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January 30, 2011 11:09:33 golden retriever lover Thanks for the replies. We rented the property twice, both times for one week. I am going to speak with my parents to try to get more information. You are sure blessed to live in such a beautiful community. Cheers!
January 30, 2011 07:37:42 One Who Knows   There was a Hotel on the 4 corners that at one time housed the Grange, (before they built the existing Grange building) and that was torn down. Also we had a diner/bar on the vacant lot next to Bob Stantons garage and we should all remember visiting the old library, next to the fire hall.
January 30, 2011 07:30:58 One Who Knows   The Methodist Church was torn down (Between Cuttings and Carrolls)
January 29, 2011 18:34:48 DogOwner   When does Masonville hold a rabies clinic?
January 29, 2011 09:53:22 Jersey Shore Hunter   MV's 200 th Birthday Party. Can we City Folk and out of towners who owns a piece of property and pay taxes here in MV. can come ???
January 28, 2011 23:25:13 bertimouse   Dear Craig & the TOM FD: we found out we can't make it Weds. night-Ground Hog Day argh we gotta late work night deadline & another snowstorm to deal with & with all the animals & all it looks like well you know; Family,Animals,Work First but will still try but-Can You Post The Meeting Report Somewhere online after the fact so we can still try & participate? Thanks.
January 28, 2011 22:58:27 Les   Where?One who knows,it used to be lawn there.Was it torn down?And When?I love our history and always wonder when seeing old house foundations,who lived there and what was life like for them.Our town has changed alot since its formation and I always enjoy listening to our 'oldsters' and 'seasoned citizens'.
January 28, 2011 22:40:44 Les   I can't make the meeting between work and kids there is little time.I'm not complaining Craig I know your plate is full too.I would just like to reiterate the idea of using the old Masonville school playground,if only for the day for something to do with our bicentennial.Some activities for the kids would bring some interest too.
January 28, 2011 22:13:22 One Who Knows   Earlier question, the Methodist Church was on the lot between the properties now owned by Ken Cutting and Fran Carroll.
January 28, 2011 21:39:31 Craig DuMond   We are looking at late June
January 28, 2011 19:43:58 Anybody   Ummmm, No
January 28, 2011 18:27:38 wshbown   any days chosen for the bi cen event ?
January 28, 2011 12:04:40 Ann   Hi JC - I am from Bluefields Jamaica and my skin color is white. But, my friends and family have different skin shades from white to black. My husband is NY born and raised. He considers JA his 2nd home. Jamaica is a culture with wonder traditions, foods and friendly people. \"Once you go, you know\". If anyone is interested, I could post a brief history about Bluefields.
January 27, 2011 22:06:47 jc   what color are jamaicans?i thought jamaica was a country not a description of color,no offense just curious.
January 27, 2011 21:28:10 Craig DuMond   We should have plenty of seating...See you there!!!
January 27, 2011 18:55:18 bertimouse   Thanks for the invite Craig. Will be there on Feb. 2nd. Groundhog -err- Woody Woodchucks "notification about this winters duration" day. Hopefully good news, ideas & brainstorming will be shared by all. Will spread the word to folks not online.Should we bring lawn chairs to sit in? :)
January 27, 2011 18:19:27 Craig DuMond   Hi, Jeri - My are correct! February 2nd!!! See you there!!!
January 27, 2011 11:42:24 Mormon Hollow Farm   Please Craig tell me you do not want to relive January 2011, much too cold!!! You do mean February 2nd don't you? See you then.
January 27, 2011 09:37:42 Craig DuMond   The Town Board and the Masonville Fire Department welcomes the public to an organizational meeting to begin planning for our Town's Bi-Centennial celebration. The meeting will be next Wednesday January 2nd at 630pm at the Masonville Federated Church. Come one, come all as the more folks involved in the planning the better the event will be for everyone!!!
January 27, 2011 08:22:33 CC   Hi!anybody how bad is Shears rd ,with all this weather?
January 26, 2011 10:56:09 Observer   Life is much to short to worry about how people choose to live or what they do or don't do for a living on their property. None of this will you take to the cemetary with you. Never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch. Consider that you do not "own" the property you worry about. Don't pay the mortgage or taxes and you will find out who really owns it. Or let the state decide they need it for something. Ask people who once lived on Gifford Road if they really owned the property they lived on. The birds at my feeder have more claim to my property than I do.
January 26, 2011 00:27:17 Les   Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't there a petition started many years ago to condemn Sanfords' house that looks like a falling apart barn.Reminds me of the Greys' issue.The "Barn" is still standing.
