otis Laughing...........I will address the "oil spill", On April 4th during Rally New York USA 2009, a Ford Escort punctured his oil pan and leaked 3 quarts of oil over a 2 mile stretch of Beers Brook Rd, the team was unaware of the leak until the engine stopped running from lack of oil. The remaining 1 quart of oil that was leaked when the car stopped was handled with the spill kit that all competitors carry to avoid damage to the environment. The Walton VFD spill team was called to help with the clean up of the 3 quarts of oil that were distributed over the 2 mile stretch of road, however they explained that less than 4 quarts of oil over that area is not considered a spill. Remember this is on an asphalt petroleum based road! The driver was issued two tickets by a DEC Officer, both tickets were dismissed in court. The Rally, and the competitor took the proper measures to protect the environment!.................Thanks..............Rich
June 29, 2009 19:58:30 Rich Otis TCR........If you go back and read my post June 24, 2009 14:38:03, you may understand better and avoid embarrassing yourself........Rich Otis
June 29, 2009 19:48:53 Rich Otis TCR........Just what information are you basing your antagonistic & inflammatory posting "Do you really believe Mr. Otis would be pushing this rally so hard, if he wasn't lining his own pockets? He and the racers will be the only ones to benifit." !...................As I have stated I am a VOLUNTEER, I receive no compensation for the time I devote to these events! Perhaps you would bring whatever documentation that indicates I am compensated with you to the meeting on Wednesday, I look forward to seeing you look like a fool! I will say this again, I am a volunteer, I receive no compensation for my time, and I do this out of a love and passion for two things I enjoy Rally, and Ham Radio!
June 29, 2009 17:40:45 Laughing   tcr - I would imagine that the sort of race being discussed is much like the racing this old man was involved in many years ago. Dirt track oval racing was not looked at as a money maker but rather just the sport and love of it. I do not know about others but in all the years I was involved I never made enough money to cover even 10% of the expense of maintaining a car and entrance fees. How much these guys will make? I do not know but I suspect that the only money makers in this endeavor will be the organizations insurance company and lawyers <Grin>. I do not think the "town" is set to make much money but rather this is an opportunity for the town to host something that is rarely seen in our area. A neverending event is not being discussed but rather a one day deal.
June 29, 2009 17:08:33 tcr   Laughing- Absolutely nothing wrong with making money, I am all for it, but I would be honest about it, instead of telling everyone in Masonville that it is going to be good for them,tell them who it is really going to be good for!
June 29, 2009 17:02:09 Laughing   Rich Otis - I do not know if anyone is going around the area trying to scare people about a road rally but I do know there are a lot of horror stories going around about other races by your organization. I have heard stories about damage to private property that was not reported. Injuries that were not reported. Oil spills and environmental damage not reported. BUT, all of these are a "he said. she said, they said" situation. None, that I have tried to track down could be varified or authenticated. I find it difficult to believe that any of these things could occour with 8 or 9 hundred people watching and the happenings not be a matter of public knowledge almost immediately. AND to tcr - So, what is wrong with anyone making money off such an endeavor? Are you saying if you were to make some money you would be for it?
June 29, 2009 16:26:04 tcr   Do you really believe Mr. Otis would be pushing this rally so hard, if he wasn't lining his own pockets? He and the racers will be the only ones to benifit.
