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October 28, 2010 09:29:28 CC   Observer,I agree with you 100% ,am a hunter ,but I think the bear should be left alone,tell you if I see it I will not shoot it,lets just let him be !!
October 28, 2010 09:01:52 Observer   Let's protect that big old "Masonville Bear". We can make it our mascot and put his picture on the Town Letterheads. This bear has stirred more comment and conversation on this board than anything has in a long time. (After all what other board received a note from George Bush down in Texas? LOL) Everything from the serious to the humorous. In reality black bears are not considered very dangerous to humans. Of course a mama bear with cubs will protect them against all that she perceives as a threat to them. It would be interesting to know if this bear has been a resident right along or has it just wandered into our region. I understand black bears can have a very large wandering range. I, personally, hope no hunter shoots this bear. But, then again, I am not a hunter.
October 27, 2010 22:10:19 mee too   this is why this cant be the official site. too much foolishness!
October 27, 2010 19:51:41 Law   All of this sounds funny,is just too crazy
October 27, 2010 18:48:57 George Bush   Well,well it is hot up in Masonville,am glad I dont hang around there,Evil Bear,Big Foot,Nasty Bobcat,Super size Coyote,now a Raghead in a training camp,My question is what you people r smoking/drinking upthere,down here in Texas we r not that nuts!!!
October 27, 2010 09:18:29 TX   Before you guys go on a wild goose chase on ragheads training camp,make sure there is such a camp,if you guys find it call the auth.before doing anything stupid
October 27, 2010 07:57:07 SGT.Cass   Droved on Shear rd from Rt 8 all the way to The Lake. and saw only 2 dam deer ! 1 doe and 1 6 or 8er pointer, thats all, No Bears, No out of the area cars/trucks,. shear road state land is still a peace ful area,.! I dont whats all the Hype on the Evil Bear. Cars from NC, Rag Head Training Camp, I tell you waht If I find that Rag Head Training Camp I will be the first one to call my brothers and sisters in the Arm Force. Because I fight in War, For some rag head to come and make a training camp here in Masonville.. i will be Patroling the area looking for the rag head ! I will have some few questions for him.. for our Masonville red necks good luck on hunting this year, hope you get the big evil masonville, for me because i will be shipping out to iraq in nov.20 th...
October 26, 2010 23:39:59 Les   Hay Grumpy.Checked out the other "site",liked yours.Long time reader,but just recent commenter.Don't know you but two buddies of mine lived on your road.Hope you don't mind but like much of America I along with the tea party feel the need to voice my opinion.Why can't your site be the "official" one.Maybe we should put it to a vote.Thanks!
October 26, 2010 22:58:49 DeerHunter   There\'s alot of great NYC hunters that hunt in Masonville there is good and bad people everywhere !! Dont matter where your from some people are so closed minded and give the towns people of Masonville a bad name.And yes alot of these hunters that come and hunt are NRA members that are big supporters of our 2nd amendment rights.
October 26, 2010 22:18:56 Les   Hay just back from the Adirondacks hunting trip.Hope the locals up there dont think of me and my friends like ya'll think of our nonresident hunters.Seen a few big doe but was unsuccessful again.Harvested a nice 8 point buck four years ago nothing huge but I was proud because there isn't many deer up there.A buddy of mine got a large 8 pt. this trip.Not a huge rack he's shot bigger in masonville but I bet it weighed between 180-200 lbs.Good luck to all the hunters in Masonville.
October 26, 2010 22:03:00 Les   Ha,Ha,Ha,theres bears in all the masonville woods ya idiots.Ya just ain't smart enough to find them.Sorry to burst your bubble but the city folk that hunt,most of them are better shots and good honest sportsmen,unlike some of our resident redneck jacklighters and drunk hunters.Iv'e been shot at on deer drives many times not by city slickers but my overzealous bloodthirsty friends,locals.They weren't shooting at me just missing deer.Talk to some of them Jersey basterds and new york city slickers and you will find some of them are avid sportsmen who love to hunt.I welcome them and wish them luck because they are a dying breed both here and there.Most of them are NRA members fighting for OUR rights too!