January 26, 2011 00:06:31 Les   Old Man-That explains why my good neighbors Sanford and Coralee where friends of theirs.They are jamaican too.Sanford died recently of cancer.Not only were they from Jamaica,then the city,and finally Masonville residents,but the happiest most friendliest neighbors you would or could ever meet.
January 25, 2011 21:02:09 Robin Little   At one time Masonville also had a Methodist Church, and yes I believe the church on Church Street was Baptist and hear that it had a beautiful ornate ceiling. On the four corners, where the church lawn is, was a hardware store at one time. Old time Res- I am always looking for and trying to gather history on Masonville. I do love this town as my roots are deep and long in this town. I am just a twig on a very large tree with many branches that my family started here many generations ago.
January 25, 2011 19:16:37 One Who Knows   The Baptist Church was on Church St.
January 25, 2011 19:08:06 Old Man   FYI the Smart family was not black they were Jamaican and they operated a restaurant at their location on Bundy Hollow Rd. in the early to mid 1970's
January 25, 2011 13:13:46 TX   Dont forget to invite ,THE EVIL BEAR to the party!!
January 25, 2011 12:16:24 Old time res   Nice to see Masonvilles 200 year anniversary coming up. Is anything special being planned? Lots of Masonvilles history questions flying around also. Thanks Robin Little for answering! Nice someone has kept up with our towns roots and really knows and loves the history. So many of our \"oldsers\" are gone now! Don\'t we have a historian? Not much seems to get done in this area anymore. Sad to see....... Especially with this important anniversary coming up.
January 25, 2011 11:29:13 Observer   Robin Little do you recall what the denomination of the church was that closed on Church St in 1950? Thanks.
January 25, 2011 11:16:09 Les   I don't know how long the Smart's owned it but there is multiple buildings and a barn accross the road.They could possibly rented a house there.The pool looks large maybe concrete?I hear they ran it as a hotel too.If it helps,golden retriever the Smart's were a black couple.I don't know who lived there before them because I wasn't born yet.
January 25, 2011 10:52:10 Robin Little   After talking to my dad, I remember that there was also a motel at the place with the pool on Bundy Hollow. I remember seeing it as I rode the school bus to Sidney for 5th grade band and later to junior high. So that would have been in the middle 70\'s. However, that place was not at the end of Bundy Hollow, but out there a couple of miles.
January 24, 2011 19:41:22 Robin Little   The church that was on the corner of Church Street was closed in 1950. My father remembers helping move the piano out of the church before he went in service in 1952. The place with the inground pool on Bundy Hollow was at a restuarant; I believe the name was "Pernell" (spelling???), I think it closed in the late 60's or early 70's.
January 24, 2011 19:08:37 CrzyFlea   Les, I knew someone would remember the name associated with the place on Bundy Hollow. It was on the tip of my tongue and I just could not spit it out. Per the original poster\'s description that most likely is the place. 35 would have too much traffic, Bundy Hollow would be about right and Randal Hill the place with the pool is at the very end of the road so would have almost none.
January 24, 2011 07:52:36 Les   I've seen the photo on ebay,just type in masonville ny,didn't see it today though.The is still some neat old postcards on there though.There is a few old pics on Masonville general store facebook.A real nice one of Bob Stantons garage when it was a gas station.On ebay there is a real photo postcard from 1907 called the falls,does anybody know if it is going towards Deposit on 8 just out of town on the right?I know there is a small water fall there that looks much like the photo.Time changes everything though and probally anybody that would know has moved by now.
January 23, 2011 14:29:50 Kathy K   Observer, I seem to recall seeing a postcard for sale on ebay that was taken looking down (to the south) Church Street and you could see the church down toward the southern end. That was before my time here in Masonville, so I don't know which church that was.
January 23, 2011 13:42:29 Observer   I did not consider my posts with Les to be disagreements or debate. Just conversation. Commenting on his observation of something he read in the Star. I do not consider myself "religious" in the sense the world views "religious". I am a born again follower of Jesus Christ and will not apologize for that. I would think that this forum would be a good place to learn more about one's neighbors. I have been a resident of the TOM for over 10 years and other than a reletive who lives next door to me I know perhaps 4 people in the entire town. And I once again would suggest that those who do not like posts here in the forum you just skip over them. I find that I skip over some from time to time that does not interest or concern me.
January 23, 2011 13:27:33 ObserverPE   Kathy K I believe there was a church still active on Church Street back in middle to late 1950\'s when I traveled from North Sanford to work in the Scintilla in Sidney. At that time I would take the shortcut from RTE 8 to RTE 206 via Church Street.
January 23, 2011 13:26:48 ObserverT   Kathy K I believe there was a church still active on Church Street back in middle to late 1950's when I traveled from North Sanford to work in the Scintilla in Sidney. At that time I would take the shortcut from RTE 8 to RTE 206 via Church Street.