June 29, 2009 15:16:27 Rich Otis I really hope there are not a bunch of "self serving pseudo do gooders" going around frightening elderly or infirmed residents with "fabricated horror stories"! I have made myself available to Masonville residents to answer questions accurately, you all have my home telephone number, my cell number, and my email! Please use them if you need information, you may share this information with other Masonville residents if you like! I look forward to hearing from you!..........Ph.(845)344-2720,.....cell..(845)649-8112..................Thanks.........Rich
June 29, 2009 14:55:47 Rich Otis Have you -traveled- those roads?..........YES, IN A DODGE NEON!............. Thanks......Rich
June 29, 2009 14:33:45 Rich Otis Have you -traveled- those roads..........YES!............. I'd hate to see tax dollars go to fixing the ruts, and craters just so your rally could have a better race-way.....................NO TAX DOLLARS WILL BE SPENT BECAUSE OF THIS RALLY! I HAVE NEVER ASKED A TOWN TO MAKE ANY IMPROVEMENTS TO A ROAD FOR THE RALLY & I WOULD NOT WANT OR EXPECT MASONVILLE TO DO ANY ROADWORK FOR THIS EVENT!....... The roadways aren't made for speed............FOR A STANDARD ROAD VEHICLE I AGREE, RALLY CARS HAVE EXTENSIVE SAFETY EQUIPMENT, MODIFIED SUSPENSION, & SKID PLATES, THESE ROADS ARE SMOOTH COMPARED TO SOME RALLY ROADS!'ll be cutting off the "Phone Booth" on Steam Mill Rd. with some of the proposed routes.........SORRY, YOU GOT ME ON THAT ONE, I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE 'PHONE BOOTH' IS! the Masonville end of the road will be an egress from the race area.......IT WILL MOST LIKELY BE PART OF THE TRANSIT SECTION!........FYI, you've got a _board member_, _the town judge_, _the webmaster_, _the town clerk_, and _the court clerk_ all living on that end of the road..................I AM SURE THEY ARE AWARE THAT WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT A PRIVATE ROAD! THE PORTION FROM HERRING RD. TO RT. 206 WOULD NOT BE CLOSED AT ANYTIME TO NORMAL TRAFFIC........I FAIL TO SEE AN ISSUE HERE!.............Most importantly_____You've also got residents who are on oxygen, or with other very SERIOUS health conditions along that egress. Clogging up that end of the road would be a bad idea imho. Even if people only park on one side of the road - these roads aren't all that wide to begin with and the ditches run deep............THERE WOULD BE NO "Clogging up" OF THAT SECTION OF ROAD BY RALLY RELATED VEHICLES!......... I haven't been down to visit when I haven't seen at least one person on horseback traveling those roads you've mentioned, who wouldn't necessarily be going through areas that say there is road closures to get onto those roadways. .............HAVING PRESENTED THESE EVENTS IN SIMILAR AREAS FOR SOME TIME NOW I FEEL THIS ORGANIZATION IS EXPERIENCED AT DEALING WITH THIS TYPE OF ISSUE, WE ARE VERY CAREFUL TO SECURE ALL TRAILS, DRIVEWAYS, & ACCESS ROADS! ALSO BY IDENTIFYING PEOPLE THAT MAY RIDE IN THAT AREA, WITH THE HELP OF SAFETY MINDED RESIDENTS SUCH AS YOURSELF, THEY CAN BE INFORMED IN WRITING OR IN PERSON OR BOTH!.....DON'T READ ANYTHING INTO THE CAPS, IT'S JUST TO SEPARATE YOUR QUESTIONS & CONCERNS FROM MY RESPONSE!..........THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST & CONCERN FOR SAFETY!.............RICH
June 29, 2009 13:03:55 Laughing   This has got to be the most closed minded, provincial, dog-in-the-manger town in Delaware County. "I don't want it and you can't have it" prevails. "If I did not think of it or if I am not in charge then by George it is not going to happen" mentality. This is the predominate attitude from the Town Board on down.
June 29, 2009 11:58:47 CrzyFlea   Have you -traveled- those roads (especially the mormon hollow cross to herring road) in anything lower than a truck? I'd hate to see tax dollars go to fixing the ruts, and craters just so your rally could have a better race-way. I know I don't bring my car when I plan to go out on those roads. The roadways aren't made for speed - which is fine by me! -- The way it sounds to me though, you'll be cutting off the "Phone Booth" on Steam Mill Rd. with some of the proposed routes. -- And it also sounds like the Masonville end of the road will be an egress from the race area. ---FYI, you've got a _board member_, _the town judge_, _the webmaster_, _the town clerk_, and _the court clerk_ all living on that end of the road. --- ____Most importantly_____You've also got residents who are on oxygen, or with other very SERIOUS health conditions along that egress. Clogging up that end of the road would be a bad idea imho. Even if people only park on one side of the road - these roads aren't all that wide to begin with and the ditches run deep. I haven't been down to visit when I haven't seen at least one person on horseback traveling those roads you've mentioned, who wouldn't necessarily be going through areas that say there is road closures to get onto those roadways.
