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September 20, 2010 23:34:09 Craig DuMond   Amanda Boomhower will be at the Masonville Federated Church from 4-5 Tuesday the 21st instead of the Town Hall. I apologize for any confusion!
September 20, 2010 10:07:03 Tony - CR-20   To Pam & two should be very proud of your Son's. I, and many more American's, thank you for their service to our Country! God Bless them in future endeavors!
September 17, 2010 21:50:26 Craig DuMond   Amanda Boomhower, Regional Representative for Congressman Scott Murphy, will be at the Masonville Town Hall on Tuesday September 21st from 4-5pm. Ms. Boomhower will be available to answer any questions, field complaints and pass messages to the Congressman.
September 17, 2010 17:35:25 Grumpy Hello Pam, next-door neighbor. As you know, both of my boys were in Iraq at the same time. Armin was in Baghdad, Will in BaCubah. Although they were only about 40 miles apart, they never got to see each other! Will spent 16 months about 35 miles NE of Baghdad and was the last to come home. Armin was medevaced to Landstuhl, Germany with a knee injury and then onto West Point for surgery. Armin is all better and is now a uniformed firefighter with the Leominster, MA Fire Department. He and Will share an apartment in Fitchburg, MA, where Will attends college.
September 11, 2010 22:55:41 Pamela Walker I am so proud of my son who went to war for that day 9/11 and I thank god he has came home safe and now off to collage. It was something that was his choice to help our country and I could'nt ask for anything more.
September 10, 2010 19:02:09 Les   Being naive and proud of ones country and it's servicemen is two different things.No our country does not have a very "rosy" history.But there are many good people in this world who have fought hard to change it.While I agree with some of your post it doesn't change the fact that our country has spent more and sacrificed more than any other country.If there were any other motives then they are the ones that have to live with it.Yes our country is being sold to the highest bidder and it isn't only China.Anheuser Bush 'Budweiser' was bought out by Inbev based in europe.American pride should have no dollar value.Whats next Chrysler by Italy? Yup! The tea party movement is our peoples attempt to band together as a country out for the better interests of the people and our grandchildrens futures.It's time to stop blaming Bush and try to get this right.If this administration can't get it right than this great country can vote for a different hope and change again.It would be nice to see all the flags being flown like after 9-11.It would be even better if it didn't take a tragedy to show patriotism.God bless America!
September 10, 2010 15:08:46 Observer   Les - Bless you. Such a rosy view of history. We knew of Saddam's atrocities long before 9-11. Why did we not do something about it then? We knew of the atrocities of Nazi Germany long before we entered the conflict. Why didn't we do something about it then? We did not bother Saddam as long as the oil kept flowing. We did not bother Hitler as long as we kept a monetary interest in the conflict between him and Europe and England. In both cases it took a direct intervention in the interests of big business to get us involved. Do you actually believe there is an altruistic interest on the part of our government and big business to see "democracy" established throughout the entire world? I hope you are not that naive. Think about it. We are in bed with the largest oppressive government in the world. China. China owns a great deal of this country and is obtaining more every day. For what reason? Greed, Profit and the bottom line.
September 10, 2010 12:56:01 Les   If it takes Jesus to rid the world of evil I hope he comes soon.I hope our men and women who have died as a result of war are remembered for the fight of liberty and peace in the world and not that it lined the pockets of war mongers.Every war this country was in since the revolution has been in the pursuit of peace and freedom.And to think otherwise disrespects the millions who have served or are serving.Rather than question why we are in Iraq ask why did we leave.Saddam killed 5,000 Iraqi people and injured 11,000 testing his weapons on the city of Halabja, the largest chemical attack on a civilian populated area in history.That was just one day of Saddams rule of fear and terror.Saddam ordered all Iraqi\'s that opposed him to be executed.The Iraqi people are being freed of an evil empire.Over 6 million Jews died in the holocaust.Our military fights for peace and to rid the world of evil not for political or monetary profit.Politics come and go,Presidents are only temporary,peace on earth will last forever. 9-11 is a day to remember all that have died that day.And to remember that the enemy isn\'t only overseas it\'s in our backyard.And to thank our soldiers and their families for the sacrifices they endure for the people who can\'t or won\'t.Remember it\'s a volunteer military.
September 10, 2010 10:17:55 Observer   Wars are always "Rich man's war, Poor man's fight." Someone noted on here that we are placing our young people in harms way so we can live in a world of peace. Noble sentiment. But highly impractical and unlikely. The only peace this world will ever know is when Jesus Christ is on the throne. Can anyone name any period of time that this world has not been involved in one conflict or another? Think of this country alone in the last 100 years. Is there any period of time that we have not been involved in some sort of conflict with someone? War is a very profitable business for those supplying the machine to wage it. Yes, 9/11 was a terrible thing as was Pearl Harbor and many other attacks over the years but you can be assured that the suppliers of war material were clicking their heels when those planes struck those buildings. What was accomplished by our attack on Iraq? Not much. We rid the world of one kook who really was not much of a threat to this country at the cost of thousands of innocent lives. Now we are involved in a part of the world that no one has been able to conquer. Even the USSR with all its might was driven from that part of the world licking their wounds. On top of everything else we have a president who goes around apologizing to our enemies for the "hurt" we have done them. No, let us not forget 9/11 but let us not forget that sometimes the enemy is a lot closer than we think.
September 10, 2010 00:34:40 Les   It is sad that some have tried 'to put this behind us'.We must never forget.Our brave servicemen and women live it every day and will hopefully help rid this world of evil so we can all live in a world of peace.And please remember this is a war against terrorism and not a religion.
September 09, 2010 21:33:18 Craig DuMond   Excellent post, Robin! Let us never forget the carnage these Islamic extremists caused, including the sites where thousands of Americans were slaughtered. Nine years after the worst attack on American soil ever to occur, it is sad that some have tried 'to put this behind us' by sacrificing the significance of this event on the altar of political correctness. Let us all never forget those that have been lost, as well as those who continue to give the ultimate sacrifice, so that we may live free. With one son in the Air Force and another just starting Army Basic Training, this is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. Take time out of your day to reflect upon the nine years that have passed since we lost so many good and decent men and women in the senseless carnage of Septemeber 11, 2001.
September 08, 2010 21:52:23 Steve   Robin, thanks for the call to remember Saturday as the 9th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. As someone who was at the World Reade Center that morning, it would mean a lot to me if each of us at 8:46 and 9:03 AM stopped for a moment of silence and rememberance.
September 08, 2010 21:39:43 Pam Walker My family member did receive a summons and a ticket for $25.00 for a barking dog and I commend this board and Town officals for doing a great job for upholding the laws in Masonville family or not.
September 08, 2010 20:06:34 Pam Walker Thanks Grumpy we all try and make this Town run smooth Family or not
September 08, 2010 19:58:23 Robin Little   Let us not forget Saturday is the 9th anniversary of when our great land was attacked and many lost their lives or were injured. It would be great to see all the flags flying as they did right after the attacks. I look forward to seeing a lot of red, white and blue flying throughout and around our town on saturday. Thank you to all the past, present and future service men and woman who protect or have protected our country.