October 26, 2010 21:11:03 pj   i Agress with u
October 26, 2010 20:35:01 *CENSORED* off New yorker Hunter....   MLK, a couple weeks ago theres was a SUV with a North Carolina Plates going up and down Shear rd, Like he owns the road & place. Looks like 1 white guy and 1 rag head , from the middle east . i guess they were bow hunting in the state lands and staying in a local hotel.?? how those people from north carolina knows about shear rd,?? is masonville, & Shear rd,.. that famous already ? with a big bear hanging around, that we have people as south as north carolina 1000 miles away taken our deer and bear,. thats not fair.. We New Yorkers Have to stop this.! Who Agress with me ???
October 26, 2010 19:09:13 jjk   Well boys all we have to do is be in those woods b4 daylite,this city folks are not going inthere 4b daylite and dont worry noone will get shot unlss they r @ the wrong place @ the wrong time,it happens all over every year
October 26, 2010 18:52:59 mlk   Tx,you think is going to be that bad upthere on opening day? Ive seen a lot of people from out of state in the area lately.NJ,PA,MA,CT and even almost to sell and move it is getting like the Catskills
October 26, 2010 16:50:52 TX   I feel for the owner of the nice new house by state land,with all the shooting around that area on opening day,hope he reads this and stays out of area on opening wknd,someone may get shot.
October 26, 2010 16:38:50 TX   Its going to be a mad house on opening day up on Shears rd and the state land.most likely i stay home till the following wknd
October 26, 2010 08:54:54 TX   See what am saying,this Bear is going to give headache to hunters,now he is stilling game from hunter,thats a problem right there.
October 25, 2010 21:43:32 Craig DuMond   Hi Grumpy - I apologize for the meeting change, however, my 2nd eldest son is graduating from Basic Training that week and I have to be in South Carolina. I wouldnt miss that day for the world!!! I know you will understand. I now have 2 of my boys in the Armed Services, one Air Force and now one Army!
October 25, 2010 20:43:05 Jimmy Price   Was bow hunting,. shot a nice doe 170's pounds,. trying to find her, she cross in to private property, by the stateland on shear rd, still track her,. she was bleeding heavily,. then lost her,. then found her a few hours later with her 2 rear legs bitten off,. while trying to save some meat, Mr. Bear came around again and chased me out, and he dragged the deer towards statelands and stopped by the fire/emerc. trail off shear rd. and he finished her there, couldnt save anything,. another deer lost by the evil masonville bear ! cant wait until rifle season! hope he will be in my bullet 's path to pay the today's action.
October 25, 2010 17:20:30 Masonville Web Master   Mr. Keidel - Just read note in the guestbook on the Official web site. Thank you for your response and comments. Let me assure that the site is in no way intended as competition with your site. Your site is unique in it intent. I know of no other that offers what your site offers. The town figured that it needed an "official" site to archive Board Minutes, Town notices, announcements etc. The Official site will remain pretty much as it is. About the only additions that might be added would be to give the Fire Department and the Ambulance a nod by incorporating some pictures and information about them. When I get off my lazy duff and take some pics of the fire and ambulance equipment I will be more than happy to share any and all with you. Best of everything and thank you for a place for Masonville residents to air their thought and ideas.
October 25, 2010 13:14:43 TX   Listen,this is real danger upthere,am not kidding , please everyone be xtra careful
October 25, 2010 12:23:34 Observer   TX Not to mention Big foot and Sasquatch up there. PLUS a wild nasty chipmunk!!
October 25, 2010 12:01:03 TX   I dont think I will be hiking in those woods anytime soon. all the talking about a 600 pound bear,nasty bob cats,wolf,extra large coyotes and a rookie game warden on deck, I think i stay home this hunting season and read all the reports from you guys,good luck outthere.!!
October 25, 2010 11:02:22 mlk   Was hiking in State land by Shear rd and saw a BIG coyote or wolf,am betting on wolf ,was grey and big about 80 pounds,also encounter a Bob cat with a nasty careful outthere,those animal outthere are nuts!!!
October 25, 2010 10:02:54 TX   Spoke with someone this morning,he said he encounter the Masonville bear way on top of Shears rd ,got pictures and all (need to see them)he says that thing is about 600 pounds and he feed him apples from his tree stand, would shoot with arrow ,too big for arrows!!