January 23, 2011 11:14:11 Les   Buckwheat are you talking about what was the Wingates place?I know the place on Bundy Hollow that was owned by the Smarts who recently died had a large inground pool and was used at some point in time as a getaway or rental "resort" many years ago.There was also a barn across the road there too.
January 23, 2011 11:09:46 Les   Yes, nuff said.
January 23, 2011 09:58:23 Kathy K   From Google Books - "Gazetteer of the state of New York" circa 1860. MASONVILLE (footnote: Named from the Rev. John M. Mason, of N.Y., principal owner of the Evans Patent in this town) -- was formed from Sidney, April 4, 1811. Its surface is a hilly upland, divided into 2 ridges by the valley of Bennetts Creek, which extends E. and W. through the N. part of the town. These ridges are subdivided by numerous lateral ravines, through which flow small brooks. The highest summits are 600 to 1000 feet above the valleys and 1800 to 2000 feet above tide. The surface is stony, and the soil a shaly loam difficult of cultivation except in the valleys. Masonville (p.v.) is situated on Bennetts Creek, in the W. part of the town. Pop. 234. The first settlement was commenced in 1795, on "Cockburns Gore," (footnote: A narrow strip of land between Evans Patent and the "Line of Property") upon the W. border of the town, by immigrants from Mass. (footnote: Among the early settlers were Wm. and Aden Wait, Danl. Scranton, Enos Goodman, Justin Nash, Peres Moody and son Moses, Asa, Terry and Caleb Monson. The first birth was that of Sally, daughter of Daniel Wait, Aug. 10, 1797, and the first death was that of Wm. Wait, the same summer. Dr. Eli Emmons taught the first school; Simeon Wells kept the first inn; Fitch & Phelps the first store, in 1808; and Joseph Bicknell built the first saw and grist mill, in 1802.) In 1797, the State Road from Cherry Valley to Jericho was opened through the town. The first religious services were conducted by Rev. Joel Chapin, in 1797. The first church (Bap.) was formed Dec. 7, 1811. There are 3 churches in town; Bap., Presb. and M.E."
January 23, 2011 09:31:14 buckwheat   the house w/ barn across rd was the dixon farm @ cty35 /206 later sold to lowell who put pool in back yard
January 23, 2011 08:56:29 bertimouse   Thanks. let it all RIP.
January 23, 2011 07:37:21 GIVE IT UP   yall must be stuck in your house going crazy all these post are rediculous. no one will ever win the battle of abortion , politics,religion .give it up on this site .no one whats to here these views .its supose to to be a site about tom and whats going on , NUFF SAID HA HA
January 23, 2011 00:38:47 Les   Our President needs all the respect & help he can get.Sorry not by me.Many people in our good USA are greatly appalled by a recent bust on a late term partial birth abortion clinic.The doctor was aborting babies past the 24 week legal limit.But people were appalled by the method,scissors to the back of the babies neck to sever the spine,this is how late term legal abortion is performed,besides a syringe to the head and suck out the brain.In NY and PA 24 weeks,two weeks after a babies chance for surviving a premature birth,some states up to the day they are born.Obama voted against a childs right to life act(sb-230).It stated that if a child is born live in a botched abortion(this was the case in some of the Phily births)the doctor should keep it alive.Obama thought that a mothers choice in her reproductive rights,to abort the child should comes first and the baby should be put in a medical waste bag to die!Sorry he gets no respect from me.
January 23, 2011 00:38:12 bertimouse   So be it as you say.
January 22, 2011 23:38:28 Les   Suggestions rather than direct orders?Shut up was still the implication.How can one want the end to the talk of religion and in the next breath use religion in their post?Nuff said,what?I'm truly sorry if I offend you but it sounds like you want to ride both sides of the fence.My first post ever on this site incited a comment by Observer calling myself nieve.No offense taken and I'm sure none was intended.I don't think he was "nasty,mean,or rude"during our back and forth exchange in differences in opinion.(some might call it an argument).We said our peace and hopefully we BOTH got our point across.That is what a civil "argument" should be.
January 22, 2011 22:15:01 bertimouse   Hi Les: TOM'S Supervisor finally enlightened us all that the trailer in question was TOM property so all's well that end's well there. Gossip will always be gossip but it never has to be rude & nasty & oh yes we in our household have been told to cease & desist on various topics discussed. Have we ever actually said "shutup" to anyone here? We've always tried to be gentler than that by suggestions rather than direct orders, you know? We hear the church bells of Masonville ring every Sunday at 10:30 am & love it. Calls us closer to God. World politics is too complicated for us to discuss here though sometimes we do only because it's so frustrating! Some folks spend their whole lives studying it & being politicians & where does it all get us but back to just praying that all will be well? We believe here (in our humble Masonville household) that (as Mom always said) God helps those who help themselves. Folks must put forth some kind of effort for themselves to see change for the good which effects everyone else around them. That's why local politics & the community & school district (in our view) is so much more important to be involved in. It all starts Here, you know? Our current President deserves all the respect & help he can get. Nuff Said.