September 08, 2010 19:12:24 Craig DuMond   Thanks Grumpy!...
September 08, 2010 10:34:14 Larry Clark Does anyone have any historical information on the Clark family that lived in Masonville in the early 1800s? My great, great grandfather was born there and his name was Seth Gold Clark. I believe they later moved to Ohio. Thanks
September 07, 2010 12:22:58 Grumpy Oh man! You're doing it again! Sniping and name calling, that is. Anonymously Annoyed is fearful of what, should he/she be identifyable? Some time ago, I had to shut this board down because posters, anonymous posters, got out of hand with their name calling and finger pointing. Play nice, you all! I think this public forum is a nice venue for Masonvillains to communicate with one another. If you have something valid to contribute, stand behind what you say instead of hiding via a screen name. This message board was down for quite some time, but I think it was missed and many people welcomed its reopening. Play nice - please!
September 07, 2010 10:08:23 Observer   As I understand the situation it is difficult for a control officer to act if he does not witness the infraction. One could always go to a civil complaint? That is why there are more lawyers in the country than warts on a toad.
September 06, 2010 23:07:04 Anonymously Annoyed   After monitoring all of the posts about barking dogs, it surprises me to see that Craig DuMond, the town supervisor, is so quick to support the dog warden. It is obvious that the people feel he is not doing his job. If he was, there would not be a problem in the town with barking dogs. If he went to the owners and spoke to them, why are people still complaining and why has the problem not been resolved? To insinuate that people are “hiding” behind a screen name is very disappointing especially coming from a town official. This message board is a forum for people to voice an opinion either identified or anonymous. There are people in town directly affected by barking dogs who are afraid to come forward out of fear, myself included. Now Mr. DuMond, you want to take the anonymity away from the website also? It would be nice to know that the town supervisor was more supportive of the people he represents. It seems the town clerk has a similar way of thinking. Rumor has it that one of the barking dogs belongs to her son. You would think having a position in town government would hold her to a higher standard rather than have her family break the law. She should be setting an example instead of allowing her family to be a cause of the problem. It is disheartening to see such blind trust in town officials.
September 06, 2010 21:01:58 Craig DuMond   It is my understanding the Dog Control Officer has done his job regarding the barking dog. He has investigated the situation numerous times and has not found the dog to be barking (at least when he has conducted his investigation). He has found other dogs to be barking and spoke with the owners. If anyone has an official complaint to be made the complaint should be made publicly to the Town Board at a Town Board meeting and not posted here with a 'screen name'.
September 06, 2010 18:35:06 also a dog lover   Observer: It would be nice if we had respectful neighbors in the first place, then we wouldn\'t be having a problem to begin with. As a matter of fact, it has been discussed with the owner of the barking dog, and they deny that the problem, is theirs. The town has a dog warden just for this purpose, so why shouldn\'t he be doing his job?
September 06, 2010 14:38:52 Grumpy SLOW FOOD - FAST MUSIC! Should have added: LOUD Music! A bit too loud for my tastes these days. I prefer my music baroque; I guess I really am an old fuddy-duddy now. However, the sacrificial pig was done well and was delicious. Fellow Masonvillain Tommy Klehr did himself proud and my wife, niece and I did enjoy the meals and our relatively short stay. Tommy called his event: Music Festival and Potluck - Labor Day 2010. Some lucky people actually got to sample some of my wife's kimchi, her contribution to this event.
September 06, 2010 13:34:17 Observer   One problem today is too many of us expect others to take care of our problems in life. Why not get with the neighbor with the noisy dog and see if you can work out a solution? There is really no need to bring community officials into situations like this. We have too much interference in our lives from the "government" as it is. It amazes me the petty things that people call the police or other public officials about. I have found in this life that most of these types of issues are easily solved without interference from outside entities.
September 04, 2010 16:12:24 also a dog lover   I agree if the TOM dog warden did his job, none of us would be complaining about barking dogs in the middle of the night, or early in the morning, and Maria Tiska would not be getting screaming, irate messages for which she feels she must create even more animosity by threatening to press charges as claimed in the August 25 2010 post to this message board. The issue here is noise pollution and the loss of quality of life, not irate messages on somebodys phone machine.
September 04, 2010 15:29:07 Another Dog Lover   SECTION 5. Restrictions: It shall be unlawful for any owner of any dog to permit or allow such dog, a) continually or habitually bark, whine or howl in such a manner as to annoy, injure or endanger the comfort, repose, health or safety of two or more persons of reasonable sensitivity; So if this is the case, it should be handled properly???
September 04, 2010 15:08:41 Another Dog Lover   There are some people that are afraid to make a complaint about dogs barking do to repercussion. And the ones that do make the complaint,it does not get handled properly. I too hear one particular dog barking. I am concerned of the well being of the dog. For a dog to bark as much as this one does, it seems like something is not right. Most pets need some sort of stimulation and this one does not seem to get it.
September 04, 2010 10:20:53 Observer   Reminds me of a very funny true story. A fellow had problems with his neighbor's dog barking at all hours of the night. Even after trying to work out the problem with the neighbor it continued. One night the fellow got up about 3 AM when the dog was barking and went out and started mowing his lawn. Next day the neighbor was very incensed about him mowing his lawn at 3 AM. And the fellow said, "Well, seeing as your dog woke me I figured I might as well get something done." He never had a problem with the dog again.
September 04, 2010 01:29:37 bertimouse   Craig: Is there a Village of Masonville(at least)Ordinance about barking dogs during the wee hours of the night? Maybe some folks on the outskirts are elderly & somewhat er, deaf to their dogs's needs & that's just not right. If the TOM Dog Warden can't find the time to investigate these here complaints then it's high time to appoint someone who will & BTW, how come he doesn't have to report at the Town Meetings like everyone else who's appointed? -Just asking is all. Seems to me like some folks are really getting FED UP & not being heard, you know? Let's deal with this, eh?
September 02, 2010 14:51:01 Mark & Robin Little   It is so nice to see the cementary on 206 fixed up. The fence looks great. That old cementary is the resting place for some of our "founding fathers"; what a beautiful job! I beleive that fixing it up was a scouting project. Whoever you are, you should be proud. Thank you.
September 02, 2010 08:01:29 also a dog lover   I too am bothered terribly by a barking dog that lives opposite the church. This morning it woke me up at 4:55 AM and did not stop barking till 6:30 AM. This really should not be and if anyone else hears it barking, let\'s all try to do something. W have a dog warden here in Masonville. We need to voice our complaints we it can stop for good.
September 01, 2010 19:10:19 Grumpy Because of the parking lot repairs. Right, Craig?
September 01, 2010 08:15:48 craig dumond   Please note the Town Board meeting will be TUESDAY September 7th. Town Board meetings are usually Wednesdays...I just want to be sure everyone received my previous post correctly.