October 25, 2010 09:54:18 Observer   Bertimouse - I think you would find that education or the Republican party has very little to do with the composition of the Welcome Page on the Masonville site. I do believe you would find it was composed in the manner you see in order to make it fit on one viewable page on the average computer monitor. As to the content? Well, I read it as a travel brochure which it was intended to come across to the reader. You speak of the government not throwing money into education in the 50's and 60's. That I agree with. Education was still in the local management phase and the government kept it nose out of the local education system. Which, in my eyes, was a VERY good thing. What has the government accomplished in the education field lately? Big wages to a glut of administrators? Dumbed down the education quality so junior can make it through at least high school? Taken away any control teachers might have in the classroom? Issued Title 1-100,000 that the local taxpayer must pay for in order to get his 10 cents on the dollar back from Big Brother? Cheers and may the peace of God be yours today.
October 25, 2010 00:15:53 Les   Willing to gouge my eye out with a fork too.How can people vote democratic when their leader Harry Reid voted viagra should be included in child molesters health care.Or Nancy Pelosi their speaker defends abortion by saying "If you don't want an abortion,you don't believe in it then don't have one.But don't tell somebody else what to do in terms of honoring their responsiblities",and she didn't think that a womens god given right of abortion should stand in the way of education/career/prosperity/etc.Sounds like the argument slave owners used "If you don't like slavery then don't own slaves".There has to be something wrong with a party that seeks black votes when their parties history revolves around the kkk.And the hispanic (catholic dead against abortion) vote.Many people that I run into that are for abortion are apalled when they find out that it is legal in many states up to the day they are born and in NY up to six months along!But thats what you get with liberals running things.
October 24, 2010 23:30:26 bertimouse   Hi Observer: [You asked for opinions, sorry!] The new TOM website "Welcome Message" is totally LAME & they should have asked our local Librarians for advice on how to write it or at least to proof read it! The Majority of this town is under 55 yrs. old with a High School Education earned between the late 60's to early 70's. You can thank the Republican's {BTW} for their/our High School funding & education back then because they were too busy throwing money into the latest war which was Vietnam. NUFF said.
October 24, 2010 22:45:31 Les   No wolves and no coydogs.Research coydogs and you will see it is possible but not likely.They can't survive in the wild,and coyotes would be genetically screwed.There is a large pop. of coyotes in Masonville.When I go outside at night I sometimes hear three different packs.There are Bobcats in the area, but maybe not as many as in the heart of the catskills.
October 24, 2010 22:40:33 Grumpy Ya gotta stop doing that, Craig! I have a meeting in Binghamton the second Wednesday of every month!
October 24, 2010 08:43:17 great to see   has any one seen the house on rt 8 lynda marie . . they are finally fixing it up . does any one now if it is for sale now. or whats going on with it
October 23, 2010 22:39:50 Craig DuMond   The November Town Board Meeting and public hearing for the 2011 Town Budget has been changed to Wednesday November 10th at 730pm.
October 23, 2010 14:40:34 Observer   Take a gander at the Masonville Official Page ( and give your opinion.
October 22, 2010 19:29:19 Lrp   On monday we heard and saw a bobcat on shear rd he was wild very agressive is a zoo upthere
October 22, 2010 14:43:07 RangerDanger   Bigfoot you say? Time for me to get my hunting license! Maybe I'll finally get to fill that ol Sasquatch tag. Might need to borrow a bigger truck though, mini trucks aren't meant for hauling yeti's. :) Agreed about the coyotes though, them suckers get big up around here. For a while I thought I was hearing a wolf outside but it turned out to be someones husky.
October 21, 2010 19:01:54 Observer   Thought I saw Big Foot or Sasquatch up there the other day.
October 21, 2010 16:48:24 tx   J , how you know for sure, there is no Wolfs here or Dogcoys,who knows whats upthere by Shears road.
October 21, 2010 16:45:02 Observer   There is going to be a major problem with elections in November. Someone will be elected!! By the way, why am I getting all this Democrat party stuff this year? I would rather gouge my eye out with a fork than vote for anyone in NYS running on the Democrat ticket.
October 20, 2010 07:31:41 j   no coydogs and no wolves around here. it was an eastern coyote.
October 19, 2010 19:18:06 mlk   WHAT ?????????????????
October 19, 2010 19:17:11 tx   Saw a dogcoy on state land by Shears rd , it looked like a wolf,maybe a wolf? anybody knows if there are wolf in this area?