June 29, 2009 11:10:20 Rich Otis To amend my previous post regarding contracts, we will bring our proposed contract, it would be improper to distribute a copy of a contract with another Township. So to be clear we will provide the Masonville Board with a proposed contract which is fashioned after contracts we have executed with other Towns, as well as an insurance certificate from our previous event, which provides coverage limits................Thanks..............Rich
June 29, 2009 10:29:09 Rich Otis Last post should start out with...............Manny........It is common.......thanks.......Rich
June 29, 2009 10:25:57 Rich Otis Manny.....There is common to alter the routes so that competitors don't become to familiar with the same roads over & over. Some towns love it, others don't, some of it depends on the current "make up" of the Town Boards. We do have multi year contracts with the Town of Wawarsing, Town of Thompson, and Ten Mile River Scout Camp. The Town of Walton issued a single event permit last year, after a very successful event last fall entered into a three event contract with Rally New York Ltd. for the 2009 season. Board member George Denys requested contact information for officials from Towns we have Rallied in, the information was sent to him last week. I will have copies of the Wawarsing contract and a sample insurance certificate for the Board members at the meeting on Wednesday..........Thanks for your interest!..........Rich
June 29, 2009 08:45:58 Stuck at home?   Sorry! I tried to make the questions & answers legible but forgot that they get run together on the message board.
June 29, 2009 08:39:23 Stuck at home?   I wanted to share answers to some questions I received from Rich Otis regarding the rally. I received your request in the mail and was wondering what route the cars will be taking? The actual route has not been determined yet (we have to see what roads we get permits for), however I can give you the potential routes if we get the roads requested; 1.Start at the Town of Tompkins/Masonville line on Mormon Hollow Rd - turn left onto Mormon Hollow Cross Rd. - turn left at the intersection of Steam Mill Rd - Finish on Steam Mill Rd. at the Masonville/Tompkins Town line. 2.The reverse of # 1 3.Start at the Town of Tompkins/Masonville line on Mormon Hollow Rd - turn left onto Mormon Hollow Cross Rd. - turn right at the intersection of Steam Mill Rd - Finish on Steam Mill Rd. just before the farm on left near Herring Rd. 4.Reverse of # 3 The cars will take a continuous route by traveling over connecting roads to get from the finish of one "Special Stage" (closed competitive section of road) to the start of the next "Special Stage", this part of the Rally is called "transit". The cars are all licensed, inspected, and insured just like your "daily driver", during transit the competitors must and do adhere to all posted speed limits, traffic control devices, and rules of the road. If this is the area you are speaking of how would that generate income for local businesses? After every 2 or 3 "Special Stages" competitors must go to a mandatory 20 minute "Service" (where they make adjustments, change tires, clean windows, etc.), this is where their "service crew" is set up and ready to spring into action (like pit stops in NASCAR). We will arrange with the Town or a local property owner (with a suitable area) in the village to rent an area for this. This brings all of the teams into town where they will buy food, fuel, and other stuff, also during the lunch break all volunteers need a place to get food and stuff. In the Walton "Service" was done at the Delaware County Fair Grounds which we rented for the day, you are welcome to check with the Fair Board for a reference, we always leave the area as good if not better than we found it (clean). As I state in the letter, this is an opportunity for towns people to have yard sales, or "community service groups" like the Fire Company, Rescue Squad, Church groups, or Scouts to sell food or crafts to earn money for their group. Just the Teams and volunteers will add up to 500 people not counting spectators, these are people that would most likely not be in Masonville if not for the Rally and they will be hungry. Does this Rally generate a lot of road side by standers? Outside spectators are only permitted in designated spectator areas, these areas require an egress road so that spectators do not have to travel on the "closed sections" of road, the most likely place for this would be on the DEC road at the intersection of Mormon Hollow Rd. and Mormon Hollow Cross Rd, (that is for choice # 1 above), when the course is run in reverse this area would be unacceptable for obvious reasons. The reverse would have spectators on Mormon Hollow Rd. North of the 4 way intersection, spectators can be on State land or land owned by a private individual that has given written permission, again parking would be restricted to only one side. We can not (or would want to) prohibit residents or property owners from viewing (and inviting guests to view) the Rally from their property, the course safety team will advise residents if they feel they are in an unsafe location and recommend a better place to view from. If at any time the safety team feels that anyone is in an unsafe location (and it can not be corrected) the Special Stage will be cancelled! note: RNY has not had to cancel a stage in 3 years, safety for all is the number one priority! Will they be in need of parking? Spectators are directed and required to park only on one side of the egress road (not on the course), this allows for emergency vehicle traffic.