January 22, 2011 21:43:58 bertimouse   Observer: you know, for a self-proclaimed God fearing religious person you show a mean streak by putting out such nasty, mean & rude comments. We here in our household (As I always say & yes CrzyFlea is correct about how I comment here) speak the way we see it without trying to insult anyone which is why we say "NUFF SAID" when truly the issue is enough for us. As we've stated before, your religious beliefs observer don't bother us in the least - get it? And that's all we have to say about that. We understand how some folks just Have to have the last word, so have at it oh nasty one & may God humble & temper your thoughts & tongue for not thy but his will.
January 22, 2011 11:31:05 Observer   A couple of people from Masonville were mentioned here on the board this past week as having passed away. While I do not know these two individuals or their famililies I too would like to offer my condolences to their families. May the Lord bless and guide you during this time of loss.
January 22, 2011 06:44:48 CrzyFlea   And finally, as I'd intended to do when I first came onto the board this morning. I'd like to express my condolences to Sheila Benedict, her mother Cindy and the Northup family as well if they're still in the area, at the passing of Burt Benedict.
January 22, 2011 06:40:56 CrzyFlea   Observer, I think the 'we' and 'us' references that bertimouse makes implies more that the person typing is speaking on behalf of him or herself and their significant other, nothing more. Don't you think that is a reasonable thing to discern rather than assuming they mean to imply something more grandiouse.
January 22, 2011 06:36:32 CrzyFlea   Golden retriever lover - There are only 2 places with in ground pools that I recall from my time spent in Masonville. I think you're talking about a home on one of the dead end roads, either Bundy Hollow or Randal Hill. Per your description I'm inclined to think that Bundy Hollow is more likely the road in question as the pool on Randal hill is at one of the houses right at the end and you mentioned traffic. You might try google maps satellite view to help refresh your memory.
January 22, 2011 04:39:50 Les   It wasn\'t long ago Bertimouse that you were ragging on the TOM workers for \"flauting their arrogance\"for the storage of a RV on TOM property.Sometimes gossip makes us look arrogant.I don\'t think I have heard anybody tell you to shutup,the same courtesy would be nice.Unfortunately religion is not talked about much.It seems to bring about anger and hostility in some people.Did you know there is a church that is a part of TOM?I don\'t attend myself but many TOM residents do.Does talking to China,(actually we have been,Bush invited the pres. of China to a luncheon)make them a good country now?We are talking to Hugo Chavez (who loves Obama)from Venezuala who hates America and is guilty of some pretty bad human rights violations himself.And Cuba\'s Castro is fond of our Pres. too.This is good?that some of the worlds worst dictators are friends with our temporary President?
January 21, 2011 21:17:05 Observer   Bertimouse Please do not presume to know what I do and do not care about in the Town of Masonville. By the way, your constant use of the pronouns "we" and "us" gets a tad old. Either you are speaking of yourself in the third person as royalty or you are indicating you are speaking for the residents of the Town of Masonville. If so by what decree or proclamation did you come by this office of spokesperson? It certainly was not via the ballot box. I do not know anyone who cast a ballot in such. Why not be honest and say what you mean. YOU do not like what I post and let the rest of the community speak for themselves.
January 21, 2011 20:43:31 bertimouse   Hey observer: Benalities? Clear by your own words to us here that you care nothing about the TOM children's education. Thanks for clarifying that. Perfection of the area? Is that not what All religions strive for is the perfection of Self First so that your area will then benefit? And Les: Which causes more heated discussion that MOST TOM folks want to talk about: local politics, gossip or religion? Maybe Grumpy is the only one who knows, but like all good website administrators he usually doesn't jump into the fray. We think that based on the lack of comment religion seems to be the least favored topic,(sorry observer) followed by politics which everyone seems to be sick of at the moment. Resident: Yah, the more local Bear Stories & who's dog is biting/barking who & all the Bravos for the HWY Dept's successes The that's a real Community Bulletin Board. And by the way Les:China has been buying our country up for a while now; it should be no surprise what they did this past week except that They actually came Here to visit. It wasn't so long ago when our 2 countries didn't even talk to eachother, remember? Yah I know, NUFF said! :)
January 21, 2011 20:14:29 Les   Your right Masonville resident sorry if I offended you.National politics probably doesn't belong on a local forum.Though I thought the further destuction and sale of our country (by more then this administration, I'm not singling anybody out),was a local topic.It affects us all.But to be offended about a few comments on religion,there was no preaching here just a few posts,I can not apologize for.