October 19, 2010 05:54:16 P. Conklin   Was Bow Hunting yesterday off the on shear road, on the statelands. park the truck in a spot and started walking in to statelands, Rightaway I started to watch stuff,. a ugly dog came down on a ridge towards me chasing a huge doe,. tried to shoot him, but it was inpossible because his speed whie chasing the doe, thenwalk futher more in, saw 2 cubs playing around,their mother was near, because I heard her bitching,. started walking away.. i found a spot to temp.put my tree stand and set up. waited 3 hours finaly something started to walked down towards me, It had Big Antlers,. Big mass of body,. Had a nice 45 yards shot on this huge 10 pointer, when I drew my bow to harvest this beauti. Some ole' Wild Dogs started to come down the ridge howling,howling,. The huge Buck strated to walk away at the same time when I started to relaeased the arrow. buck gave me a flag and its off to take a cover, but I made the dog stop. in front of my tree sand, bang ! dog went to dog's hell. i didnt got my big buck but Atleast I took care of the dog's problem. Next time I will get the buck. better luck next time. ! see ya.//
October 17, 2010 20:44:59 Craig DuMond   Dog Warden is Ted Tiska...607-265-3803
October 17, 2010 00:01:09 Les   Sleep deprivation sucks.Nobody sould have to go without sleep because of somebody elses dog.My neighbors a couple of years ago let thier beagle run loose.I complained a couple of times when I was working 80 plus hours seven days a week with little sleep.When it woke me up at two in the morning I called them,not the dog warden.It rang a dozen times and a very concerned voice answered.I told him "your beagle just ran a rabbit by my house".He says "you woke me up to tell me that?"I said "well it woke me up and I thought I'd make it a little more fair!"and hung up.The dog was tied up the next day.Thankfully my father in law whom I have the utmost respect and admiration for (wasn't even his dog)figured I was just having a bad day.Try to talk to your neighbors first.And realize dogs are not the easiest animals to shut up.Barking is their natural instinct and most of them don't know english.
October 16, 2010 23:18:15 Les   Drove down my road in Masonville a couple of weeks ago and nearly missed my good neighbors donkey (as s).Day before that my good neighbors holstein.A dang black cat crossed my path.Hit a large coon in trout creek.Seen many Italian chickens hit between masonville and sidney.Where is the licences for these animals?If dog licences are for livestock indemnification and personal loss (what the law is),and Albany will save a measly $325,000 of a multi billion dollar budget deficit.And our state govt who is pawning the job of dog licences on local govt. can recoup the cost by doubling fees.Local law abiding dog owners should be pi ssed.We would save more by not licenseing.Because the money gets erased by administative costs.Whats next taxing soda and juice,(they want to!)Ya all thought they only wanted to charge the tobacco smokers(I don't smoke but believe one should have the right if they choose without persecution.)Little did we know the liberals want to charge us for everything we do including breathing(carbon credits!).Soon we wont have any money or rights left and will have to depend on the govt to live (what they want).
October 16, 2010 20:43:17 bertimouse   Now don't get snarky, Observer. I was just commenting. Barky dogs all night are a real problem when you need to sleep because you gotta get up early for work like most of us. Nuff said.
October 16, 2010 18:57:17 doogie   what is the dog wardens number please
October 15, 2010 10:56:12 Observer   This discussion of barking dogs has now reached the ridiculous. Instead of a $250 fine why not on the first complaint shoot the dog and donate it for food. After all in some parts of the world dog is considered a delicacy. This way we could leave the deer alone. The second complaint shoot the dog owner and donate his body to science; or eat him as one might desire. - As to the dog control officer. Lets pay him a living wage to cruise the town 24/7 with a vehicle equipped to handle all situations. Perhaps a hummvee equipped with a 50 cal? The town could also set up a 24/7 manned telephone number where one could call in their complaints about dogs, cats, cows, rats, horses, rabbits, foxes, wolves, bears, elephants, and donkeys, etc. The price of a dog licence should reflect the value the owners places on the dog. Perhaps it could run from $2000 to #10,000 per year depends on on the owners value of the dog. (After all it would cost quite a bit to keep our "well equipped dog warden on the roads.") Of course all calls to the provided number would be kept anonymous. The number could also take complaints about other things such as loud music, motorcycles, neighbors lawn length, color of neighbors house, kids, people hanging out at the convenience store, drivers exceeding one of the four posted speed limits in the hamlet. etc. We can make the slogan "KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR NEIGHBOR" our town motto.