August 30, 2010 09:51:52 Grumpy KOREAN BIKER! Got an email from him today: ------------------------------------- Hi, commander!! how are you? I arrived in New York city on August 28th. But my laptop didn\'t work. Maybe something is broken. so I can\'t blogging. I appreciate for your concern. thank you Keldel and Mami and Nam kim. see you and be well. -------------------------------------- I will keep you posted when I \"hear\" from him again.
August 29, 2010 22:27:58 Craig DuMond   The September Town Board Meeting has been changed to TUESDAY September 7th at 7:30pm.
August 29, 2010 21:04:38 steaks for all   no no no steaks to keep there bellys full so they dont bark last nite they barked from 10 till 4am when i left for work
August 29, 2010 20:57:04 bertimouse   My guess is those dog-owners aren't on-line to read this stuff here, dog lover. Why not just take a walk up there one night & talk to 'em? -No need to resort to poison steaks if that's what your thinking of...yah I know your fit to be tied right now & I hear some pretty load barky ones down here near the cemetery though they don't bark all night. Ahem to quiet, peaceful nights brother with non-violent solutions, eh? I'll pray for you & yours tonight. :)
August 29, 2010 20:35:01 dog lover   being grumpy is ok i am grumpy most off the time . but the dogs got to go they must be further up the road than you also my wife likes to take a walk to the town and she says most off the dogs are off the lease .
August 29, 2010 19:58:07 Grumpy No, I can't say I hear any dogs barking at night. Sometimes one or two of my neighbor's dogs bark in the afternoon, but mostly at me, when I drive my run-about along their fence line. I moved up here ten years ago because there was almost no traffic; I need the peace and quiet to concentrate on whatever I am doing. Lately that peace and quiet is GONE because of inconsiderate idiots running unmuffled and unregistered dirt bikes and four-wheelers up and down the road! And up and down the road! And up and down the road! And up and down the road! For hours on end! Have you figured out why I'm grumpy yet?
August 29, 2010 18:55:05 dog lover   hey grumpy do you know who's dog is barking all nite long every nite by you . Please let me know if and may be we can give the dog a steak to keep him,her quiet thanks
August 28, 2010 15:39:30 Grumpy CDR. To keep updated with our Korean visitor, you can go to Of course this link doesn't work from this venue; you'll have to cut and paste! Warning: this site is in Korean! However, you should be able to navigate to the date of 26 August and view photos of his bike and my wife's car at the DOWNTOWN Masonville intersection, as well as shots of the meal she prepared for him and views of me with my little runabout on our Steam Mill Road property.
August 27, 2010 23:38:56 bertimouse   I Love U Grumpy! You & yours just proves my point that u never know someone till u get up the courage to just say HELLO, relax & talk to 'em eh? Sorry to say my knowledge of Korea is all just from Mash TV re-runs & that's pretty pathetic. We should have some kind of "Day" in Masonville where everyone gets to talk & bring food :) I definitely want to invite you & your wife to a BBQ someday. Thanks for shining a light on my otherwise nasty hard working week. BTW - would U know of anyone living down near the Sullivan/Orange County Border close to route 17 who would be willing to "SWAP HOUSES" Mon-Thurs? The 1,000 mile a week commute is really getting to me & the girls! :(
August 27, 2010 22:01:56 Lynn   Hi Grumpy, Your wife being Korean explains the great cusine. Wan must have been very grateful to find a little bit of home in this small community so far away from where he started out. Although my husband and I have never been to Korea, we both love the spicy Kimchi but I have never tried to make it. Maybe I will give it a try this fall.
August 26, 2010 16:27:58 Grumpy Thank you, Lynne! My wife, of course, is Korean. We married over 27 years ago in Seoul. We have a second refrigerator in our home for smelly things. That is where the kimchi and other quite aromatic Korean foodstuffs are kept. That way all the "regular" food doesn't get infused with pungent and exotic aromas. I'm a bit outnumbered here. My wife lives on Korean food, as does our Korean niece, who's been living with us for over two years already.
August 26, 2010 15:50:24 Lynn   Grumpy, You and your wife did a very generous thing. I am very grateful that you gave Won a positive view of Masonville. As far as the Korean meal? I am impressed. I know I wouldn't be able to pull off preparing Korean cuisine.
August 26, 2010 12:46:58 Grumpy My spouse returned from an errand yesterday and spotted a bicyclist with Korean flags on his bike at the intersection of Routes 8 and 206. Of course, she stopped to talk to him! He is Wan Noh, and is bicyling from Vancouver on a mission which will see him in NYC, Washington, DC, back in NYC, then on a plane to Haiti, where he will conclude his humanitarian task. Man, that's a lot of biking! Wan is the same age as our eldest son Armin and my wife was happy to give him a full Korean meal. He spent the night on our couch and went on his way this morning, well showered and well fed.. We look forward to hearing from him in the future.
August 25, 2010 22:47:47 bertimouse   Craig: Having Time to think things out is a good thing. Making Strong Regulations to protect the safety of the People is another good thing. Having MANY JOBS & TRAINING for the Enforcement of the New Regulations to Protect & Preserve Health & Safety BEFORE the new regulations go into effect is the Best Thing. And that's all I have to say about that. :)
August 25, 2010 22:37:07 Craig DuMond   Hi, Berti - I am told this is why they have put things on hold until May to figure these things out. With some of the most stringent regulations in the Country, I am confident we can get this done right and SAFE.
August 25, 2010 22:27:00 bertimouse   Hi Craig. Thanks for your thoughts here. In the "GasLand" movie, they reported that there are currently only 16 NYS-DEC inspectors to keep their eyes on inspecting the currently 15,000 gas wells already in our state. Since (I THINK) that the DEC would take the lead for inspection services regarding these particular gas wells which would be "fracking", one of my main concerns would be(which was also mentioned in this "GasLand" movie): HOW THE L [i.e. who will vote for the additional funding?}is the NYS DEC division going to have the additional inspection personnel required to handle the 60,000 gas wells that they want to install; SOON? -This was PA's biggest problem. They had state layoffs to their DEC. Craig, as you may know I am a NYS construction inspector working in a different division. In NYS in my profession; my whole BEING is all about keeping the General Public Safe-similar to Law & Fire officials everywhere in NYS. Everyone in Masonville needs to understand that the DEC division of NYS is also ALL ABOUT keeping the public safe in Delaware County about what are THE MOST important things: Drinkable Water; Clean Dirt to Grow Your Food in; Clean Air To Breath; Healthy Animals to Hunt, Fish & Raise. For Gas Drilling to become a reality the NYS-DEC needs MAJOR FUNDING next year. Otherwise no one will be there to mind the hen-house while the foxes are sneaking, so to speak. -Nuff said, again.
August 25, 2010 22:08:11 Craig DuMond   The below posts are from the Sullivan County Democrat. Sullivan County Partnership ( our equivalent of Economic Development) and the Cornell Cooperative Extension was being challenged by an environmental group called the Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy for using public funds inappropriately. This news article reflects the response by a very active pro-drilling group in that county. This article was shared by Tom Shepstone (named in the article). I just thought it was interesting to hear both sides of the debate over natural gas exploration.