January 21, 2011 19:52:20 Les   Masonville resident-unless you are Grumpy I don't think you have the right to complain.I think many Masonville residents can find offense to many things wrote here.Like driveing by our good neighbors the Gray's,look the other way for a few seconds,our skip a post and you don't even know it was there.Like I said unless you are Grumpy we are all guests on this site.
January 21, 2011 11:03:09 Masonville Resident   A Very BIG "Thank You" to Chuck and his crew at the Highway Department. Well done boys!
January 21, 2011 11:01:20 Masonville Resident   Les - I just stated the one topic in the Masonville Bear. Out of state hunters, killing neighbors barking dogs; gas drilling and the road rally were interesting as well. And again, we got to read about the Presidents dinner experience from your words. Quite frankly, he\'s in there, you ain\'t getting him out, enjoy the show. I can read about it if I choose to pick up a paper, not here.
January 21, 2011 08:37:36 taxpayer   Now may be the time to thank the Masonville Highway Dept. for a job well done. All of us like getting to work on time, although the kids would rather have a snow day whenever possible.
January 21, 2011 07:36:54 Mormon Hollow Farm   All too soon we once again have lost another good friend and devoted member of our community, our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Howard Huntington who passed away earlier this week. The Braymans
January 21, 2011 07:32:00 Golden retriever lover   Sorry I used a censored word, it really isn't a bad one! Again, any information would be appreciated.
January 21, 2011 07:30:32 Golden retriever lover   Hi there.I am writing because my family and I used to rent a farmhouse in Masonville for a week each summer for a couple of years. I remember the house was across the street from a barn where two cows lived named Ferdinand and Moo Moo. The house also had an in-ground pool and I believe it was located on either a county or state road, although not a lot of traffic. I know this is a total *CENSORED* shoot, but does this sound familar to anyone? Thanks.
January 21, 2011 03:38:04 Les   Disturbing,the fact that our president finds it appropriate to wine and dine and apoligize to the pres of China.Even some prominate democrates didn't go to the dinner.While they have one of the worst human rights violations in the world,forced labor or sometimes they get pennies and cancer for their help undercutting American products to bankrupcy.And Obama tells the China we are here to help them become a world superpower after China says the day of the dollar is over.I guess we need more money?
January 21, 2011 03:23:08 Les   Saving or killing a bear more interesting,or more appropriate?How about hateing the raghead,or out of state hunters or killing neighbors barking dogs?Don't forget gas drilling or the rally.It seems town gossip causes more arguments then discussing a little religion or politics.
January 21, 2011 00:41:35 Resident of Masonville   I believe Grumpy started this "free" board to provide information to the great people of Masonville about the town. Politics and Religion we can get elsewhere. I for one hate reading about it here. Now the Masonville Bear, that was interesting!
January 20, 2011 22:47:56 Observer   Bertimouse As this is an open forum thus far. I suppose anyone can discuss whatever they so desire. The fact I am a believer bothers you obviously. So be it. As long as it is discussion and not argument I see no harm in discussing what one believes or accepts. As to harming the Town of Masonville; while Masonville is a nice little place it is not perfect in any way. All one has to do is read the papers to confirm that. Maybe a dose of the Gospel is what the TOM needs. Lastly I am not asking anyone to read what I post. They are free to pass over it and move on to banalities concerning school lunches and the perfection of the area.
January 20, 2011 20:46:11 bertimouse   Dear, dear Observer: Your 1/19/11 comment regarding your religious views & that \"The Bible tells us the Gospel will be a stumbling block and an offense to some.\" Is OK with us but please consider Our Thoughts Here: In most TOM households we Live & Let Live & we personally try to Love & Remind All about how OTHER Folk of all religions feel. We here couldn\'t help but wonder \"what if\" this website turned into a forum for others who strongly wanted to quote their religious views as well, be it whatever; Buddist, Gnostic, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Rasta, Shinto, Satanic, Sufi, Vodou, etc. & etc. Don\'t you think observer? That although everyone has free speech; there are other venues for what you & other religious folk espouse? Respectfully submitted for your consideration & compassion to all, Thanks.