October 14, 2010 23:05:52 bertimouse   About DOGS, BEARS & The Town of MASONVILLE: 1)ALL dogs in MV are required to have a dog license. The town should enact a LAW that says that any resident dog owner that receives a complaint should pay AT LEAST a $250 fine as opposed to the $6 dog license fee which, by the way; should be increased to at least $20 to support the dog warden's salary. 2)ANY DOG OWNER in the Town of MV determined by the dog warden to be abusing their dogs "as determined" by the dog warden & [set forth by regulations that could be voted upon by the Town Board, btw] - should also be fined at least $500 & will be subject to all NY state laws for cruely to animals: which includes imprisonment, more fines and the confiscation of ALL other resident animals. Regarding Bears: They're up in the hills & not over 600 #s most of the time: btw: 1 deer will feed 160 people: donate what u kill this year.
October 14, 2010 10:22:45 Observer   As I have heard quoted over the years. If one wants a well behaved dog then one must be smarter than the dog.
October 13, 2010 18:45:22 Observer   Guess for pet owners it is a good thing we do not have the "old" animal control officer.
October 12, 2010 23:23:38 another dog lover   Why not take matters into your own hands.Put a bullet in their heads.Thats what our old dog warden would do.
October 12, 2010 21:17:21 doglover   found out whos dog is barking on steam mill .I went to the house but no one was home all nite and they left the dogs outside all nite . does any one have the dog wardens number so I can call if it happens again.
October 07, 2010 07:21:58 Mr. Brooklyn   I was taking a nice stroll on shear rd thru the state land hopeing to see the " famous evil masonville bear " but never seen him, but in another hand saw a few nice deer. couple large does, 2 big buck 1-8 or 10 pntr buck and another 6 er or may be 8 er. but huge body and nice tall and wide rack. seen them by the flats on the right coming up the hill before the 1 st BBQ pit and drugie camp. you all know where am going to be on the 15 th. hope I can see that masonville evil bear soon,..before someone shoots him and take him away from his home !
October 06, 2010 01:18:21 Les   According to the minutes dog licenses are going up.I think my neighbors cat was eating my baby ducks.No leash law or license for cats.Dog licenseing was started a hundred years ago to compensate damage or loss of livestock."Livestock indemnification has diminished significantly" according to Albany.They say the state claims it will save $325,000 a year and give local govt. the "opportunity to nearly double their revenue from dog license fees to cover the costs associated with this new responsibility".Sounds like tax payers are going to get screwed from all sides and would save the most money by govt. getting out of it and not licensing dogs.Maybe a million or two to study the impact on local govt.would be justified before they save $325,000.
October 06, 2010 00:58:12 Les   Thanks to the masonville hwy dept. for fixing cummins rd. It was paved and I would have rather have negotiated the potholes than deal with the dirt and mud.Would not have complained though.The people that want their roads paved should stop being selfish.I would like to see mormon hollow and steam mill paved all the way to the cannonsville.But unless somebody wants to pay for it then it shouldn't happen, not even with federal funds.
October 05, 2010 12:24:41 vermin   Muskrat or shrews
October 05, 2010 10:21:36 Observer   LES - Woodchuck, rabbits, deer, me.
October 05, 2010 00:59:14 Les   Does anybody know what kind of animal would eat onion tops?They or it left no tracks or poop (scat)?
October 05, 2010 00:51:16 Les   I noticed this summer that my neighbors ate the tops off their onions.Then while admiring my garden I was shocked to see that some of my cauliflower and a broccoli plant was missing along with several onion tops! Upon further examination I came to the realization that my garden had been infiltrated.Was it my neighbors,a deer,or bear,or the dreadful masonville hare?
October 04, 2010 20:35:02 CC   It is not a big Bear ,it is Big Foot ,LOL LOL LOL
October 04, 2010 20:02:59 CC   Hey CJ ,. Its maybe that masonville bigfoot which everyone is talking about..,.
October 04, 2010 14:11:33 CJ   Have anybody hear about a couple of Cougars in the area?2 years ago I saw a strange foot print in the snow ,it looked like a came from an extra large cat,not Bobcat but some other feline (BIG)
October 04, 2010 12:34:57 CJ   Have to be something in the water or in the air,that animals are growing that way.LOL LOL LOL
October 04, 2010 11:01:45 Observer   Not only does Masonville have the worry of a large bear in their midst but now we have the danger of a very large bunny someone released near Beech Hill road. I have seen him numerous times in my front yard. Seems to have made his home under the pine trees in the front yard. I have been keeping the dog in the house and a gun at my side when going for the mail. I estimate he runs in the area of 4-6 pounds and seems to be very aggressive toward my wife's flowers!! When does rabbit season open so I can take this trophy?