August 25, 2010 22:06:13 Craig DuMond   Legislators react to drilling comments By Dan Hust MONTICELLO — Legislators listened to about two hours’ worth of public comment at Thursday’s regular meeting. At the end of the comment period, legislators Elwin Wood, Jodi Goodman, Alan Sorensen and Jonathan Rouis expressed the belief that gas drilling can be accomplished in Sullivan County safely. “I believe we need to move Sullivan County forward,” said Wood, the Legislature’s vice chairman. “It can be done correctly,” emphasized Goodman, lamenting that “there are some people in society who will always have a ‘no’ approach.” Sorensen clarified that his calls for a new ethics process at the county level are “not directed at the Partnership” but are “much broader than that.” As for drilling, “if appropriate safeguards can be put in place, I think it is something that can be done safely,” he said. “We can do this probably safely,” agreed Rouis, the Legislature’s chairman, “in a way people can reap the benefits.” Legislator David Sager, however, wasn’t so sure, citing the concerns over flawed studies aired by around 2,000 NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation employees. “I have to pause, and I have to worry,” he told listeners. “... There are a lot of steps that have to be taken to ensure safe drilling.” Responding to criticisms from the speakers that day, Sager added that he’s no “elitist” but simply a property owner and businessman in Jeffersonville who fears for the county’s future, especially with agriculture. “The fact is, natural gas drilling and agriculture are two separate industries,” he remarked. Calling himself “completely dedicated to farmers,” Sager apologized that the state and federal governments have not done more to help them but argued that drilling isn’t necessarily the way to go. And he reminded the crowd that the county has a history of backroom deals, which is why he’s for more transparency from the county and its agencies. Rouis concluded the intense discussion by urging all sides not to alienate each other. “Working together works,” he said.
August 25, 2010 22:05:23 Craig DuMond   Gas drilling supporters turn out in force By Dan Hust MONTICELLO — Local pro-drillers came out swinging at Thursday’s monthly meeting of the full Sullivan County Legislature. Goaded into action by accusations on the anti-drilling side that the Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development and Cornell Cooperative Extension were inappropriately promoting gas drilling, 18 pro-drilling speakers dominated the Legislature’s nearly three-hour gathering. “We have a lot of good people on that board,” said Partnership Board Chairman Josh Sommers. “... The sad thing is, we believe we wouldn’t even be having this ‘ethics’ discussion if we were against gas drilling.” Sommers affirmed the Partnership adheres to “detailed disclosure requirements” in its contract with the county, which partially funds it, and he insisted the Partnership is interested only in safe gas drilling. “It’s coming whether we want it or not,” he remarked. “... And economic development needs to be represented in the discussion.” Partnership President Tim McCausland mostly read a letter of support from the Partnership’s counterpart in Orange County, but he added that his non-profit organization submits a treasurer’s report, statement of economic indicators and meeting minutes every month to the county manager’s office. “The Partnership’s main goal,” said longtime member Lew Klugman of Parksville, “is to bring environmentally safe businesses into Sullivan County.” Larry Wolinsky of the law firm Jacobowitz and Gubits turned the focus on Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy (CCSE) in what would become a recurring theme of the public comment, responding to CCSE members’ recent letters and statements in the Democrat. “As most of you know, we are not a gas leasing firm,” he corrected. “... We’ve developed an expertise in gas leasing. ... We do not participate in the drumbeat to get permitting under way.” He said all the costs of a recent forum at the Extension office – one CCSE criticized as simply benefitting those who stand to benefit from drilling – were paid for by his firm, which participated in the forum, rather than Extension monies. “We make no apologies for promoting our expertise,” Wolinsky added. As a member of the Partnership, Wolinsky explained that the Partnership’s bylaws require financial disclosure and voting recusal only when related to specific projects, not an industry as a whole. Regardless, he said the controversy “is diverting us from our mission” of economic development. Farmers agreed, including dairyman Harold Russell of Bethel and poultry farmer Robert Kaplan of Glen Wild, who expressed their support for the Partnership and drilling. “I’ve made my living off the land,” said Russell, saying he’s not in business to pollute that land. Profit, added Kaplan, “is the only thing that’s going to save our farms.” They found a comrade in Dawn Erlwein, a Jeffersonville dairy farmer who resents the implication that her support of drilling equals a lack of caring for the environment. “We’re all just trying to do the best we can out of the life we’ve been given,” she told legislators. Fremont Supervisor Jim Greier, a horse farmer himself, recalled when locals used gas for lighting and heating, before electricity came to town. Then he turned to the future. “We’re about 20-25 years away from being self-sustainable in our energy problem,” he remarked. “We need something to bridge this gap.” With 76,000 gas wells already in New York, Greier said the “bridge fuel” appears obvious. “God gave us this resource in the ground,” he stated. “... Let progress move forward.” “I believe gas drilling would be a good boost to Sullivan County,” agreed Cochecton Mills owner Dennis Nearing, who supplies feed to a dwindling array of farmers. “... All the bad stories you hear about drilling? They’re not true.” He accused retirees and “Johnnie-come-latelys” of selfishly and jealously opposing drilling. “It’s a shame that a small minority can govern what happens in this area,” said Nearing. Sullivan-Delaware Property Owners Association co-founder Noel van Swol noted his group has 70,000 acres of land available for leasing – but only for drillers with “the best environmental practices.” He accused CCSE of trying to intimidate the Partnership and of having a hidden agenda to stop drilling entirely, rather than simply assuring it’s done safely. “This is left wing environmental McCarthyism at its worst,” he told legislators. “Enough is enough. “... We need to move forward and develop these fabulous gas resources in Sullivan County.” He called concerns about drilling’s safety “largely overblown and exaggerated,” arguing that the chemicals used in fracking “are completely entombed and encapsulated [in the wellbore] and cannot affect the water supply.” He then turned his focus on Legislator David Sager, who is running against NYS Senator John Bonacic on a platform that includes stricter regulations and studies on drilling. “You are being perceived as anti-farmer, anti-business and anti-taxpayer as a result,” van Swol said. Well-known sportsman Jack Danchak added his opinion that drilling can be done safely and responsibly and can save the county from further financial crisis. “We’re not here with a hostile attitude,” he said but told legislators that the county’s current ban on drilling on county-owned property “is not a friendly statement.” “The extra monies [from leasing] would be beneficial to our county budget,” he remarked. Douglas Lee of Livingston Manor said the Marcellus Shale features the “motherlode” of gas, yet environmentalists and New York City residents are against it because they “want to turn this into their playground.” “No, this is our land,” he countered. “We want to make a living!” He discounted “Gasland” and other reports of environmental problems, saying they had been blown out of proportion when compared to accidents in other types of industry. “We only have a handful of incidents,” Lee said, “and many of them are just suspected cases.” He had travelled to Dimock and found a better-looking area than his own hometown. “Gas development is highly, highly compatible with our area,” he urged. “... Let’s not force our farmers, our young people, out of the county so then the rich people can use this county as their playground.” “Every person in our coalition is an environmentalist,” said Al Larsen, head of the Rural Bethel Landowners Coalition, another group interested in leasing land for drilling. “... But we’re also realists,” he said, arguing that Sullivan County has little room to be picky when it’s the second poorest