January 20, 2011 19:45:43 bertimouse   Hi taxpayer: Well now we hope that dinner for TOM'S kids are at least being prepared in some fashion, yes? Come on now. Pre-packaged dinners & from a can & in front of the TV is every parent's poor, lazy & or ignorant decision & it's also sad to hear your comment that "even a bagged lunch" that your own grandchildren only sometimes receive now. There are tons of books & classes out there on how to teach parents how to easily cook healthy & easy dinners & organize bag lunches. BOY could we really give the SCSD a RUN for their money if we started an organized BAGGED-LUNCH BOYCOTT for every child in the district. Tonight on the news they reported about how WALMART is now going to lower their prices on healthier foods because of the President's wife's food project. BRAVO we say but we'll wait to see how Walmart translates their grand words & when, err. The White House hasn't had a veggie garden in 40 years & that's just not right. AMEN they finally have one again. All of this country's founding fathers had one so why shouldn't we teach our children to emulate that? The SCSD BOE may think that they are the government but it's up to ALL OF US to remind them always that it is WE not THEM who govern by our Speaking to & Voting for them.
January 20, 2011 19:02:25 bertimouse   Observer: Huh? Forgive us but we don't understand your comment, please do explain. Thanks.
January 20, 2011 12:01:04 Observer   I am certainly impressed. Millions of dollars spent wining and dining the "president" of China and Obama conviences him to leave the Pandas in the US longer. Gotta admit our Prez sure knows how to go get im!!
January 19, 2011 15:37:45 Observer   Taxpayer - I do not apologize for discussing Scripture or the Bible on this site or any other. The Bible tells us the Gospel will be a stumbling block and an offense to some. If you are offended then you best take it up with a much higher authority than anyone on this site.
January 19, 2011 13:25:40 taxpayer   It would not hurt the parents to fix breakfast and dinner for their family, but probably few do. Yes,my kids attended Masonville school and I fed them breakfast, bagged lunch and dinner. As a matter of fact they now fix breakfast and dinner for their kids and even a bagged lunch sometimes. It is too bad that some parents think a meal has to come out of a box, prepacked frozen or in a can. What ever happened to cooking and eating at the table instead of in front of the television ? As far as the government ruling, is that not what the BOE think they are?
January 18, 2011 23:37:59 bertimouse   taxpayer: let's here take a poll: How Many Kids in this district get "2 healthy meals" as you say. We're assuming you mean breakfast & dinner? Do you know how many K-5 kids eat breakfast at school now on the district's/our dime every morning?(We used to know at the MV Elementary before they closed it down.) taxpayer: school lunches are NOT controlled by the Government as you say. They are controlled locally by the BOE. Would you like to send your kids to school with their own lunches everyday? As far as we knew you still can, yes? Back in the day that's what every parent did when & especially The School LUNCH PROGRAM Was Cut. (Remember & Are You Listening SCSD?) School LUNCH Budgets can be CUT in many different ways & it all depends on how the TAXPAYERS DECIDE & VOTE; NOT the School Board, remember? The Day May Come when the fancy, newly & highly equipped kitchens of the SCSD may be sold off at auction to someone else because 1)Folks will find out that money is being brutally wasted there. 2)Folks more & more will realize that Less is More regarding cr@p food served to our children. 3)Some folk soon may stand up & Crusade for School Home-Grown Gardens & Local Foods for TOM School Children enough to pressure the SCSD. 4)Some Folks may realize that a "brown bag" lunch is the best way to not only send a message to SCSD, but to also teach our TOM children in another way. Nuff said.
January 18, 2011 22:36:23 Les   Wow taxpayer,your computer has a direct link to the unofficial Masonville website upon turning it on!Mine takes me to wherever I want to go.Endless possibilities.To tell you the truth I don't go to church,I keep it in my heart and thoughts.
January 18, 2011 17:55:38 taxpayer   yes but do we need to there when we turn the computer on?
January 18, 2011 17:55:09 taxpayer   yes but do we need to there when we turn the computer on?
January 18, 2011 16:27:11 Observer   Taxpayer - Sounds like a great place to be :)
January 18, 2011 15:24:51 taxpayer   Are we in church?
January 18, 2011 11:25:12 Observer   Les - Yes, I know it was not you who mentions the Bible and abortion. I was commenting in general. I too am disappointed in the corruption we see in the Scripture but it is only a sign of the corruption of society in general. The title Reverend is found only once in the Bible and then it is referring to God not a man. I prefer a different title actually. Nevertheless it has been nice chatting with you about God and the Bible.
January 18, 2011 01:24:16 Les   I did not mention that the bible says abortion is wrong.I was reiterating Rev. Lisa Jo Bezner of Otego,I believe she is dead wrong.And the reinterpretation of the bible for modern times,Rev.Craig Schwalenberg of Oneonta.Just a little disheartening hearing this from so called Reverends.