June 29, 2009 07:55:42 Manny   I thought my question was relatively straight forward, but unless I missed it in one of those long replies, it seems to have gone unanswered. My question was...: "If the other communities were so thrilled with having your event there, why not return to their town???? Did they refuse?? Was there opposition before during or after??". If yes, then why? ------ So, maybe you can share with us the exact names and numbers of the Towns you were at previously so the elected officials of Masonville can call the elected officials of those towns and get their sentiments on of having experienced this Rally event in their respective municipality. Thank you.
June 26, 2009 15:02:03 Laughing   It is shocking that you folks are so taken up over a few hour timed race. Folks please note that the Cable News is running 24 hour coverage of things that are important. "Will Jon and Kate (whoever Jon and Kate are) keep their reality show?" Michael Jackson kicked the bucket. This is the greatest loss to the world since the demise of the Dear Lord Himself. The Lord resurrected; perhaps that strange character MJ will make a re-appearance at one of his shows? Keep focused folks and keep watching CNN !!!
June 26, 2009 11:48:55 Rich Otis Yes, of course I remember you. Before I forget I want to thank you for allowing me to use your message board as a way to answer questions and get feedback. I appreciate you overlooking the message rules for awhile, I feel it is important to be completely "up front & honest with everyone"......I understand what you are saying but I'd like you to consider putting this aside for a few hours and consider this an opportunity for the whole town.......Please remember that I have complete control over the competitors & volunteers with regards to routes & speeds, and I can strongly recommend to spectators to "keep a lid on their enthusiasm". Other than residents & guests of property owners, spectators are only permitted in designated areas. The most likely location would be the intersection of Mormon Hollow Rd. & Mormon Hollow Cross Rd. (spectator areas can not be "locked within the course" without an egress route), spectators would be required to use Mormon Hollow Rd. north of the intersection or the extension through the park land. If we do not use the section of Steam Mill Rd. from Mormon Hollow Cross Rd. to Herring Rd. (I didn't check but I'm guessing you live between Herring Rd. & Town) the section you are concerned about would not even be used for transit. These type of things can be worked out as part of the contract with the Town in the form of stipulations, of course this should be a give & take process not totally one sided. We have been very successful having a resident or two as part of the contract process. Please believe me the last thing I want is an angry resident (they can be very problematic), I will make any reasonable concessions to attempt to keep everyone happy and I hope residents will bend a little also.....for the good of the whole town. Give this thing a chance and you will be pleasantly surprised at how un-intrusive it really is..........Thanks
June 26, 2009 10:31:47 "Grumpy" Ernst Keidel Hello, Rich Otis! You may remember me from the last Town Council Meeting. I told you then that as a resident of Steam Mill Road, I opposed this event. The rally/race course is not by my home, but ALL will have to pass by in order to get there! That's competitors, organizers, and the thousand or so spectators! OK, perhaps some of them will come by way of Mormon Hollow, but that way is not as convenient. I too am a "newcomer" here, having bought my property only about ten years ago. Yet I feel a bonafide Masonvillain! Before I signed on the dotted line to commit to the purchase of my land, I sat on the front stoop for an hour and timed the traffic. Six vehicles passed, coming and going. Obviously, this is not going to be the case on October 24, when I can expect perhaps THOUSANDS to pass my place. Oh yeah, my two cats also cross Steam Mill Road to reach the other side of my property. As I told you at the meeting: "No thanks, Rich! I like to keep Masonville quiet."
June 25, 2009 23:22:15 bertimouse   Oh Boy,we sure do hope George is ready for this barrage eh?he he! God we Love Masonville we surely do & click your heels three times cause "There's No Place Like Home, yes There's NO Place Like Home." :) Looks like "Democrazy" still works here in these parts?-We'll see eh? Sorry to offend anyone just couldn't resist this message.OK NOW Nuff Said. Peace,Happy Safe & Sunny Summer to All. :)
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