county in the state. Though acknowledging he’s skeptical of industry claims, Larsen said he’s also skeptical of environmentalists’ claims. “Don’t be frightened by those who tell you our water is going to be polluted,” he said. He wondered if the opposition is actually being funded by oil interests, or those looking to grab cheap properties that end up in foreclosure. That thought was echoed by Gerry Skoda, the former Extension director who came under fire from the CCSE for leading the same forum Wolinsky referenced. “It starts with a whole group of people who have more money than you and I do,” Skoda told legislators. Linking CCSE with Catskill Mountainkeeper, which has ties to the Open Space Institute and the Natural Resources Defense Council, Skoda accused local environmentalists of participating in a spin game, a NIMBY effort to ensure wealthy second homeowners from NYC will not have to contend with more traffic and development. “And you know what? [Their] gang is succeeding,” he charged. “They have people believing their *CENSORED*!” He labeled as “bull” the notion that fracking pollutes water and stated that farmers have not only benefitted from drilling but have stayed on their land rather than moving to a retirement paradise. Drilling, Skoda predicted, “will be the biggest farmland preservation program in Sullivan County.” He sarcastically suggested that what he views as a group of “elite environmental manipulators” should promote the banning of automobiles instead, as cars and trucks kill more people every year than the gas industry. Skoda’s comments proved to be the harshest of the afternoon, though Honesdale, PA, planner Tom Shepstone also linked CCSE to the Open Space Institute, which he said recently received a $25 million loan from the state’s Empire State Development Corporation – questioning how much of that public funding went to projects other than economic development. (CCSE, though not represented at the meeting, has already stated that it receives no public funds and relies on member donations.) By meeting’s end, no anti-drilling sentiments had been expressed, save from Callicoon resident Liz Bucar. She identified herself as a moratorium supporter but actually got up to speak about the poverty in the county, asking legislators not to lay off personnel in next year’s budget. Thus the focus stayed squarely on the pro-drilling side, which urged legislators to listen. “You’ve been hearing from people calling themselves Catskill Mountainkeepers,” Bethel resident Cornelius Alexy said. “Today, you’re hearing from the Catskill Mountain owners.”
August 25, 2010 21:30:10 Craig DuMond   Hi, Berti - When any private company (gas companies included) is unfairly attacked I believe they suffer. I hate to see anyone on any side of an issue use distortions, half-truths, etc to mislead the public. I feel this way for both sides of the issue. Many of the scare tactics being used by the anti-drillers dont even apply her in NYS as the vast majority of disasters have happened in States with little to no regulation, unlike NY which is heavily regulated. However, I do agree with you regarding the contents of the fracking fluid and that it should be disclosed to the public. I dont buy that by doing this any one company would suffer due to their 'secret' being lost. There should be no secrets, only open transparency. This is the only way to safely and effectively support responsible gas drilling, which I believe would greatly benefit Delaware County. As far as Tom Shepstone is concerned, Tom is a stand up guy, I support his comments 100%. I have the tax documents to prove his (as well as my) points if anyone would like to see them. We need to stop the hysterics and mudslinging and just operate based on the proven facts.
August 24, 2010 21:42:37 bertimouse   Dear Craig: Regarding a bit of your last comment- \"the gas industry across the entire country is suffering\". You can\'t seriously Mean that do you? What proof do you have to make such a broad statement as that? -One could also say that the \"BP oil & gas company\" is also \"suffering\" right now for obvious reasons but not monitarily; only politically in terms of their PR standing, Yes? In that I totally agree. In terms of PR, the gas companies need to come a long way regarding 1)Accountability. 2)Truth in Advertising. 3)Disclosure of All Chemicals used. I would really appreciate it if you could please back your statements up with some qualified facts regarding \"how bad\" our mega-Gas companies are doing, you know?
August 24, 2010 13:45:22 jill wiener   Refreshing and well thought out? Comments form Craig DuMond are not his own, simply cut and pasted from a letter sent by Tom Shepstone of Shepstone Management Company of Honesdale PA. Mr. Shepstone is a "consultant" with his fingers in many Sullivan County pies. Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy is a grassroots, all volunteer advocacy organization, concerned with public health, clean water and open government. We have no finacial ties to any other organizations.
August 24, 2010 12:26:35 BinFranklin   Something stinks, but the wind is blowing from the other direction. Energy companies - among the largest and most profitable companies in the world - have been putting on a huge media campaign. Bit of a stretch to say that drilling is the underdog to environmental groups.
August 24, 2010 12:08:57 BinFranklin It ins't clear that gas drilling is pro-development. Most of the money spent for drilling in Delaware County will be paid to outside subcontractors, and the vast majority of the profits will go to out of state companies. At the same time, industrialisation of our landscape will harm existing industries that do profit us, such as agriculture, tourism, hunting/fishing, 2nd home owners, etc. One study concluded that we loose more than we gain, but it was very preliminary.
August 24, 2010 00:43:28 Lynn   Thanks Craig, Your detailed and well thought out statement is refreshing. I am glad that you seem to be educating yourself and us. As to your last sentence. I wonder if they will be as generous as the DEP. last week my husband and I took our grandchildren fishing on our boat. It took about 1/2 hour to get the boat back up to the tree line when we were finished. They opened up for recreational boating for 2009/ 2010 /2011 and then released the water.
August 23, 2010 22:28:18 Craig DuMond   To read my entire message, please start from my 1st post below and scroll backward. Craig
August 23, 2010 22:26:57 Craig DuMond   Whatever the answer, we know this much - it stinks and the gas industry across the entire country is suffering from it as these people use their money and influence to promote Gasland, run savvy media campaigns, intimidate public officials, spur moratoriums in New York and otherwise spread their unique brand of demagoguery across the region and the U.S. as a whole. Stand up to them and don't let them silence us. Finally, here is a little more insight on Johnson Hill Associates: Imagine that - a fish kill by the very same people who now harass the gas industry and demand environmental purity. The article says the "property owners might be required to make a public fishing access or other benefit to the community or ecosystem." I wonder if that ever happened ...
August 23, 2010 22:23:50 Craig DuMond   OSI is heavily influenced by the Rockefeller family, which also loaned it $1,200,000, secured by the stock of a private for-profit entity known as Johnson Hill Associates that, according to the financial statement attached to the tax return, has "an ownership interest in assets and liabilities associated with various Catskill properties." See page 21 of the financial statements for the listing of both loans (Rockefeller and Empire State Development). This suggests an additional question of why an essentially bankrupt State is loaning $25 million of economic development money to the Rockefellers, of all people, to halt or slow economic development. Perhaps the answer is found on page 17 of the financial statements, where it is revealed OSI (through the affiliated Open Space Conservancy) purchased a tract of land for $2,100,000 in 2008 and then resold it to the State for $7,762,000 later that same year. Perhaps it is in the job created for OSI Trustee family member Ramsay Adams as Mountainkeeper. Perhaps it is in the property interests of Johnson Hill Associates, whoever they are. Perhaps it is in the private Catskill park the Rockefeller family and friends (including Dan Rather of 60 Minutes fame, where Ferguson was a producer) are assembling bit by bit with public money, thereby buffering and augmenting their own holdings, further adding to the value of their already considerable assets.