January 17, 2011 11:26:08 Observer   Les - I read the Star now and then but not as a regular read. Actually my understanding would be that private interpertation of the Scripture is not good practice. -- "20 knowing this first, that no prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation. 21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost." 1 Peter 1:20-21. Thus interperting the Word for the day or culture is to corrupt what God intended. Yes, the culture may be different than the culture of Moses' or Christ's time but the principle is still the same and the sin is still the same thus the same solution and principles apply. -- You mention the Bible does not say abortion is wrong. Well, there are verses in the Old Testament referring to striking a woman with child and causing her to abort the child and the penalities for doing so. Also the Bible condemns murder in numerous places. As to the forgivness of sin; all sin is forgivable but one must remember the only sin one is condemned for is the sin of not accepting the atoning work of God's Son Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. A person without Christ is already condemned. A person with Christ who sins has forgiveness and understanding. But that does not mean a person with Christ is free from the penalty of that sin. He will pay the penalty either here or hereafter. All will stand before the Throne and answer for the things done in the flesh. --- As to using the Bible as a history book. Yes, the Bible has history but it is not primarily a history book. It is a book of Salvation - God's good news to lost man. The Bible contains all that man needs to live a Godly life.
January 17, 2011 07:51:35 taxpayer   If all of our kids eat 2 healthy meals a day at home where we can be sure all is good food, that is the best we can do. School lunches are controlled by the government, and you know what that means, we have no control. Maybe we will all have to send their lunch with them so we know what they eat.
January 17, 2011 02:00:04 Les   Observer do you read the Daily star.I've read the comments of two different reverends that one-the bible is open for interpretation for modern times(sounds like the liberal view on the constitution).Two- the bible doesn't say abortion is wrong,you are forgiven for all your sins.I know a rainbow is a promise from God that the earth will never be flooded again.But I wonder what is in store for us to be set on the right track once again.My thoughts,"If one can't look at the Bible for salvation or religion in general,then look at it as a piece of history,history repeats."Think about it.Thank you for your thoughts observer.
January 17, 2011 01:26:27 Les   Unfortunately they cut out potatoes too!Cooked right, spuds are a good source of vitamins fiber and carbs.Yes kids need carbs,not all of them are FAT.My kids eat all the time and are still skinny.
January 16, 2011 21:27:04 bertimouse   Les: About the new school meal regulations: we've heard that they have to cut out white bread, serve only whole grains & more veggies, less sugar & salt. We\'ve always felt that regular no salt butter was best in moderation like everything else. One new food they said the kids loved was the "chicken nuggets" made with white chicken & whole grain breading. The radio report also noted that K-5 kids didn't notice any difference whereas the middle-school kids did, DUH. Guess that's another reason for the 10-year phase-in plan for healthier foods in schools. By the way; do you know why they have vending machines available in schools for kids in the first place? "Way back in the day" when we went to school all there was to drink from K-9 was either WATER from the drinking fountain or what you bought for lunch. The vending machines were off-limits in the teacher's lounge. Why should the school district be making more money from us besides our taxes? Why are kids today so spoiled? All these extra things wind up costing us in additional taxes(school vending contracts)don't they? Doesn't having LESS really mean that you have MORE? OK Nuff said.
January 16, 2011 17:53:37 Observer   "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV). While this verse was written to the nation of Israel under David it has been said, "While all Scripture is not written too us; all Scripture is written for us." Mr. President, Mr/Mrs/Miss Congress people, Mr. Governor, Mr/Mrs/Miss Local leaders if you will take this verse to heart we will see a change in our country. The dismissal of God in any culture or society is to dismiss the very core of morality that makes that culture or society viable. We cannot, as a society, bend with every wave of doctrine but rather we must anchor ourselves to the Rock to weather the storms of adversity that beset our country.
January 15, 2011 22:42:31 Les   Little info,schools are low fat no trans fat.For breakfast only promise spread for bagels,you can see this.For the meals behind the curtain,dump the high trans fat CHEAP margarine in everything they cook.Yum um good.
January 15, 2011 14:15:59 Craig DuMond   Thank you to our Webmaster, for quickly addressing the problem ON THE OFFICIAL SITE. On behalf of the Town Board we greatly appreciate your service to our town and your willingness to help us out!