October 04, 2010 10:51:34 OBSERVER   LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS!! OH MY!!
October 04, 2010 08:21:03 CJ   Now is the Evil Masonville Bear,my question is, has it kill someone to be call Evil?come on people he is just trying to survive.
October 03, 2010 19:02:06   coming back from church in deposit traveling on rt 8 north was up to passing shears road and look at up the hill towards state lands, and see a big black round shape of an old VW mass coming down the road just pass ole\'lee\'s property and heading down in full force. suddenly he stop ! look back towars the mountain, kept going pass my truck which was park on the side of the shear road on the side of the ice cream shop cross rt 8, and enter the golf course and kept going........ golfers were running away from this animal by running, and by golf cart,,. he varnish in the golf course..... it made my day to see the famous masonville bear, which everyone is talking about it,even in church our pastor metiton us to keep safe beware of the evil masonville bear !
October 03, 2010 15:37:42 CJ   First of all ,am a hunter , but let me tell you if I see that Bear,most likely I would not shoot it,just think, that thing got that big by been smart and he knows how to survive,in my opinion just let it be and he will die of old age,but to people of that area be careful with that big Bear out there,specialy hikers. thats my 2 cents on this Bear craze
October 03, 2010 01:52:58 Les   I agree with Grumpy and Observer.I don't need a bear skin rug or a hairy big antler trophy on my wall.I've been a firm opponent against antler restrictions.If there is a mandated trophy size it pretty much erases the argument that we hunt for food.Antler restrictions will only help the anti hunters and cause more deer to be left in the woods dead!The "city" hunters will stop coming up,less revenue for the state.Who will hunt with 100 dollar hunting licenses and ammo prices skyrocketing when you have to hesitate to make sure that a deer has a certain number of points.I am a avid bowhunter and muzzleloader.But I don't plan on taking on any bear with a Bowie knife.(Kinda makes me nervous hunting with "semi primitive weapons")you never know if you might happen to run into a mother and cubs.Did ya guys hear about the trapper in masonville that was chased from his traps that unfortunately held cubs,by a very angry mom?I bet he sheet his pants and thought he was going to die, I know I would have.
October 02, 2010 20:48:36 cc   I guess Mr.Walker was talking about my Land.. thanks for the comments on my property and took time and money to built it but its worth while now its time to enjoy it, it would be even better I harvest the masonville bear, and have the large bear rug across the floor. well again thanks for the comments and good luck this year,. let the best hunter win.. cc
October 02, 2010 20:14:29 Les   Wow didn't know dam with a n was not allowed when used in the proper context.Dang censor!
October 02, 2010 20:09:17 Les   I heard the same rumor. The bear I seen was on the other side of Masonville.There was also some relocated to bear spring mountain in Walton.A large bear was seen eating out of a dumpster near the Walton high school.New Jersey bear pop. is out of control.When animals are relocated out of the city where do you think they send them?Yes we have had bear in the area before but when males breed between 4-6yrs and females 2-5yrs of age and only every other year its hard to believe that the population boom seen in the surrounding counties isn't from these "rumors".Don't forget the state has seen record number bear kills in ny with the catskills area exceeding the Adirondacks.Hope you guys get your pics.I have many times watched deer playing for hours they can be quite interesting when they are oblivious to your presence.But unfortunately for them they also taste *CENSORED* good in my frying pan.
October 02, 2010 19:24:45 t   trash can bears, thats all we need !
October 02, 2010 14:19:51 wshbown   rumor has it that the state released 26 nuisence bears of all sizes inthe state land on steam mill heard it from several people . also i have seen several bears in giffords fields when it was corn
October 01, 2010 20:58:01 Marc Walker.   I almost hit the "masonville bear " while I was driving on Shear Rd. about 1 mile south of the state land's cross roads where richard RIP lye. I was traveling south towards rt * and Mr.Bear came out of no where and stands up after I hunk the horn look at me and made a very loud grawl and back up in the woods. by the state land 's fire/safety road. and then he cut down the private property which has a newly built house. and by the way.. its a nice house,and good luck to the owner and welcome to masonville. but anyways i track him down to that property. and then I left him /her alone. Nice Bear. if anyone will caught him, they will have a big prize 7maybe a state record....and he is a 500-600 pounds andmaybe more...nice bear.....