August 23, 2010 22:23:05 Craig DuMond   Even worse, this was public money intended for economic development and which should have gone to organizations like the Partnership. Instead, it went to an overtly anti-development group that prides itself in doing everything it can to frustrate the greatest economic opportunity this region has ever had. Indeed, the $25 million received by OSI is now equivalent to over 10% of the Empire State Development Corporation budget for 2009-2010 ($254 million). If there were ever a greater misapplication of public funding (taking the equivalent of 10% of today's State's economic development budget and loaning it to an anti-economic development organization) it is hard to imagine. Money is fungible. Therefore, we all have a right to know how much of the State's money went into those new billboards on Route 17 that allege drilling isn't safe. Isn't this exactly what Ferguson, et al said they so opposed - the use of public money to influence public policy? Of course, it is and this blatant hypocrisy his partnership needs to be directly challenged
August 23, 2010 22:22:31 Craig DuMond   That the Catskill Mountainkeeper is simply a part of the Open Space Institute is clear from the latter's 2008 tax return, which is attached. The return clearly indicates, on page 38, that Ramsay Adams, the self-designated Mountainkeeper is an employee of OSI. It also states on page 44 the Catskill Mountainkeeper initiative is an OSI's "Citizen Action Group." Therefore, when the Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy (Bruce Ferguson, et al) says it partners with the Mountainkeeper, it is acknowledging a partnership with OSI, which took, not $90,000, but an astounding $25 million from the public - roughly 278 times what the Partnership got.
August 23, 2010 22:21:43 Craig DuMond   What Ferguson and Wiener didn\'t discuss, of course, was their own partnership with the Catskill Mountainkeeper, which is wholly a part of the Open Space Institute (OSI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that took a $25 million loan from the Empire State Development Corporation in 2007, which comes due this year. This partnership is acknowledged on the Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy website at where it is noted \"Catskill Citizens has partnered with three other organizations on a joint media campaign centered around the message \'Drilling Isn’t Safe\'.\"
August 23, 2010 22:18:19 Craig DuMond   Hi, Kathy, Berti, et al - The TOM Board has been very transparent regarding safe and responsible gas drilling. The County BOS authorized the information clearing house to gather and distribute factual and scientifically proven information to citizens and landowners minue the hype being breated by either side. Many of you are keenly aware of the actions of Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy in challenging the actions of Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development. According to a July 25, 2010 article in the Times Herald Record, Bruce Ferguson and Jill Wiener of that organization "accused the organizations of using taxpayer money to promote a 'pro-drilling agenda'." They cited the receipt of public monies ($90,000 this year for the Partnership) to suggest these organizations shouldn't be involved in the gas issue - a patently obvious attempt to intimidate and silence anyone and everyone who might raise a hand in favor of responsible drilling.
August 23, 2010 22:09:21 Craig DuMond   test
August 23, 2010 18:48:19 bertimouse   Hi Kathy - It seems to me that there is no middle ground on this Fracking-Gas issue - people are either dead-set for or against it. Warnings from our PA neighbors should be enough for all of us to stop & learn as much as we can about the particular & examine \"the devil in the details\" so to speak. -Nuff said.
August 23, 2010 04:46:52 Mike Hall   I was able to get up there to masonville on the 21st and 22nd. I flew up for the weekend to surprise my family and attend a family reunion in Afton. The weather was nice on Saturday (a little chilly for this texan). I saw a few leaves were starting to change color already. Sunday of course we had alot of rain, but that to is something I do not see alot of down here so it was OK. We are getting close to having water restrictions again this year here. I was so happy to be able to get back just wished it could have been a longer trip. I guess it will have to wait until next summer because my blood is just to thin to stand temperatures in the 60's. Take Care everyone and I will be reading this board from time to time and more often when I get homesick again.
August 19, 2010 09:14:12 Kathy Klopchin “Gasland” will be shown at the Delaware Academy Auditorium in Delhi on Monday, August 23, at 6:30 PM. Berti, check the meeting minutes from January and then February of this year. In January, I commented that the Delaware County Board of Supervisors denied residents of this county (who are concerned with the effects this industrial process) an opportunity to speak in front of the County BoS, even though the gas industry reps (who don't live here) were welcomed with open arms to speak in front of the BoS. In February, Craig got back to me and said the Board denied our request to speak. The meeting minutes state "Craig stated he was disappointed with this, as even though Craig fully supports the gas drilling, he also supports the rights of others to have their opinions heard." Berti, you might also want to check the Delaware County website, under "Government", then under "Board of Supervisors" is a link to "Meetings & Minutes", May 12 Resolution 90. There is also County Resolution NO. 101 (not yet posted on the website) Title: "ENTER INTO A TRI-COUNTY COALITION FOR THE PURPOSE OF PROVIDING AN INFORMATION CLEARINGHOUSE REGARDING THE NATURAL GAS EXPLORATION AND HARVEST INDUSTRY TO THE RESIDENTS OF THE THREE-COUNTY REGION ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT / WATERSHED AFFAIRS". Do you think the County BoS is going to rely on information from the Gas Industry as part of this "clearinghouse"? You Betcha! Even though RESIDENTS are not ALLOWED to speak, the gas industry gets the red carpet. Everyone talks about the water, but did you know that setback of a gas well from a school is only 150 FEET? And schools do lease their land for drilling. They are already doing it in PA. If the Sidney School District wants to lease their land, what do you think the chance is that they will listen to the public if the public does not approve? Craig, do you care to weigh in on this? Home Rule for gas drilling is very limited, but for some reason the political officials of this county are suddenly "trusting" the DEC with this process and even the health and safety of our children.
August 18, 2010 23:19:31 bertimouse   Message to Craig: So, have you seen the "Gasland" Movie yet? Just wondering & I apologize for my most recent sarcastic comment about the TOM board not adopting a formal policy, etc. about the gas drilling issue. Forgive me it's not fair of me to accuse when I haven't attended mtgs. in awhile though I Strongly Believe that you should be Protecting the Water & Safety of the Town First; and then our Economy don't you Agree?