January 14, 2011 22:13:18 bertimouse   Does anyone know more about the new regulation or law (?)to provide healthier school lunches? They've reported on the radio about it several times now - reducing salt, sugar, starch etc.? First thing we thought was: WHAT A GREAT IDEA TO 1)Have ALL schools grow their own fresh produce gardens and 2)This could be a great way to bring back our local farms! (DUH) 3)Seems like moving forward towards the future always brings us back to past history. 4)BRAVO we say! FINALLY the schools will begin to stop serving cr@p food to our children who are the light & future of all of our worlds. 5)Unfortunately they say there's a 10 YEAR DEADLINE which they explained will give the "canned food companies" (another high priced lobbier influencing regulations here? Argh!) time to figure out how to can their veggies without so much SALT &/or bad food coloring. OK Nuff said about that. We here are real excited & very happy about bringing real & healthier food back into the school cafeterias & think that by Buying Local Produce & Growing Our Own will keep the costs down. One wonders if the SCSD is as excited or pro-active. Sometimes we think we should just let the Senior HS students take over running the darn district. Yah we know, Nuff said again.
January 14, 2011 14:33:48 taxpayer   Probably other web sites have been hacked locally but we are not aware of it. Too bad this happens ,but I guess that is the world of computers.
January 14, 2011 13:34:14 Kathy Ryan On a positive note, I'd like to compliment Jon Ferris/Oneonta Garage Doors, (1-877-783-2991)on the excellent customer service provided. We bought new doors last year and had our first problem this morning. Jon & son responded promptly and had the problem fixed in no time. I had visions of having to wait until Monday and not being able to use the garage. Thankfully, that didn't happen. I HIGHLY recommend Oneonta Garage Doors!!! I would have liked to post this on Angies list but they don't service our area yet so this is the next best thing!
January 14, 2011 10:14:46 TOM Webmaster   The guestbook on the TOM site was set so that any new entries mmediately notified the webmaster. This allowed the webmaster to immediately view the entry. A poster or hacker managed to defeat the safeguard sometime over the past few days. The webmaster had no notification that anything had been posted. It has now been set up so that any new entries to the Guest Book will have to be approved by the Webmaster before they are viewable on the site. The objectionable postings recently posted to the site were not the result of bots but rather from a local ISP thus the Bot guard did not function. Other than having a 24 hours observer on the site there is not much of any way of absolutely guaranteing that nothing objectionable will ever appear on the site. The only solution to that would be to remove the Guest Book and that is really NO guarantee that someone would not hack the site. So perfection is probably not on the horizon for the site. All websites do as well as they can but there are always those out there attempting to undo what is done. One has only to witness the number of safety patches Micro Soft issues in a years time for their software. I can assure you that the Masonville site has NOT spent the time or money that Micro Soft has over the years protecting their software and sites. I have maintained the site for a couple of years now and this is the first intrusion I have experienced on the site. Hopefully the next webmaster has a better experience. Of the numerous websites I now or have maintained I do not think I have had even one that was not somehow compromised at one time or another. I maintain a Church site and even that has received at one time or another objectionable material that had to be dealt with. Believe me that just because some of you may think Masonville is one level above paradise and completely unsullied not everyone out there feels that way.
January 14, 2011 09:10:31 TOM Webmaster   Yes the Masonville site was hit by bots along with about 10,000 other smaller sites in NYS. I and the hosting company handling the site are working to block any other actions. As to the reflections on the town of Masonville. I am resigning as web master of the site as I am sure Robin and Grumpy can do a much better job. So go for it. Keep in mind that the internet does get hit from time to time. Even the Federal Government has been hit and the Masonville site is not quite as well guarded as the Federal Government. If TOM Wants to pay the freight the site can be made nearly spam or hack proof. Somehow I think 10 or 20 thousand a year would not be accepted either.
January 13, 2011 21:46:51 Craig DuMond   Thank you so much Robin for brining this to my attention. I will contact the webmaster and have it taken care of ASAP! Grumpy had the same problem a while back on this site and had to put safe guards in place to prevent the 'spamming' we are now getting on the official site. Grumpy, maybe you can assist our webmaster??? Again, thank you Robin for looking out for us!
January 13, 2011 19:50:13 Robin Little   Craig, Who is in charge of the Guestbook on the offical Masonville website? What is on there isn't very nice. I was shocked and appalled. We really don't want that kind of reflection on our town. It is down right disgusting. Thank you Craig, as I know you will get this fixed. Thank you Grumpy for keeping this site clean.
January 13, 2011 18:06:30 Mormon Hollow Farm   Earlier this week our community lost a good friend and devoted member of our town. Our prayers go out to the family of Charles Howland and also to the family of a long time vet, Ken Benson from Bainbridge who passed away last week. These two men will be truly missed and thought of often. The Brayman family
January 12, 2011 07:55:57 ThoughtsToPonder   \"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that justifies it.\" Frederic Bastiat
January 11, 2011 22:55:34 Les   A farm helps support many businesses.Can you imagine what life is going to be like after this country drives them all out of business.We are going to eat whatever the factories can syntheticly produce with there hybridization and genetic enginering.Yum mmm good.
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