October 01, 2010 07:34:08 naturelovr   I hope this topic isnt an accidental invitation for all idiots to come hunt for the prize bruin this season! I'd bet there are a lot of sandbaggers on this board. Im one of them :)
September 29, 2010 20:49:11 Grumpy I'm with you, Observer! I'll gladly take my chances with that famous Masonville Bear! First off, I am sure there is more than one. Occasionally I find bear scat on my property on Steam Mill Road, but have not encountered one while perusing my acreage. Of course, I tend to be be a bit vocal when I'm down by my little pond; I have no wish to accidentally surprise an ursine visitor. Naturally, I always also carry a large caliber sidearm as insurance, but have no desire whatsoever of bear hunting, especially not with a handgun! As long as they stay off my decks, they are welcome on the property anytime.
September 29, 2010 10:24:44 Observer   Humans; one of the few creatures on earth that kills for the sport of killing. Now all you guys who are slavering to get out there and kill that big bear for bragging rights and 15 minutes of fame; let's make it a fair fight. Go for him with your bare hands and take him down and I will be impressed. Slaughtering him with a heavy high caliber weapon really has no bragging rights. I have eaten bear meat and was not that impressed. I don't need a bear skin rug. Me naked on a bear skin would be a frightening sight. Oh I know someone is going to tell me how good it will be for the rest of the bear population to kill this one. Bet this one would not feel the same way. Or I am going to hear this bear is cutting into the deer population. Bears would really rather eat your garbage than go to the effort of chasing down a deer. Someone told me that this bear was a danger to people in the area. When is the last time anyone in Masonville was mauled by a bear? You are in more danger of being attacked by a jealous husband than you are a bear. Before you lynch this poor creature give me a chance to get a picture of it. Alive. Not hanging in a tree.
September 29, 2010 07:21:57 chris franklin   On my way to deposit this morning driving on rt 8 from center of masoville , driving along sipping my coffee I got from the gas station ! suddleny I saw a black VW in the middle of the road, I slowed down,. as I was getting closer,and closer, I see its not a VW it was the masonville bear everybody is talking about.. but it was strange..he was pulling a dead doe across rt 8. stopped and looked but it was getting late for work,.. so I left.. he was about 1/4 mile north from the ice cream shop,. at the little parking on the left for state land enterance of 8. i think he is about 550 pounds,... because I caught one in franklin,NY and it weight about 350 and this one was way bigger.. i have an F350 Pick up and on his 4 legs he is taller then myhood/front of my truck.. i wish i had a camara to take a pic and post... maybe next time...
September 29, 2010 00:40:35 Ranger Danger   Possibly were talking about a dressed bear and an undressed bear. The innards add on a lot of weight, and I always measure without. All these conspiracy theories about BIG BROTHER have me thinking, Les.
September 28, 2010 18:23:53 CJ   Been up here for a few years , seen no Bear so far , only droppings and some tracks,guess am looking @ wrong places .
September 28, 2010 09:39:12 Observer   Les- Perhaps "Fahrenheit 451" would be a better analogy than "1984" seeing as I am referring to destroying books rather than re-writing them. LOL
September 28, 2010 01:40:52 Les   I came within inches of hitting a bear with my Dodge stratus last year.Standing on all four it was way above my hood and quite long and fat!I don't know how to estimate weight of a bear but it was a lot bigger than a 400 pounder I seen years ago. And alot bigger than a couple of 200lb short fat pig of a bear Iv'e seen.Our Masonville news correspondent reported the same week that a 500 or so pound black bear really took a likeing to their crop of sweet corn.
September 28, 2010 01:16:01 Les   1984!I hear many references to big brother but nobody that has heard of 1984.Maybe I'm not the only one that has read it."THEY" have already made our schools "politically" correct,they even swallow hard before celebrating Christmas, oops I mean Santa.Last year not a single Christmas song at school.But we heard one hella of a good chant for Martin Luther King,(no offense to Dr. King).
September 27, 2010 23:05:20 Ranger Danger   Y'all are crazy if you think a black bear can get that big anywhere around here if at all. Up north your lucky to get one that's 400 pounds. Very lucky. Hell, my bear just barely ..ha.. broke 200 lbs. I got that right down the road here in Masonville. Your mistaking a poofy animal for a big animal.