August 18, 2010 22:53:27 bertimouse   My 2 cents about Land-Leasing for GAS DRILLING in the Town of Masonville: Folks, I live here. I have to drink my well water. I don't own allot of land but live real close to out-of-state land owners who own between 10 & 50-90 acres. The gas companies target the large land owners who are non-residents & live out of NYS first; then they target the state residents who don't reside on the property. Then they target the failing milk/beef cow farmers. This is a fact. I quote the WBNG news tonight; which reported about a Free meeting being hosted BY LAWYERS for home owners being approached by LAND LEASE OFFERS: (Direct Quote) "This is a Complex Business Transaction Masquerading as a Lottery Ticket". The lawyers noted that it was A VERY GOOD THING that the NYSDEC has delayed the approval process, because it gives Homeowners MORE TIME to review the paperwork given to them by the gas drilling companies. (This is an old political trick [worldwide]very similar to used car salesmen who wants to force you into a decision: "BUT you've GOT to sign NOW to get the best deal here!") If My Local Lawyers have the balls enough to come out & caution us 1)To host a Free Info Mtg. 2)To have it Broadcast on WBNG TV? then 3)I will follow the Wise Legal Council of My Local Lawyers & would Love to hear some more comment from Local Lawyers here on this site. 4)Has the TOM Board made a Formal Comment about Gas Drilling on where they stand on this issue? I doubt it.
August 16, 2010 15:46:48 Grumpy Will do, Mike. All I need is to find the time. Yeah, I know, retired guys are supposed to have all the time in the world! Not true! We tend to find all sorts of tasks to fill all those hours, even though I have hung up my commander's cap at the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 200 in Oneonta. But, weather and schedule permitting, I will take some more shots.
August 16, 2010 03:18:01 Mike Hall Grumpy, I know you said that most of the houses still look the same, but how about a few shots just up and down the roads. Like take a few at the intersection of 8 and 206, maybe one down by the old elementary school pointing toward Sidney, and maybe a couple of others. I am sure the Church is still there and a shot of that would be nice. I am homesick and every picture of home is priceless to me. Thanks If anyone is planning a trip to San Antonio or the Texas Coast let me know and I can give good information to you.
August 10, 2010 22:28:36 Craig DuMond   Lynn, you are right on the correct track. Getting NYC to compensate the County and Towns for lost economic revenue is exactly what the County and the Coalition of Watershed Towns is demanding via litigation in progress as I type. The city is saving hundreds of millions of dollars by continuing to secure the FAD (filtration avoidance determination) while the watershed communities suffer and continue to get poorer and poorer. Please stay of top of watershed issues and voice your concerns to our State elected officials. The Town Board has passed numerous resolutions concerning this issue and will not take take this lying down. We may go down but we will not go down without a fight!
August 09, 2010 19:17:30 Lynn   I know Craig Dumond is onto something. NYC is not trying to kill Delaware County, they are killing Delaware County. At this point I don't know if I want gas drilling but I know that NYC shouldn't be deciding for me. Once NYC stops paying taxes will you be able to live here anymore? I am not sure if I fully understand the "home rule" But if NYC is doing the county financial harm, could they not be asked to pay for what they will not allow residents to earn. Or better yet how about a percentage of what they don't have to pay for filtering water because they are preventing progress in this county?
August 09, 2010 06:04:26 Mike Hall Hello all, from San Antonio Texas. My name is Mike Hall and I grew up just up on Pine Hill just past the cemetary. I was getting a little home sick since I have not been back there in over 6 years. I was checking out the site, and would like to say the Gas drilling seems interesting but would stress everyone should know what will happen when the companies are ready to move on to the next project. Masonville and the surrounding area is still the prettiest country I have seen and I hope what ever the decision is that it can remain that way for a long long time. Take Care Y'all
August 02, 2010 21:54:47 Grumpy Easier said than done, Wishbown! All the houses in town still look the same and there aren't that many interesting looking homes to begin with! But I will try and shoot some new sights and post them.
July 24, 2010 14:38:17 wshbown   hey all how about some new pics around town
July 21, 2010 10:08:22 Observer   What a wonderful opportunity for land owners in Delaware County if they were actually able to cover some of the costs of being a land owner in Delaware County through the natural gas extraction. But, as it has been said there is no free lunch. Having a relative who is deeply involved in a land owners association in Broome County I find that the ecology and non-land owner is the the LAST thing on the mind of those who believe they are about to become wealthy through this venture. I agree with Mr. Dumond that NYC and it politic has on its agenda the eradication of Delaware County as we know it. We already see this in the so called recreational use of the Cannonsville Reservoir. Do you actually think that NYC opened the reservoir out of the goodness of their hearts? NYC has, all along, planned the areas around the water supply as a rich man's playground. Will opening the land in Delaware County to gas drilling make a difference? I doubt it. NYC over the years has pretty much led the state around by the nose. Mr. Dumond is correct in his statement that NYS has been drawing natural gas in the Western part of the state for years and years. But, it is apples and oranges. Most gas drilling in the state has been by local or small companies drilling vertically and in scattered locations. We now see on the horizon a "gas rush". Huge companies moving in with all sorts of equipment. They will move in and do their thing and move on leaving behind rusting hardware, devastated landscape, destroyed infrastructure that the middle income people with have to contend with and pay for. The other factor that we seem to forget is the fact that this gas has to be moved in some fashion. It is not going to get to what ever destination it is bound for by magic. There will have to be all sorts of pipelines throughout the drilling area. While these lines are relatively safe ask the residents of North Blenim if they are as safe as the are said to be. I too have never seen the documentary "Gasland" I have no desire to see it as most of that sort of thing has its own agenda. One only has to see the garbage that Michael Moore has produced to see the agenda that almost all documentaries contain. Yes, it would be nice to see Delaware County be able to become rich through gas drilling but I fear the cost would be too great.
July 20, 2010 23:47:24 Craig DuMond   Hi, Berti - Even though I have not seen 'GasLand' I feel I am very informed regarding the gas issue. I have attended a number of seminars, presentations by DEC, as well as the City, and listened to Mayor Tillman of DISH Texas. The heart of the matter is that the horrific incidents that have happened elsewhere have happened in States with little to no regulation. NYS is well versed in regulating the gas and oil industry...we have been mining gas in western ny for over 100 years without incident. I understand that the hydrofracking horizontal process is different, however, the NYS DEC (who we complain about any other day of the week regarding thier crippling regulations) have deemded the process safe if done correctly. There has to be a safe way to extract this natural resource for economic benefit. If this County doesnt get a shot in the arm pretty soon I speculate within 20 years none of us will be able to afford to live here. With NYC in the process of another 300 million dollar land purchase program it is only a matter of time before the rest of us will no longer be able to shoulder the tax burden. If done correctly, we can protect our infastructure, give the County a huge economic shot in the arm and guarantee our vitality well into the future. I am not shy about my position on this. I speak of it regularly to Townsfolk as well as meetings at the Town and COunty level. Berti, I will look up the Gasland Movie and watch it as I am not narrow minded and always attempt to gain as much information as possible to make informed decisions for the overall best interests of the Town and County.
July 19, 2010 21:35:16 Tom Hearth, former residence If you folks are in need of traffic enforcement, why don't you talk to your town board about paying the county a deputies salary for full police protection 8 hrs a day when needed most. Its something to think about.
July 16, 2010 17:35:30 Robin Little   I was at the light a couple of days ago, when a medium blue minivan headed east on 206 flew through the light. I had stopped and had taken a extra look and saw the van wasn't slowing down. I'm glad I took an extra look and I'm glad that no one was walking across the intersection. It seems to becoming a very dangerous intersection. However, I have seen the Sheriff and Troopers sit around the intersection.
July 16, 2010 11:59:05 Grumpy To learn more about the movie Bertmouse referenced, go to
July 16, 2010 04:05:50 bertimouse   OK. I have one more post about Gas Drilling Here: If My Town of Masonville Supervisor Craig Dumond Does Not View that Independent Movie called "GAS LAND" just once? -Then I say he is Not Informed & he will Not be my Supervisor when he wants My Vote next time. Why has he never taken a stand on-line here, eh?
July 16, 2010 03:43:30 bertimouse   This is a verbatim conversation copied from the June Town of Masonville Meeting Online Report regarding Craig's attitude about Gas Drilling: "Craig said that regulations of no gas drilling within 5 miles from the NY city resovior will essentiall kill all gas extraction for Delaware County. Craig reported NYC is crippling upstate and feels their overall desire is to make it so expensive we will no longer be able to live her in Delaware County. NYC doesn’t want gas drill because it will give upstate and huge economic boon." Craig my Supervisor; I know you're a good guy but CLEARLY you haven't seen all the sides here! Please slow down in the interests of our clean water and land!
July 16, 2010 03:06:02 bertimouse   Hey Tony CR-20! Have a great summer U & yours, Eh? Nice 2 B back here online at MV eh? :)
July 14, 2010 14:30:34 Brad Gregory   I was at the light yesterday morning and a dark gray Ford Escape flew through the light, with 3 of us at the intersection. I followed the vehicle out of town(north on 8) and took down the plate number. I called 911 and was transferred to the Delaware Cty Sheriff. I have their number now so I don't have to call 911 again. I gave them all the information. I called them today to see what or if anything came of it. No. Without being able to positively identify the driver there is nothing they could do. I will work on that in the future. I'd like sit at the corner with my camera. I am sure I would get a chance to snap some pics. Still really bugs me.
July 09, 2010 15:12:35 George Denys To "Board Supporter" Thank you. Everyone on the board tries so hard to do the right thing for our town. We pay taxes too! People should also know that Chuck Smith and all the Highway employees have saved this town a huge amount of money. They do things for us that they don't have to but do anyway because they can and its for the betterment of our town. I am honored to work with them.
July 04, 2010 22:40:38 RangerDanger.   From the message I posted it seems as if the people who hit him didn't stop, but they did. Sorry for any confusion. My mind still isn't processing information right.
July 04, 2010 22:38:02 RangerDanger.   Watched a dog get hit in the road tonight @ 10:15. It was on route 8 by the horse farm, a fuzzy dog with pointy ears. No idea as to the color. It was the most horrible sight and sound I have ever heard, absolutely heartbreaking. The bastards didn\'t even slow down. He was just sitting there in the road, wagging his tail at the car. I saw it clearly in their headlights. Any news as to the outcome would be appreciated, and if anyone sees this in the area and knows the owner please let them know. I am not sure if the people who hit the dog contacted anyone, although an older woman in a minivan turned around at the quickway to go back to help. I would have stopped, but I was too angry at the people who hit the dog to have an intelligent conversation with anyone so I decided it was best to drive on home as well. =(
July 01, 2010 02:18:03 Tony CR-20   Wishing everyone in Masonville a Happy & Safe 4th of July! God Bless the United States of America!
June 17, 2010 10:03:07 Observer   Would anyone know if there is a Hannah Sackett buried in either of the Old cemeteries here in Masonville?
June 11, 2010 03:44:21 CrzyFlea   RangerDanger - there are stop signs on all 4 sides of the intersection. I\'m not sure however if there are \'warning, stop ahead\' signs as well further back though if I\'m not mistaken there is at least one on the South 8 side.
June 10, 2010 21:04:07 RangerDanger.   A normal traffic light would be just as confusing, if not more confusing. Since there is only one lane on each side it would have to be like the one in Sidney by the library, where both sides are turning/going strait at once. Those lights almost always seem to cause trouble, and DEFINITELY confusion because you don't always know if the other side is red or green, but yours is green. I support the light we have now, but I believe full stop signs (do we have those? I can't remember?) and an increased police presence would be acceptable. I always stop and make sure no one is flying down the hill before I go through the light, I was almost hit there last year.
June 09, 2010 11:02:49 Observer   4-Way stop intersections by nature are dangerous and unpredictable. How many times have you seen people stopped at the light wondering who goes first and what to do? As to people going through the light without stopping. There is no excuse for that as traffic control devices are pretty uniform throughout the U.S. A flashing red light means stop, check traffic and then procede. Inattention, don't care attitude contributes to the problem of course. Will placing a camera at the intersection stop the problem? No, probably not as the only ones who would be aware of the camera would be locals probably; and I think most locals stop at the light. What would help the problem? The thing that should have been done to begin with. A full traffic control device. A full control device would be a big improvment over just the flashing red light. If one is just thinking of revenue for the coffers of the town and state then the flashing lights, enforced, would be the answer. If one is concerned with safety the a full control device is the answer. The entire traffic control system in Masonville is confusing to begin with. A small hamlet with four posted speed limits plus a four way stop intersection (55,45,30,40) is confusing to anyone traveling through the area. The secret to any well controlled system is the the K-I-S-S system.
June 08, 2010 19:59:19 CrzyFlea   No problem at all for me to see a camera or more police presence at that intersection. In fact, I've thought for years that it would be a good thing. Oddly enough, over the years that I lived in town I noticed an alarming trend. Drivers seemed to stop -better- at the intersection when the light has not been working. Why, one wonders. My own suspicion is not that drivers are more cautious because the light is out, but merely morbid curiosity regarding why it is out. Stopping allows a bit of neck craning to see how far one can see in any direction (which they should be checking anyway) just to see if they can spot the cause of the outage.
June 08, 2010 17:21:21 Grumpy Ernst Keidel I've got no problem with a camera and/or cop at this intersection. I ALWAYS stop.
June 08, 2010 13:55:05 Brad Gregory   I have to finally post a comment about this. This morning as I was heading off to work another car northbound on Rt 8 went through the light without stopping. I see this all the time. I see it from all directions, 206 and 8. Most of the time it is a vehicle going north on Rt 8. It has to be a matter of time until someone is killed or a horrible collision (it won't be an accident, it's totally preventable) occurs. I would love to let me kids go to the Masonville General Store. But, I am afraid of them crossing the road. I would definitely support a traffic camera and or more police presence there. Heck there could be a sign saying there is a camera at the intersection. Let people know it is there. Anything it takes to get people to stop. Red means stop, the signs are huge. I don't get it. And a camera could generate some cash for the town. Doesn't bother me a bit. If you get caught oh well. Stop next time. I just don't want to see anyone and God help us if it is a child killed there because someone is careless. What does anyone else think?
June 08, 2010 11:33:18 Observer   Yes, I am sure (tongue-in-cheek) that someone who is closely connected to a large corporation will deliver the "facts". LOL
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