September 27, 2010 21:51:23 Jack Throll   what the hell is all this hype for an darn bear in masonville ??? come on,. we live in the coutry right ?? we see deers and bear all the time,. you people are crying for an 600 pound bear ! one of my tarts are bigger then that ,LOL... but anyways just the \" masonville bear \" on shear road at the field behind the ice cream shop. yeah he is a big one, but come on people ! we are in delaware county not in the bronx or the island.. where theres no bear ! yeah but this bear is big,.. he is the BIG DADDY OF THE BEARS IN THE AREA....... even in the post office this morning they wore talking about it, went over to the general store and they also were talking about the bear.. come on folks wake up and smell the bear\'s *CENSORED*.! Well thats my 2 cent of the bear in masonville
September 27, 2010 14:11:29 kyle wilson been scouting my hunting spots at statelands on shear rd,. saw about a 600 pound black bear. at the cross roads on shear rd. he is huge... he might had either an fight w/ another bear, or just got him some dinner.. his nose and his mouth was bloody !... I tell u something... am staying away from that bear... FYI- the new DEC officer in the area is pretty cool. his name is joseph (Joe) Dunnings. he lives in Braintee and he ia a great DEC Officer..! Dont worry! atleast he is not ol'e whitey... he was evil !!!!!! Anyways good luck in hunting /seeing the "Famous Masonville Bear " Keep your doors close.........and pets inside...
September 27, 2010 11:25:57 Grumpy Took my niece down to the "Dairy Cream" for ice cream, yesterday. Alas, no bears were present. We enjoyed our cold snack at this former "Penguin" location. Unfortunately, they are a seasonal store and will shut down sfter Columbus Day.
September 27, 2010 09:45:58 Observer   "1984"? The Obama administration has now taken to censoring and book burning! A book written by a retired Lt. Colonel was ordered destroyed by the Pentagon. 10,000 copies were destroyed. (The excuse of national security was used.) A heavily redacted second printing was allowed. Now if that book contained security material I am sure the administration knew that when it was being written and compiled. Why not ask the author at that time to redact? What was the REAL reason for the burning the the books? What has this country I love come to. It saddens the heart and boggles the mind of this old man.
September 27, 2010 07:38:13 clipper   Would any one know were the original location of the first Masonville post office was? Why is pineswamp rd so bad in the town of masonville? They keep patching it i think its time to fix it right. You know its bad when the dirt roads are smoother.
September 26, 2010 09:48:44 don walker   I saw a big bear walking down shears road from the state lands. he was about 500-600 pound. on friday morning.. he then enter the woods again... beautiful coat.
September 24, 2010 07:11:51 P.Williams.   Just seen a big Black Bear eating the garbage from the dumpster @ the Ice Cream shop off Rt 8 & shears rd. I est. him about 700 pounds ! Have anyone seen him/her ??? I hope I get that bear on Oct. 15 on Bow & Arrow Season.. I guess he been around the State Lands in Shear rd ??? any One Seen Him/ Her Aroud ?? Another note,. Who is the New DEC officer ?? Looks like he is a Bad Apple ???
September 22, 2010 22:02:38 Les   To Pam,Grumpy,Craig,Ron and Barb,Ernie, and many others we forget who have served or are serving our country, America thanks you, and god bless every one of you!
September 22, 2010 21:50:55 Les   You are 100% right on observer.Why can't we get everyday,work hard 40 plus hours a week,pay lotsa taxes,pay all bills on time or early,raise good children, kind a people run for office.Barack Obama got elected with no experience. My thought, because they cant't afford it.Obama spent over a half a billion dollars,80 million spent in just the month of september.His oposition spent less during his whole campaign than Obama did for one month.They both agreed after capaign finance reform to spend a max of 80 million.Thats pretty close to a half a billion difference.Our politicians on both sides should be replaced with some that want to represent us.Where do we find them?
September 22, 2010 10:46:03 Observer   Selecting ANY state politician is akin to attempting to retrieve a diamond from a box of rattlesnakes with your bare hands and blindfold on.
September 22, 2010 00:08:49 les   Scott Murphy isn't agianst babykilling he is prochoice.Voted for Obamacare.Believes in increasing the age seniors will be eligible to collect social security benifits.And wants to raise social security taxes.And also voted for the failed 787 billion dollar stimulus package that the congressional budget office estimates at 3.27 trillion after ten years stimulus package.One thousand times one billion equals one trillion.Might not have affected you,but someone will pay for this generational theft act.
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